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September 11th, 2001

Introduction to
Basic Relationships
Q/A - Homework
Social Psychology 222

Hook Up


A specific time when two people meet to
join in together- for a mutual event, or,
Two individuals from diverse backgrounds
form a cheap/easy intimate relationship,
An epiphany moment-a time-when a
certain couple are shaking hands and
discover that they are equallyoked.
- Slang Dictionary/Urban Words

Morality a valuable personal code, based on..
a set of spiritual values, that
....affects attitudes, motives, and there for..
..effecting an individuals trademans skills,
appropriateness of behavioral patterns,
and the upholding ethical and legal
societal standards.

- Word Meanings / Philosophy

Positive Regard
Also, unconditional positive regard
Means: a complete acceptance, love,
favor towards of an individual especially
those who are equallyoked, also...
parents who devotedly and deliberately
indoctrinate their children with a clear
sense of civil identity in a multicultural
society with respect for the childs future.

- Word Meanings / Psychology

A couple who experience their very first sexual
encounter together and their baby is born out of
that union are Soul-mates1 and,..
..a couple who bond with each other, falls
deeply in love and is the happiest they have
ever been with each other are Soul-mates2
..a couple who are married and truly
equallyoked are Soul-mates., i.e., of the
same or very similar civil-identities. 3
- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

Endogamy means, In-marriage and is when
an individual according to his/or her own social
customs1(Comment: this maybe more like
community health-a social mores or an actual
religious law).
.marries another individual within his or her
own cultural2 Social group*.
*Note; a Social group may be a village, a tribe,
a sect or cult, a geographic region, or a de facto
Civil identity, etc.
- Sociocultural Anthropology

Latin: Intimus, innermost
The process of ..stating or making
known ones innermost thoughts, moral
values, and feelings.
sharing something from the inside
Genuine intimacy in human relationships
requires dialogue, honesty/transparency,
vulnerability, and mutual reciprocity.

- Word Meanings / Philosophy

Also, equally yoked

Equallyoked, (is pronounced, Eek quel ee yoakd)

and is when a couple-who believe in, bonds with,
and marries one other purposefully of the same (or
nearly the same) Civil identity* thus are multicultural society, equallyoked1.
- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

* Civil identity is a Social Psychology term describing a collective of features concerning an

individuals present ethnicity, political party
membership, race and color, religious
membership, disability/handicap, age group/
generation, sexual orientation and marital status.2
- Introduction to Social Psychology

Civil Identity

An Example:
Ethnicity: Scandinavian

Political Party: Libertarian

Race: Anglo

Religion: Fundamental Christian

Disability: None Known

Gender: Male

Color: Light complexion

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single/1st Marriage Annulled

Couples who share: the same (or very similar) civil
identities, beliefs, bonding, marriage - living in a
multicultural society are considered to be

- Introduction to Social Psychology

(equally yoked)

The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked)

an adverb:

Equally - means alike 1, in a balanced manner, the

same or to the same degree of, etc
an verb:

Yoked - means (Latin; jungere to join) 2, something

fastened around the neck to join together, burdened with.

in history:

Evolved from synonyms, with meanings, such as:

Equitably, Fairly, Justly3
Sentence: They were an equally yoked couple from
families of just ordinary means.
- Word Meanings - Etymology

Life Partner
A Life Partner refers to a lifetime, romantic
and very close mate. A couple who are true
life partners are equallyoked.1
It is true that life partners usually develop
strong platonic relationships as a mutual serious
long term goal together.2
Life partners may based their relationship on
moral/or immoral grounds whether married/
monogamously or can be individuals such as

- Introduction to Social Psychology

Sharing of

Vision & Mission in


God, Religious Beliefs

& Spiritual Values.4

Activities of Daily
Living & Routine.2

Family life &


Reflection of meaning
of life & Devotion to

Good Health &

Preferred Enjoyments.6

- Biblical, Moral, and Doctrinal Studies

..a Social Phenomena

A couple (usually a heterosexual dyadic) who
are of very similar or the same Civil identity 1
Any couples who are bonded together and
who are of the same or very similar Civil
- Sociology 101:Social Phenomenology

A marital couple who marries-with their

backgrounds related to their Civil identities. 3
- Introduction to Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

Un-equally Yoked

Inequitable Unjust, an injustice.

Iniquious Unrighteous, a sin.

Inequality Unfair, imbalanced.1

II Corinthinans 6:14-18

- Biblical, Moral, and Doctrinal Studies

Multi-cultural Statistics
Caucasians (European)
- Marrying amongst those who were from their own tribes,
social culture, and nation.1

Negrozoids (Africa)
- Marrying amongst the same in their own areas.2

South Americans (Indians)

- Intermarrying within their own peoples.3

Oriental (Asians)
- Couples mates were often chosen by their own
parents from own family lineage.4
- Sociology 101

(equally yoked)

The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked)

probable came about from the Bible wherein
Jews marrying Jews, Muslims marrying Muslims,
Christians marrying Christians, etc, etc, etc.1
- Word Origins/Philosophy

It is a phenomena that exists in all multicultural

societies-peoples of the same de facto Civil
identity' marrying one another for reasons of
self-esteem, religious beliefs, and preserving the
integrity of their family identity-for abiding in
social mores (contributing to) community health.2
- Sociology 101

Dyadic: Social Psychology

Equallyokedtarians are of interest to social
psychologists because they represent dyadic
groups of the same Civil identity.1
Couples who primarily choose to bond and
marry together because they are the same or
very similar Civil identities, among other
reasons, may contribute to marital longevitystaying together for a lifetime as * evidenced.2
The measured self esteem of individuals of a
marital couple who marry with backgrounds
related to their own Civil identities are worthy of
marital satisfaction studies as well.3
- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

I will not wait for
I will halt unequal
I will not idealize

I will conduct my life

by inspired truth.4

I will assert against

any disrespect.5

I will abide in social

ethics and laws. 6

- Biblical, Moral, and Doctrinal Studies

Alpha & Omega

Social Perspectives
Equallyokedtarians are those people-who are
equallyoked yet having varying points of
views* about marriage:1
- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

* Liberals: a couple marrying one another while

sharing in vague beliefs, i.e., explained as the
same spirit or attitude about some issue.
* Moderates: marrying one another r/t very similar
civil identities-close enough for them.
* Conservatives: marriage between two people who
share the same or fairly equal Civil identities. 2
- Introduction to Social Psychology

Coupling up.

in a hook up culture

Couples who do recognize equallyokedtarianism as a
social mores and yet for their own ulterior motives still
choose to violate social mores as an rash option.1

Couples who are nave, thus inadvertently demonstrate
opposition to equallyokedtarianism-as a social mores.2

Couples who are a bit mentally/emotionally disturbed
and are deliberately active against proper socialization,
contrary to equallyokedtarianism and social mores,3

- Introduction to Social Psychology

Love is a
..a conscious, meaningful, and focused
attention towards a special mate1 and,
..a person toward whom love is shared; a
dearly beloved; an equallyoked help
meet, a heterosexual love mate2 and,
..a feeling of warm personal attachment
or deep affection for, as for a sweetheart,
or as for a spouse.3
- Word Meanings / Philosophy

Why Equallyoked?

Motives - a couple who are equallyoked may do

so for a variety of reasons-some of which include:
Beliefs about life, self-image, truth and God, death, etc.
Bonding for long term love, romance, and sex.
Marriage, family/children, and financial goals.1

Self esteem individuals with a clear sense of

self-marrying someone of a like civil identity.2
Family identity to maintain the integrity and
the longevity of the extended family identity.3
Social mores a preserved cultural standard in
a multicultural society for the sake of community health.4

- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology


.are couples who are equally yoked

Pronunciation: Eek quel ee yoakd tar ee ins 1.

Definition: - are any individuals who by choice,
i.e., purposefully choose to bond with and marry
another of the same (or very nearly the same)
Civil identity*, within any culture are called,
Equallyokedtarians - couples equallyoked.2
*Recall: a Civil identity - describes a collective
of features about a persons present: ethnicity,
political party membership, race and color,
religious membership, disability/ handicap, age
group/ generation, proper sexual orientation,
and marital status.3
- Introduction to Social Psychology

Social Mores
The term Social Mores* refers to.


Social meaning - to associate in a social way,

i.e., folkways, socializing, socialization 1,
plural noun

Mores - concerns that of moral codes, mental

health values, standards, spiritual ideologies 2.

*Also, customs, proper conduct/etiquette, health

behaviours/norms, healthy lifestyle. 3

Use in a Sentence: Their family abided in good

social mores that reflected their sense of
integrity. 4
- Word Meanings - Etymology

..a Public Health Issue

As a Public Health Issue, Equallyokedtarianism as

a social mores is a phenomena observed amongst

the most conservative segments of a multi-cultural
Marriage Family and Child Psychology addresses
the Self-esteem of the individuals who are (or arent)
equallyoked as an important issue in mental health/
emotional health/ and naturally, self-preservation, as
well as of the integrity of their family identity.2
As a Civil Rights issue, justice of the peaces-as
civil servants who perform marriage ceremonies
attaching a signature may be held responsible as
attesting to the competence (or incompetence) of the
individuals present while performing marriages
considering community (psychosocial) health matters.3
- Introduction to Public Health

You be the Man

the Alpha-male.

Boys become Men

when they:

Follow you when you walk

Call you back when you
hang up.
Hug you when you punch
Kiss you when you nag.
Watch click-flicks with you.

Tolerate crying over love

Hand you the remote
Pass on boys-night just to
listen to your rantings.
Dont flare up when you
give car directions.
Says Im sorry and tells
you he needs you.1

- Ecclesiastic 9:9 of the Holy Bible

An Unpreferred Yoked

A Couple:
One very fat weight one very skinny weight
One very poor income one very rich income
One is very sociable one is very homebody
One talks very fast one talks very slow
One very tall in height one very short in height
One highly educated one lowly educated
One ill mannered one well mannered1
- The True Phenomenology of Opposites Attract

Social Forces
Equallyokedtarians are the most targeted social
groups for destruction by world tyrannical powers
there is in global multi-culturalism.1
Degradation of peoples self esteem comes from
the of demise of family and destruction of individual
Civil identity by the powers2 that be in order to
attain and maintain governmental rule.
The empowered liberal: media, public education,
and multicultural secularism perpetuates
community amalgamation for the sake of cultural
confusion - and in such, thereby ruining the
individual identities of a countrys peoples.3
- Concepts in Social Psychology

Un-equally Yoked

Out of place priorities.

An unforgiving spirit.

Misused gifts.

A wrong association.

Unconfessed sin.

Killing God for

secularistic pleasure.1

- Biblical, Moral, and Doctrinal Studies

Alpha & Omega

an Art and Science

Couples-who are bonded together and who are
equallyoked help meets- amongst a class are
worthy of study-not unlike those who arent.1
the study of theoretical equallyokedtarianism
as an social science, as an art, and as a
inquiry into biologic genetic wholesomeness. 2
A marital couple who becomes engaged-with
intension of preserving the integrity of their
family identity related to their backgrounds and
related to their civil identities.3
-The Humanities & Biopsychosociocultural Sciences

Pastoral Counselor
An educated/trained Pastor specialist in
Psychological therapies and
Mental disorders and unequally yoked
coupling (e.g., a malsuited couple)

combining moral spirituality, practical problem

solving, progressive decision making, and
personal informed

- Word Meanings / Theophilosophy

Alpha & Omega

College Studies
Some Suggested* Schools:
Ask about*

Oakwood University, Grinnell College, Occidental College, Shaw University,
Gallaudet University, Central State University,

Social Psychology
Kentucky State University, Livingstone College, Claremont McKenna College,
Reed College, Swarthmore College, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania,

Civil Rights or Public Health

East Texas Baptist University, Presbyterian College, Franklin College,
Sewanee-University of the South, Inter American University of Puerto RicoBarranquit, Benedict College,

Marriage Family and Child Psychology

Hampshire College, Pomona College, Hiram College, Oregon Health & Science
University, Wilmington College, Saint Augustines University,

*Advanced Studies: Equallyoketarianism1

Q/A - Homework

Your name
Social Psychology 222
September 11th, 2001

Basic Relationships

1.) What is the origin of the term Soul-mate? How is

it significantly related to Social psychology?
Marriage, Family, Child Psychology?
2.) How has the social sciences become involved in
the investigation of practiced social mores, i.e.,
people that hook up and who are equallyoked?
3.) What U.S. studies in Sociology pertain to tribes,
sects or cults, and de facto Civil identities? ..where
around the world, what countries?
Homework: Choose ONE. Write Answer on 1 1/2 Pages,
Typed, double-spaced, 35 Points, Due Next Class.

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