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Muhammad Waleed

Unit 14 P1

The events driven program are made in little chunks of codes that are able to run
when an event error is occurred. Events are known as action such as clicking or
using mouse to select something. Event driven program is used by operating
system such as graphical user interface where various types of events are being
made i.e. clicking. Usages of EDP contains spreadsheets and processors.

EDP key characteristics:

1. Events
Action that a program would respond to are events, clicking on the mouse is one
type of event. There are many different events that is able to trigger any event
handler to run i.e. a keyboard its an event because the keys on it is press able.
HTML events contain object clicking that would connect you to an internet web
page, Right click, hover are events of the mouse.

2. Forms
Forms are likely to have controls that are known to be objects that
practise some events one of them being a button. Forms are the most
important features to any of the event driven programming environments,
because that its what the users sees when their program in running. More
than one events can be used by a programmer because its a type of from
controls that allows you to do that forms events are important yet good as
it allows you to control program. There are two types of form events
activated and load.
When a form is used and when an event is occurred is known as load
An activated event is occurred when the form is loaded.
3. Trigger functions
Allot of the EDP language uses trigger function to select what event
handler should be ran for the particular event thats been carried out.
Every object has its personal set of trigger function, objects have a single
trigger function for every event that may occur. Mechanisms decides what
code can run if an event occurs.
4. Event loops
Programming languages have even loops built into them so it keeps in
check if there is an event occurring or occurred. It is compulsory that the
EDP languages have an event loop thats built into them where a
programmers can be aware of it. It is compulsory that the event loops has
a testing to check if any error has occurred or not that can harm the users
interface, thats can include clicks on the button. If there is an event

Muhammad Waleed

detection it will then be passed on to the trigger function that will then let
the event handler to run any code thats made to run for the event.

5. Event handlers:
When an event is occurred this particular code will be processed.

This diagram shows the featured that comes together and then carried out
in a set of orders. The first step is when an event is occurred looking at
the diagram it would be a mouse click. When a single click is occurred it
leads it to a trigger function that will run a code thats required. Then this
will lead it to the event handler reason being thats the code used when
an event is detected.