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The Winner Takes It All Words & Music by Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus. ae Bbr/D ae eg | don't wan -na DbIF Gb e+ talk a-bout things we've gone through, though it’s hurting arms think-ing 1 be-tonged there, 1 fi-gured it made kiss like I used to kiss you, does it feel the it it makes you feel sad, ‘and 1 un-der Abmjeb pb Hh He - me, now it’s his - t@ - ry. ve played all_my sense, building me a fence, building me a samé when she calls your name, Some-where deep in- yyou'vecome to shake my hand, 1a po-lo- ob DoF. and that's what you've done too, rno-thing more to home, think-ing Ud be strong there, but 1 was a ose you must know |__miss you, but what ean 1 lghte if it makes you feel bad see. ing me so 42 Abm/Eb Db iff nomoreace 1 play. play-ing by the rules, rulesmustbe 0 beyed, no self-con - fi- dence. a 27/0 oa itt itt tet the lo - ser stand-ing small theirmindsas cold as ice, the likes of me a - bide, Abr Db “yy, that’s her des-ti = ay, here. fo. - ses somo-one dear show al» waysstay-ing low. 43 The win-ner takes it Thegods may throw a The judges will de- The win-ner takes it bbe-side the vie-to- and some-one way down spec -ta-tors of the eS [ities acca sceeceeae| 1 was in your Bbr/D The win- ner takes it The game is on a - EG Abm bm z in HE 4 it’s sim-ple and it’s a big thing or a pb Tisserant] why should eom - plain, But tell me, does she the win mer takes it all, (2 Dsl & 1 don’t wan-na 44 Bb7/D ei BbT/G The winner takes it a Bh/D Ebm eric BS Repeat and fade out 45