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The Visa Officer

French Consulate

Sub : Request for Tourist Visa

Dear Sir/Madam,
My daughter GARIMMA JAISWAL bearing passport no. N7871331 intend to
travel to FRANCE, SWITZERLAND & ITALY along with the Principal for tourism
purpose. They are scheduled to depart from India on 25 TH MAY 2016 and the
tour on 31ST MAY 2016.
She shall be proceeding to your country with Thomas Cook India Limited.,in
their pre paid group tour and their hotel accommodation and tour programe
will be taken care by Thomas Cook India Limited.
At present I Mr.Surendra Kumar Jaiswal under the business of my father
Mr.Shiv Murat Jaiswal,am in business.I am furnishing the trade lisence under
the name of my father. I am a regular income tax payee,we have other
savings and investments. The expense of the tour shallbe borne by me and I
shall be providing my child enough foreign exchange to support her stay
while in your country.
We would be grateful if you could kindly grant her necessary tourist VISA,
enabling my child to visit your country.
Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Surendra Kumar Jaiswal

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