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“JUST AROUND THE RIVERBEND from Walt Disney's POCAHONTAS Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrics By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ With motion c F ¢ E & cs —— g # What 1 love most a-bout fiv-ers Iss you a 4 F Cradgovc FA op & = E —, ‘can't step in the same Fiv-er twice. ‘The water's al-ways chang-ing, al-ways _——— a = But peo-ple, I guess, can't live like that; we a ee El = all must pay price: to be safe we lose our chance of ev - er a Dac g, Em what's a-round the riv-er - ‘a-round the riv-er - WG EwG HG G GE CRF c a-round the riv-er ~ BES el yond the shore, where the gulls fly free. Don't know what for, - -| SASS Doss po BG ENG G -_ ‘what T dream the day might send. just a-round the riv-er- bend c F Gsus a Fa 2 feel it there be-yond those trees or right be-hind these w-ter- falls. i. #« ££ ££ a 8 Can 1 ig-nore the sound of dis-tant drum ming . Ihand-some stur-dy hus band who builds hand-some stur-dy walls and_nev-er dreams that some-thing might be fvamly 5G EnyG HG G HG g GE OB F & Bl 2m & & Just a-round the riv-er - bend.. am Dosus BG oo = z = why do all my dreams ex-tend just a-round the riv-er - bend? ___ Ka Gd oA FG DmvG the river - bend. = Meno mosso-treely Fraddd) cr Fadd9)F B a BOE ‘Should I choose the smooth-est_ course, steady as the beat-ing drum? ; a . a! SF = 2 z= a Should 1 mar-ry Koco - um?____ Is all my dreaming at an end? or cod iu mosso do you still wait for me Dream Giv «er, Dm? Gigus ° F tads9)