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All In One

Multiple Choice Question

Under Guidance of Prof. Nishat Haveri

Developed By:
Mukesh Patel 22
Samraiz Tejani 30


The project basically emphasizes Exam Test System which helps to conduct any kind MCQ
examination in client-server architecture.

This system records questions with appropriate answers, generate the result and certificate of
applied candidates.

The developers got a lot of practical knowledge about programming language and
examination environment, which are not possible by theory.

The current model which we see in the academics same kind but with little difference that is
all are using computer this time.


AIO MCQ system provides exam for various fields such as Driving License test, Aptitude test
and General knowledge test, Preliminary interview test in organization.

The main objective of the exam is to see the capabilities of the candidate.

A multiple-choice test usually has dozens of questions or "items.

For each question, the test- taker is supposed to select the "best" choice among a set of four

Literature Survey

The idea of AIO MCQ Test struck in mind by watching the environment around institutes and

Normal Exams requires lot of manpower and money to conduct this type of test that is why
this proposed system tries to automate the process of MCQ Tests specifically in area like
eligibility, entrance test, and aptitude test for preliminary interview in the organization.

Acquisition of Knowledge

Technologies needed to implement-mention each and every technology used here in detail.

Domain Knowledge
It is based on educational, e-learning and organizational domain.

System Study
System Users:-

This AIO MCQ Test Software can be use by Educational Institutes for conducting GK Tests.
Top level Management for evaluation of employees.
HR department for recruiting new employees.

System Modules:-

AIO MCQ Test System is based on client-server architecture. Modules will be classified into
two parts:

1. Admin modules
2. Client modules

Client Modules consists of the following:

Admin/Server Modules consists of following:

Server setup
-To setup the connection with SQL
server database.

Network LAN
-To get the list of system IP address
which are connected on LAN.

-To update/insert the records in
user_info table.

Image to Byte
-To convert image into byte and byte
into image format.

-To set the Questions and answers
for exam.

-To generate result and certificate of
candidates who appeared for exam.

-To set the exam name, year and to
provide utility apps.

Server Connect
It contains connection of database.

It returns candidate information as well as
examination information from the database.

Candidate Module
It gets the information about the candidate


To provide calculator in exam.

To provide clock i.e. real time or reverse

It records all the response of the candidate.

It fetch all the questions from the database..

To retrieve result of the examination done and
provide scores.

Problem Definition & Scope of Project

Being students we feel that examination should be bought to the next level where writing of
thousands of words and wastage of paper should be minimize, our project helps us do that.
Exams shouldnt be meant to bring out stress to the candidate but to evaluate him/her.

Now a days most the exams were conducted with the help of paper and pens and were
recorded and resulted manually.

There can be human errors in calculation of marks or in record keeping.

By using this software they made the operations very easy. This operation will guide the
candidate to give the exam in a more systematic and easy to use manner.

It is in paperless format.

Human Resources is also reduced.

Estimation& Planning

Gantt Chart

Requirements Analysis

Preliminary Investigation for Multiple Choice question System is performed to check this
project feasibility whether it will be useful to the organization and educational institutes.

The main aim of the feasibility study is to check the Operational and Technical feasibility for
adding new modules and debugging old system.

On-site observation is used for requirement gathering.

System analyst had visited many institutes, we observed what are the common entities which
are required for developing the AIO MCQ system.

Hardware and Software Requirement

Software Requirement

Client Side

Administrator Side

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8

Operating System: Windows

Front End: .net Framework 4 or Higher

Front End: 2010 with .net

framework 4 or Higher

Database: SQL server 2008 or Higher

Database: SQL server 2008 or

Higher with Management Studio

Hardware Requirement

Processor: Intel P4/ Higher or AMD Athlon X2 or Higher

RAM: Minimum 1GB
Hard disk space: 5GB

Since AIO MCQ System is a small project, project team decided to use Waterfall Model freezing
the requirement earlier.

- E-R Diagram

Data Flow Diagram

- Context level DFD

- First level DFD

- Second Level DFD

Data Dictionary
Candidate Table

Exam_info Table

QandA Table

Response Table

Result Table

Administrator Side Setup

Server Setup

Exam Settings

Candidate Settings

Question and Answer Setup

Candidate Side
Login Form

Question and Answer Panel



Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding
the software bugs.
Software testing methods are traditionally divided into

White Box Testing

Black Box Testing

White Box Testing

A software testing technique whereby explicit knowledge of the internal workings of the item being
tested are used to select the test data.

Black Box Testing

A software testing technique whereby the internal workings of the item being tested are not known
by the tester.

Limitation & Enhancement


Questions are generally objective type so either pass or fail, no chance that u will get marks
for writing related topics of question.
It would be difficult for those who do not have enough knowledge about using the computer.
The Fees is taken manually as there is not any module for online payment.


This application avoids the manual work and the problems concern with it.
It is an easy way for candidate to give the examination without the need of paper and
The enhancement that we can add are as follows:
- Direct Mode of Online Payment for candidate.- Adding Instructions before the candidate gives the examination.
- Searching for Candidate Record by just typing his/her name.


The AIO MCQ System provides facility to conduct online examination for candidate who
desire to give their preferred examination.

It saves time as it allows number of students to give the exam at a time and displays the
results as the test gets over, thus no need to wait for the result.

Administrator has a privilege to create, modify and delete the test papers and its particular

User/Candidate can login and give the test with his specific Roll Number, and can see the
results as well at the end of the examination, if Administrator gives privilege.

The main advantage is that the user doesnt need to correct the candidate answers manually
and generate results.

Websites Referred for completion of this project are:



Books Referred for completion of this project are:

- Visual Basic .NET: A Complete Object-oriented Programming by Phil Jones, Microsoft.
- Visual Basic .NET: The Complete Reference by Jeffrey R Shapiro, McGraw-Hill/Osbom.
- VB.NET for Developers by Kith Franklin, Jeff Koch