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Vietnamese American Buddhist Association of Austin, TX

Phap Nhan Temple - A nonprofit Organization
136 The Ranch Road, Del Valle, TX 78617
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A 10-Day-Vassa Retreat Course at Pháp Nhãn Temple
To the Monastics, lay Buddhists, and everyone,
According to Vassa tradition of Buddhism in Vietnam, every year the Buddha's disciples have the
three months stopping to cultivate, learn the Buddhadharma, cultivate virtuous precepts, and
develop energies of collective loving kindness, compassion, and wisdom. According to different
areas of Buddhism in the United Stated of America, His disciples have their 10-day-Vassa Course
stopping to cultivate and develop Ethics, Wisdom, Meditation Concentration for themselves and
others right in the present life.
This year, Pháp Nhãn Temple will organize a 10-Day-Vassa Course (August 8-18, 2016) for the
Monastics and lay Buddhists. Below is the program of the Retreat Course.
Gathering the Assembly to divide affairs together/
Establishing the Vassa Boundaries at the Temple/
Congregate the Assembly to enlighten together/
Repentance Ceremony/
Ceremony of enlightening together/
Making offerings to the Sangha.
Meditation practice/
Meditation learning/
Meditation walking/
Meditation sitting/
Relaxing meditation/
Tea meditation with song meditation
Prostrating the Buddha/
Chanting the Heart Sutra,Great Compassion
Buddha Recitation/
Learning the Buddhist Terms in English, Vietnamese, and Chinese/
Dharma discussion/
Dharma talk/
Having mindfulness meals/
Inviting the bell sounds and reciting a
morning verse and an evening verse/
Taking a rest or lights out/
The close of activities.
Retreat Course Regulations: Practitioners should apply Dharma learning, Dharma
practice, Dharma joy, and Dharma pleasure into their daily lives to bring peaceful joy and
happiness to the many right in the present life.
May you all be well, healthy, and happy in the Dharma.
The Abbot of Pháp Nhãn Temple
Dharma Teacher Thích Trừng Sỹ