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A regional grocery chain spends 70 percent of its sales in the supply chain, and has a net profit
margin of 2 percent. They have just initiated an Internet-based inventory management program that
is expected to save the chain $500,000 per year. What is the equivalent increase in sales to this
saving? Use Table 11.3, reproduced below.


A transportation firm spends 60 percent of its sales in the supply chain, and has a net profit margin
of 6 percent. The company is about to invest $100,000 in one of two ventures. One venture is
advertising-based, and is expected to increase revenues (sales) by $600,000 (after spending the
$100,000). The other venture applies the money in supply chain efficiencies that are expected to
save $200,000 (again, after spending the $100,000). Which of these two ventures offers the larger
increase in profit to the firm? Use Table 11.3, reproduced below.


A shipment of parts valued at $75,000 needs to be shipped from Tampa, FL, to Chicago, IL. They
could be shipped by rail, taking 15 days at a cost of $1,575, or by truck, taking 4 days at a cost of
$2,640. The annual holding cost rate for this type of item has been estimated at 22%. What option
is more economical?


A company is about to select a vendor for the outsourcing of all of its engineering, environmental,
and CAD requirements. It has identified four criteria critical to the selection. These criteria, and
their importance weights, appear below. Three firms, A, C, and E, have indicated that they are
interested in this position. The company has scored each of the three candidates on these criteria,
using a 1-10 scale, where 10 is best. Candidate A scored 7, 7, 7, and 5 on the four criteria.
Candidate C scored 9, 4, 8, and 6. Candidate E scored 5, 10, 10, and 7. Which vendor has the
highest composite score?
Engineering expertise
Financial and managerial strength
Staff experience and qualifications



The following data are pulled from Walsh Manufacturings 2007 annual report.
Raw material inventory
Work-in-process inventory
Finished goods inventory
Property, plant & equipment
Other assets
Total assets
Condensed Income Statement
Cost of goods sold
Other expenses
Net income


Calculate: (a) Percent invested in inventory, (b) Inventory turnover, and (c) Weeks of supply.


1. Sebuah perusahaan kayu XYZ mengirimkan pasukan kayu lapis seperti tabel dibawah ini.
Carilah skema tranportasi terbaik (optimal solution ) menggunakan teknik MODI dan Stepping

2. Diketahui jadwal operasi pabrik dengan empat pekerjaan dan empat mesin. Supervisor pabrik
ingin memastikan kombinasi pekerjaan dan alat secara spesifik guna meminimalkan waktu yang
ada. Gunakanlah metode Hungaria / Flooding technique untuk mendapatkan solusi
optimal.(Gunakanlah gambar dan jelaskan urutan pengerjaanya).