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Technical stuff
Terms Used in Kernel Builds
What is the difference Between HAVS and SVS?
HAVS changes the voltages used for each frequency, SVS has fixed voltages. HAVS should give
better battery life, SVS should be more stable. Using lower voltages or higher frequencies can make
your phone unstable.
What is the difference between CFS and BFS?
You could write a thesis on this, in fact this is pretty close to a thesis. For those that just want a
little knowledge, both are CPU schedulers, that attempt to schedule multiple processes so they get
an appropriate slice of the CPU resources. CFS outperforms BFS in minimizing process turnaround
time but BFS outperforms CFS for minimizing latency. This indicates that BFS is better for interactive
tasks that block on I/O or user input (like your phone) and CFS is better for batch processing that is
CPU bound. CFS generally seems more stable in . At least one user has found that BFS makes video
playback with Rockplayer (and probably other Video players) jumpy. BFS may also cause occasional
jumps in audio playback.
What is AXI and NOAXI?
The memory throughput is directly proportional to the AXI (internal bus) frequency. For AXI builds,
the AXI freq is coupled with the CPU freq to prevent the memory from being the bottleneck when the
CPU is running at one of its higher frequencies. This will cause an increase in power consumption
when the CPU is running at higher frequencies, but will give a better performance/power ratio
[hugonz]. AXI should further reduce the battery usage when the screen is on. However, 128Mhz IS
INCOMPATIBLE WITH THIS!!!. So if you want to use the AXI patch, use SetCPU and define a
profile that sets the minimum speed to 256Mhz when the screen is on, and sets it back to 128Mhz
when the screen is off. This is NOT necessary with the ManU kernels as it is done automatically by
the kernel. [EViollet]
What is the difference between BFQ, VR, SIO, NOOP and Deadline?
These are I/O schedulers. VR is supposed to be the best for Android see this
What is the difference between SLUB, SLAB, SLOB and SLQB?
These are slab allocators. The slab allocator has been at the core of unix kernels memory
management for many years. This allocator (sitting on top of the low-level page allocator) manages
caches of objects of a specific size, allowing for fast and space-efficient allocations. Kernel hackers
tend not to wander into the slab code because its complex and because, for the most part, it works
quite well. SLQB seems to be favoured by most AOSP kernels. Detailed article here
What are DATA2EXT (D2E) and DATA2WHATEVER (D2W)?
(Thanks to Dani for this)
Moving the whole /data system partition onto the SD card was the original concept
by darkstrumn named data2sd. The first developer (ownhere) who wrote a stable script that moved
/data to the SD card called it data2ext (now dont get confused, there are other versions, but this one
moves it to sd ext partition not the sdcard FAT32 partition). All implementations requires a primary
FAT32, then a primary EXT (and that depends on their script, plus many other factors). But basically
what they want is to move /data into the EXT partition of your card so people will have HUGE Internal
phone memory whatever they choose. Though there are limitations, particularly dont partition EXT more
than 2GB.
Another developer (melethron) decided to make it more flexible in moving the /data structure and
called it DATA2WHATEVER!!! The main difference is that the partition can be EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, BTRFS,
Reiserfs, and it is still evolving right now i dont know where it will end.
The name only implies it can work with any partition, but there are still issues about sdcard speed and
type, and more.
For most of us, We use EXT3 as partition. I tried ext2, ext4, reiserfs, btrfs, and my sdcard is not liking
it. So i stick with EXT3. Its up to you what to use though.
Conclusion: DATA2SD and DATA2EXT are the same thing, and require an EXT3 partition.
DATA2WHATEVER can supposedly use many differents formats for the partition.
Some advice if you are trying the Data2Anywhere experimental version.
Melethron has suggested here to avoid using reboot.
DONT use the reboot of snqs powermenu (or any other reboot app)
DONT use anything in the ROM Manager that makes it reboot.
DONT do adb reboot / abd reboot recovery / adb reboot bootloader
DONT pull the battery while the phone is on (this should be obvious)
DONT remove the sync mount options for the Quadrant boost (this is a fake boost anywa
All of the above are like a powerloss for the sd-card and have a high change of data
From my test with this I give you an estimate what can happen if a powerloss occurs or any of the 5

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faxeel: did u see there
is bootloader service
provided by HTC....
dobaczenko: Quit the
terminal Emulator, stop it

Baqir: hello: There is
something problem in live
streaming channels on
Jezames: let me first say
guys awesome work on
this ROM, ive got S-OFF
ozjubb: Have a look here:
Nicholas: I probably
sounf like a complete
noob. But whats S-OFF
and how do I pu...

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points above happen:
50% general chance of corruption that will be autofixed on boot (not a problem)
Please Donate just $1
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10% chance of forcecloses after reboot of some apps (this can be fixed by deleting the app data or
Desire MIUI_Au Fllash
restoring it with titanium (or other) backup)
Desire Villain_Au Talbess
REALLY tiny chance (didnt happen for me in over 40 simulated powerlosses) that partition gets
Desire InsertCoin_Oz
corrupted (needs complete repartitioning of the microSD so all data on it will be gone then)
Desire T-Mod Express
As long as you watch the 5 points above and as long as you dont drop the phone and the battery
Desire RCMix_Oz_- Ozjubb
jumps out this will be safe
Desire T-Mod
What is Busybox?
An application providing a standard set of unix tools. The default toolbox provided by android is limited,
Desire S Proxuser v0.9
so this is required to allow rooted roms/apps to use more advanced unix features. Busybox is included in
Nexus S infin1ty Jonathon
most custom ROMs including -Au.
Nexus S Carbon Jonathon
Installation Tutorials
What is the Dalvik-cache?
Motorola Atrix Rooting
When your phone starts up, the Dalvik Virtual Machine looks at all your apps and frameworks, and
Full Video Tutorial Desire
creates a tree of dependencies which is stored in the dalvik-cache. This allows applications to run in an
HTC Sensation Rooting with
optimised state (and explains why your phone takes longer to boot up after applying a new rom, its
HTC Desire S Rooting with
rebuilding the cache.) Dalvik cache is typically 40+Mb and you can read more on the Dalvik VM
here and here. BTW apparently the author has ancestors from Dalvik, Iceland (or so the story goes).
Required Downloads
Zipalign is an archive alignment tool in the Android SDK that provides important optimization to Android
Issues with Unrevoked on
PVT4 Desires
application (.apk) files. The purpose is to ensure that all uncompressed data starts with a particular
ROM Installation
alignment relative to the start of the file. The benefit is a reduction in the amount of RAM consumed
Restore your data
when running the application.
Updating ROMs and Radios
Updating ClockWorkMod &
.DEX files are compiled-code versions of APKs that are created on-the-fly by Android, namely by Dalvik
VM, hence the name: *D*alvik *EX*exutable. ODEX are Optimized DEX files that are created ahead of
AlphaRev for S-Off
Changing Hboot
time for System apps with the DexOpt SDK tool. The benefit is that these apps start up faster because
Unrooting your phone back
of the optimization. The drawback is that the APK thats been ODEXed will not work without the
to stock
Fixing USB Brick
corresponding .odex file present, which almost doubles the size of the app. Deodexing means you
convert it back to a .dex file and put it back inside the apk. This allows the programmer to easily replace
Common Install Problems
files (not having to worry about odexes), but the main point was to deodex services.jar so that
Create SD Card ext3 partition
programmers can change all text to different colors (such as the clock color to white) and to deodex
updating to ext4
services.jar, you need to deodex everything.
Windows tool for acessing
Can I include HTC sense modules in by adding them to the ROM before flashing?
Migrate Data+Apps to new SD
Unfortunately, you cant just grab any of the HTC Sense apps as they usually rely on the Sense
framework to work properly (which is why we cant have HTCs camera app, and HTCs FM radio).
/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 error
Compile a kernel from source
Chrome Operating System Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web. Learn more.
Add or Remove built in Apps in
Complete Email Marketing Better Marketing = Better Results. Boost Email ROI Today. Free Guide! ROM
Change bootanimation
Automate VMWare Processes Automate VMWare IT Housekeeping. Learn More. Free Whitepaper.
Reset Battery Indicator
Market not Downloading /
Cant see some preinstalled
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Cant update preinstalled Apps
Boost Battery life
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