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Permanent Address

7532 Greenway Lane

West Bloomfield, MI 48324

Andrew M. Peters
(248) 860-9594
Twitter: @mr_peters_

Michigan Provisional Secondary Certificate 6-12 (English) June 2016
University of Michigan School of Education Ann Arbor, MI
Master of Arts in Educational Studies with Secondary Teacher Certification (Secondary MAC) August 2016

GPA 4.00/4.00

University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Minor in Linguistics May 2015

GPA 3.96/4.00, Highest Honors

Completed Honors Thesis entitled Beyond Good and Bad: The Linguistic Construction of Walter Whites Masculinity in
Breaking Bad; received John J. Kennedy Award, John Wagner/Ralph Williams Award for Outstanding Thesis, and
designation of Highest Honors

Skyline High School Ann Arbor, Michigan
Student Teaching Intern September 2015 June 2016
English 12B (Primary Instructor) Spring Trimester


Facilitated students learning of practical skills and strategies for critically engaging with a wide variety of texts in order
to scaffold them toward the ability to write substantive, analytical claims and arguments about social class, media
representation, and research topics of their choice, all in alignment with Common Core State Standards
Designed and provided individualized formative feedback on a variety of assessment tasks, including annotations and
analyses of non-fiction texts focused on social class and poverty, a research source page, detailed analyses of film scenes
and advertisements using active reading strategies, and a culminating documented argument on a choice topic in which
students demonstrated the skills they learned and practiced throughout the trimester
Analyzed and reflected upon assessment data to inform and differentiate instruction on an ongoing basis
Incorporated a wide range of instructional and managerial routines and practices, including modeling and think-alouds,
guided practice, independent practice, bell-work, small group work, and whole class discussion

Creative Writing Prose and Poetry (Primary Instructor) Spring Trimester

o Planned units on poetry and creative non-fiction, incorporating a variety of assessment tasks including well-scaffolded

creative writing pieces, reading response tasks, and reflective writing tasks about the writing process
o Organized writing groups in which students responded to each others creative pieces at each stage of the writing process
Humanities Literature AC Fall and Winter Trimesters
o Planned and executed lessons and assessments during five units of study (Subjectivity, Postmodernism, Music, Heroism,

and Existentialism) with the goal of teaching students to understand and apply concepts from critical and literary theory
Utilized a diverse range of instructional methods, with a heavy focus on discussion and questioning techniques
Assisted in the design, implementation, and evaluation of a wide variety of formative and summative assessments,
including dialogic journals, quick-write tasks, exit tickets, response papers, authentic tasks (including a cut-up method
text), Socratic seminars, reflections and self-assessments, electronic portfolios, and oral commentaries

Skyline Writing Center Fall, Winter, and Spring Trimesters

o Became a part of the school community by assisting with the direction and operation of the schools writing center
o Facilitated advisory period staff meetings focused on issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity, with an emphasis on

training peer tutors to implement strategies to foster a growth mindset in the student writers they tutor
Scarlett Middle School Ann Arbor Public Schools Summer Learning Institute (SLI) Ann Arbor, Michigan
Student Teaching Intern July 2015

Co-planned and co-taught lessons about writing, literacy, and concepts from the Big History Project in conjunction with a
mentor teacher and other Secondary MAC interns
Designed and implemented a Circle of Power and Respect (CPR) activity during advisory period
Facilitated literacy lessons focused on Reading Apprenticeship and Talking to the Text with small groups of 1 or 2 students


Sweetland Center for Writing Ann Arbor, Michigan
Peer Writing Consultant January 2013 June 2015

Engaged in conversations with undergraduates seeking help with their writing in 30-60 minute sessions
Provided support for every stage of the writing process: understanding assignment prompts, brainstorming and outlining,
developing ideas and arguments, organizing and structuring, using evidence and sources, and revising at the sentence-level
Attended weekly staff meetings to develop skills, discuss consultation experiences, and mentor newly hired consultants
Presented at multiple national and international writing center conferences (see below)

Andrew M. Peters

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Sweetland Center for Writing Ann Arbor, Michigan (continued)

E-Hygiene Online Writing Lab (OWL) Writing Consultant September 2014 April 2015

Served as the sole writing consultant responsible for receiving and responding to papers written by students enrolled in the
University of Michigans Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Online Program
Received paper submissions via e-mail and responded with a letter containing a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of
the paper along with possibilities for revision

Chat Cafe Conversation Group Facilitator January 2014 April 2015

Facilitated weekly, informal conversations with undergraduate, multilingual students

Helped non-native English speakers to practice and hone their conversation skills
Attended a weekly hour-long seminar with other facilitators in the Winter 2014 semester to discuss ideas and concerns

University of Michigan Department of English Language and Literature Ann Arbor, Michigan
Research Assistant February 2015 June 2015

Transcribed high school English class sessions (from video recordings) for use by an advanced graduate student for his
research on language and gender in the classroom
Met regularly with the graduate student, his faculty advisor, and other research assistants to discuss progress and observations

University of Michigan Comprehensive Studies Program Summer Bridge Program Ann Arbor, Michigan
Writing 100 Course Assistant June 2014 August 2014

Facilitated an evening workshop twice weekly in which students developed their writing and research skills through
collaborative activities and one-on-one conferences with me
Attended class regularly in order to stay up to date on course material and assignments
Collaborated with the instructor to develop and improve upon the course syllabus and requirements

International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) 2015 Conference Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania October 8-10, 2015
Presenter (Panel) October 8, 2015

Developed and presented a paper for a panel presentation entitled Intersections: The Sweetland-Skyline Writing Center

Collaboration in Context about the collaborative relationship between the University of Michigans Sweetland Center for
Writing and the Skyline High School Writing Center, which I helped to lead as a Student Teaching Intern (see above)
International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) / National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) 2014 (Joint
Conference) Orlando, Florida October 31-November 1, 2014
Presenter (Panel) October 31, 2014

Developed and presented a paper for a panel presentation entitled Tutoring with Style: Linguistic and Methodological CodeSwitching in the Writing Center
Attended interactive conference sessions held by writing center peer tutors and directors from across the globe
Collaborated with fellow peer writing consultants to inform improvements to my own writing consultation practices

National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) 2013 Tampa, Florida November 1-3, 2013
Presenter (Poster) November 2, 2013

Created and presented a poster entitled That Sounds Dope: Negotiating Non-Standard Discourse with Standard English in
the Writing Center
Attended interactive conference sessions held by writing center peer tutors and directors from across the country
Collaborated with fellow peer writing consultants to inform improvements to my own writing consultation practices

Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, Michigan Epsilon Chapter Ann Arbor, Michigan
Vice President January 2012 November 2012

Served as a substitute for the chapter president at Interfraternity Council meetings on the University of Michigan campus
Fostered communication between other executive board members to facilitate the organization of events such as fundraisers
Attended regional conference of Pi Lambda Phi chapters to help promote communication and collaboration between chapters

Markley After Hours Ann Arbor, Michigan

Student Worker September 2011 August 2013
Student Manager August 2013 December 2013

Cooperated with coworkers to prepare a variety of food items and send them out to customers
Led student workers by delegating tasks and overseeing attendance, attitude, and performance
Placed weekly orders for pre-packaged meals that were prepared off-site
Counted the cash drawer at the end of each shift and submitted cash deposits
Worked closely with Lead Coordinators to keep the operation running smoothly