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Code No.

: 4178
B.E. III/IV Year (Mech./Prod.)

II Semester (Main) Examination,

3 Hours]



[Max. Marks:

Answerall questions


of Part A

and any five questions from Part B.
Any data not given may be assumed suitably.
Part A - (Marks: 25)

Explain wahl's correction


"''by leaf springs

factor in helical spring design?

are initially curved?

3. What is law of gearing?

What is a herring bone gear, and where it is used?




hydro dynamic

6. What are the characteristics

and hydrostatic


in bearings.

of a good bearing material?

7. What are the advantages of Rolling contact bearings over sliding contact bearings.
8. Name the possible modes of failure to be considered for the design of (a) piston pin,
and (b) Crank pin.

What is meant by whipping

10. Explain the various


of a connecting

rod and what is its effect?

in curved beams.

Part B - (Marks:

5 x 10

= 50)

11. A helical compression
spring absorbs 500 N-m energy. The initial compression
the spring is 45 mm and compressed
by additional 60 mm while absorbing the
shock. The spring index is 6, and the maximum permissible
stress is 400 mpa.
Take G = 0.8 X 105 mpa. Design the spring. Neglect the effect of stress concentration.
12. It is required to transmit 10 kw power from an electric motor running at 1440 rpm
to a low speed shaft, with a velocity ratio 3. The teeth are 14V2° involute, with 25
teeth on the pinion. The starting torque may be considered to be equal to 30%
higher than the running
Both pinion and gear are made of steel
(ad = 210mpa). The shaft on which the gear is mounted is made of mild steel, with
45 mpa as permissible shear stress. Design suitable spur gear drive.


25 speed (r.1 ~I T . and the bearing temperature is 75°C. without any artificial cooling.4178 :l 13.05 and bearing pressure as 0. maximum gas pressure = 5 mpa.m) 720 1440 For this application the static and dYnamic load capacities groove ball bearing are 50 and 68 KN respectively. Assume any other data necessary for the design. 120 I' '1. It is made of plain carbon steel 45C8 (syt=380 N/mm2) and the factor of safety is 3. Determine (a) The permissible load on the bearing and (b) Power loss.7 mpa. Cylinder bore = 120 mm. The crane hook having an approximate trapezoidal cross section is shown in fig below. 15. 14.012 kg/m-s at the operating temperature of 120°C. Brake mean effective pressure = 0. Design a cast iron piston for a four stroke LC.5 20 15 6.Engine of a single row deep the life of the bearing for the following specifications. and the speed of the shaft is 90 rpm. The thrust of a propeller shaft in a marine engine is taken-up by a number of collars integral with the shaft.p. Speed = 2400 rpm. Also. A bearing 50 mm in diameter and 75 mm in length supports a overhanging shaft running at 900 rpm. The diametral clearance is 0. The room temperature is 30°C. The thrust on the shaft is 200 KN. Assuming the coefficient of friction as 0.5. Calculate in hours. 17.35 N/mm2. The viscosity of the oil used is 0.25 kg/kw /hr. A 30 seconds work cycle consists of the following two parts. stroke length = 150 mm. Determine the load carrying capacity of the hook. 16. determine (a) number of collars required and (b) Power lost in friction. determine the thickness of collars.05 mm and the bearing is to operate in still air. Fuel consumption = 0. 300 mm in diameter. Pari I Pari II duration (s) radial load (KN) axial load (KN) 10 45 12.