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21 Applecross Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154

First Name
WWC number
Type of clearance

Valid for paid and unpaid work

Important information

Your WWC number confirms that you are cleared to work in a child-related role.

You must give this number to each employer where you are working with children.

This check is valid for 5 years and is subject to ongoing monitoring for relevant new records during this
time. It will be reassessed if you commit an offence or are subject to a workplace misconduct finding that
may bar you from working with children.

Next steps

Give your WWC number and expiry date to your employer, along with your full legal name and date of
birth, so that the number can be verified online.


Keep your WWC number and expiry date in a safe place to be used for all your child-related work.

Update your details

To change your personal details go to and click Update your details. For name changes, you will need to provide
proof at a Motor Registry or Service NSW Centre.
More information
If you have any questions or would like more information, go to or
you can contact the Customer Service Team on (02) 9286 7219.