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The Broad Street festival will be a chance to showcase and

converge Electronic and Dance music, centered around
promoters and businesses based on broad street on
Nottingham. It will include some of the best music events,
clothing labels, art exhibitions and world food stalls.
The festival will run on the 2nd of September for one
evening and will cover a range of venues, including:
Brew Dog
Lea Rosies
Mimm Shop
The Rum House
Rough Trade
The Old Angel
The Lace House
Promoters will include:
Im Not From London Live bands / Electronica
Wigflex Techno / House
Rubberdub Garage / Jungle / Reggae / Dubstep
Mimm Hip Hop / Dubstep / Electronica / House
Tumble Audio Uk Grime & Bassline
Sounddhishm Funk / Soul / Breaks / Hip-Hop
Clash Money Grime / Hip Hop
Illiad Media - Grime / Hip Hop
Deeper Than Roots Reggae / Dancehall / Jungle
Loopers Acoustic Music / Loop Pedal Music
Phlexx Acoustic / Electronica / Hip Hop / Grime

Funding and Permissions

The Concept is to have open doors on venues, so it will not
affect passing trade but each bar will pay a contribution
towards the respected promoters to include; and/or;
Travel Costs, Mechanical costs, Artists Fees, Riders and/or
The minimum would be a sufficient Rider for Artists, or
( 50.00 - 100 for example ), or to give the promoter for
each venue a cut of the bar totals. Each individual promoter,
will deal with the budgeting aspects of each venue and the
Festival promoters will not be involved with this aspect,
unless extra funds are needed for technical or equipment
We are also going to work with Broadway and the creative
quarter to see if the possibility of closing off the street and
pedestrianizing the street for the evening.
We will be on board to help cover the costs of certain
items such as staging, Tech riders or P.A / Audio hire.
The other issue we may have is due to licensing food stalls
on the street, the main issues will seem to be with the
handling of money on the street rather than the pitching of
stalls and the food preparation , previous issues have arisen
with local food businesses on the street, we are going to try
and approach them and make sure they are inclusive and
have their input rather than the event going on around them
to avoid any issues. We intend to deal with this by Mimm
possibly managing the pitching Fees and token exchange for
food, so that money will not be exchanged on the street.
Otherwise the venues can deal with their own food

Art and Design work

There will be one mass produced flyer/poster including all
the branding of the venues, participants and promoters that
will be paid for, printed and distributed by the festival
And possibly a separate flyer created for each venue
specifically on top. We will look at advertising later on,
dependent on sponsorship or funding.

Provisional Placements;
On speaking to each promoter the initial placements for
venues would be:
Brewdog - INFL
Lea Rosies Loopers
Mimm Shop / Dolche Mimm Crew
Broadway Sounddhism
The Rum House Clash Money / Illiad Media
Rough Trade Deeper Than Roots
Revolution Phlexx

The Old Angel ( New Refurb ) Rubberdub Vs Tumble

The Lace house Wiglex ( Including After Party? )

Next Steps:
1) To Speak to local sponsorship contacts; Leftlion, Confetti &
The Creative Quarter.
2) To Fully Confirm the Name / Branding.
4) Confirm all Art Contacts See about the possibility of live
art exhibitions in certain venues? Liaise with Mimm
5) To speak to all the in depended food and Clothing brands
in Nottingham