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Lupan Bianca Mihaela

My Research Plans

The course that has attracted me the most in faculty and that I will present in the following
rows is named International Politics: International Affairs and Diplomacy. The main purpose of the
course is to present the major problems of the international politics today and it can be divided into
two sections: a introduction that helps us to understand the problems of the current international
politicy and an analitical approach of the most important events of the international scene that took
place after the Cold War.
During this course, I have studied themes like The Cold War, Wars in the Middle East in the
context of the Cold War,The war against the global terrorism, The Middle East after the Cold War,
an so on.
We had a lot of reading assignments. For most of us, when we think that we have a lot of
books to read for the next week it is not something that makes us happy, but is necessary. So, the
first thing that we had to do was to take notes, due to the fact that we need to understand what the
book is about, what is presenting and what the author wants to say. We had to learn how to choose
the information that is important and to recreate a logical essay.
Another reading assignments that was given to us when we had to write an essay on a
theme that we hadnt study separately. The essay was putting on test our logical capability to
extract information from the themes that we had studied and to put them separated. For
example, my theme was the Olympic Games and the human rights during the Cold War. I had
to extract all the things that was referring to the Cold War and that influenced or could have
influenced in one way or another the human rights during the Olympics.
One book that I really liked was named The Future of U.S-China Relations, written by
Aaron Friedberg. The book is referring to a topical issue and it is presenting it in a way that
can be easily understood. The author puts at the begging of the book some questions and the
answer come in a logical way, without resuming the question again.
However, the author says that it is possible in the near future to have another Cold
War, that it will be started by U.S.A and China and it will divide all the states from Europe.
Personally, I think that a new Cold War will be avoided, due to the fact that nowadays, the
states from Europe have enough power to reconcile the relations between U.S and China if
they will go in a wrong way.
I find this course really interesting. It is treating topical issues by referring to the
problems from the past that had generate them. It is like a challenge to us to think logical
when we are referring to what will happen in the near future when we are talking about the
international scene. Above the theoretical part, it is a practical one, in the domain of
diplomacy. And that is what I want to do in the future.
In conclusion, I must say that for me, it is an important and interesting course, that
helped me to understand the international scene, why things are going in a directions and why
arent going in another one. Also, it gave me the opportunity to develop a multidisciplinary
perspective on the international scene and it had developed analysis and evalution capacity.