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Jane Goodall

Joseph Wheatland

1. A loud call of Wraaa can give warning to a danger or

something strange. Soft grunts are just used as basic
communication in the group. This is when foraging or
resting. When chimps play they emit breathy laughter.
2. A) Each chimp has its own pant-hoot call so it can
communicate with chimps in the group while foraging.
b) It is important that they make this noise as it alerts
other chimps to dangers, food sources and animals that
may have recently killed in a hunt.
c) Each chimp has its own version of its call so it can easily
be identified by the group.
3. Dominant males try to make themselves look as big and
as tough as possible by hurling rocks, stamping their feet,
dragging branches as they run and slapping their hands.
4. a) A female can distinguish between a dominant and
subordinate male as the latter squeaks shows their rump
and crouches while the dominant male will reassure the
rest of the group as well as doing the things from question
b) The advantages of the mating with dominant males is
the fact the children will have strength just like the father
and also have protection from him.
5. A behaviour essential for keeping the group together is
grooming. This public service calms the chimps and gives
reassurance and friendship.
6. When the chimp came back from space with a smile it was
actually a nervous grin. Monkeys have shown signs of
distress and nervousness when smiling so the space
chimps wasnt happy as it may have looked but worried