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Southernside Montessori School

Camella Homes IV, Poblacion, Muntinlupa City

Fourth Quarter
Grade IV- Notes # 1 (Language)

Descriptive and Limiting Adjectives

An adjective is a word or a phrase that describes nouns or pronouns. An adjective is usually
placed before the noun it modifies. It may also be found after a linking verb.
Types of Adjectives:
1. Descriptive adjectives- are words that describe the quality or attributes of a person,
a place,
a thing, an animal, an event or an idea, such as its color, shape, taste, size, or trait.
- Descriptive adjectives give a clearer picture of nouns or pronouns.
Observation/Opinion- pertaining to qualities or characteristics
Examples: pretty, entertaining
Size- big, small, large
Age- young, old, new
Shape- round, square
Color- yellow, blue, dark
Origin- source of noun (Chinese, American)
Material- stating what something is made of (plastic, wooden)
Purpose- saying what the noun is used for (driving, stirring, painting)
2. Limiting adjectives- are words that point out or limit nouns.
- They tell which one or how many is being referred to.
a. articles (the, a, an)
the- used with a particular person or thing
Ex. The man behind the tree is George.
a- used before words with a consonant sound
Ex. Father asks me to get a screw.
an- used before words with a vowel sound
Ex. One who does crimes continually is an outlaw.
b. possessive adjective
Our country is rich in culture and history.
I cant remember your mobile number.
c. demonstrative adjectives
That book is what I need.
Who could have made this mess?
d. interrogative adjectives
Which option will you choose?
What clothes are you wearing?
e. indefinite adjectives
Can you bring me some bottles?
Few people participated in the previous barangay election.
f. numerical adjectives
cardinals- quantity Ex. Martin was able to sell three cars this month.
ordinals- rank
Ex. Maria got the lead in the third lap.