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UB Group

UB Groupis an Indianconglomeratecompany

headquartered inUB City,Bangalorein the state of

United Breweries is India's largest producer of beer
with amarket shareof around 48% by volume.

Journey of UB Group
On 15 march 1915, it was established by

Thomas Leishman.
He is the first Managing director of UB

group during both world war.

Mr. Vittal Mallya started

buying shares.

In 1947 at the age of 22 Mr.

Vittal Mallya became as

chair person of UB Group.

Twists & turns

In 1951 UB took control of McDowell & Co. Ltd. Started wines and

which came as IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor )
Vittal Mallya bought distillers Phipson & co limited to enhance UBs

presence in the alcohol beverages industries in sixties.

In half century of UB entered in pharmaceutical and

food business.
In 1980 Vijay Mallya took over the beer & spirit

On the demise of Vittal Mallya, his son, Vijaya Mallya

at the age of 28 took over as the Chairman of the

United Brewery (UB) Group in 1983.

In 1990 Malbar chemical And fertizers(later named as

Manglore Chemicals & Fertilizers ltd.

After Liberalization policy was introduced in India, the

UB group has determined to focus on areas where it

has the competitive advantage to match with the global
In 1990, the group profit was -380 million.
In the early 1980s,Vijay Mallyajoined withManu

Chhabriato bid for Shaw Wallace Company.

Present affairs UB group

UB now has greater than a 40% share of the Indian

brewing market with 79 distilleries and bottling units

across the world.
Recently, UB financed a takeover of the spirits
business of the rivalShaw-Wallacecompany, giving it
a majority share of India's spirits business.
The group also owns the Mendocino Brewing
Companyin the United States.

The company has annual sales of over US$4billion

and a market capitalization of approximately


Products and services

Kingfisher Airlines
In 2003 UB group started a Kingfisher Airlines.
This never made profit since inception.
In 2005 KF airlines placed an order for five airbus.

IMFL(Indian made foreign liquor)

In 1951 UB took control of McDowell & Co. Ltd.

Which came to be called IMFL.

In 1988 Malbar

Chemical & Fertilisers

was started .

In 1990 it was renamed

as Mangalore chemical
& Furtilisers.

UB Engineering Limited

commenced its
operations in 1963 as a
partnership firm.
started by two foresighted
technocrats and went
public in the year 1972.
The Company came
under the UB Umbrella in

Upcoming Plans
New breweries for UB United Breweries is planning to

invest Rs 100 crores in establishing new Greenfield

breweries in Orissa, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, as
well as expanding the ones existing elsewhere.

UB Group Short Details

Mr. Vijay Mallya got a Ferrari from his father when he

was just four.

Mr. Vijay Mallya became UB group chairman at the
age of 28.
In 2012 Mr. Vijay Mallya lost his place on Forbes
Billionaire list.
Kingfisher airlines licence was suspended in Nov