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DUST IN THE WIND Words and Music by KERRY LIVGREN Moderate Folk style close my eyes Same old song. Don't hang on. o/s on - ly for a mo - ment, and the mo -ment's gone. Just a drop of wa - ter in an end- less sea, Noth - ing lasts for-ev - er but the earth and sky. Dust la The Wind 4-1 «©1977, 1978 Don Kine Muse/Blackwood Must: Pulahing, 49 Eat $2 Suet: New York NY. 10022 Sr 2DSM Corr ecnatinal Copy Secor “All Rights Reserved pass be-fore. my eyes, a curti-~ crum-bles to__ the ground though we re- ‘AIL your mon - ey won't an - oth-er os -i- ty. Dust in the wind, fuse to see. Dust in the wind. min-ute buy — All they are is dust in the Dustin The Wind 4-2 Sn2DSMX F/A D.S.4at Coda Coda Gs. Dr s EES 5 > 5 3 3 7 WS HEE f Dust In The Wind 4-3 S71 2DSM