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Unit 3 Presentation Structure Advice

By Rashae Joseph

Introduce myself

Rashae Joseph

My brief

brief was to make an anti piracy

campaign which is 30 seconds long
to an audience aimed at 18-25. I
have completed audience, market
and production research to help
inform my advertisement.

Audience research

research is where you find

out information about your audience.
This is done to gather, knowledge
mainly used with television networks
to measure their target audience.
Then we can target the product right
at them.

Vox Pop

I was able to make a vox pop using 4 people; to gain a

better understanding of the topic creating a snapshot of
public opinion this was part of my primary research. The
benefits of this was to find out their perspective on the
topic which they may not usually be exposed too and use
that information as research. The downside to this was that
the topic could then lead to the person going off topic or
getting confused at the question theyre being asked. The
most common answer that I find out during my research,
was some of the people didnt know that piracy was illegal
also did not know you could be arrested for. This was a bit
shocking as I find out during my questionnaire research the
same sort of answer. Therefore Im going to make it really
clear that piracy is illegal.

Focus group

As part of the second part of my research task, I created a focus

group also consisting of 4 people this was more of an effective
form of research, as I was able to hear several points of view. The
benefits of this was it was able two create a broader range of
information also an individual can make a point where they can be
bounced of by others carrying the conversation further. The
downside to this is that there can be disagreements and irrelevant
comments made. The other questions I asked was have you ever
looked online for pirated content; a majority said that they have
done. Since I know that everyone has done it I dont have to be
shy about the subject. Also if they thought anti-piracy
advertisements are effective, most agreed that they werent.

The patterns I noticed were that each ant piracy campaign

approached the situation in a different way, whether it was in a
comical, naturalistic or bizarre way.

Audience analysis

overall audience analysis gave myself

a better insight on how they consume their
media whether its music videos, films and
so on. This is important as I was able to
use the data I collected to form the basis of
my questionnaire. When learning a bit
more about my volunteers interest I found
out the following when asked where they
watch their films most watch it at home or
on their devise.


made a questionnaire, which is

primary research, which was on the
topic of anti-piracy. This had
questions like piracy is illegal and
you can be arrested for it would you
still do it? The results of the
questionnaire were mixed most
opting for the question of do you
watch pirated films which was a yes.

benefits of existing

benefits of existing products into

social media campaigns were able to
conduct secondary research on anti
piracy videos. The benefits are that I
was able to take screenshots off anti
piracy videos and analyse them. The
downside to this was it could be a
long reparative process.

existing products
Similarly to existing products into social media campaigns,
competitor analysis was also part of secondary research where I
had to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of potential
competitors. The benefits on this were that I was able to collect
qualitative data, which helped me going forwards. The downside
to this was it is a long process.


the advertisement placement I had to

conduct secondary and quantitative
research. As I had to collect data on tv
ratings and their target audience such as
E4 and itv. I did this buy using BARB (British
audience research board). The benefits of
this were I got to write about what show the
highest popularity using the research I
collected. The downside to this was it was a
little difficult to find the data at first.

To advertise at a 30 second slot on E4 the cost per spot during the
E4 early peak slot ranges from a low of approximately 200 to a
high of around 8,500. To air it on Itv it cost per spot during the ITV
1 breakfast slot ranges from a low of approximately 7,000 to a
high of around 50,000. To air on Mtv the cost per spot during the
MTV early peak slot ranges from a low of around 10 and a high of
approximately 250. To air on viva the cost per spot during the Viva
early peak slot ranges from a minimum of 10 and a maximum of
approximately 1,250.


channel I will air E4 is a British

TV channel the 'E' in E4 stands for
entertainment and is aimed 18-24
year old, Their aim is to create the
most cutting edge TV for younger
viewers. Which ties in with my brief.

Planning documents

I conducted production research were I mind

mapped 3 ideas thinking about how effective I could
make them, so depending on what mind map I chose it
stresses the danger of piracy. I then developed this
further by drawing out 3 storyboards based on each idea.
I first researched a few ideas then made a mind map, i
then developed each 3 of my ideas into a detailed
storyboard; I then scanned each storyboard into blogger.
The next step was to cut out the storyboards and make
an animatic, which I took photographs of and made a
short clip from. The first idea I come up with was to
make a 30 second ad which would mainly consist of two
people talking in front of a

Budget Research

Camera: Canon 5D MKII Hire and Rental 90.00 Deposit: 400.00

Tripod: Manfrotto Lightweight Video Tripod Hire
20.00 Deposit: 100.00
Student filmingNational rail filming and location fees

Crew size 2 hour rate(2 hours between 10am and 4pm)

Daily rate(6 hours between 10am until 4pm)
Prep / Strike

up to 10
Upon negotiation and activity

Editing: 50.00

Boom Mic - 20
Camera Man - 375
Location - 150
Editing - 50
Actor - 75 x3

I have had confirmation that I am eligible to use the train for
filming, I will be filming for 2 hours that will cost 75.00.

My final budget is 1,505 the reason for this is as it has a better
resolution and exposure, this means it will let in more light also
having a better depth of field, also has a good resolution so the
final product comes out looking good.

Treatment upon request.