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Erica Hsia

Honors 100
14 November 2015
Experiential Learning Interview
Aarons interests were very diverse, in that he enjoys several different activities and
extracurriculars. In terms of athletics, Aaron plays both basketball and tennis. In high school, he
was on the tennis team and he hopes to continue playing recreationally in college. His
extracurricular interests include attending church, where he is a part of a youth group with others
who are of his same age. Many of his close friendships have been developed through this youth
group. He also strives to better the lives of the homeless, which is why he is a part of the Tent
City Collective. In this program, they are working towards setting up mini villages for the
homeless so that those individuals do not have to worry about shelter, but rather they can focus
on acquiring jobs and supporting their families. In terms of school interests, Aaron is currently
undecided about his major. However, he enjoys journalism and writing, so he is considering a
double-major, with one being journalism. Other potential majors include business or something
math related. He currently is on the staff of The Daily, the school newspaper, where he enjoys
interviewing and writing articles.
I found a study abroad program and internship that are journalism based, so I think they
relate well towards what Aaron wants to study. The first is a journalism study abroad trip to
Rome, Italy through the UW Communications Department. Through this program, Aaron could
earn 15 credits, 12 from journalism-related classes and 3 from an Italian language course. This
trip is offered during winter quarter and the application deadline is May 15, 2015. The second
potential Experience Learning opportunity I found was a paid internship with the Seattle Times
This would incorporate Aarons passion for journalism and provide professional experience. Not
only can one write articles for the Seattle Times through this internship, but they can also copy
edit or take on the photographic aspect of the paper. This would be a great opportunity to both
gain experience and network with others in the field. The internship is offered in 3-month
increments, which is equivalent to one quarter at UW. The final opportunity I researched for
Aaron incorporates his desire to assist the less fortunate in the greater Seattle area. Building
Changes is a non-profit organization which strives to solve family and youth homelessness by
uniting private and public organizations. Within this organization, there is a branch called
GiveTogether Works, which I think would be another beneficial way for Aaron to contribute to
those in need. GiveTogether Works strives to raise money and apply for grants to donate to the