Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Deerfield Community Center
February 9, 2016
Trustees in Attendance: Paul Buehler, Bob Derrick, Patricia Douville, Lillian Fazio, Brad Gimbert, Tim Jacobs, Jack Keating,
Richard Mason and Jean Sorrentino.
Trustees Absent with Cause:
Community Members Present: Brindisi Chan, Matthew Collman, Paul Collman, Adrian Kessler, Mary Derrick and Mary
President Bob Derrick called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM. There was a quorum to conduct business.
Secretary’s Report: Tricia Douville
 The minutes of the January 2016 board meeting were reviewed. Trustee Sorrentino made a motion to accept the
amended minutes. Trustee Fazio seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report: Lillian Fazio
 Trustee Fazio prepared the monthly statements, which were distributed.
 $50,000 transferred to Reserves, which brings us to $182,000 in Reserves.
 WSSC never adjusted the estimated reading (over $1,000) so Trustee Fazio paid the bill and is writing a letter regarding
lack of customer service. WSSC said the estimated billing would be adjusted, as needed / if needed, when the actual
meter reading is done.
 Thanks to Trustee Gimbert’s help, the bill for the dumpster was revised to reflect the months where we suspended
service. Regular service will resume in March.
 Trustee Fazio met with the accountant to review taxes for 2015. He needs the depreciation schedule and then the
return will be sent.
ACC Committee: Jack Keating, Chairperson
 Trustee Keating reported on the February ACCC meeting and distributed the approved minutes of the January meeting.
 Revised Guidelines were distributed for Board review, comments and approval.
 Ownership of the corner house was discussed as an auction was scheduled in January. Trustee Mason was asked if any
of his contacts would know who owned the house.
 The defendant’s appeal is scheduled to be heard in March.
Communications Committee: Sean Beaver, Chairperson (absent)
 The vendor list is posted on the website although there are still come issues with the rating system.
Facilities Committee: Paul Buehler and Brad Gimbert, Co-Chairs
 Trustee Gimbert reported that the shade structure held up well under the weight of the snow.
Pool Committee: Mary Derrick, Chairperson
 The pool committee recommended that the Board approve Lighthouse’s proposed contract for pool management at
$67,500. This is a $600 increase (attributed to mandatory increases in minimum wage requirements). This will be
our 9 year with Lighthouse and they are very responsive to our requests and knowledgeable about our pool.
Trustee Keating made a motion to accept Lighthouse’s contract for pool management for 2016. Trustee Douville
seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
 The pool opens Saturday, May 28th
 Trustee Derrick reported that some concrete needs to be ground down, caulked and patched to eliminate tripping
hazards as mentioned by the Health Department. That work will be done in the Spring before the pool opens.
 Material for the sand filters was purchased and will be done well before the pool opens on May 28 th.
Security Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson
 Trustee Mason reported on a possible break-in attempt on Churchfield and an unlocked Jeep Wrangler (soft top) was
rifled, but the owner leaves nothing valuable in the car.
 Several phone scams have been reported in the Laurel area.

Police canvassed the area on foot after the four burglaries in January. No further information is available.
New Citizen’s Police Academy will start March 21.
Trustee Keating reported that school buses have been speeding in the neighborhood again and complaints about
solicitors are on the increase.

Social Committee: Patricia Douville, Chairperson
• The Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday, March 19.
• The Annual Yard Sale will be Saturday, April 16. Suggestions were made for a large dumpster or a community shredder
for the event. If possible, Trustee Douville will coordinate a donations pick-up for late in the day on Saturday for items
that do not sell.
Traffic Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson
 There is still no meeting date scheduled for the Montpelier Drive ‘traffic slowing’ project. Trustee Mason will see if
they would like to attend the March board meeting to discuss the project during the 8 to 9 o’clock portion.
 Mary Lehman requested information on the County’s snow plowing during the last big snowstorm. Trustee Mason
recommended larger snow plows.
 Cedarbrook Lane will be repaved six months after all the WSSC work is completed.
 Trustee Keating obtained three quotes for the security system (Bolt-$17,000, Twin Electric-$9,280, and P&L-$6,000).
Trustee Gimbert reported that his vendor was not interested in the project. Trustee Keating made a motion to accept
P&L’s security system proposal predicated on Verizon’s ability to provide service. Trustee Buehler seconded the
motion and the motion passed unanimously.
 Matthew Collman reported that most of the money needed for his Eagle Scout project benches have been collected.
He may host a fundraiser in April for any extra expenses that arise. Trustee Keating reminded him that Home Depot
was donating cement for the project and if he could provide a list of materials needed, he would see what they could
 Photocell lights could be installed in the garden area to illuminate the Montpelier sign out at the corner of Rt 197 and
Montpelier Drive. If all the approvals could be secured, Trustee Derrick recommended that they be sunk into concrete
to prevent them from being stolen.
 Trustee Mason was asked to check on what will be done with the milling material when Cedarbrook Lane is repaired. It
could be used to spread on the walking trail on areas, which need to be repaired.
 Trustee Douville announced that Pallotti High School would be hosting German exchange students March 10 through
the 24 . If anyone is interested in helping with housing, please contact Trustee Douville.
 Trustee Douville also wanted to let homeowner’s know that there is a service available for collection of kitchen
compost materials. It is called Veteran’s Compost and there is a monthly fee, but they provide a container and lid and
periodic pick-up.
The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 8, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Deerfield Recreation Center, preschool
room. The motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 8:23 pm. The motion passed unanimously.

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