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Camp Propel Teacher Meeting


Thank you very much for teaching at Camp Propel and making a positive impact on the lives of our
students! Your time and dedication is appreciated!!!
Please initial on the staff roster next to your name verifying you are here today so you get paid. Also, update the
contact information if it isnt filled in.
Dates and Times
Camp Propel Dates: July 27-August 13, Monday through Thursday
Student Time: 9am-3pm
Teacher Report Time: 8:30am
*You are required to work one hour combined before or after students leave each day. You can flex this time, but
you must be here by 8:30 each day.
Time Sheets
You will receive timesheets for your work at Camp Propel. I will bring them around to be signed when
appropriate. The teacher rate of pay is $26.81/hour.
Day 1 Beginning
-Plan on arriving early. Students and buses may be here early. Students will be let into the school early at 8:45 on
the first day.
-Be in the gym by 8:45 WITH YOUR CLASS LIST.
-Grade levels will have an assigned space. Students will come to the teachers, and teachers will determine whose
class they are in. Please pay attention to spelling of names. We have several students with similar first and last
-Have students sit in a line behind you.
-When most students are in the gym, Ill give you direction to take students to class.
-Take attendance on REACH first.
-Take a lunch count and send it down with the breakfast eaters
-Then do breakfast
-When everyone is back, start your morning meeting.
-Enjoy the day and have fun!
Day 1 Ending
-Bus drivers have to check off each kid as they get on the bus. We will stagger dismissal the first two days to
allow for this. In the event that the buses are late, we will line students up according to which bus they are riding.
Please stay to supervise until all buses have departed.
Kindergarten 2:50
Grade 1, 2, and 3 2:55
Grade 4 and 5 3:00
-Send all parent pick-ups at 2:55. They leave the building by the office and go to the right by the bike racks.
-At your time, take your bus students outside

Regular Arrival and Dismissal

- All classroom teachers are in their room for arrival at 9:00.
- Dismissal Grades K-2, bring students out at 2:55. Grades 3-5, bring students out at 2:59. Stay outside
until the buses are gone
REACH taking attendance and access to class reports
Log in to your computer as a student.
Log in to REACH via the Oak Ridge website. Go to Staff Resources, then REACH.
Take attendance by 9:15 each day. Only go to the attendance page when you are ready to submit attendance. If
you leave the page up while students come in, it will time out and not submit your attendance.
BAS and MAP scores
CLP-leave update notes for next years teachers by August 13th.
Transportation list, Breakfast/Lunch list and PINs, Health concerns information, Reading Levels
Emergency Contacts
-Starts at 9:00.
-Students will go to classroom first, then send/take to breakfast.
-One teacher from each grade level needs to supervise breakfast each day. Please work out a rotation with your
team. Their class will need to be supervised.
-Breakfast should be over by 9:25 each day
-Send a lunch count down to the cafeteria by 9:45 each day.
-Bring your class at the scheduled time.
-Students will punch in their lunch number. (This can be found on REACH.)
-Dont collect money. Students should bring money to lunch with them.
-Eat lunch with your kids. Lunch will be outside. Make sure to have students clean up when finished. If it is
raining, students will eat in the cafeteria.
-There is no scheduled recess time due to 50 min. of gym every day. By the end of your scheduled lunch time,
your class should be inside. Otherwise, it will be too congested outside.
-Low balance notices will go home with students as needed.
Camp Propel Curriculum
Students attending Camp Propel will experience daily instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, and science.
Follow the curriculum you were given.
There is a Moodle site with the curriculum. You can access this from REACH.
Responsive Classroom/Discipline
We will teach students the skills they need for academic and social success: cooperation, assertion, responsibility,
empathy, and self-control (CARES). Consistent, school-wide language related to CARES will be posted in all
instructional areas and referred to throughout the school day.
Cooperation-listen, follow directions, and participate
Assertion-do your best and ask for help when you need it
Responsibility-be prepared, complete quality work, and respect property
Empathy-be kind and respect others
Self Control-be in charge of your words and actions
Morning Meeting: This is built into the schedule. There should be 4 parts:

-Greeting: Everyone gets greeted and gives a greeting in some fashion

-Sharing: Students share on a topic
-Activity: Quick, but fun.
-Message: Should be written out before students arrive. Should be interactive.
Altogether, Morning Meeting should be about 15 minutes.
Discipline = Logical Consequences. You break it, you fix it.
Take a Break. Be consistent. Make sure to conference with the student and explain expectations before they rejoin
the class. The Take a Break spot should allow the student to see and hear all instruction.
Then try a buddy class. Send them to another class of the same grade to Take a Break. Reflection sheets are a nice
addition to buddy room Take a Break.
The last option is to send them to the office. Depending on the situation, they may be sent home for the day. If we
are providing engaging instruction, and are consistent with high expectations, this shouldnt have to happen.

Copies only make what you need. The machine is in the work room. No code is required.
Snacks not provided, but you can set aside a time. Be sure to keep students with allergies safe.
District 196 Science Supplies make sure you return supplies
District196 math manipulatives and games for Camp Propel are on the library shelves.
District196 Classroom libraries are available in each room, plus the guided reading libraries are available for check
Your teacher tubs will need to be inventoried and returned at the end of Camp Propel. Only items on the
inventory list should be in the tub when it is returned. Tubs are transferred between buildings as needed.
Science supplies will need to be inventoried and returned at the end of Camp Propel
Leave extra supplies, like chart paper, in the classroom.
Please ask if you need something, I can probably find it for you.
Library Checkout
Use the computer closest to the return book slot.
To Check Out
1. press CTRL/ALT/DEL keys at the same time to log on
2. Click on switch user button. Change to Other User
3. Username: OR.Library Password: OR.Library Click blue arrow
4. On the dock, click on Explorer (blue e)
5. Scroll down on school home page to bottom and find Media Center Quick Links. Click on the books or words.
6. In upper right hand corner, click on the login button
7. Username: Orcircdesk Password: 12345
8. Click on the circulation tab on top. On the left, make sure you are in Check Out.
9. Type your last name in the box or scan your badge.
10. Scan all your books!
To Check In
1. Follow all directions above through number 7.
2. On the left, make sure you are in Check In
3. Scan your books.
4. Put books in the return bin.
*Guided reading books should not go home with students during Camp Propel.
**Students will not have library check out. They will have full access to classroom libraries.

Computer Lab

-You may bring your students to both the inside and outside computer labs. You need to stay with your students.
You can sign up for either lab by the guided reading books.
-There are 2 carts of chromebooks available for checkout.
Emergency Procedures/Bus Safety
Read your information packet carefully!
Severe Weather Drill Tuesday, July 28 @10:20AM
-Return to class if youre with a specialist.
-Take your class, and a class list, and move to your assigned location when the announcement is made.
-Stay there until the all clear is given.
Assigned Locations See Attached Sheet
Fire Drill Wednesday, July 29 @2:00pm (weather permitting)
-Take your class, class list, and red, yellow, and green signs.
-Administrators will check the building to make sure it is clear and all students are accounted for.
-Hold up green sign if you have all your students, red if you are missing any, and yellow if you have extra students
Bus Safety go over the first day
Calling for a sub
-If you are unable to teach, please call me on my cell phone: 702-592-3347 ASAP.
-It is your responsibility to find a sub.
-Tell me who confirmed they will sub for you.
-Tell them to check in at the office that morning. I need to fill out a time sheet for them.
Residencies West Gym
Grade 1 Zoomobile August 4, 12:30-1:15 and 1:30-2:15
Grade 2 Como Conservatory August 4, 1:00-2:00
Field Trips
Grade 3 Fort Snelling August 11, 12-2. Bus times TBD.
Grade 4 Dodge Nature Center August 6, 12:15-1:45. Bus times TBD.
Grade 5 Lebanon Hills July 31, 12-2. Bus times TBD.
Lunch will be eaten at Oak Ridge on all field trip days. You will need to work with food services to arrange lunch
earlier than your scheduled time.
ESY has joined with Camp Propel to help serve Special Education students. These students have learning needs
typically aligned with high functioning autism, but may have other needs as well. ESY students will do their
learning in their ESY class the majority of the day. However, they may join regular Camp Propel classes for
specialist, lunch, field trips, and instructional time with PSA support as appropriate.
Master Schedule
Building Map
Camp Propel Emergency Procedures Guide
REACH Users Guide
Lunch Count Slips
Phone Extension List