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Speeded up shot from chest cam of

journey to Virginia Waters 15 secs

Shot from chest cam of BMXer as he

tricks around Henley skate park 1 min

Chest cam of the way round Virginia

waters 5 mins of footage

Shot from underneath long board with text

description about mounting go pros. 10 secs

Shot from handle bars of bike whist

we go around Bracknell forest 1 min

Low angle panning shot of road at Virginia

waters as long boarders skate past 5 seconds.

Low angle from bottom of ramp 1


Shot of two people moving fallen

tree 3 secs

Low Shot from end of longboard as

its mounted and ridden. 2 seconds

High angle from motorway bridge in

Bracknell speeded up 12 seconds

More chest cam longboard footage

from Virginia waters 15 seconds

Low angle shot from base of ramp 3


High angle from other side of motorway

bridge in Bracknell speeded up 10 seconds

Shot from cockpit of plane as it flies

over Berkshire 2 and a half mins

Chest cam footage of friend falling of

Bike 5 secs

Chest cam footage from the POV of a

rugby player 4 mins

Low angle shot from base of ramp as skate

does handplant round the camera 3 seconds

Shot from handle bars of motor bike

as it drives round High Wycome.

Shot from nose of Boing 747 and on

screen graphic 10 seconds

Shot from bowing split screen with

chest cam of cycling 10 seconds

Credits 10 seconds

End screen with logo boing shot and

slogan. 15 seconds