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Mrs. Plummer
English 10 Honors
March 24, 2016

Middle Eastern &

African Archetype

Africa and the Middle East are both 3rd world country that are looked
upon as low class parts of the world that goes threw a lot. Africa and the
Middle East have a deep and elevated culture and history behind their
country that people that live there have hope and live by everyday.

What are the archetypes?

Character Archetype- a person, deity, or animal personified
with human characteristics who demonstrates actions that
seem to represent universal patterns of human nature
Situational Archetype- an experience that a hero or
character endure to move from one place in life to the next,
actions and events that add to the to the plot, and is a
common event seen throughout stories in many different
Symbolic Archetype- serve as a representation of a specific
person, act, deed, place or conflict

Character Archetype: The


Anansi asks a God for some corn and promises to repay him with 100 servants.
He takes the corn to a village and tells the people that it is sacred. During the night, Anansi feeds
the corn to the village chickens. The next day, he accuses the villagers of stealing the corn, so they
give him a bushel of corn to make up for the lost corn.
Anansi next meets a man on a road and trades the corn for a chicken. He visits another village and
tells the people that the chicken is afraid. That night Anansi kills the chicken, and the next morning
the frightened villagers give him ten sheep for the lost of the chicken.
Anansi later exchanges the sheep for a dead human body, which he brings to the third village and
tells the people that it is the sleeping son of God. When the villagers cannot wake up the corpse the
next morning, Anansi says they have killed God's son. The scared villagers offered him 100 of their
young boys, and Anansi takes them to the God to pay him back, therefore fulfilling his part of the

Situational Archetype: The


Definition- somebody performs superhuman feats in order to accomplish his quest,

also to achieve victory in the plot of the story, the hero must complete a superhuman deed
to have his noble title.
After Ra left to rule the skies, Osiris became the pharaoh of Egypt with Isis beside him. He
taught mankind a lot of things, so the people really loved Osiris as pharaoh. Everyone except Osiris
brother, Set, a trickster God and some conspirators because they were jealous of Osiris power and
attention. Through trickery, Set trapped Osiris inside a chest, in which suffocated him and
dropped it in the Nile River to float away. When Isis found out about this, she fled into the
wilderness with their baby Horus. Without the proper funerary rites, Osiris couldnt move on to the
afterlife. Isis knew this so she left Horus with a guardian and went searching for the chest which she
managed to find. She was to late though, Set found out what she was planning on doing, he opened
up the chest, cut Osiris body up into many small pieces, and threw them across the countryside. Isis
eventually found all the piece to Osiris body and performed the funerary rites which allowed Osiris to
move on and be with Ra. Horus grew up hiding with his mom, Isis, but when he got powerful enough,
Horus challenged Set with Ra and Osiris by his side. In the battle, Set turned into a large
hippopotamus in order to crush Horus army, but with the throw of Horus Harpoon, he pierced Set in
the head, later killing him, and became the pharaoh of Egypt. When Horus passed into the underworld,

The Rise of Horus

Symbolic Archetype: The

Magical Weapon
Moses Staf
Definition- The magic weapon can only be used by the hero in order to unlock its true and full

Moses with a staff came to a calling burning bush in which God gave the staff its powers. It was
used to produce water from a rock when God commanded Moses to strike a rock with the staff
to create a spring for the Israelites to drink from, it could transform into a snake and back, and
it was used at the parting of the Red Sea. Moses also uses the staff in the battle at Rephidim
between the Israelites and the Amalekites. When he holds up the "rod of God"(staff) the
Israelites "prevail", when he drops it their enemies gain the upper hand, so he kept the staff
up until the Israelites won the battle.


Character archetype:
Person in Distress

-In July 1905, rebellion broke out in the area south of Dar es Salaam , against the newly instituted recruitment for compulsory work on
the German cotton and sisal plantations. The senior German officer in command, Major Johannes, set out from Dar es Salaam and
on 5 August captured Mohoro, where he arrested the two men who were locally regarded as the instigators of the rebellion.

majimaji (africa)

- his ability to raise the spirits of the dead so that a man could see his own ancestors,the germans hanged bokero and
colleague.before hitting his body, and be harmless. Some women also took it, notably the Jumbess Mkomanira. The rebellion affected
almost a quarter of the country and lasted for two years, until the summer of 1907, when the Jumbess Mkomanira was captured and
hanged. Over a hundred thousand people died in the war, most of them from starvation.
- Majimaji background info-was an armed rebellion against German colonial rule in german east africa. The war was triggered by a
German policy designed to force the indigenous population to grown cottonfor export, and lasted from 1905 to 1907.
After the the search of africa among the major European powers in the 1880s, Germany had reinforced its hold on several formal
African colonies

Situational archetype
/birth and rebirth

The Boshongo(Bantu Tribe) believed that in the beginning there was only water, darkness, and the god Bumba. One day
Bumba had a pain in his stomach, it was so painful he threw up the sun. The sun dried up most of the water leaving dry
land. Bumba still felt a stomach ache and threw up the moon, the stars and a few animals. Some of the animals the great
god threw up was the leopard, the crocodile, and the turtle. He also threw up some men. He rebirthed by creating more
human and flesh
By Samantha Soldano and Garrett Vanhorn

Symbolic archetype
/supernatural intervention

The BaTonga people have lived peaceful by the Zambezi river for hundreds of years. In 1956 the
Kariba Dam project began ruining their peaceful living. The BaTangas were told that they had to
relocate. Once told that they had to move they summoned Nyaminyami, the Zambezi river chief.
The BaTangas knew that Nyaminyami disapproved of the construction of the dam. It is said that
Nyaminyami is a half man half horse with fish eyes and a hard head. A thousand year flood was
recorded in 1957, it killed several workers and stopped the construction of the dam. For days, the
relatives of the workers wait for the human remains of their loved ones, The Elders of the the
BaTonga tribe explained that only a sacrifice to Nyaminyami would help the gods displeasure with
the dam. Later, a calf was slaughtered for sacrifice, the next day the bodies of the workers were
found. The dam was not completed

Character archetype /hero

According to story by the akan village, all humans onced lived deep in
the africa because All of a sudden one day, 7 men, 5 women, a leopard,
and a dog came out of a hole made by a giant worm. While the people
were looking around, they became terrified, at a naked piece of flesh
soon to be named Adu Ogyinae, the first man on the surface of earth,
seemed to completely understand the world and its wonders and the
others didn't. He put his hands on them and made them relax and gave
them strength. Adu Ogyinae took charge and grouped the people into
work teams. He coordinated the construction of their first shelters.
Later, he died when the tree he was chopping down fell on him but he is
a hero because he helped them survive

My citations were from

Situational archetype: The

In this mythology Queen of ethiopia was born with a goat foot
-she was searching for a very smart person to make her goat foot human,she
traveled all around africa to find a wise person,finally she met a wise king his
name was king solomon,when she stepped in the kings pond she walked out
the pond with a human foot.the king wanted to marry her but she wasnt up
for it ,he recommended that if she has a son to bring him back to the palace
to share the kingdom with him and she did so www.a-gallery/docs/

Character Archetypes: The


Sekhmet was born for war. She protects Ra when he fears that man will conquer him. SHe
creates pools of blood to terrify the people and make the water undrinkable. In one myth,
her temper nearly wiped out humankind. Ra had learned that the Mortals were plotting
against him, so she sent Sekhmet to dish out punishment. She kept killing and killing, and
she wouldnt stop because she was enjoying the carnage so very much. Worried that she
would wipe out the whole area, Ra dyed some beer red and poured in into the fields. While
in her rampage, she continued killing and licked up blood from the bodies. Doing that, she
intoxicated herself and she passed out.

Symbolic Archetype/ Light

the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness, and destruction
who threatened to destroy the Sun God Ra as he traveled through the
underworld sky at night. Apep was also associated with frightening
natural events such as darkness such as a solar eclipse, or natural
disasters. Apep was in control of the sky and he was able to cause
darkness into the sky and also cause for the sky to be light.

Situational Archetype/ The

An evil creature named Chaarmarouch that lives in the caves of
Mountains in the range of Goundaf in Morocco. He is said to be huge in
size and has a malicious temper. He is rarely seen and it is a journey to
go and find him in the mountains. Anybody or anything that attempted
to go near him is hit with a shower of stones, which blinds the intruder
and sends them scattering. The journey to go and see Chaarmarouch is
a rough and uplifting journey that takes time.

Symbolic archetype/heaven
loved people and will work for their benefit
-the malaika worked for God and fought against evil,God created them
specially so that they might keep people on the straight path by sitting
on their right shoulders and whispering in their ears what they should
do or not do. They were created from the light,they always obeyed God
-God sent the Angel Mikail to defeat a very powerful evil spirit. Mikail
appeared in his full heavenly glory,he defeated the most powerful
demon from hell, mikail is one of God's most best angel.