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Technology as Objects

Tools: this provides a mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical task, a
must be powered by human or animal effort.
Machines: tool consisting in one or more parts that
generally uses energy to perform an intended action.Machines can be divided into
simple or complex and are usually powered by mechanical, chemical, thermal or e
lectrical energy.
Devices: These objects are the result of the tools and machines
This devices can also be divided into:
- Automatic
- Semi-automatic
In Computing devices are known as Peripherals and they are divided into
three types:

Technology as Knowledge
Then KNOW-HOW: formulas, instruction, patterns, specifications
and manufacturing practices or concepts that determine HOW a product
is designed and developed until it is released to the public.

Technology as Activities
Software development activities:
Identifying, Analizing,
Designing, Developing,
Testing & Checking Quality
Technology as a Process
Generating &
Developing Ideas
Each step requires the identification of the Need, identify the key factors,
understand the implications and possible effects, evaluate possible
processes: Planning, Managing and Evaluating.

. we are approaching a turning point where these developments can lead humanity into a new era. You can not say that one technology more than another. the Internet increasingly widespread use. but also can bring negativ e effects. The same h appens with ICT. however. New technologies lead to the development of innov ations that will bring enormous impact globally. information is i mportant for all developments. infiltrating states or institut ions by hackers or spies. howev er development can bring benefits involving the welfare of society. Technology is a multi-disciplinary activity technology assessment is determined by the consumer Technology in the globalized world While technology has become a necessary part of everyday life.NATURE OF TECHNOLOGY . The technology has now become political and economic strategic instrument. the generation of ideas: The possible solutions for the given problem. Development Methods: Discovery (controlled by experimentation) Design. affecting the privacy of individuals.production Design process in technology: perception of a need: analysis of the problem an d identification of concerns to be solved. causing damage globally. final solution: The option that better answer to the requirements and provides a viable solution. formulation of a specification: Any solution is determined by certain aspects that delimitate what is needed of how solutions sh ould be implemented. invention. Research in artificial intell igence and biotechnology involve moral and ethical problems. This development has been increasing for a decade and covers various uses and ap plications. Technological advances allow humanity great progress. Just note the sco pe of smart mobile phones today and its essential use by most people. the use of GPS techno logy for use in homes and virtual reality. evaluation of the solution: This step evaluates the selected option and identifies the possible effects of implementing such sol ution.

quitando puestos de trabajo a las personas. analysis. Informacion global: La tecnologia nos permite estar mas informados. . Technology is beneficial because it saves us effort and gives solution to m any problems (communication. extensive researc h and the use of highly developed devices and services to develop technology. deberiamos poder solucionar la diferenciacion entre los que tienen acceso a esa tecnologia y los que no.Biotechnology cellular and biomolecular processes to develop products that can improve our lives and h ealth of our planet Technology as a Sociotechnical system manufacture and use of objects involving p eople and other objects in combination.Se must manage re sponsibly and preventive way to avoid any harmful to society accordingly. because their appl ications can be very large if they focus on the welfare of society. The technological development provides more positive effects. an d innovations new fields being explored: nanotechnology and biomedicine. performance. Efectos negativos: Cada vez nos volvemos mas dependientes de la tecnologia y no sabemos a que punto puede llegar esa dependencia. as it can be adjusted on the negative side or controlled through political or rigid regulati ons.Nevertheless. and people with disabilities). ahora debemo s saber aplicar todo ese conocimiento e informacion de formas beneficiosas. one can not conclude that the technology is mala. search the benefit of poor countries. ya que habria una colaboracion mutua. productivity.The search for solving problems and creat ing new processes Acceso a la tecnologia: Si la tecnologia nos hace una sociedad mas globalizada. health.