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Coaching 2

Coaching 2

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Published by: Durga Prasad Dash on May 18, 2010
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• Coaching is a means and not an end in itself. • Development does not occur just because coaching. • Coaching could be an effective instrument in helping people integrated with their organizations and have a sense of involvement and satisfaction. • To be a successful coach required a knowledge and understanding of the process as well as the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are

Objectives of coaching
Coaching aims at developing employees organization by: 1. Helping them to realise their potential managers. 2. Helping them to understand themselves – their Strengths and weaknesses. 3. Providing them opportunity to acquire more insight into their behaviour and analyses the dynamics of such behaviour.

. 4. Helping them to have a better understanding of the environment. 5. Increasing their personal and interpersonal effectiveness. 6. Encouraging them to set goals for future . improvement. 7. Encouraging them to generate alternatives for dealing with various problems. 8. Helping them to develop various action plans for further improvement.

Conditions for Effective Coaching
1. General Climate of Openness and Mutually:A climate of minimum trust and openness is essential for effective coaching. 2. General Helpful and Empathic Attitude of Management:Coaching involves effective helping, which is not possible unless the coach has a general helping attitude

3. Uninhibited Participation by the Subordinates in the Review Process:coaching is not a one-way process of communicating to the employee what he should or should not do. -it is a process of developing a dialogue which eventually contributes to a better understanding on the part of the counselee. 4. Dialogic Relationship in Goal-setting and Performance eview:

Performance coaching focuses on the counselee’s achievement of the performance goals set in consultation with his superior. 5. Focus on Work-oriented Behavior: the main purpose of performance coaching is to help the employee to improve his performance. - coaching can be effective if the focus is kept on the work-related goals.

6. Focus on Work-related problems and Difficulties: performance coaching is not only related to the achievement of goals, but also to the contextual problems in achieving o not achieving the goals. 7. Avoidance of Discussion on salary and other Rewards: the main purpose of performance coaching is to use performance appraisal in planning and improvement of the employee, rather than in understanding the relationship between performance, rewards and salaries.

Process of coaching
• Coaching is given by one who is senior to the person, receiving the help in terms of competence, knowledge, psychological expertise, or in the hierarchical position in an organization. • There are three main processes involved in coaching- communicating, influencing and helping.

• Interpersonal communication is the basis of performance coaching and review in which both the superior and the subordinate are involved. • There are three main elements in communication: • Listening: listening is the first effective step in communication. Listening involves paying attention to the various messages being sent by the person. Listening to feelings and concerns is very important for effective coaching.

• Asking Questions and Responding: questions can facilitate or hinder the process of communication. They can help in getting more information, establishing mutuality, clarifying matters, and stimulating thinking. • Questions that do not help: the following types of questions are not only unhelpful, but thy also hinder the process of effective coaching:

(a)Critical questions: Questions which are used to criticize, reprimand or doubt the counselee, creates a gap between him and the counselor. (b) Testing questions: questions that are asked to find out whether a person is right or wrong, or how much he knows, are evaluating o testing questions.

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