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To work for the welfare and maintaining a co-operative environment in order to get the task accomplished in timely, reliable and efficient manner.

Dec 2006 on Indian Dec 2005 Project on ‘Security Market Scam – Implications and Effects Economy’ Indian Major Seminar on ‘E – Banking – Analysis and Critics for Context’

ACHIEVEMENTS 2002-03 2003-04 Year

Stood 3rd Position in B.Com – 1st Year 2nd Prize in Cost Accounting (House Test) in B.Com 2nd

June 2005 Stood 5 th Rank in the State Level Entrance Examination for Master of Commerce, 2005
Jan 2006 Management Key Participation in the Singing Competition in XANSA – Fest

2005-07 Depts. Of University, 2002-05 Currently pursuing Post Graduate in M.Com with 68% from Commerce and Business Management, Guru Nanak Dev Amritsar. R Govt. Graduation in B.Com with aggregate 68% under GNDU from S College for Women, Amritsar 2001-02 Higher Senior Secondary in Commerce with 70% marks under PSEB from S R Govt. Colllege, Amritsar Matriculation with 82% marks under PSEB from BVN School, Fatehgarh


Churian, Distt. Gurdaspur

2004.5 Diploma in Computer Fundamentals from Aptech. The course contains Office 2000, Working Nomenclature of Internet etc.

The above information is true to my knowledge with all the aspects I have given above.

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