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(ADVICE GIVEN BY A 2ND MATE:-dont just get afraid of his name, just answer howev
er u wish... in english, hindi or by drawing figure on ur own decision... be con
fident for ur answer

1) approx 10 card...ex nuc/aground, towing, RAM, P.D

( remember he wants 100% answer, if u miss something, means ur ans was wrong,
even if u give correct ans, he will try to confuse u by asking anything else)
2)diff b/w underway and makingway
3)errors of echosounder
4) what is hydrographic note (this qn he is asking almost everyone)
5) what is WGS 84 and abt the correction mentioned in the chart... hw is it app
lied to which chart
6) barograph
7) hw will u come to know if steering fails?
9) drift angle
10) how will correct chart if it has not been corrected for last 5 years
11)few symbols on wreck

how to correct 5year old chart

Is it solas requirement to keep all the publication on board for 3 years
who will send correction for IAMSAR
limitation of ecdis
how will u knoq ur steering is fail and action

1.emgcy wreck bouy

2.barometric tendency and what is purpose
3.rv power failure ,action
4.steering gear failure,all alarm failure , how u come to know steering gear fa
5.iamsar all search patterns in detail
6.t n p notices
7.chart correction proceudre
8.action when in trs
9.c correction, ex meridian limits
10. air cusion vsl cards, towing ,pushing, single light ,inconspicous vsl
11. manouvering chracterstics , draw turning circle , how much advance and tran
12, ecdis correction and limititations of ecdis
13.situation; narrow channel you r pdv overtaking fishing vsl from stbd side an
d shallow patch on stbd side ahead, your action
2 ,rv, you r pdv sailing vsl on port side,pdv vsl ahead and pdv vsl on your stb
d beam,your action ,
3, how much you will reduce speed if you are reducing
14.tidal diamond ,and what help will it give you ,how to obtain info from it
15.quoute rule no 19
16.when you will call master
17. charts symbols, water fall, flood tide ,ebb tide, hystoric wreck, rock belo
w chart datum, racon
18. draw cardinal marks nd action acc to courses, preefered channel bouys
19.follow up and non follow up mode in complete
20.passage plan in complete
21.squat and factors affecting....
1. Chart Symbols (tide rips, eddies, historic wreck, restricted area, fish haven


10-15 Cards
How to do ASD corrn? (full procedure)
Explain Phasing and Cross noise
Lights for fishing vsl at anchor
Noon position (full procedure)
Action in case of Steering Failure?

few cards : towing ram seen from astern,air cushion , sailing vsl.
1 situ: sailing vsl on u r port bow & pdv on stbd bow ,cpa zero , take action..
difference btw raster and vector chart
u r oow , first watch on bridge, black out wt action
how the correction is done for iamsar
wat is c correction
wat is drift angle
steering gear fails wat action
wt is transvers thurst
how 2 find noon position? actions for steering gear failure ?? ror cards for pd
vessel less than 20 mtr, NUC/ aground , air cushion vessel, insconspicuous partl
y submerged vessel ?? situation in RV vessel on port bow and another vessel on s
tarboard quater ?? safe water mark buoy, isolated danger mark buoy, action when
u r on course of 270 n u see west cardinal buoy right ahead ?? hw 2 correct char
t - t n p correction ?? Rule 8??
1)ror cards(mine clearence vessel,vessel at anchor,aground vessel)
2)situation(sailing vessel port bow crossing,pdv right aheadand pdv crossing st
bd bow take action)
3)same situation as above but now heading of crossing vessels changed,more towa
rda own vessel
4)steering failure wat actions will u take??
5)during which situations will u call master on bridge??
6)you are OOW,man overboard stbd side state all actions in chronological order
7)how will u come to know of steering failure if no alarm is activated??
8)what are hydrographic notes??
9)what is phasing and cross noise?
10)which bridge equipments experience cross noise??
11)how will u correct charts??
12)from where do you get the corrections for IAMSAR??
13)what are the small corrections(for ex 0.1deg north 0.5 deg south) on the rig
ht hand corner of charts(ans -applied to position obtained by gps before plottin
g on charts related to WGS84 )
3.rv one v/l on ur port bow one at stbd quarter action?
4.same wthout rv sailing v/l on potr bow one at ur stbd beam actoin?
sailing v/l on port bow u r pd v/l action?some cross que?
6.IALA buoy system?what we get from it?
7.wat is region A and region B and some con3 name?
8.steering gear fail how you will come to know?and take action? are on first ship first watch power failure action?
10.phasing in echosounder?
11.what is raster chart?
12.what is rule 17?
13.annex 1?
14.what rule 8 f says?

15.quote rule10?
16.isolated danger mark? you will come to know anchor is dragging?
18.noon posn wthout plotting?
7 ror card ,, 1 white light , two white light , three white light ,,, n mine cle
arnace n air cushion vsl ,,,,
15 chart symbol ,,, historic wreck ,, fishing trap ,,, restricted area , n all
How will u corrct iamsar