Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Deerfield Community Center
March 8, 2016
Trustees in Attendance: Bob Derrick, Patricia Douville, Lillian Fazio, Brad Gimbert, Jack Keating, Richard Mason and Jean
Trustees Absent with Cause: Paul Buehler and Tim Jacobs.
Community Members Present: Sean Beaver, Mary Derrick, Dody Gibson, Paula Rojas and Mary Hughes.
President Bob Derrick called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. There was a quorum to conduct business.
Secretary’s Report: Tricia Douville
 The minutes of the February 2016 board meeting were reviewed. Trustee Keating made a motion to accept the
amended minutes. Trustee Sorrentino seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report: Lillian Fazio
 Trustee Fazio prepared the monthly statements, which were distributed.
 $50,000 transferred to Capital One –Savings into the Reserve Fund
 Federal and State taxes prepared and filed. Nothing was due.
 The Depreciation Schedule was updated (thanks to Ms. Derrick for compiling the information). The Personal Property
Form needs some adjustment.
 Republic (dumpster trash service) charged a rental fee. Pick-ups commenced Tuesday.
 The MCA Insurance Policy came in and there is a slight cost increase.
ACC Committee: Jack Keating, Chairperson
 Trustee Keating reported on the March ACCC meeting and distributed a draft of the minutes.
 A shed was erected without prior approval and is to be taken down.
 Trustee Derrick reported that the plaintiff’s appeal (Doane v. MCA, et al.) to the Court of Special Appeals was heard. It
could be several months before we receive the written decision of the panel.
Communications Committee: Sean Beaver, Chairperson
 The vendor list is posted on the website, but Mr. Beaver feels that the registration process is confusing and would like
to find an app to make it better.
 Ms. Gibson, the first president of the MCA Homemaker’s Club, has offered photos and files for the 50th Anniversary
Facilities Committee: Paul Buehler (absent) and Brad Gimbert, Co-Chairs
 Trustee Gimbert will try to fix the lights on the playground and the loose head on one of the lights.
Pool Committee: Mary Derrick, Chairperson
 Lighthouse is waiting for consistent temperatures over freezing to turn water on and start the opening process.
Security Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson
 Trustee Mason thanked Mr. Beaver and Ms. Stakem for their help while he was away.
 Mail theft was reported and the postmaster was notified. The police provided an email on preventing mail theft.
 Police also provided emails about how to pick a contractor and video doorbell.
 New Citizen’s Police Academy will start March 21.
 Additional radar was requested on Mt. Pleasant at the recent Citizen’s Advisory meeting.
 Mr. Beaver reported on a recent gas line leak in the neighborhood. He has asked Washington Gas for additional
recommendations. Residents should never park on the grass because that can rupture the gas lines.
Social Committee: Patricia Douville, Chairperson
• The Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday, March 19.
• The Annual Yard Sale will be Saturday, April 16. Trustee Mason has asked Mary Lehman for a shredder. A large
dumpster will be on hand for residents.
• The Memorial Day potluck is scheduled for Monday, May 30th.

Traffic Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson
 The aprons on Eastgate were replaced and the rest of the street will be resurfaced soon.
 There is still no meeting date scheduled for the Montpelier Drive project.
 Trustee Mason contacted the North County school bus dispatcher regarding the speeding.
 The pine tree on Oxwell Lane fell across the road, but the County did not cut it down.
 Trustee Mason will invite the new COPS officer to the Memorial Day picnic at the pool.
 Mr. Beaver has contacted Verizon about running the line at the pool for the security cameras.
 The path will be repaired when the millings are available.
 Trustee Keating presented three options for extending the contract with Prestige for landscaping and grounds
maintenance. Trustee Keating made a motion to accept the Basic Services (Option 2-without fertilization and aeration)
for $12,120. Trustee Douville seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
 Trustee Mason will check on the replacement of dead trees along the power lines.
 Lighthouse will be asked to pressure wash the pool deck (not the new concrete) before the pool is filled.
 A resident asked if pickleball was still being played at the tennis courts.
The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Deerfield Recreation Center, preschool room.
The motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 8:12 pm. The motion passed unanimously.

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