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Close Encounter with an Expert/Sterling Teacher

(15 years teaching Experience)

Ask a picture of the Professional Teacher
1. Conduct an interview with an Expert/Sterling professional Teacher.
2. Ask the following questions
Are you satisfied with your job as a professional teacher for the past years? If yes, why?
If no, why not?
-Yes, because of the job security and good working environment where I feel valued and
What are the things you do as an expert professional teacher that make you happy?
-I am happy leading my own class, I am happy to be in the world where I can exercise
my expertise and be in charge and see before my eyes the transformation of my
-What makes me sad the most is when I am forced to use my iron fist to discipline
some students.
What was your unforgettable experience as an expert professional teacher? Please
-Home visitations, this is where I come to see the socio economic situations of students,
this is when I understand why a certain student behave in such a way.
What do you consider as your most significant contribution to the teaching profession?
Please state.
-Providing social guidance to students whose parents are working in or outside of the
country and not around to help them.
-Giving interventions to slow students so they can cope up with the fast students.
What are your plans for the future as an expert professional teacher?
Have you been promoted? What benefits did you get?
-Yes, promotion means higher compensation and more respect, trust and confidence
from co-teachers.