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1339 McLendon Ave NE, B

Atlanta, GA 30317
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Department of Comparative Literature

Emory University
N101 Callaway Center
Atlanta, GA 30306

visual rhetoric; semiotics; comparative modernisms; literary and film theory; essay film; advertisement and
propaganda; architecture and spatiality; and exile, migr, and refugee narratives
Ph. D. Emory University (2016)
Department of Comparative Literature
Ph.D. Certificate in Film and Media Studies1
Dissertation: Taking Place: Rhetoric of Abstract Space and the Construction of Literary
Chair: Prof. Geoffrey Bennington
Advisors: Prof. Karla Oeler and Prof. Elena Glazov-Corrigan

New York University (2010)

Humanities and Social Thought; area of inquiry: Literary Cultures
Thesis: Reclaiming Literatures Sovereignty: Theoretical Power of the Literary in The Book of
Laughter and Forgetting and Invitation to a Beheading
University at Albany (transferred graduate work, 12 credits)
English Department


University at Buffalo (with honors, magna cum laude, 2007)

English Department, Presidential Honors Fellow
State University of Moscow (2007)
Russian Language and Culture Program

Ruin Lust: Totalitarian Remnants. Allegory and Political Representation. Ed. Jacques Lezra. Spec. issue of
The Yearbook of Comparative Literature. Bloomington: Indiana University, forthcoming.
Essay Film. Oxford Bibliographies in Cinema and Media Studies. Ed. Krin Gabbard. New York: Oxford
University Press, forthcoming.

Certificate in Film and Media Studies work completed: 5 graduate courses, 1 exam list, 2 semesters as T.A.

Book Chapters
Green Agoraphobia: Architectural Cures in Baudelaire and Kafka. Modernism in the Green. Ed. Julia
Daniel and Margaret Konkol. Burlington: Ashgate. Forthcoming.
Irony behind the Iron Curtain: Internal Escape from Totalitarianism in Nabokovs Invitation to a
Beheading. The Goalkeeper: The Nabokov Almanac. Ed. Yuri Leving. Boston: Academic Studies Press,
2010. 48-59.
Ruin Lust: Totalitarian Remnants in Nabokovs Invitation to a Beheading
ACLA Meeting, University of Washington

Mar 26-29, 2015

Taking Place: Spatial Dissent in Literary Architectures

July 9-11, 2014
International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture Conference, Delft, Netherlands
The Cinematic Nature of Textual Self-Referentiality
SAMLA Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Nov 8-10, 2013

The Seagull Dwells: Gathering Site in Chekhov and Le Corbusier

ACLA Meeting, University of Toronto

April 4-7 2013

Marginized Pain: The Tyrant Reader and the Tortured Text,

ACLA Meeting, Brown University

March 29-April 1 2012

Panel Organizer
Dont Tell Me to Do the Math: Geometrical False Starts and Non-Linear Logics in Literature
ACLA Meeting, University of Toronto
April 4-7, 2013
The Virtual Agora in Vertovs A Sixth Part of the World
Mellon Graduate Teaching Fellow Colloquium, Emory University

Jan 2016

Framing Infinity: Agoraphobia and Chekhovs Russian Landscape

Feb 2015
Annual Colloquium, Dept of Comparative Literature, Emory University
Decomposition and Ruin Lust: Totalitarian Architecture in Speer and Nabokov Nov 2014
Graduate and Faculty Talk Series, Dept of Comparative Literature, Emory University
The Seagull Dwells: Gathering Site in Chekhov and Le Corbusier
Feb 2013
Annual Colloquium, Dept of Comparative Literature, Emory University
Technology, Pedagogy, Curriculum + Research Program, Emory University
Summer Academy in the Critical Humanities, London Graduate School

Jan 19-Feb 25, 2016

June 23-26, 2014

Grant Writing Forum, Emory University

Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity Workshop, Emory U
Topology in Biology Workshop, University of Florida
Oxford Bibliographies in Cinema and Media Studies Grad Student Award
Mellon Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Morehouse College
Professional Development Support, Emory University
GSC Travel Grant, Emory University
Presidential Honors Scholarship, University at Buffalo
NSF Conference Grant, DMS-010849, Topology in Biology Workshop

Sept 23, 2013

Aug 19-20, 2011
March 11-14, 2002

March 2016
September 2015
April 2014, 2013, 2012
April 2013
2003 2007
March 2002

Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
ENG250: World Literature
Fall 2015, Spring 2016
Survey course on canonized texts, with an emphasis on non-Western literature, art, and philosophy.
Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Teaching Posts
IDS Writing Lab, co-taught two sections
Fall 2013
Intensive English grammar study; requirement for Institute of Liberal Arts writing courses.
RUS101 Elementary Russian I
Fall 2013
Introduction to spoken and written Russian language. Multimedia exercises and drills.
CPLT110 Literary Architectures
Spring 2013
Writing-intensive seminar on spatio-political anxieties: cosmopolitanism, border crossing, territory,
hospitality, exile, and war. Treatment of architectures, city planning, and reconstruction as
analogous to acts of writing.
CPLT203 Art of Persuasion
Fall 2012
Writing-intensive seminar on pop culture's interest in advertisement and marketing as a resurgence
of classic literary and semiotic questions about language. Several genres addressed: fiction, ad copy,
essay, theater, cinema, and propaganda.
CPLT110 Free Reigns, Reading Desires of Escape
Fall 2011
Writing-intensive seminar on literature's complicated relationship with the term freedom.
Examines literature as a space for dissidence, yet also a place to express pleasures of constraint and
a struggle with the prison-house of language.
Teaching Assistant Posts
FILM372 History of Film after 1954
Spring 2015
Part two of survey course. Focus on world cinemas: Bengali, Bollywood, Post-Colonial Africa, Iran,

China, Hong Kong, Japan. Focus on media globalization and digital art cinema.
FILM371 History of Film to 1954
Fall 2014
Part one of survey course. Focus on film technologies, Western cinemas, and international film
Guest Posts
Guest lecturer, FILM372 History of Film after 1954
Two lecture sessions on European modernism and the auteur

Feb 2015

Guest lecturer, CPLT201 Major Texts: Ancient to Medieval

One seminar session on Vitruvius

Dec 2014

Guest lecturer, FILM371 History of Film to 1954

Two lecture sessions on 1920s Soviet cinema and agitprop

Sept 2014

Guest lecturer, CPLT203 Beyond the Canon

Two seminar sessions on Eisenstein's montage theory

April 2014

Graduate Mentor, Undergraduate Theory Reading Group
Graduate Mentor, Undergraduate Coffee Hour
Berkeley College, New York, NY
BUS220 Career Business Writing
(two sections quarterly)
University at Buffalo, CADS (EOP Program), Buffalo, NY
ENG101 Composition, Teaching Assistant
Writing Tutor
Emory University
Organizer, Undergraduate Colloquium
Orientation Graduate Advisor, Undergraduate Freshman Orientation
Graduate Advisor, Undergraduate Majors Fair
Moderator, Annual Graduate Colloquium
Treasurer, Comparative Literature Seminar Series
Organizer, Graduate Theory Reading Group
Berkeley College
Orientation Coordinator, Undergraduate Freshman Orientation
Coordinator, Student Activities Fair

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Research Assistant for Dr. David Schmid, English Department, U at Buffalo

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Decatur Book Festival, Atlanta, GA, Freelance Editor and Program Designer
Arkansas Literary Review, U of Arkansas, Advisory Board Reviewer
Anamesa Journal, N.Y.U., Assistant Editor

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