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Planetary Aspects


Prof. O.P. Verma

Astrology is the scientific discipline concerned with
possible actions of cosmic bodies upon organic life and
inorganic substances on our planet earth. Astrological
science for this purpose has been divided into many
branches, Natal Astrology is one of them and is directly
concerned with the birth of a being as a physical body.
From the chart cast for the positions of heavenly
bodies for the moment, date and place of birth can be
delineated character, temperament, mental tendencies,
physical peculiarities, ailments and events which will
affect life to a marked extent. For this we require to study
characteristics of planets blended with the
characteristics of houses and signs they occupy in
relation to quality of aspects they behold so that they
reveal the truth.
The correct delineation of aspects is very essential
requisite for interpreting a horoscope. In Vedic Astrology
emphasis has been exclusively on the conjunction of two
or more planets irrespective of their sign positions.
Though some of the aspects have been delineated in
Brihat Jataka, Saravali and Vriddha Yavana Jataka but they
seem to be inadequate in modern context and changing
circumstances when newly discovered planets Uranus,

Neptune and Pluto are also showing their influence in

our day to day affairs. We may not accept this truth
today but we shall have to accept it tomorrow. Ancient
masters ofVed. r: Astrology were not inflexible otherwise
Tajaka system and Vriddha Yavana Jataka would not had
found a place in Vedic Astrological literature. For this
reason we have included the aspects of newly
discovered planets in this volume. Our this view has
the support of great modern savant Dr. P. S. Sastri vide
his "Text Book ofScientific Hindu Astrology". It is for the
firsttime that this volume perhaps gives the exhaustive
delineation of various planetary aspects.
In the introductory chapter elementary assessment
of the aspects has been taken up. In the chapterAspects Defined- it is told that aspects should be
delineated and understood in the light of one's level of
evolution i.e. one's environment, mental, social and
financial status. Then we have a chapter-Aspects Vedic
vIs Western where we have tried to establish that there
is no major difference in two systems of aspects and a
balance is stressed upon. In this chapter it is told that
adverse aspects are more vital than good aspects as
previous ones provide more scope for improvement and
advancement by overcoming hindrances caused by
them. In the chapter on planetary conjunctions, various
conjunctions from ancient classics along with modern
view have been discussed. To us conjunctions mentioned
in "Hora Sara" a classic are of important value
particularly that occurring in the 9th house because 9th
is the house of fortunes or luck denoting how the luck
will function in one's life. In Vedic Astrology more
impetus has been given on the conjunction of planets in
Kendra houses representing environmental factors
which are more instrumental in shaping one's destiny.

In framing this volume writings of ancient masters

and suggestions of modern savants and practitioners
of this holy science of Astrology have been given
weightage. Only that matter have been included which
have appealed to reason.
The author feels highly indebed to the Prop. of MIS
Ranjan Publications for considering the author worthy
to write on this most difficult subject, the Astrological
Aspects. Healthy criticism and suggestions for
improvement from our esteemed readers will be
gracefully accepted. The author also appreciates
MIS Ranjan Publications for bringing out the book
nicely in print.

O.P. Verma

1. Aspects Defined
2. Aspects- Vedic Relative to Western
Planetary Conjunctions
3. Planetary Conjunctions of the Sun
4. Planetary Conjunctions of the Moon









Planetary Conjunction of Mars
Planetary Conjunctions of Mercury
Mercury Conjunct
Planetary Conjunctions of Jupiter
Planetary Conjunctions of Vtnus































9. Planetary


of Saturn





10. Planetary Conjunctions of Rahu






11. Planetary Conjunctions of Ketu




12. Planetary Conjunctions of Uranus
Uranus Conjunct Neptune
13. Planetary Conjunctions of Neptune


Neptune Conjunct Pluto

Planetary Conjunctions ofPluto

14. Harmonious and Inharmonious Aspects
Sun in Aspect to Various Planets
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Moon



























Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus

,. Neptune

Moon in Aspect to Various Planets
Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Mars
Moon Ill inharmonious Aspect to Saturn
" Inharmonious
Mars in Aspect to Various Planets
Mars Ill Harmonious Aspect to Mercury
, Harmonious
lnharmonio, "






















Mars Ill
, inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
, Harmonious
, Pluto
, Harmonious
Mercury in Aspect to Various Planets
Mercury in Harmo'nious .Aspect to Jupiter
, Inharmonious
" Rahu-Ketu
Mercury Ill Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
," Harmonious
Jupiter in Aspect to Various Planets
Jupiter Ill Harmonious Aspect to Venus
" Rahu-Ketu
" . Uranus
" Pluto
Venus in Aspect to Various Planets
Harmonious Aspect to Saturn
" Rahu-Ketu














































inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu








Saturn in Aspect to Various Planets

Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
Rahu-Ketu in Aspect to Various Planets
Rahu-Ketu in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus
Uranus in Aspect to Various Planets
Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
Neptune in AspeC' to Various Planets
Neptune Ill Harmonious Aspect. to Pluto



















































Astrology is the science which comprises the study
of heavenly bodies in relation to elements and creatures
on the earth, particularly the human beings. Statistical
data reveal that human beings are influenced by the
movement of stars and planets. There are various
methods to assess and arrive at conclusions about
certain areas of life.
The planetary aspects are modifying and
determining influences in a birth horoscope. Unless
aspects are properly computed and studied, the
necessary modifications cannot be read and the
delineations not being properly made. The influence of
a planet in a house can be understood only under the
perspective of its sign placement and aspects it receives,
for its own influence undergoes great modification by
these two factors. In other words the natural sympathies
and antipathies of the aspected and aspecting planets
are the keys in delineating the aspects.
In Vedic Astrology all aspects are counted from
sign to sign. The benefic or malefic influence of an
aspect greatly depends upon the relation of aspecting
and aspected planet e.g. the aspect between the Sun
and Saturn is bad one for both planets being natural
enemies to each other. But in Dasa conn xt i.e. in their

mutual Dasa and Bhukti for a Taurus Lagna native

this aspect is good one, for then the two planets work
as functional benefics. For more elaboration see our
" Laghu Parasari".
In Vedic Astrology all the planets have a quarter (V~
glance or aspect on the 3rd and lOth houses and planets
there in, from their own placement; a half (\12) glance or
aspect on the 5th and 9th houses and planets therein; a
three-quarter (%) glance or aspect on the 4th and 8th
houses and planets there in and a full glance or aspect
on the 7th house and planets there in.
In other branches of Vedic Astrology viz. Tajaka and
Jaimini different aspects are used. In Jaimini all movable
signs aspect all fixed signs except the adjacent ones. All
fixed signs aspect all movable signs except the adjacent
ones. All common or mutable signs aspect each other.
This theory applies also to the planets in such signs. In
Tajaka system the scheme of aspects of Western
Astrology is followed including orbs of influences of
planets in aspect.
In exception to general quarter etc. glances Saturn,
Mars and Jupiter have special aspects also. Saturn in
addition to his 7th house full aspect also aspects the 3rd
and lOth houses from himself with full aspect. This
means that if Saturn is in Taurus, he aspects Cancer,
C:corpio and Aquarius and planets there in respectively.
Mars in addition to his full 7th house aspect also aspects
the houses and planets 4th and 8th from himself. And
Jupiter in addition to his full 7th house aspect also
aspects the houses and planets 5th and 9th house from
himself. The special and 7th house aspects of Saturn and
Mars are considered bad, for these two planets being
natural malefics. The special and 7th house aspects of

Jupiter are considered good being the aspects of greatest

Generally the aspect of Jupiter over the Moon is
considered good but for a Taurus Lagna native this
aspect is not as good as for a Cancer Lagna native. In
the former case both are functionally evil while in the
latter functionally and naturally very auspicious.
Similarly, the aspect between the Moon and Mars is
generally evil. For a Virgo lagna native this is disastrous
while for a Cancerlagna native very auspicious. The
effects of such aspects are functional particularly in the
Dasa and Bhukti of planets concerned.
The 3rd aspect of Saturn is referred to as sextile aspect
in Western Astrology; the 4th and lOth aspects of Mars
and Saturn as squares; the 8th aspect of Mars as quincunx
or inconjunct, the 5th and 9th aspects of Jupiter as trines
and the 7th aspect of all the planets as opposition aspect.
These aspects of Western Astrology are reciprocating
aspects i.e. both the planets mutually aspect each other.
We shall discuss these in detail in a later chapter.
In Western Astrology mutual longitudinal distances
between the planets determine the type of aspect and
its nature. The following are major Western aspects Conjunction : When the planets are on the same
Sextile :When the planets are 60 apart.
Square :When the planets are 90 apart.
Trine : When the planets are 120 apart.
Quincunx : When the planets are 150 apart.
Parallel of Declination : When the two planets are
at the same declination either on the same side or in
opposite sides of the celestial equator. Parallel is strictly

a position actually not an aspect. The position is such

that both planets be in north declination or both be in
south or one north and other south of the celestial
Certain orbs of influence are allowed. Orbs means
when the aspect begins or ceases tQ ~how its influence.
The intensity of aspect is full when the planets are
exactly at the above mentioned degrees apart. The orbs
of aspects are areas of their influence around the planets
in aspect and vary with the intensity of aspect. The orbs
of various aspects are :

















[ Parll]
We may allow 3 more to the Sun and 2 more to the
Moon for their luminosity. For aspects on the Ascendant,
M.C., Descendant and l;C so or 6 orb is enough.

The influence of an aspect begins when the faster

moving planet is behind the slower moving planet by
degrees of orb mentioned for a particular aspect.
The influence of an aspect ceases when the faster
moving planet is ahead the slower moving planet by
degrees of orb mentioned for a particular aspect.
For example if the Moon 18 and Mars 27 are in
Aries, the conjunction has just begun and if Mars 18
and the Moon 27 are in Aries, the conjunction is just to
cease. For Quincunx aspect planets should be 150 or

210 apart. Taking 2 orb of influence, this aspect begins

when the. planets are 148 apart, full when exactly 150
apart and ceases when 152 apart.
All signs of the same quality are in square (90) to
each other. All signs of the same element are in trine
(120) to each other. Aspects are usually formed between
the signs and the planets there in. Thus a planet in 2 in
Aries is in square to a planet in 2 Cancer, the sign of
same quality and in trine to a planet in 2 Leo, the sign
of same element. A planet in 2 Aries is also in trine to a
planet in 29 Cancer according to the theory of orbs of
influence. Such aspects are accepted by Western
Astrologers and are supposed to be weak. Beginners
should not confuse themselves with these and should
stick only to aspects formed from sign to sign.
Some Western Astrologers even consider aspects
from house to house irrespective of the longitudinal
distances between the planets and signs occupied by

An aspect is a certain angular distance between two
points in zodiac. It is from one planet to another or from
a planet to certain house cusp in a chart. Certain
distances are assigned certain names like conjunction,
trine etc. In other words an aspect is a certain angle formed
between two planets as seen from the earth. These angles
formed at the earth influence the earthy matters
according to harmonious or inharmonious vibrations
amongst the bodies in aspect. Human being, the supreme
creation is greatly affected by these vibrations due to his
power to think, analyse and act some what independently.
Planets have different wave lengths depending on
their intensity of illumination and colour. These wave
lengths are planetary viberations manifesting differently
at different angles. Some are pleasing to our sensibility
and some are agitating that affect and try to arrange
chemical constituents ofthe body accordingly. Human
mind senses these bodily changes and conditions
subconsciously. These changes and conditions


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

ultimately affectour thought process as all this happens

at subconscious level. We sometimes feel mentally
energised and at other times depressed without realising
the cause. At the conscious level apparently there is no
reason for the condition. We are not able to explain why
sometimes we are so tricky to solve the problem in
seconds and at other times inspite of best application of
our brain we fail badly and all our efforts seem to go in
The human body is a highly sensitive instrument
very much vibrated by the solar, lunar, planetary and
zodiacal activities. The degree of development and
understanding discussed ahead determine our response
to planetary aspects for the good or bad.
Aspects are classed as harmonious and
inharmonious according to nature of actions or
responses they produce. Harmonious aspects may be
termed as pacifying, appeasing rather fortunate, where
flow of energy is smooth. Inharmonious aspects may
be interpreted as stimulating, irritating rather
unfortunate, where flow of energy is zig-zag and
All aspects should be studied under the perspective
of one's degree of evolution. Degree of evolution is
ascertained by the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.
The Ascendant, its ruler and planet rising there in give
important clues regarding degree of evolution.
The sign on the Ascendant represents the physical
body which is the instrument for manifestation in this
material world. The character and temperament of the
native as well as his relations with his environment can
be assessed to fair degree from the rising sign, its ruler,
planets rising there in, aspects there to, the quality and

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


element of the rising sign. The sign and house occupied

by lord of the Ascendant indicate the native's tastes and
interests as well as how he is placed in every day life.
Aspects to lord of the Ascendant indicate sources of
strength and weakness in character and help and
hindrance in fortunes. The Ascendant is a lens through
which all influence must go through, if they are to
manifest i.e., harmony between the Ascendant and rest
of the horoscope is a must. This includes aspects also.
For example for a watery Ascendant preponderance of
inharmonious aspects is not an ideal combination. This
native finds himself always at war.
Most criminals have their lord of the Ascendant
badly afflicted or evil planets rising in the Ascendant. It
should be taken in a sense that one's character is badly
affected. For understanding one's character properly we
may add Mercury to the above three factors. Severe
criminals and evilly disposed persons have mostly all
the four of these factors heavily afflicted, while the
highly principled people will barely have one or two of
them heavily afflicted.
Outer life of an individual is denoted by the Sun.
With afflictions to the Sun, the native meets misfortunes
due to mistakes made according to the afflicting planet.
The Sun is the conscious action. The Sun denotes special
and outstanding events and performances. Thus any
afflictions to the Sun damages outer life badly.
The Moon represents the more inner nature, our
feelings and what we have absorbed. The Moon is
accumulative, the quality which enables the individual
to store up, digest and assimilate what the Sun has
delivered to him by his manifestation in the field of
action. Thus Moon has much to do with memory and
subconscious actions which are generated as habitual


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

characteristics due to great accumulation of past

experiences. It is therefore, the Moon is significator of
mother, who is first to impress upon the memory of an
The Sun and the Moon thus represent the positive
and negative poles of an individual's life and energy.
The Sun represents the prime vitalizing principle and
the Moon, the instincts coming out of subconscious habit
pattern. The Sun is the index of fortunes and
achievements of the native while the Moon represents
the moral character. The Sun afflicted by Saturn may
not influence the character but shows hard struggles
and obstacles in achieving one's goals in life. The Moon
afflicted by Saturn denotes suspicion, timidity,
apprehension, meanness, selfish and narrow attitudes
and otherwise. Thus we see the Sun and the Moon
denote the destiny and character and should be studied
carefully to estimate the degree of evolution of an
The power of self expression comes from Mercury.
A man may be wise and clever but without strong or
well aspected Mercury he is unable to communicate his
thoughts. The rationalizing factor of an individuality
emanates from strong Mercury. It is the rationalizing
Mercury who can counteract the dangerous impulsive
and instinctive tendencies of the Sun and Moon. An ill
placed or ill aspected Mercury is unable to check the
above told dangerous tendencies but adds to these his
own faults of begotry, carelessness, back-biting,
slandering, ill-temper etc. When morality, an attribute
of the afflicted Moon and Lagna factors is low, and
afflicted Mercury readily lends to such crimes as
tempering of accounts, forgery, fraudulent schemes and
deception of all sorts.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The stimulating effects of inharmonious aspects are

often seen in the birth charts of persons with high
evolution level who have achieved distinction and
touched dizzy heights in their career sheerly by
strenuous efforts. On the other hand in the birth chart
of persons with many harmonious aspects, we see no
such strenuous efforts for success. Opportunities have
come their way due to sheer luck and they got the
breaks. We can understand like this- The father of an
individual bought some land at a distant place from his
residence. Due to influx and explosion of population
city expanded rapidly and that land came under urban
land. The land which was purchased for a meagre
amount by his father fetched him crores of Rupees.
The degree of mental evolution is the barometer of
one's less or fair success with many of good aspects.
A low evolved person gets easily satisfied and contented
in this case, while a high evolved person goes on reaping
the opportunities coming his way and thus advances.
Similarly the degree of mental evolution is also the
barometer of success or failure for one with many
inharmonious aspects. One may succeed with strenuous
efforts building his way through the obstacles. A low
evolved person is lost in the middle or resorts to
unlawful means to be successful but fails.
There can be different situations of the same aspect,
a man brooding over his condition, or one lying in the
hospital; a young one off on his vacation; a man in charge
of a progressing business and a woman merrily busy
with her children.
An astrologer is expected to give judgement only
after getting familiar with the client's station in life, his
condition and activities in order that he may be able to


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

properly anticipate the client's response to the

viberations of an aspect.
An aspect should be assessed on the following points:
1. The quality of aspect (good or adverse).
2. If the aspecting planet is angular, succedent or
3. If the aspecting planet is in a cardinal, fixed or
common sign.
4. If the aspecting planet is in a fruitful or barren
5. Ifthe aspecting planet is benefic or malefic.
6. If the aspecting planet is a functional benefic or
7. If the aspecting planet is also aspected.
8. Shadabala strength of the aspecting planet.
9. If the aspecting planet is exalted, debilitated etc.
10. If the aspecting planet is retrograde.
11. If the aspect is applying or separating.
12. The house owned by the aspecting planet.
13. The house occupied by the aspecting planet.
These points should also be judged for the aspected
planet too.

When a benefic planet is found to be retrograde, his

power to do good is weakened. When a malefic planet
is found to be retrograde his maleficence is magnified.
It is significantly important to know whether the
aspect is applying or seperating. The influence of an
aspect that is forming is naturally powerful than that of
a separating one. In an applying aspect as the aspecting
planet draws near the culminating degree, the aspect

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


becomes stronger and stronger. After the culmination

aspect grows weaker and its power wanes gradually.
In. Vedic Astrology there are no orbs of influence.
The aspect is from sign to sign, however planetary
degrees are of vital importance to assess the strength of
aspect. It is upto the experience of an Astrologer either
to follow theory of orbs or count the aspect from sign to
sign. But as far as our experience goes, we have felt the
vibrations of aspects formed through the signs; though
dilute it is due to planets being far apart from the
exactness of the aspect. Perhaps it is due to the factthat
occupation of a sign by a planet vibrates the whole sign
and the centre of vibration is planet's position in that sign.

No great difference exists between the Vedic and
Western aspects. Difference lies only for want of proper
reconciliation. Planets are same; zodiac is same;
Westerners use Naksatras as fixed stars while in Vedic
Astrology lordship ofNakshatras has been awarded to
various planets for a set of stars falling in belt of 13-20',
each. Westerners follow fixed zodiac while Vedic
Astrologers use sidereal zodiac and the great difference
lies only in precession of equinoxes. Basic concept of
Astrology is almost the same, however, the difference
lies also in the systems of delineation.
Let us begin with basic aspect which is conjunction.
Conjunction: In Vedic Astrology conjunction occurs
when two or more planets are in the same sign. Here no
orbs of influences are used, only sign position is
In Western Astrology if the conjunction occurs in the
same sign with in 9 orb of influence it is good. If two or
more planets are placed in the end of one sign and in

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


the beginning of the next sign within orb of influence,

then also it is called conjunction. The results of this
conjunction would be different from the former as the
quality, element, lordship etc. of the signs are different.
Conjunction stands symbolically for union, synthesis
and blending of two or more in one. The effects of
conjunction depend upon nature etc. of the conjoining
planets. When two forces meet resultant varies
according to their magnitudes and angle between them.
When a musical instrument sounds two notes together
the quality of resulting note depends on harmony or
inharmony of the two basic notes. So is with planetary
There are three classes of planets. The first one are
the two main benefics Jupiter and Venus. The second
class belongs to malefics the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus,
Neptune and Pluto. According to Vedic Astrology, the
Sun is only cruel not a malefic while according to
Western Astrology he is a lesser benefic changing
himself according to the conjunction i.e., outwardly the
native displays vigorously the characteristics of the
planet conjunct with the Sun, particularly when
combust. The third class belongs to lesser benefics rather
convertible planets the Moon and Mercury. Jupiter and
Venus are called benefics because they harmonise with
human values of growth, harmony, increase, balance etc.
The so called malefics are contrary in character to such
virtues and stand for irritation, anger, obstruction,
delays etc. The third set of planets the Moon and
Mercury are lesser benefics when alone; gain more
power to do good when with benefics and lose their
power to do good or function as malefics when with
malefics. In conjunction with Mars tending to extremes
of heat, disintegration and impulse; with Saturn to

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


perseverance and will-power; while if the conjunction

occurs in airy or earthy signs where Saturn is strong,
the expansiveness and elasticity of Jupiter is reduced
and rigidity and contraction of Saturn is increased.
Conjunctions are the most powerful of all aspects.
Too many conjunctions in a chart indicate a strong, self
aware and action oriented native. If three or more
planets are found in a house forming an unbroken chain
of conjunctions, the affairs ruled by signs and houses of
these planets indicate vital area of activity in the life of
the native. Strong will power, self awareness and
impetuous actions in these affairs are noticed.
For more detailed exposition of multiple
conjunctions in Vedic Astrology, the readers may have
recourse to classics like Hora Sara, Garga Hora, Saravali
and Vridha Yavana Jataka. However, some of the vital
conjunctions we shall discuss in a later chapter.
Saturn owns the lOth and 11th signs i.e., Capricorn
and Aquarius as counted from Aries. Aries is the 3rd
house from Aquarius and 4th house from Capricorn.
Thus we get two sets 3rd-llth and 4th-10th. Saturn is
the law enforcing agency of the cosmos. If we follow
cosmic laws we do not have to face struggle rather
remain calm even in adverse times. Saturn is friendly
to the law abiding people. Therefore he is assigned 3rd
aspect as his full aspect. This is a friendly aspect
concerned with moulding of one's views in a practical
way based on intellectual thoughts of the sign Aquarius.
All the other planets except Saturn have this aspect as
quarter aspect.
In Western Astrology 3rd/ 11th house aspect is called
sextile aspect, it is a reciprocative aspect i.e., the planet
in the Ascendant aspects the planets in the 3rd and 11th


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

house and the planets in these houses in response also

aspect the 1st house planet. All the planets in Ist/3rd or
Ist/llthreciprocate this aspect. There can only be two
pair of elements Fire-Air or Earth and Water in these
two pairs ofhouses. Fire and Air do not antagonize too
hard. Head long rush, enthusiasm and high spirits of
Fire sign can be controlled by cool and impartial
judgement of Air signs. Earth and Water are uninspiring
and uninspired combination and there is too much
inertia for any discord to arise.
The other full aspect of Saturn is lOth house aspect
i.e., he aspects the planet posited in lOth house from
him. This aspect is purely a material aspect related to
the practical and material nature of the sign Capricorn.
Any lack in practical judgement has to bear the hard
punishment of Saturn. In other words Saturn placed in
lOth house from any planet tends to dress the affairs of
that planet in the light of ground realities. The planets
are thus placed in 4th-lOth houses to each other. This is
rather an obstructing aspect for the affairs of the planet
or house falling in lOth from Saturn because Saturn
brings on discipline and order in the affair of that planet
to maintain cosmic order.
In Western Astrology this aspect is called the Square
aspect as the planets in aspect are placed in the 4th and
lOth house to each other. This is a reciprocating aspect
as both the planets reciprocate this aspect between them.
For example planets in the Ascendant, 4th or lOth houses
reciprocate the aspect, similarly the planets in 4th-7th
or 3rd-6th and so on. Four pairs of elements occur in
square aspects they are Fire-Water, Air-Earth, Earth-Fire
and Water-Air. The Fire sign due to its rush headlong
manifestation causes much disturbance to a sensitive
Watery sign; the disharmony in Air-Earth signs results

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


from the tensions that mount due to difference in

intellectual and practical aims in life; the disharmony
in Earth-Fire signs is due to common sense and
practicality of Earth and enthusiasm and high spirits of
Fire and the disharmony in Water-Air signs is due to
difference of approach between the mean sensational
and animal side of primitive water and refined humane
and intellectual side of Air. There is fair compatibility if
in the last Water-Air pair the Water is greater evolved.
It is due to this contradictory nature of elements of signs
falling at 90 to each other the square aspect is
considered to be frictional, obstructive and
inharmonious. But these factors very much depend
upon the nature of planets occupying the signs in square
to each other.
In Vedic Astrology Mars has full aspect over the 4th
and 8th houses from his position. Let us first take his
4th house aspect. Mars is malefic like Saturn and gets
debilitated in Cancer. Mars owns Aries and Scorpio.
Cancer is 4th sign as counted from Aries. Cancer is also
the sign detrimental to Saturn. In Western Astrology 4th
house is the house of grave. Therefore the great injury
and death inflicting planet Mars has the aspect on the
4th house from himself. The 4th house aspect of Mars is
a coercive, irritating and injury inflicting aspect very
much according to the nature of Mars. Mars placed in
the lOth house from a planet aspects that planet by his
4th aspect as if Mars is aspecting any thing in his
debilitation signAccording to Western Astrology as already told the
4th house is the house of grave. Therefore any planet
placed at 90 or in the 4th house from Mars feels the
coercive effects of Mars. Mars and Saturn being the
malefics have this coercive square aspect very much


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

prominent with them due to their basic coercive natute.

Elements of the signs at 90 and 270 to each other also
do not harmonize. This has been discussed under the
10th house aspect of Saturn. The square is a reciprocating.
aspect between the planets at 90 apart.
In Vedic Astrology Mars also casts full aspect on the'
8th house. The 8th house is the house of death. Mars
very much a death inflicting planet has rightly beenI
assigned 8th house aspect. Jataka-Parijata (2/49) says R'i41 .:.i!WI~~~ fH'41=tlz;tQI"fll~'lfflWII~<fi~t 1: I

ibi'i4tf.G~C1((~1'1il!ll ~ i'i41tlicn't~ilH: ~:II

In the case of movable, immovable and dual signs,

planets occupying respectively the 11th, 9th and the
7th houses from them or their lords will prove
exceedingly troublesome planets, if they happen to own
at the same time the houses occupied by the lord of
Khara (m) or Mandi.
Now Jataka Parijata (5/56) says for Khara :
fcti?1<'1\il"'iaCf&ltUiie:Jf1 iilfct'~ifcl: ~:I

lJ.tll<ti~I411~1~:46G..,ll.~tcn'i ~II

Khara is the 22nd Drekkana from that of the Lagna.

The 64th N avamsa reckoned from that occupied by the
Moon is Khara Navamsa. The planets. placed in Khara
Drekkana and Navamsa prove inauspicious, so also
their lords. Mars is called ]allade-Phalak i.e., killer from
the cosmos and therefore the 8th aspect. In Vedic
Astrology all the planets have three-quarter (%) aspect
on the 4th and 8th houses. It is also due to this aspect
that planets placed in 6/Sth mutually do not give
harmonious results.
In Western Astrology the 8th house aspect is called
quincunx aspect. It is an inauspicious aspect having a

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


detrimental effect. The element.s of two signs in 6/8th

to each other are the. same as for square aspects. If it is
Fire in one house the other house belongs to Water; if
one Earth, the other Fire; if one Air, the other Earth and
if one Water, the other Air. Thus we see the elements are
inconducive to each other. The square aspect is more
incompatible than the quincunx because there the
planets are cardinal to each other.
In Vedic Astrology Jupiter is said to have full aspect
on the 5th and 9th sign from his own placement. Jupiter
is the greatest fortune having attributes like hopefulness,
benevolance, kindness etc. These attributes emanate
from his sign Sagittarius, the 9th sign of the zodiac. The
9th house is synonymous to Sagittarius the house of
fortunes. The house 9th to 9th according to principle of
Bhavat-Bhavam is the 5th house. Jupiter due to his
characteristics to expand, to enlarge, harmony, justice,
constructive inclinations, optimism, social sense, moral
and religious aspirations and faculty to survey the
whole, which are also the attributes of the 5th and 9th
houses, brings good luck to the houses or signs 5th and
9th from himself. In Vedic Astrology all other planets
except Jupiter have half (\'2) aspect over the 5th and 9th
signs from them. This is perhaps due to the fact that
they are far inferior in beneficence than Jupiter.
In Western Astrology the planets in the 5th and 9th
houses are placed in trine. Therefore the aspect amonglhe
planets in the signs 1st, 5th and 9th to each other is called
Trine aspect. This is the most harmonious aspect and
planets placed so work in unison and are least obstructive
to each other. In fact the elements of signs in trine to each
other are same. If it is Fire in one sign then it is also Fire
in other two signs. This also signifies greatest harmony
among the trinal signs and bodies occupying them.


PlanetaJy Aspects in Astrology

ln Vedic Astrology all the planets aspect the 7th sign

from them by full aspect. In reciprocation the aspecting
planet is aspected by the planet posited in the 7th sign.
Thus the planets in 1-7 to each other mutually exchange
the aspect. The effects ofthis aspect very much depend
upon the basic nature of planets in aspect and houses
occupied and owned by them.
In Western Astrology the 7th house aspect is the aspect
of relationship. It is basically a complementary aspect
stressing upon the positive qual~ty of companionship
emanating fromthe zeal to companionship of the 1st and
7th houses of a chart. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac
and Saturn's exaltation there indicates that this aspect
demands justice, discipline and fair play in
relationships. By excercising these characteristics love
and grace incompaninonship can be achieved. In olden
times when the man was more primitive this aspect
stood for separation while in modern times this aspect
stands for cooperation in the light of above virtues of
Saturn. Opposite psychological drives are indicated by
planets in opposition. So a harmony has to be arrived
at by balance and cooperation.
Fire-Air and Earth-Water are the two elemental
combinations that can occur in opposition. The strife
between rush and headlong manifestation can be
balanced by cool and impartial judgement, if the
planets involved in these signs also lend support to
achieve balance.
Similarly as a matter of fact, selfish and common
place characteristics of Earthy sign can be balanced
by developed sensitivity of Water signs in a well evolved
horoscope if the planets involved in these signs also
lend support.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


To be more clear let us take the example of the

opposition of Mars and Venus. Here pure affections and
senses will be at war and it will be hard for the native to
follow a straight moral course in life. Here passions will
be trying to overstep the bounds of moderation in the
direction of sex. Only a morally much evolved native
will be able to maintain the balance. The task will
become more easier, if Venus is more stronger of the
two being in Earthy or Airy sign.
There is selfishness and lack of practical ability in
opposition of Saturn and Jupiter. If instead of Saturn it
is Mars trouble will be due to abundance of energy and
lack of gentleness or prudence or consideration for
others. If Mercury opposes Jupiter there will be clash at
times between intellect and emotions and trouble will
be brought about by impulsive action. If it is opposition
between Venus and Jupiter, the trouble will be through
emotions, affections and social qualities. If it is
opposition between the Sun and Jupiter trouble will be
through pride and indiscriminate use of resources. And
if it is the Moon in opposition to Jupiter the mind, psyche
and bodily health may cause trouble. The highly evolved
individual is able to control and balance these traits by
common sense. The particular shade of misfortune will
also depend upon which of the two planets is stronger.
The earlier Western Astrologers considered some
conjuctions, squares, oppositions and quincunx as
adverse aspects, because these tend to produce
challenging conditions in life. The conjunctions amongst
benefics, sextiles and trines were considered good
aspects as these tend to produce harmony.
According to modern doctrine of aspects all aspects
must be considered equal but only that their potency or


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

effect may be stronger or weaker. Sextiles and trines are

considered soft aspects and squares and oppositions as
hard aspects.

In reality there are no adverse or good aspects. All

things work together for the good. It is only our state of
mental evolution and our response to planetary
viberations that we feel adverse or happy under certain
planetary aspects due to our limited understanding.
For example, Saturn is a known great malefic, his
effect is cold, binding and retarding. Most people under
his so called adverse aspect become impatient at the
delays encountered, grow worried or nervous and are
disappointed to the extent of depression, gloom and
melancholy. Such conditions develop because one's
desires are not getting fulfilled. Therefore Saturn is
termed malign and evil. Actually this aspect demands
more retrospection for sound footing in life further. This
condition might have developed due to one's
indiscriminate use of energy and resources previously
or in past lives.
It is during adverse aspects there is more necessity
for action to overcome difficultiesand obstacles and due
to real urge in this respect anxiety develops to safeguard
interests and forestall the threatened misfortune. This
anxiety should not be let to be transformed into worry
and nervousness as that condition would further
deteriorate the situation. The driving force to fight out
the evil should not be let loose and conscious effort in
right direction should be made for self improvement
and achievement of goals.
It is better to have squares and oppositions in a
nativity than to have no aspects. Squares and
oppositions certainly give progressive and well evolved

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


native greater energy and ambition and develop

determination to overcome obstacles and difficulties.
Vedic doctrine of aspects is very much close to above
philosophy of aspects. In Vedic Astrology planets are
classified in various ways. There are natural benefics
and malefics and various configurations amongst them
decide the spiritual and material level of the native. Then
comes the class of functionalbenefics and malefics; their
relative effects are felt in a big measure in their Dasas
and Bhuktis. Though some effects in some measure are
there through out life. The planetary aspects play a great
role in delineating the effects of above two classes of
planets. See that it is only classification of planets that
is important not the adverse or good aspects.
In Vedic system of social set up certain rules were
framed for better life and more stress was laid on
spiritual upliftment of humanity so that one could be
able to cope with these adverse planetary viberations
in a better and effective way. It is only the better evolved
individual who can find his way even in adverse
circumstances and spirituality helps one in uplifting his
evolution level and consciousness.

The Sun is dry, hot, masculine and life giving force.
In principle he has much to do with the health, vitality
and exposition to the world. An individual's progress
and social success is very much dominated by the Sun.
Generally he has dominion over the positions of rank,
high office and title. The Sun urges an individual to
manifest outward and forward with abundance of
physical energy. Power and leadership, command and
control are the virtues of a strong and well placed Sun
along with self reliance, dignity and strength of
A well placed but afflicted Sun tends to either
excesses or imbalances of the above stated virtues. The
native tends to promise much; but performs a little along
with a boasting disposition. Afflictions to the Sun
sprinkle out as inner selfishness and sensuality.
All aspects to the Sun affect the individuality rather
selfhood, the use of will power and the way of its use.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Even in otherwise best of the horoscope, if the Sun is

badly placed or evilly aspected, the native is not likely
to advance in life. The native is not best adapt to make
use of opportunities coming his way for want of basic
energy and courage.
Sun conjunct Moon- This is not a favourable
position except for highly evolved persons. There is
identification of the conscious and sub-conscious, will
and feelings. The native is emotionally so much
impulsive that he concentrates all his forces on one area
of expression. The native tends to be erratic because
there is tendency to alternate between the masculine and
feminine traits. The native is very much involved with
his pome and children as far as his/her creative side of
expression is concerned. There is excess of bile
interfering with the assimilation process of the body.
Due to great activity and enthusiasm the native drains
away his vitality and energy, if the conjunction is
stressed one.
According to classical authors the native is a well
versed mechanic or a dealer in stone crafts. He may be
a physician well versed in the preparation of drugs by
fermentation process. He will be devoted to his spouse.
The Sun and Moon in the Lagna keep the native
scarce oflove, affection and grooming from his parents.
He _commands respect and because of his generosity
unable to amass wealth. Due to inner turmoil he does
not feel happy.
When the Sun and Moon are in the 4th house, the
native is devoid of respect from so_ns and relations for
his poverty and lack of intelligence.
The two luminaries in the 7th house keep the native
scarce of the love of opposite sex friends and partners.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The two luminaries in the lOth house make a native

hard hearted and uneven tempered. He is famous for
his leadership qualities. He is strong and magnanimous
and suppresses his enemies.
According to Hora Sara a classic, the two luminaries
in the 9th house make a native rich; in the 12th the native
suffers of eye-sight.
Sun conjunct Mars- This conjunction represents
strength, courage and masculinity. The houses owned
and occupied by the Sun and Mars represent the areas
of activity. There is clash between the will and desire.
This clash produces power of attainment, the desire to
be in the lime light and the ability to make decisions
quickly. The native tends to take sides and partisan
nature is evident in him. Due to over abundant vitality,
passion and anger, feverish conditions of blood
predominate resulting in impulsiveness and excess of
feelings. The dominating and ruling element is prominent
which gives force of character and power to command
and control others, if the native is enough evolved.
The cellular activity in the muscles is greater with
enough rush of blood even to the extremities of the body.
Due to great sperm mobility, the native has good
reproductive ability. The negative sides of this aspect
are frequent cuts, bruises and inflammatory conditions
ofthe body tissues.
According to classical authors, the native will be
unhappy in regard to his father. He is wicked, sinful
and cruel in his deeds. He is mean and untruthful. He
has strength and stamina and wanders from place to
place. He is partial and indiscriminate.
This conjunction in the Lagna makes the native
prone to bilious ailments, stomachial disorders, blood

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


pressure etc. The native fights the duel bravely and is

cruel and hard hearted. Cuts, wounds, various poxes
and fractures are common to him. This conjunction is
good for prosperity for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
is deprived of relatives, peace of mind and wealth. He
is blamed. This conjunction produces Rajayoga if the
Lagna is Leo, for then it is conjunction of the Lagna, 4th
and 9th house lords.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
is bereaved of separation from wife, disrespected by
women, interested in other's wives and is intent on
living in foreign countries.
The conjunction in the 10h house makes the native
much devastated, successful and liked by the king.
According to Jataka Parijata the native suffers of
unfruitful undertakings, serves under tlie king, remains
over worried.
According to Hora Sara the conjunction in the Lagna
8th, lOth or 11th causes one's birth in a great family
and bestows great strength, whereas in other houses
gives no wealth.
The native of the chart (page 41) was born in a rich
family. The Sun and Mars are in the 8th house. The man
is an I.I.Tian structural engineer, lived in England for
25 years. Now he is having professional problems and
inharmony with wife in Sun's Dasa. See Saturn (R) in
Leo aspecting the Sun and Mars, the great Yogakarkas
for Cancer Lagna. The impediments and anguish to him
are through his wife (Saturn is the 7th house lord). The
situation became worst practically when the wife
departed to her parental home. The man instrumental


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

in causing the rift was their servant. Saturn represents

low caste people. The native is under the transit of
Dhaiya of Saturn.

en us

Moon Ketu 5 1

Pluto 22
Sat (R)

According to Western Astrology Saturn by transit is

opposing the Lagna lord Moon and squaring natal
Saturn and the Sun and Mars. This transit of Saturn has
almost rendered him penniless.
Sun Conjunct Mercury-The key notes of this
conjunction are mind and common sense, a thinking
individual, the power of thought, understanding and
knowledge and a subjective and personal out look.
All things denoted by Mercury get activated
towards the creative side particularly in ideas, work and
social interaction. Strength of will enforces ideas and
decisions. However, actions lack objectivity and
impartiality particularly, if the two planets are in exact
conjunction within an orb of 1o. But if such a conjunction
occurs in the signs of Mercury and other airy signs viz
Libra and Aquarius, it denotes high powers of intellect.
Mercury under all circumstances can never be more
than 28 away from the Sun. The virtues of Mercury
viz, good business ability, learning with facility and ease,
ambition, wittiness, intuition, intelligence, capability,
adaptability etc., are in evidence where Mercury is more

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


than so away from the Sun, especially if ahead. At less

than so separation the identification of mind and ego
hinders the reasoning and judgement unless it occurs
in Mercurial and other two airy signs under good
aspects. In other words we can say that the creative
manifestation of this aspect is directly proportional to
the evolution level of an individual.
Example- The native of the chart here under is
having a 1st class academic career. He is a v-aduate

Rahu 3

Venus 7 Mer 10
Sat 11 o Sun 23



Mars 15

Ura 7
Ketu 3


engineer with post graduation in management fromiJM,

Ahmedabad. Presently he is a senior marketing executive.
The Sun conjunct Mercury in the 9th house under the
aspect of Jupiter helped him to achieve higher education.
According to classical authors the native
intelligently executes his plans and thus earns name,
fame and happiness. There is fixity of purpose and good
analytical frame of mind. The native is in the good books
of his superiors for having good sub-ordinate qualities.
According to Hora Sara, if the Sun and Mercury are
together in the 4th or 8th house from the Lagna, the
person is equal to a king in qualities and wealth. This
conjunction in other houses makes one virtuous.
According to Jataka Parijata, the native becomes a
king and over powers his enemies. He becomes famous.
His mother is of questionable characters.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

According to Garga Hora, iflhe conjunction occurs

in the 1st house, the native is wicked, ill reputed,
without conveyances, commits sinful acts and forsaken
by friends and relatives. In our view this is possible only
if the two planets are in an evil sign under the aspect of
evil planets, otherwise the native is intelligent, eloquent,
well read, long lived and has a sound physique.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house in a good
sign under good aspects, the native is well built, learned,
wealthy and holds a good position and mansion.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house in a good
sign and under good aspects, the wife of the native is a
dominating and progressive influence in his life,
otherwise the native has an insincere wife and marital
unhappiness. He is of thievish and untruthful
disposition. He may be a eunuch without sexual
happiness and may meet an unnatural end of life.
If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, the native
enjoys lordly status; is intelligent, famous, truthful,
grateful and makes good use of his education.
If this conjunction occurs in Pisces, the debilitation
'sign of Mercury, the native should be given careful and
gentle training. This conjunction in Scorpio can make
one excellent physician or surgeon while in a chart of
low evolution level it shows a senseless rogue.
Sun conjunct Jupiter-Prosperity, joy, recognition,
health, creativity, optimism and ability for record
achievements are the key notes of this conjunction.
Jupiterian expansion and the Solar power and will
are in action under this conjunction. Due to Solar
viberations the individualistic side of nature is activated
while due to Jupiterian viberations noblest side of one's

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


being are activated as a result an urge for creative social

endeavour is generated in better evolved individuals.
The generous, optimistic disposition and pleasing
personality attracts good luck. The positive out look
makes the native to extract best out of the opportunities
coming his way. Jupiter rules the 9th sign of zodiac that
represents religion, philosophy, philanthropy and
concern for the all and endowed with these virtues plus
enthusiasm of the Sun, the native is able to gain favour
of others. In other words the native gains power by
exploiting commonly held ideas and beliefs. Thus the
native achieves his goals and ambitions by exploiting
and utilizing the social aspirations of others. A crookedly
evolved native is pretentious in this respect.
Under this conjunction the tissue element of the
organs rather of the glands function very well and there
is balance amongst the functioning of various glands,
which denotes sound health and good regenerative
function of blood. There is good recuperative power
after an illness.
Example- Here under is the chart of a well built
young man doing business along with his father. The


Ketu 10" Sat 19"

L 0"-43'

Sun and Jupiter conjunction in the 9th house denotes

good luck to him through his father and affluence to


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

his father after his birth. The native is gentle, well

mannered and benevolent in disposition.
According to classical authors this conjunction
makes the native cruel in disposition and engaged in
other people's work. He is virtuous and enjoys
ministerial honours. He gains favour of friends and is
endowed with wisdom.
The cruelty of disposition occurs when the two
planets are in Griha Yuddha or almost within 1o
separation. Then the cruelty of the Sun predominates
over Jupiter. Engaged in other people's work means
philanthropic disposition, when the two planets are far
apart in the same sign. The native prefers teaching
profession and is spiritualistic if the two planets are
favourably placed in a sign.
If this conjunction occurs in the 1st house the native
is famous for his merits and thus may lead a bunch of
people or may head an institution. The native enjoys all
comforts of life. He may become an ascetic of supreme
order, if his horoscope has such Yogas. Garga Hora does
not consider the Yoga good in the Lagna. It can be so, if
the two planets are in sharp conjunction. The readers
. may think of this conjunction occurring in Capricorn,
then the native is mean and miser.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house the native

owns beautiful mansions. He is good at heart and works

silently for other's causes. He is virtuous and justifiable
in disposition.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
hovers around his wife due to predominance of
Manmatha i.e., great sexual virility in him, has well
proportioned and sound organs and possesses gold,
silver and other precious metals. He hates his father.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, one

becomes a famous king has wealth and all kinds of
According to Hora Sara 23/7~ li<.ITil Utfcti4HI~ CITI
a:tli!IICIH~: A FCI&!Iirlt 5}i<H~i4' ~:II

If the Sun and Jupiter be together in the Lagna, the

9th, the lOth or the 11th, the native has strong command
and fame and is inascesible.
Certainly, the results of this conjunction vary
according to the characteristics of the sign occupied by
the two planets. Aspects of various planets certainly
modify the results; but then the Sun is Sun and Jupiter
is Jupiter and therefore some of the remnants of
auspicious results are still enjoyed.
Sun Conjunct Venus- Physical love, harmony,
beauty, strength of feeling, artistic and aesthetic
aspirations and the ideal are the key notes of this
The native is cheerful and optimistic under this
aspect. All his actions radiate fragrance of harmony. The
native is after the fun and social activities : Power and
energy is exhibited in all his emotions and he is lover of
life and thus he brings cheerfulness to others through
his strong affections and romantic driv~s. Infants and
children are very dear to him and receive a special care
from him. The native has talent in music and art, can
stimulate and cultivate this talent to his advantage. This
conjunction is good till it is individualistic; but when it
is personal it requires a great care in the selection of
The Sun rules the 5th sign of natural zodiac, hence
this aspect induces the native to go for speculative fun


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

and indulge in love relationship. This can be

advantageous if the houses of speculation and finance
are free from afflictions and their lords beneficially
Example: The native of chart here under is an arts
teacher in a govt school. The conjunction occurs in
L 14


Sat 6

Sagittarius, a sign of education and its lord Jupiter as

the lOth lord is aspecting the conjunction. The father of
this native is in business of dairy products shown by
the conjunction of Venus and the Sun in Sagittarius.
According to classical authors, if the Sun and Venus
be together, one is skilful in the use ofweapons,is mighty,
weak sighted in old age, able to amuse "the masses and has
abundant money gained through women.
The conjunction of Venus with the Sun induces one
towards sporting activities. In olden times archery was
also a sport and it is so even now, hence the term skilful
in the use of weapons is used. Iflhe conjunction occurs
in evil house aspected by the malefics, one .is sure to
have some defect with his eye-sight. If either of the
planet is lord of the Lagna or lOth house then one earns
through stage performance, theatre, articles of art,
cinema, sporting activities, paints, colours, interior
designing, silk, cloth etc.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If the conjunction of Venus and the Sun occurs in

the 1st house the native is a squinter, hates scholars,
does not have many children, is cruelly and angrily
disposed, troubles others and is fierce and dejected.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
is a drunkard, subject to impediments and physical
ailments, is indifferent, cruel, fickle minded and a
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
eats other's food, is interested in serving others, devoid
of relatives, distressed, indigent and humiliated by
opposite sex.
If the Sun conjuncts Venus in the lOth house, the
native is handsome, dignified, virtuous, fearless, well
versed in law and religious commandments.
The results described above by classical authors
in first three houses seem to have much to do with
the natural significations and enemity between the
two planets, however such bad results are rarely
noticed unless the two planets are weak in divisional

charts etc.
According to Hora Sara 23/8f{4ffld4'i~ ~ ~ ~ T;f ~ CfTI
1lf ~ fCI&:li<1'i iiiHC41"1-4g; fCI'\1&tfl"1: II

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus occurring in

the lOth, 8th or 5th makes a person equal to a king,
famous and mighty. In other houses these two together
will only give penury and unhappiness.
Sun Conjunct Saturn- Lack of vitality,
developmental inhibitions, hereditary afflictions,
Karma, separation are the key notes of this conjunction.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

There is inhibition in self expression and ambition

as Saturn stands for limitations. The sphere of

inhibitions can be narrowed down by studying the
virtues of thrift, economy, patience and perseverance.
When the native has set certain limitations for himself
inhibitions themselves break away.
Often the native feels depressed and self depriciating
due to continuous frustrations and failures. If success
is achieved, it is after very hard work. The native can
gain success, if he has learned the lesson of self
organisation and discipline. Unless he has learned this
lesson, he may rise to power but only for a fall.
Saturn is a Karmic planet and the Sun is the soul or
individuality. Therefore under this conjunction the
individual and the soul has to obey the Karmic law and
thus restrain himself.
According to classical authors, the native having the
conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in his chart becomes
a metallurgist, a clay worker or a potter. He is virtuous,
mindful of his own duties, loses his wife and son early
in life, possesses qualities suitable to his race, has
religious bent of mind but not so upright.
In our view one becomes learned and very mature
in behaviour like an elderly person; but
disadvantageously placed as far as his family is
concerned, if the two planets are placed in bad houses.
If the Sun conjuncts Saturn is in the Lagna, the
native has dry hair, is black in colour, sweet tongued;
but hard in disposition, does not acquire affection of
his brethren and friends and is without virtues.
According to Jataka Parijata, the native is born to a
blameworthy mother.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If the Sun conjuncts Saturn in the 4th house, he

has some abnormality of blood or marrow. The native

is not good at heart and works as a miscreant in
family affairs. He is without dignity and immune to
any kind of insult. According to Jataka Parijata this
position is not good for cordial relationship with the
If the Sun conjuncts Saturn in the 7th house, the
native gets deprived of cohabitation pleasures, gets an
unfaithful wife, has many enemies, suffers from chronic
illness and remains fearful of his future. According to
Jataka Parijata there is disharmony and separation in
married life.
If the Sun conjuncts Saturn in the lOth house, the
native, though has less wealth, yet is eminent, confident,
bold, skilful, shameless and ready witted. He has to
follow a career in service. He is deprived of his parents
in early childhood and has to be brought up by some
distant relative. According to Jataka Parijata the native
serves under the king and gathers money only to lose it
by theft.
According to Hora Sara, should the Sun be conjunct
Saturn in the 9th, 6th or 2nd house, he gives widespread
fame and happiness. In other houses the conjunction
leads to no happiness.
In our view any relationship between the Sun and
Saturn tells upon the father, either by losing him early
in childhood or by bringing him bad luck or by not
having good terms with him. This conjunction in the
11th is good for a Libra native for wealth and so is for a .
Sagittarian in the 3rd house in Aquarius. Similar are the
effects of this conjunction in Libra for a Sagittarian even
though the Sun is debilitated there.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Example- The following chart's native lost his

father at the age of 18 years. His father was in govt.

service. There is delay to the native in govt. job in place

of his father on compensatory grounds. All his
endeavours do not bring him fruits, if there is any it is
after delays and disappointments. Kala-Sarpa Yoga is
also there.
Sun Conjunct Rahu- Intellectual or physical
associations, public dealing, contact with others, desire
to associate are the key notes of this conjunction.
Rahu is the north node of the Moon. According to
Western Astrology it has benefic influence like that of
Jupiter and Venus. There it is also called CaputDraconis,
the head of celestial dragon.
The conjunction of the Sun with Rahu provides the
native opportunities for self expression and leadership.
The native is born with an inherited tendency towards
good luck. The individual is so much involved in his
expansion and self expression that he loses sight of the
right and wrong. Thus there is dissipation of energies .
and life force causing exhaustion.
The Sun conjunct Rahu in the 1st house is good only
in benefic signs because then the native uses his energies
rather in a disciplined manner. In cruel signs or hard

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


constellations the conjunction causes indisciplined use

of energies. Although prosperity comes; but at the cost
of health and moral values.
The Sun conjunct Rahu in the 4th house is not a good
configuration. There are financial crisis, enemies trouble
much and all the schemes and plans do not fructify.
Children are also a source of trouble. The native has to
change his place of residence to a distant place.
The Sun conjunct Rahu in the 7th house is not good
because the native tends to be licentious and he loses
his wealth through women. This conjunction causes
separation from wife if Venus is afflicted along with the
7th lord.
The Sun conjunct Rahu in the lOth house cause
elevation in status and position for the native. His
political career is a flop. There are many ups and downs
in his life. Rahu conjunct Sun in the 9th house gives
religious learnings and foreign travel.
Sun Conjunct Ketu- Seeking soli tude, silent
scheming for the betterment and failure of endeavours
are the key notes of this conjunction.
Ketu is the south node of the Moon. It is also called
Cauda Draconis, the tail of celestial dragon.
This conjunction denies the native opportunities for
self expression and expansion. Obst~cles and
impediments are there at every step and the native is
denied the fruits of his efforts. This is the Karmic result
of the native's previous birth's selfishness which
deprived others of their rights.
Sun Conjunct Uranus -Revolutionary spmt,
progressive mind, excitement, upsets, strained inner life
and self willed manners are the key notes of this


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native is full of originality in his ideas and is

called an inventive genius. He has an independent spirit
and loves to carry out his unusual plans which he is
able to see clearly and accurately than other people. He
as an individual is unique and exceptional, tends to be
free from bias and limitations or hates such ideas. The
native tends to invent, create and experiment both
physically and mentally. The people who do not
understand his purpose and the way of doing things call
him unpredictable and eccentric. He is rather a genius.
If the conjunction occurs in the 1st house, the native

is very unrestful for the manifestation of his ideas in

the outer world and works wilfully for the same. His
energies tend to scatter if the conjunction is badly
aspected. He is erratic and nervous in such cases and
unable to concentrate on the real line of thought. He
tends to be tall and broad in physique.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
wants his home to be exceptional. Due to his egoistic
and unpredictable attitudes, there are frequent quarrels
at home. The native tends to make his home a place of
social gathering and group activities which may be of
disinterest to other familymembers. He makes his house
a laboratory of his experimental mind. Usually he does
not have cordial relations with his father.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house the native
is unlucky in the matters of partnership. His partners
may be erratic or may leave him for his unpredictable
attitudes. Under this conjunction in the 7th house,
relations are easy to form but difficult to continue. The
native is also unpredictable in the matters of sexual
relations. He seeks unusual sex partners and new
methods of sexual gratification. A male may become a

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


homosexual while a woman may become the victim of

forced sex play because of her unusual relationships.
If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, the native
has desire to rise in life in an unusual way by display of
unusual energy. If he is a politician, he uses unusual
methods to achieve success like electronic media. Any
way such persons are strong willed and work hard to
achieve their ambition. In their own field of work
perform something unusual which brings them honours
and promotions. Emotional tensions are always there
for these natives because their fellow workers are
antagonistic towards their way of working.
Example- This native due to love relationship
entered into intercaste marriage. He has fascination for

Ura ts



Jup 3"

unusual achievement because of conjunction of the Sun

and Uranus in the Lagna.
He is having two sons fromhis marriage. Suddenly
he left the job and went to America. There he again
married anN .R.I to settle there permanently. He got one
daughter from the 2nd marriage. He comes to 1st wife
for 2 or 3 months once in a year and meets the needs of
his first family. Rahu-Jup conjunction in Libra made him
unfaithful to his first wife. Rest of the task was done by
the Sup-Uranus conjunction. The 7th lord in the 5th


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

aspected by the 5th lord inclines one to love affairs and

tendency for unusual is already there.
Sun Conjunct Neptune-Sensitiveness, weakness,
illness, frailness, impressionability and subjection to
moods are the key notes of this conjunction.
Under this conjunction, the native indulges in
dreams on a lofty scale and makes secret schemes for
his own benefit and benefit of others. His peculiar
mannerism or charm attract others towards him. For
the basic nature of the Sun, the element of self
importance and ambition is always there. Therefore he
should beware of surrendering his own individuality
to others and should be careful and avoid experimenting
with drugs, anesthetics or hypnotism. A lack of
concreteness is found in his ideas and affairs. He has
natural fascination for music, art, dancing and occult.
To be more practical and useful to the society, this native
needs practical mind and good reasoning which are the
attributes of strong Mercury, Saturn and Uranus. These
are the planets that can remove the illusion created by
the weird subconscious mind over the urge for external
manifestation represented ~y the Sun.
If the conjunction occurs in the 1st house the native

can make use of subtle inspirations for his own benefit.

He has artistic and musical talents which can be the
source of income. Peculiar relationships of the past can
be hindrances in his progress. If Venus is also strong
the native has good political and literary aptitude. He
can be a good psychopath.
If the Sun conjuncts Neptune in the 4th house, the
native has intuitive link with his family members and
is sensitive to all their happiness or grievances. He is
inclined to secrecy or investigation of the occult or
spiritual affairs. The native may have had undergone

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


some psychic experience at home. He may deplete his

vitality towards the end of life.
If the Sun conjuncts Neptune in the 7th house, the
native has his own reservations for the marriage partner.
Under afflictions to the conjunction problems may arise
in public dealings or with the partner for being
If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, the native
has chances of success and honour in some artistic or
scientific field. He may bring something mysterious in
nature to be of practical use to mankind. Professional
people may become officers in municipal corporation
in sanitation, hygiene and health departments or may
be related to hospitals or asylums.
Sun Conjunct Pluto-Craving for rulership, desire
to exercise power and disadvantages through the use
of power ar~ the key notes ofthis conjunction.
The native with this conjunction is strong willed. He
is able to change himself and the things around by
focussing on the prime cause. The native with this
conjunction can have power complex, iflet free, he can
become dictatorial. If the native does not bring his will
into harmony with the divine will, his efforts will
backfire and will be the cause of his destruction.
The native has very strong sex instinct and he tends
to break social order and moral conduct in this respect.
If the Sun conjuncts Pluto in the 1st house, the native
has abundant energy and he is power crazy to drive all
things according to his will particularly if the
conjunction occurs in a fiery sign. Due to his strong
wilful nature the native is unable to cooperate with
others and conform with traditional conduct. He does
not have good relations.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

If the Sun conjuncts Pluto in the 4th house, the native

desires to be master of his own home and domestic
scene. Due to his domineering and regenerative
attitudes, there are upheavals at the domestic scene. The
native may show an interest in ecology and may get
benefitted by plantation or gardening.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the partner
is strong willed and domineering. The partnership or
the marriage may be in danger due to native's refomiing
attitudes towards the partners. He has the ability to read
the thoughts of others and use them for his own benefit.
He is likely to have friendly relations with psychologists,
lawyers and judges and is able to tap such resources for
his own causes.
If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, the native
has intense urge to gain power and authority and to
employ the power gained for the implementation of his
will. The native is able to succeed in political and
public works. He makes powerful people his friends
to carry out smoothly his schemes of reforms and
social cause.
Example- The native of this chart is very wilful.
He tries to achieve the things, he intends. The native
Ketu to Jup 7"
Sat 21

Pluto s

married a girl from another caste inspite of severe

opposition from girl's parents. Sun conjunct Pluto gives

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


a very strong sex drive and intent to break the existing

social order and moral conduct. Mars, Venus, Rahu and
Uranus in Libra also indicate lasciviousness and a
tendency to form sexual relationship too early. The SunMercury conjunction in the Lagna makes him of
electrifying intellect. The first pregnancy of his wife got
aborted because Mars and Saturn aspect his 5th house.

The Moon is cold, moist, feminine, negative,
receptive, reflective, magnetic, fruitful, plastic and
changeable. She has definite link with pursuits and
occupations related with water and liquids e.g., sailors,
fishermen, liquor dealers, brewers, travellers, ship
owners, nurses, midwives, female servants and female
relatives, especially mother.
She has strong link with stomach, digestion,
absorption, assimilation, nutrition, secretions of glands,
the womb, feminine functions, child bearing, lymph, fat
and breasts.
Aspects of the Moon indicate habit pattern,
automatic responses, subconscious mind and
consciousness which is related to out side influences.
Aspects of -the Moon also deal with part of memory
related to emotional experiences and ability to absorb
information for future use i.e., ability to memorise.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


In a male horoscope aspects of the Moon are

indicative of native's reactions towards females and
have roots in early childhood. In a female horoscope
aspects of the Moon tell about her female biological
functions, her reactions as a female and mother.
The natal Moon sandwiched between two malefics
indicates a chain of unhappy events one after the other.
The Moon in the bright half of the natal chart
operates more openly in formulating change
particularly when in an angular house.
Moon Conjunct Mars- Will power, strong inner
tensions, fighting spirit, premature action, excitement
and intense emotions are the key notes of this
This aspect indicates impulsive acts and opposition
of all control and authority. On the negative side it is
very unfortunate and rebellious aspect resulting in out
bursts of anger and other emotional out breaks. The
native sees life through red glasses and has such strong
biases that he becomes very intolerant, hasty and rash
and thus invites troubles for himself through his strong
feelings and emotions. Further afflictions to the
conjunction enhance jealousy, anger and frustration
leading him to disastrous acts. Good aspects to the
conjunction temper down the feelings and emotions,
and denote that energy of the conjunction can be used
in a better way.
A prominent Mercury is required to guard the
speech and apply discrimination along with a strong
Saturn to enforce discipline and practicality over
the emotions and impulses. Thus the native can tap
the energies of this conjunction for more judicious and
auspicious results.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

According to classical authors, the native with the

Moon conjunct Mars is valorous, brave in war, a boxer,
likely to suffer blood in balances, manufactures
articles of mud, skin and minerals, is an artisan or
In our view this conjunction indicates unhappy
relations with mother and sickness to her. The native
suffers from bilious affections of blood. He is fond of
body building and vigorous sports. This is a favourable
conjunction for pottermen, skin dealers, leather dealers
and business in minerals etc. The native is though bereft
of conduct but has good material status.
If the Moon conjuncts Mars in the 1st house, the
native is fair in complexion and magnanimous. He is
impulsive in spending. Therefore possesses less riches.
He is voluptuous, licentious and desirous. He is
talkative, has a swift gait; suffers of accidents with an
injury to head particularly from fire if the conjunction
occurs in fiery signs.
If the Moon conjuncts Mars in the 4th house, the
native is restless, inimical to mother, without cordiality,
licentious, inimical to masses, ignored and annihilated
by gentlemen and forsaken by his own progeny.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
suffers from stomach complaints; is very impulsive,
bereft of knowledge of scriptures, suffers due to
company of unwanted folk. He is untruthful and
molester of tender women.
If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, the native

is honoured by the king, conquers his enemies, has

many assignments, earns by lending money, is rich and
God fearing.

P1an:taty AspUs in ~
According to Hora Sara, a great classic-


{cRli:~ffi ~ ~ CIT tltf'J:iiMI~CITI

~ ~fdu~s'i&d 1 'ti ct";{tt&if\'1:11
Should Mars and the Moon be together in the lOth,
9th, 5th or 11th, one will become wealthy and be equal
to a king. In other houses, one is deprived of his relatives
and happiness as well.
Example-Here under is the chart of a girl who
sometimes tends to be very argumentative but other

Moon 9o Nep 1
ars 18 ~a;.u Uran go



times depressed. The girl had good academic career. Her

father is an engineer and herself B. Tech in Information
Technology. The energy of Mars-Moon conjunction has
been toned down by the opposition of Saturn. Her
marriage delayed quite a bit but now married to an
MBA boy. According to Hora Sara, she will become
wealthy, certainly she will be affluent.
Moon Conjunct Mercury- An active mind,
thinking influenced by feelings, good grasp and
perception are the key notes of this conjunction.
The Moon conjunct Mercury gives the native
splendid intellect, quick and accurate perception for
there is blending of subconscious i.e., animal mind and
the conscious i.e., rational mind. His emotional


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

responses are sensitive to other people's reactions

towards him. If the conjunction is favourably aspected
by benefics the human side ofthe responses dominate.
Otherwise if the conjunction is afflicted the animal side
of responses dominates and the native is hypersensitive
to personal remarks and criticism. Under no aspects to
the conjunction, the human side of responses is still
present and the native does not let hypersensitivity to
dominate reasoning.
Under this conjunction, the native is much concerned
about the domestic and family affairs giving much
thought to food, health and hygiene. If the conjunction
occurs in an airy sign, the mind is awakened to its
highest level of perception, the native gathers
knowledge at a rapid rate instead of allowing the usual
glamour of Mercury to fascinate him with the fragments
of animal mind.
According to classical Authors, one who is born with
the Moon conjunct Mercury becomes an expert in poetry
and fables, is wealthy, amiable to wife, handsome with
smiling face and endowed with distinct virtues.
In our view the native earns fame. and honour
through women, is learned and a man of letters.
However, the native is prone to love of spiritual type
than to sensual.
If the Moon conjuncts Mercury in the 1st house, one
has big eyes that mesmerise. The native follows social
order and is hesitant. He respects the pious and
gentlemanly folk. He is proficient in moral code so
respected generally.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
is truthful, clear and pleasing in speech, wise, dear to
people, endowed with conveyances, comforts and kith and
kins. Above all the native is supreme among the beings.

Planetary As~ in Astrology
Ifthe conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
gets a beautiful and auspicious wife, enjoys cohabitation
and comforts, is truthful, pitiful, endowed with sons
and dear .to his kins. (The native may suffer from
premature ejaculation, if afflicted).
If the Moon conjuncts Mercury in the lOth house,
the native is dutiful to Brahmins, ever deligent, always
engaged, doing meritorious deeds, firm in knowledge,
famous and efficient.

According to Hora Sara-



~ ~1!:1;gil: t~414lfii
fl IS \i1 &l <01 I n: f"' ~ ~ tiCI oil tiCI oqc:i T;f R:tcrnt c:rrfu II
The native will be learned in poetry and arts, be
wealthy if has Mercury and the Moon together in the
3rd, 11th, 6th or 8th in his nativity. If in other houses,
one will be fearless and indigent.
Moon Conjunct Jupiter-Social betterment, rich
living, pleasures, generosity, readiness to help others,
religiosity and business ability are the key notes of this
This conjunction confers fortune, peace and success
to self and generosity and sympathy towards others.
The native has splendid social qualities, either latent or
active. He is a reliable figure among women, gets
cooperation and encouragement from them as well as
others for his sociability. He works for religious and
educational institutions or for such causes. He tends to
use such activities forhis own benefit, if the conjunction
is afflicted.
Due to his behaviour pattern, the native is popular
amongst friends, acquaintances and higher strata of the
society and gets their full support in advancing his career.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Jupiter lords Sagittarius, the 9th sign of the zodiac

representing distant travels. There is lesser tendency to
such travels if the conjunction occurs in fixed signs. The
native is emotionally much involved in family, home,
friends and their security particularly when the
conjunction occurs in watery signs.
The health remains sound due to happy, gay and
optimistic disposition. The Moon representing stomach
and assimilation of vital nutrient functions unerringly
in such direction and hence good health. If the
conjunction is afflicted there is extravagance, waste and
self indulgence and the native acquires a tendency to
gluttony. He, thus gains weight and his liver sobs for
life in the end. Under afflictions from Mars autocratic
and dictatorial attitudes are evident. If Rahu joins the
conjunction there are selfish motives behind native's
every move and pretention.
According to classical authors, the native is firm in
friendship, modest, respectful towards his relatives,
wealthy, virtuous, regardful of gods and the wise (It is
conducive for extreme intelligence and female progeny).
If the two planets occupy the 1st house, the native
enjoys all types of comforts, is magnanimous with good
amount of life force, valorous, beautiful eyed, fine haired
and liked by all.
If the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the 4th house, the
native is proficient in polity and moral code. He owns
beautiful mansions and conveyances. He is fortunate,
pious at heart, valorous, dear to king, a minister and
attains grace of gods and preceptors. He is endowed
with meritorious children and heads his clan.
If the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the 7th house, the
native acquires a beautiful and virtuous wife, who

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


brings him good luck. The native is knowledgeable in

scriptures. He is rich, fortunate with pleasing looks. He
is honoured by the king. He is well versed in trade and
commerce. He may enjoy the status of envoy or
If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, the native
is just in conduct, well built, foresighted, given to
truthfulness, endowed with pleasures, head among his
race, earns fairly and is elated by the goverment.
Hora Sara, a great classic says 1*'ii;;;{<Ot'li'lllni ~ ''t;111C:U{Cii"( fCJ4ldliiiil
't'lq~ ~ '1011Ck1'1<4~<u tlt!'lll oq- 11<:41"1 il'f\11

Should Jupiter and the Moon conjunction be not in

the 3rd or 6th house or in depression signs, the native
will be wealthy, endowed with spouse and sons and be
well mannered.
In our view this is a form of Gajakesari Yoga which
is highly praised by the ancients for prosperity and
Example- The native of the chart is an efficient
businessman. He is very talkative and has one eyed view
un 17o Ltr-4oo Sat r
Venus 1 Ura 14 Mars 24
Mer 21

Jup 24

behind his every move and action. Rahu has joined the
conjunction making him selfish. Since the conjunction


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

of the Moon and Jupiter occurs in a watery sign Cancer,

the native is emotionally much involved in family, home,
friends and their security. Rahu conjunct Moon makes
the native very apprehensive. The Moon conjunct Pluto
denotes extreme expression of feelings and emotions.
The extreme optimism due to Gajakesari Yoga has
brought about many better changes in his life.

Moon Conjunct Venus - Intense emotionalism,

joyous living, desire for tenderness, artistic appreciation,
feeling of love, and devotion are the key notes of this
The native is emotionally bound to beauty and
harmony and as such has an artistic ability. He is a
pleasing and loving personality. Women display talent
in selection of clothing, cooking and decorating homes.
They also show emotional response to other women.
The native can have an access to romance and
courtships due to his affectionate disposition. He proves
to be good diplomat and emissary because of tact,
sensitivity and ability to win others by showering
affections. To have a purposeful element of diplomacy
a fair amount of Mercurian and Saturnian influence is
required so that the aim of diplomacy does not get
off sighted. Similarly a fair amount of morality (i.e.,
Jupiterian influence) is required in love so that the native
may not get misused for his affections.
If the conjunction is afflicted, the native is self indulgent
and perhaps ready to let others to play upon his emotions
i.e., he/she may be exploited sensually by others.
According to classical authors, the native is
endowed with flowers, incense and clothes. He is well
versed in performing rites and duties. He is dear to his
lineage. He is of lazy disposition but an expert trader.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


In our view the native can earn by trading in textiles,

perfumes and artistic pursuits but the native has vices.
If the Moon conjuncts Venus in the 1st house, the
native is full of etiquette and well mannered. He has
handsome appearance and loves luxuries. He is dutiful
and dear to the king. He has enjoyment with whores.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
is famous and endowed with conveyances and
mansions. He is very polite and acquires the friendship
of credible friends. He enjoys all kinds of comforts and
luxuries. He is head of his clan and has earnings through
shipping or transport.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the
native gets wedded to a beautiful wife but still seeks
extra marital pleasures. He has more daughters and
few sons. He acquires the help of liberal persons and
is intelligent enough for such acquisition. He is fit
for diplomacy and may enter government service on
this account.
If the Moon conjuncts Venus in the lOth house,
the native is well versed in etiquette. He is wealthy
and intelligent. He is a big agriculturist. He enjoys
plenty of sexual pleasures and comforts. He is adored
even by the king and thus acquires an elated position.
According to Hora SaraRi<OIFc:lRia~ ~ qeuqqi.t'l'lq'"" ~a;r:

FMli>HcflU{tSfl<ilTI ~ ~ Pci~~H1fs~: 11
Should Venus and the Moon be together in the lOth
house, one will be an expert trader, will enjoy good robes
in life and will lord a treasure. He will obtain money
from foreign countries, if the conjunction happens to be
in the 12th house.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Moon Conjunct Saturn-Selfcontrol, abstemiousness, thrift, selfishness, tendency to complain or to

find fault with others are the key notes of this
It is a restrictive and progress hampering conjunction
because the native is emotionally chained to past
memories particularly of material things. The native is
required to come out of ~he emotional grooves of past
experiences and exercise better aspect of this conjunction
i.e. self control. He is required to engage himself in
constructive activities and fix his goals.
The childhood environment of the native did not let
him have social and personal advantages required and
he developes into a gloomy personality. Emotional
depression is consistent on him, he does not find joy in
things around and has a tendency to weep and sob over
past conditioning.
The sense of inadequacy is present with him and
owing to fear of its exposure he is reserve and
unattractive to the atmosphere around. The native is
too critical and sceptical that people do not trust him.
They suspect his motives. These are the traits and
tendencies prominent when the native does not have
support from Jupiter, Venus and the Sun, that endorse
hope,joy and optimism, the countering factors. Good
aspect from any of the above three factors and a strong
Mercury can counter the depressive and restrictive
qualities of the conjunction and cultivate in him
tendency to practical realism, common sense, self
discipline and devotion to hard work to achieve
According to classical authors, if the Moon and
Saturn are conjunct the native possesses a decaying wife;
his mother does not enjoy good health and conduct; he

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


earns his living by training and breeding elephants and

horses; he is devoid of virtues and serves others; his
own wife may be elder to him and he has vices with
aged women; he is indigent and defeated.
If the Moon conjuncts Saturn in the 1st house, the
native is wicked and avaricious and acquires the money
which leads to happiness neither to him nor to his race.
The native is a proficient chemist in the use of poisons.
He is uncourteous and spoilt by the company of bad
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
is of sickly constitution, hard hearted, blame worthy,
ungrateful and interested in other countries or may be
exiled to other regions. The native may gain money from
the elements found under earth i.e., metals, petroleum
products, gems etc.
If the conjunction is found in the 7th house, the
native is sickly disposed, timid, interested in carnal
pleasures, cruel, addicted to other's wives and he does
not enjoy satisfactory married life.
If the Moon conjuncts Saturn in the lOth house, the
native is modest, has many friends, is famous and
valorous, respectful to Brahmins and firmly virile. He
does not have happiness in respect of mother.
According to Hora Sara~ fl di ~l'l :q 41 '!)affl <t sh fa '11 Tl C6 cfnt: 1
iil(j'fil ~ iijQTlliiiCI~'! ~4~W"'1:11

Should the Moon and Saturn be together, the native

possesses an emaciated body. Such a native is bent upon
doing base deeds, dislikes his mother and is a fool. The
said planets together in the 3rd, 6th or lOth bestow all
kinds of riches and comforts.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Example- The boy of the chart hereunder married

to a girl two years elder to him on the advice of his
Jup 1

Mars 18

L 24
Sat 5


Rahu 2o Uranus Mer no

Nep 15 6 Pluto 15

dowry hungry parents. The boy is a tall one and the girl
is very short in stature and the couple does not look to
be an ideal match. His mother is very wicked and greedy
lady. The boy is such a fool that he passes to his mother
all the conversation he had with his wife. The boy lacks
self confidence because Saturn conjuncts the Moon and
aspects the Lagna lord Mercury. He is a victim of mother
complex as the Lagna lord is in the 4th house in own
sign. The native left his wife to her parents ju~t after
one month of marriage complaining that she does not
get up early in the morning, does not know house hold
work and asks him to be on an outing daily.
Moon Conjunct Rahu- A spiritual link and
emotional attitude towards others are the key notes of
this conjunction.
The native has ability to make best use of current trends
to become well to do. He is very instinctive to sense the
opportunities for his betterment.He is fortunate enough
iri. dealings with women and general masses. This is a
very good conjunction for salesmen, businessmen,
persons in management and public relations and politics

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If the chart does not favouropportunistic tendencies

then the energies of this conjunction are used for the
causes of generosity and religion.
According to Vedic Astrology Rahu in a hard
constellation in conjunction with the Moon creates
certain phobias and schizophrenic conditions. In fact
Rahu-Moon conjunction without good aspects gives rise
to all sorts of mental disorders be it either blurred
intuition or mental malady.
Rahu tends to produce leucoderma when conjunct
with the Moon.
IfRahu is with the Moon in the 3rd house, the mother
dies early and the native usually remains uneasy mentally.
Example- In the horoscope discussed under "Moon
conjunct Jupiter", the native remains uneasy and lost his
mother in early childhood. As Jupiter has joined the
conjunction the native displays much mental control and
behaves as a shrewd, careful and business like person.
Rahu's conjunction with the Moon in a soft
constellation is good for intuition; but if Mars or Saturn
joins or aspects the results are very bad for mental
health. The native may suffer from hysteria, swellings
and epilepsy.
As the Vedic Astrology is result oriented, the
conjunction of Rahu with the The Moon makes the
native hyper sensitive in respect of material progress
and if he is of weak mentality as indicated by other
factors, phobias and mental aberrations become evident
due to mental exhaustion and lack of spiritual content
in the nativity.
Actually the conjunction of Rahu with the Moon
produces a deep distrust for every body. A paranoid
pe_rsonality readily inclined to suspect intentions of


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

others and to nurse grudges against them. The aspect

of Jupiter tones down this tendency and the native
displays much mental control and behaves as a shrewd,
careful and business like person.
According to Vedic Astrology Rahu represents baser
values of avarice, hate, greed, jealousy and treachery.
All these are functioning at the mental level though not
openly when Rahu is in conjunction to the Moon.
Actually all these have manifestation in the material
progress of a native.
Moon Conjunct Ketu- Isolation, disinclination to
rise to the occasion are the key notes of this conjunction.
It is hard for the native to keep up with the modern
trends and he finds it hard to be in right time to make
best out of the opportunity. The native feels solitude
emotionally. He is disinclined to take cooperation of
others for his certain biases. The tendency to isolation
leads to depression and tendency to emotional solitude
further deteriorates his condition.
If the conjunction is well aspected, the native is
capable of disciplined approach towards the
circumstances. He is capable of determination to fight
out the problems.
The digestive process of these individuals is on the
slow side due to circulatory difficulties.
According to Vedic Astrology Ketu-Moon
conjunction is more inhibitive and the native tends to
brood and wallow in imaginary grievances; but rarely
giving vent to his reactions. The possible area of
difficulties are home life, the public, mother or women
in general.
Moon Conjunct Uranus- An over strained
emotional life, peculiar interests, intellectual talents,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


intuitive ability, original imagination and erratic

emotional impulses are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native with this conjunction seeks strong and
unusual emotional experiences that involve excitement
and novelty. The native is moody and behaves
unexpectedly and impulsively. The domestic and family
life remains disturbed due to incoming of friends and
home being a centre of group activities. A touch of
genius and resourcefulness is seen in the natives who
are free from prejudices and personal bias which can be
when the conjunction has beneficial aspects.
Any affliction to the conjunction results in extreme
emotional behaviour. The native tends to be erratic,
irritable, cranky and unreliable.
The results of the conjunction in various houses can
be interpreted with certain modifications according to
the significations of houses.
In Vedic Astrology, there is no mention of extra
Satumian planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, therefore
it is not possible to give comparative review of aspects
of these planets.
Moon Conjunct Neptune- Refined sense of feeling,
a love of solitude for being unsatisfied and
misunderstood and psychic inclinations are the key
notes of this conjunction.
The native is very sensitive and impressionable to
emotional reactions of others and influences of the
surroundings. He is easily hurt when his feelings suffer
from untoward attitudes. The native tends to be
mediumistic and psychic. Other factors the horoscope
tells whether it is simply a subconscious phenomena or
has its roots in reality. The native occasionally has
prophetic dreams and his flight of imaginations can
enhance his musical and artistic talents.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Afflictions to this conjunction make the native a

creature of dream world and his imaginations have
nothing to do with the reality.
Good aspects to conjunction tend the native to excel
in religious and spiritual arena.
Example- Here under is the chart of a great
astrologer who was endowed with profound psychic
L 18
Sat (R) Mars 13
18o Pluto 6


abilities. The Moon and Neptune are conjunct in a

watery sign Cancer giving him profound insight,
prophetic intuition and mediumistic ability. Strangely
enough he was almost 100% correct in his predictions.
He even told time, place and mode of his own death.
Moon Conjunct Pluto -Emotional reactions,
expression of feelings and extreme emotional life are
the key notes.ofthis conjunction.
The native with this conjunction is hyper in feelings
and strong willed emotionally. He is endowed with
occult and psychic tendencies and dominates the people
and surroundings emotionally as well as physically
more positively.
The native tends to live in the present emotionally
as well as physically and does not care for the past. He
is the person seeking drastic changes and is daring
enough to achieve them at any cost. Due to these

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


compelling tendencies to renovate the environment

according to his will, the native is called a revolutionary
in the domestic circle. The native may find himself in
trouble while in relationship with women because he
tends to be more physical than emotioOal in relationship.
Example-The native with the chart is of dominating
nature towards his surroundings upto the extent of
L 17


Pluto 7"

. 28


cruelity. H~ has brought about complete renovation and

regeneration in his profession through strong will.

Mars is straight forward, frank and free; just and
generous; active, ambitious and enterprising; self reliant,
original and constructive. Mars acts with vim,
confidence, determination and in a practical manner.
He is a good leading man who creates e~thusiasm in
sub-ordinates and others. His view is broad with crystal
clear conception and he is capable of responsibility in
undertakings particularly industrial. He believes in self
help not in waiting other's instigations.
Due to his energy he is fond of all fair games, travel,
exploration, professional, mechanical or industrial
activities. He is an impartial judge and industrious. He
is fortunate for the significations of the sign occupied
by his friend Jupiter.
Aspects of Mars act through his sign and house
position, the houses ruled by him, the house of his
exaltation sign and planets conjunct and aspecting him.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Under stress aspects to Mars, the native acts in an

indiscriminative and rash manner. Afflictions to Mars
signify out bursts of anger, ill temper and violence. Good
aspects from Mercury give him insight, from Saturn
discipline and from Jupiter wisdom.
Aspects of Mars denote desires of the natives and
the areas of their manifestation. In a male chart Mars
tells about the manner by which he wants to attract
women while in a female chart the type of man she
wants to attract.
Mars Conjunct Mercury- Rashness and premature
action, quick reply, power of thought, love of argument
and obstinacy are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native has abundant mental energy which
sharpens the wits and enhances power of perception. If
learned, the native is man ofletters and thinks that pen
is mightier than sword. He is very persuasive either in
Mercury's logic or in Mars's argument. The native acts
upon his decisions and says that he thinks irrespective
of consequences. This is a good conjunction for
investigators an~ press reporters. In some cases,
however, the native has partisan attitudes and a
tendency to take sides particularly if the conjunction
occurs in earthy or watery signs.
The native can speak fluently in a debate on
controversial issues. Due to envious nature of Mars the
native thinks that he is intellectually superior to others
and possesses more knowledge. He is eager to express
himself blatantly and forcefully with extraordinary
straight forwardness.
Under afflictions to the conjunction, the native is in
danger of ~agnifying things too much and thus


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

becoming too hopeful. He is prone to heated arguments

where he may loose the track of argument. The native
is also in danger of becoming blind to the reason and
his' desires tend to take control of reason.
_According to classical authors, if Mars conjuncts
Mercury, the native will have unlucky wife, little wealth,
will produce articles of gold and steel, be an architect, a
master carpenter, will keep a wicked widow, be a boxer
or wrestler and be an expert in making medicines.
Example- In the chart discussed under "The Sun
in Inharmonious Aspect to Jupiter", Mars and Mercury
are conjunct in the 2nd house. The lady is argumentative,
untruthful, has partisan attitudes and tendency to take
sides. Her homely environment does not remain
peaceful for many days as the conjunction occurs in
Cancer and the Moon and Mars having exchanged their
signs. The lady keeps an eye on other's money and
always intends to get benefitted monetarily from
In our view Mars-Mercury combination produces
thievish disposition if Rahu or Saturn also joins.
If the conjunction of Mars and Mercury happens to
be in the 1st house, the native is an expert in minerals
and fire work. He can easily dupe others and may be an
ambassador or custodian of other's belongings. He has
a tendency to engage in controversies, imitate others
badly and to live in foreign land. He is cruel and pitiless.
If the conjunction happens to be in the 4th house,
the native has conveyances, friends and wealth but is
deprived of relatives. He has addiction to wine, women
and gambling and is attached to none. His domestic life
is unsteady.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native

loses firstwife, changes residence and is argumentative
in disposition. He is engaged in crafts to deceive others.
He is very sensuous which is the bone of contention
between the husband and wife.
Should Mars and Mercury join in the lOth house,
the native is brave and cruel and he becomes an army
chief. The native can be a good geologist, a pleader, an
investigator or a press reporter. He is lover of truth,
possesses various merits and is knowledgeable in
Hora Sara says =!rrn"i'm-!1 ~

~'ilr:!>U41 tj "C4 '(<:11 ~tli! .41'114Chl S<'Q'Ht!;tG: I

-qft;r;:J: q U ""1 Cfi I s:_a:ft

<};.a; 14 l!iPPi


Should Mars and Mercury be in one house, the native

has unsteady mind, lords a wicked woman, gets easily
satisfied, is dirty and likes to eat other's food. If the
conjunction occurs in any of the angle, the native is
wealthy and happy.
Mars Conjunct Jupiter- Energy, concentration
upon certain objectives, ambition, urge for activity,
ability to make sharp decisions, capability to handle any
situation are the key-notes of this conjunction.
The native feels energised and full of enthusiasm
to accomplish tasks. His self confidence is supreme
and he has capacity to achieve set out goals. He wants
to be ahead of others in the task at hand. If he is a student
he can fare well at competitive exam. If he is an officer
he is troublesome for the lazy subordinates. He is
sometimes called fanatic for his zeal to accomplish
tasks. If he is a businessman then enterprise and
financial gains are important to him. All his tasks are


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

result oriented. Military or police career is most

appropriate for this native.
In some natives there is tendency to over generosity,
misplaced sympathies, extravagance and waste. They
tend to lose discipline and under impulsive spending
expenditure tends to exceed receipts. This is one of the
draw back of this conjunction.
If the conjunction is afflicted then Jupiter gets robbed
of some of his virtues to Mars; might is right attitude
predominates and the native wants to earn money at
any cost. The native resorts to show of strength and
pomp and show.
According to classical authors, the native becomes
an engineer, artisan or holds some high position in the
town. If he is a holy person he receives grants frolfl the
. king to advance his philosophy. He is intelligent and an
expert in speech, wise and fond of using weapons.
Ifthe conjunction of Mars and Jupiter occurs in the
1st house, the native is full of energy to accomplish tasks.
He is a meritorious person and becomes a religious
preacher. He is dear to the king and occupies some
eminent position.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
is a firm person and leads a joyous life full of comforts.
He has many relatives who are well placed in life. He
himself holds a high position in the goverment. He is
firm in his religious beliefs.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the
native is interested in joining base people, is highly
sexed and wanders fruitlessly. He injures his body
due to his sins i.e., he is affected by some sexual or
venereal disease.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If Mars conjuncts Jupiter in the lOth house, the native

is a warrior who heads the army of the king. He is
endowed with many loyal subordinates. He comes from
an honourable race and is knowledgeable in Vedas and
other scriptures. He is a religious devotee who IS
accepted by one and all.
Hora Sara, a great classic says'l'\JI'l6~l~ (4('1q("( ~: ~ fu4ltt:ti11
fl'!Hifl:~&fWil ~lllf.ct1'1iS(WQfCiiWilll

If Mars and Jupiter be in one and the same house,

the native will be longlived, will be blessed with many
sons and will always be respectful. If these two planets
happen to be in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the person
remains addicted to vices, will be sick and bed ridden
due to some malady and will be devoid of much wealth
i.e., he owns little wealth.
Mars Conjunct Venus-Impulse to love, a strong
sensual nature, sensitiveness, excitability, lack of
tenderness and tact are the key-notes of this conjunction.
This is a creative aspect largely depending upon the
rest of the horoscope in which way it will manifest,
through social or artistic activities or sexual infatuations.
This conjunction vitalises the emotional nature of
Venus through the desirous energy of Mars, thus
imbibing the native with emotional warmth and love
of life. The only precaution, the native requires is that
he should never be rash and impetuous in his affections
and should refrain from reflecting these too early either
through his speech or actions in dealing with opposite
sex or in general. This precaution is necessary because
there is danger of affectionatenature of Venus rendering
into physical gratification in most of the charts where
masculine planets are strong. If feminine planets are


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

strong this aspect has lesser tendency for manifestation

as physical one; but manifests through courtesy and
creative arts or through the works of social betterment.
The basic urge of the conjunction is impulsiveness
therefore a precaution is required in spending money
for impulsive purchasing etc. A better management of
cash reserves is required in this case.
According to classical authors, the native who has
Mars and Venus conjunction at birth is worshipped, is
chief among his men, is a gambler, a liar and untruthful,
enjoys many women and above all is proficient in
mathematics i.e., astrological calculations. He is likely
to suffer from diseases of sexual organs.
If Mars conjuncts Venus in the 1st house, the native

suffers from phlegmatic disorders and is sex ridden. He

undertakes futile jobs, cheats others, is ungrateful, has
a valorous son and does not achieve success in any of
his undertakings.
If Mars conjuncts Venus in the 4th house, the native
becomes a great man, is very popular, has many friends
and a son, is the head of his clan and is very modest.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
is a social magnate. He is unable to accumulate wealth
and roams around damsels and is unjustly disposed on
that account. He acquires blood oozing diseases around
his sexual parts. He may lose his social acceptance due
to some sex scandal and may be annihilated.
If the conjunction of Mars and Venus occurs in the
lOth house, the native lives a luxurious life and is a
socially accepted personality. He enjoys rich food and
drinks. He is ready to serve and renovate grand shrines.
He is very delightful, merciful and modest.

Planelary Asrros in Astrology

Regarding this conjunction, Hora Sara says-


~ 'T.l"Q'FF': OOCI1!'lO ~CFI4Cf'l<(: I

('1h1 '(j)@i f4 <:( mA <!' Miib Cflj lllli ~ cll 'CIT II

If Mars and Venus are disposed in one house, the

native will be fickle minded, will be a this wife's disposal
and will indulge in wicked acts. Should the said
conjunction be in the 1st, 4th or lOth house, one will be
chief of his caste or head ofthe village.

Example- Here under is the chart of a female doctor

an MB.B.S., now having gone to Canada for appearing
Mars s

Jup 1"


Mer 24
Sat 23


Nep 20 Ura 14

ahu 25
luto 18

in an equivalency examination there. She was doing

M.D. in Gynaecology here; but left that in between. The
conjunction occurs in the sign of Venus, therefore Venus
gives her sense of courtesy and creativity. Her 7th lord
goes to the lOth house, therefore life partner should be
from her professional area. As Mars -Venus conjunction
occurs in the 9th house, the would be husband will be
an N.R.I. who should be financially well to do.
Mars Conjunct Saturn-Harmful and destructive
energy, inhibited vitality and tendency to get hurt or
injured are the key notes of this conjunction.
In this conjunction the energy of Mars is restrained
by inhibitions of Saturn which result in anger, hard


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

feelings and ill-will. Initially the native controls his

anger due to the discipline of Saturn, then suddenly
it erupts breaking all bounds resulting in resentment
and violence.
This aspect itself needs to be well aspected. In
horoscopes that are well evolved this aspect denotes
capacity for hard work, endurance, resourcefulness and
balance of mind in tough situations. The courage of Mars
and prudence and caution of Saturn make these natives
fit for military career and other daring professions.
Under afflictions to this conjunction, the native tends
to be oppressive and dictatorial and his obstinacy can
result in his own organised and deliberate destruction.
Inflammation of various body parts, blood disorders
and fracture of bones are common complaints. In
extreme cases there is display of muscle power and
antisocial attitudes.
According to classical authors, if Mars and Saturn
are conjunct, the native is a metallurgist and prepares
weapons. He is a skilful warrior. He is an expert in
jugglery and tends to be deceptive and deceitful. He is
a liar, a robber and thievish in disposition. He is in
danger from weapons and poison. He is fond of quarrels
and remains always unhappy.
If the conjunction occurs in the 1st house, the native
becomes interested in sinful acts, speaks rudely, acts
against the social order, is of angry disposition, defies
others and accompanies antisocial elements.
Note-In our view sign disposition and lordship
plays an important role in deciding the results of various
conjunctions. The results decribed in classical texts seem
to have been framed according to natural significations
of planets only. The auspicious rulership of planets
mould these results to a considerable extent.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If the conjunction of Mars and Saturn occurs in the

1st house in the sign Capricorn, then it is an auspcious
conjunction indicating energised action with prudence
and caution; but some what hardness ofthe conjunction
still remains there.
If Mars conjuncts Saturn in the 4th house, the native
suffers from innumerable miseries and is abandoned
by his relations and friends. He spends his wealth
undesirably. He is devoid of affection and warmth in
relationship. He loses some of the progeny and is
inimical towards the surviving. He is totally immersed
in wine, women and undesirable pleasures.
If the two planets conjunct in the 7th house, the
native suffers from various diseases and is of emaciated
body. He is wicked and has a shattered married life. He
is proudy and engaged in back-biting.
Note- According to Ph ala Deepika, a classic, Mars
and Saturn in Cancer in the 7th house endow the native
with a chaste and beautiful wife.
If Mars and Saturn conjunct in the lOth house, the
native is proficient in Vedic knowledge. He is endowed
with virtues and is pious at heart. He possesses cattle
wealth, sons and is always plentiful. Above all he loves
his kiths and kins. The native is in fear of kingly
punishment for financial misappropriations.
Hora Sara is little variant and says~\ilqoat<:t(li~ .n1'tf-if41ffi ~I
~ ~ "}41t"41 HlCfltiUH'I: ~:II

Mars and Saturn in conjunction afflict windy and

bilious complaints. Should they be in the 3rd, ~th, lOth
or 11th house such effects should not be anticipated;
contrarily, the native will be famous, liked by all and
equal to king.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Mars Conjunct Rahu- Lack of adaptability and

desire to quarrel are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native who has Mars conjunct Rahu in his natal
chart likes strong physical activities of atheletic nature.
He has vivid lewd dreams and as such exaggerated
sexual arousals. He either can have help from his
coboms or helps them to get better placed in life.
The native should refrain being involved in mass
passion or fads otherwise he is likely to lose his identity
and may meet self destruction. The native should also
beware of misdirected patriotism because he is to suffer
most from the untoward happenings as he is not wise
enough when to withdraw. In friends, circle he is likely
to be misused for having too much trust in others and
in trust he is carried too far for thrust into tendencies
that there is no easy retreat for him.
Initially the native finds it hard to be adaptable to
the new environment and people around, one~ he has
made it, then it is difficult for him to swich over.
According to classical authors Mars conjunct Rahu
in the 1st house causes one to be crooked and extremely
selfish and indulge in quarrels and litigations to make
one's ends meet. Sometimes murderous tendencies are
noticed with this conjunction if it occurs in fiery signs.
This conjunction also gives suicidal tendencies in certain
destructive parts of constellations.
Mars and Rahu conjunct in the 4th house, under
benefic aspects denote gain through gold, silver or cloth
business. One might get a legacy as well. If afflicted,
there will be loss of wealth through enemies or rogues.
There will be delays and obstacles in all undertakings.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, gives more
than one wife and love affairs before marriage.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


If Mars conjuncts Rahu in the lOth house, 1 llh or

2nd house makes the native rich by undesirable and
questionable means. The native becomes interested in
detective serials and may be a writer on such subjects.
The native of the following chart has a biased nature
and she is haunted by certain phobias. She is of irritable
L 1-22
Mars 7"
Sun 17"

Balance ofMars at birth 0 yrs, 9 months and 10 days.

and angry disposition. Mars is aspecting the Moon in

the 5th house. She is not courageous but is of depressive
psyche. On 23-3-2002 she swallowed sleeping pills in a
fit of depression. Kala Sarpa Yoga is also present in the
Mars Conjunct Ketu -Solitude, anger and
frustration are the key notes of this conjunction.
There is need for the balance between the action and
fear. The native tends to remain away from group
activities of his society for he thinks that the trends are
not good. He finds it hard to be in tune with others rather
he criticises them. He is unable to get things done at
right time and is always at the wrong time in
approaching others to gain a favour. Thus instead of
gaining favour he antagonises his well wishers. In this
way his frustration rises further and he becomes more


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

irritable. Circulatory problems and disorders of blood

are common with this individual.
According to classical authors, if Mars conjuncts
Ketu, there is fear to male children from weapons and
of ill health to self. The native incurs loss of wealth,
troubles in the family, divorce and death.
Mars Conjunct Uranus- Obstinacy, brutal
frankness, selfwill,intolerance, haste, premature actions
and liability to injuries or accidents are the key notes of
this conjunction.
The native is a man of action and hates idle life. He
has a tendency for dangerous pursuits and unusual
excitement. He is very impulsive and rebels against any
constraint. His nervous system is always under
excitement and he receives satisfaction from daring and
dangerous sports like car racing, hunting or through
leading an organised movement that is full of
The native also possesses technological proficiency
and scientific bent of mind. He finds pleasure in
experimenting with machinery and electrical apparatus.
If the conjunction is afflicted it is usual for him to meet
accidents during experiments and driving.
It is a technician's aspect and for it to be a scientist's
or technologist's aspect the strength of Mercury and
Saturn is required. Strength of Mercury provides
discrimination and that of Saturn patience and
Example- In the chart discussed under "Moon
conjunct Pluto", Mars is in conjunction to Uranus. The
native is an industrialist with technological skill and
ability. He started from a very low position and made
gradual progress. He takes creative interest in new

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


technology. He has renovated his industry by

implanting imported machinery. He is frank, impulsive,
rebels against constraint and is a good organiser.
Mars conjunct Neptune- Psychic magnetism, sense
of inadequacy, healing abilities and feeling of inferiority
are the key-notes of this conjunction.
The native tends to act through underhand tricks
and secrecy. His actions are mysterious. He has peculiar
romantic and emotional desires. There is breach of trust
by the native or he faces this through the person of the
house where conjunction occurs.
An abundant psychic energy is available to the native
and he has healing abilities accordingly uses occult forces
for the same. Under afflictions to the conjunction, the
native has tendency to use heading abilities undesirably.
This conjunction makes the native susceptible to
infectious diseases, poisoning or drug reactions.
Mars Conjunct Pluto- Courage, will power,
endurance, egotism and power of regeneration are the
key notes of this conjunction.
The native has tremendous energy; more than
normal endurance, therefore he is able to perform that
which is beyond the capacity of normal human being.
He is so much courageous that even death is immaterial
for him. Mercury, Saturn and Venus should be strong
so that the energy of the conjunction is used for
constructive human purposes.
In this conjunction if Mars is strong the energy is
used to satisfy personal greed, lust and egotism. If Pluto
is strong the energy is used for wider causes of
humanity. A spiritual leader having this conjunction can
start the process of reforms and regeneration, burying
the old. worn out concepts.

Mercury is active, changeable and sexless planet. He
furnishes the mental force necessary to a great extent
towards sanity and survival on this planet earth.
Mercury corresponds to mind's action, resulting in
perception, thought and mental power or intelligence
to analyse conditions and develop adaptability to
environment; also to arrange details to suit personal
needs and requirements. Through the nerves he
influences the part of the body denoted by the sign he
occupies. He relates to the tongue and hands as agent
for the expression of mind.
If Mercury rises ahead of the Sun, logic and reason
guide the native in life. If he rises after the Sun, the
decisions made are impulsive in nature.
Mercury in fire and air signs has more healing or
curative powers by directing the mind exclusively
towards the trouble or place of illness. Mercury in
Gemini has healing powers in his hands and speech.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native with Mercury retrograde is very shy. It is

not that he is afraid; but it is simply the shyness which
vanishes after a formal acquaintance.
The Aspects of Mercury are modified by his sign
and house position, the houses he rules, the house of
his exaltation sign and these are the keys to interpret
how the native thinks, the type of mind he has. The
native's way of thinking and mental likes and dislikes
are determined by the prominent aspects made to
Mercury. Mercury himself is a neutral planet, it is
coloured mostly by the planet in close aspect to it as
far as perception, mental communication, reasoning
and memory are concerned.
As already told in earlier chapters that Mercury is
one of the factor that indicates evolution level of an
individual. Therefore a well placed and aspected
Mercury is a necessity to achieve position and status in
life. It is the coordinator or lens through which all the
planetary influences are filtered.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter ..... Sound common -sense,

wealth of ideas, the intellect, kindheartedness, vanity
and conceit are the key-notes of this conjunction.
The native becomes broadminded and displays an
interest in _law, religion, philosophy and higher
education. He is far above the narrow, limited and
orthodox side of religious thought and gains
spiritually by the practice of meditation. The native
has confidence and influences others by his prolific
oratory power. Thus he can be a successful politician,
educationist, spiritual preacher or leader of masses.
He endeavours for the betterment of humanity being
in the professions that instigate the humanity thus;
receives respect and honour.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native travels extensively to educate masses and

spreads his philosophy. He is an authority in his
profession. He is fortunate and achieves success in life
because of his sound state of mind.
Under afflictions to the conjunction there is vanity,
self-conceit, arrogance and frivolity.
According to classical authors, the native is a
noted scholar, dancer, singer, instrumentalist or
musician. He is handsome, courageous, liberal, just,
modest, fond of perfumes and flowers. He is wise and
If the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter occurs in
the 1st house, the native is wealthy, has pleasing
personality, is endowed with good luck, courteous, well
behaved and learned. He is valorous and earns through
coldified means. His counselling gains acceptance in the
court of the king.
If Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in the 4th house,
the native is pure hearted, has many friends and
relations, is endowed with wealth, comforts,
conveyances, kindheartedness, is famous, intelligent,
wise and honoured by the king.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native

is married to an auspicious wife. He brings good luck

to his father. He is wise and fair in dealings but remains
in vanity and conceit. Though he has a good wife but
still starves for sexual gratification.
If Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in the lOth house, the
native becomes a great counseller and achieves the
position like a minister. He is valorous like a king. He is
courteous and well mannered. He gets a lucky wife and

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


sons. He is very prosperous and his fame spreads all"

Hora Sara differs in delineation-


~ ~'lll~j)(''Hl cqqffi1
CQCOIM&i"'I(ISI~ ~ ~ fC4&'11i1ti4q~:ll
If Mercury and Jupiter conjunct, the native will be
deaf, learned and will suffer from diseases of eye. If both
be specifically in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the native
will be lucky, famous and virtually disposed.
Mercury conjunct Venus-A sense of beauty and
grace, lightheartedness, merriment and thoughts of love
are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native has refined mental qualities and his mind
is sympathetic, artistic and poetical. He displays grace
in speech, writing and is communicative. Etiquette of
Venus and communication ability of Mercury make the
native a good diplomat. His selection of time and words
is exact in this respect. On this account he also proves
to be a good partner in marriage .or otherwise. The
understanding for relationship is great with this
conjunction and if the native also has strong Saturn, he
can be a good mathematician.
Generally, the native with this aspect chooses the
social and pleasurable side of life, not the laborious. He
takes delight in enjoying the lighter form of literature.
He is usually healthy as he worries very little and
jealousy does not agree with his temperament.
According to classical authors, if Mercury and
Venus are conjunct at birth, the native is abundantly
rich, supreme in his descent, sweet in speech,
delightful and becomes a politician. He sings sweetly,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology

makes fun and likes scents and flowers. He studies
Vedas, becomes virtuous and wise and is able to
maintain many people.
lf Mercury conjuncts Venus in the 1st house, the
native is proficient in governmental works and earns
the favour of the king. He is learned, rich and observes
moral code.
lfthe conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native
possesses pleasing physique, has friends, relatives and
children. He behaves like a king and becomes a high
lf Mercury conjuncts Venus in the 7th house, the
native has a beautiful and conducive wife, enjoys many
comforts and possesses a handsome and healthy body.
He is always eager to enjoy the company of cute dames.
He displays diplomacy and common sense in day to
day affairs.
If the conjunction occurs in the 1Oth house, the native

has a pleasing appearance and is wise politically. He is

a king or his equal, virtuous and wealthy. He honours
the guests, gets engaged in religious discussions,
completes the tasks undertaken successfully and
patronises holy and pious people.
Hora Sara says ~-~<itil ~ fC1EiidCfiii'iHlS@Oia:H'l31H1:1
'41 1 <l~jlfl"ff(1.q. (<:u f~~i6i!.,i Lli f.:a11t wnt:lfa_.T: II

Should Mercury and Venus be in one house, the

native will be spiritless, his welfare will be checkered.
He will have mean wife and sons and yet he will
shower affection on them. Should the conjunction be
in the 1st, 5th or 9th house he will earn titles and
Immense money.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Example-Following chart is of a girl very tender

in her approach towards realities of life. She likes
Ketu 14
Sun 10
Sat 2
L 15-49'
Mer 5



Pluto 7


luxurious life, got married in an orthodox family where

ladies have to get up early in the morning and get
engaged in house hold work. She does not know
anything of the house hold work. She belongs to a rich
family where house hold work is done by servants. She
lived with her husband only for two months.
Mercury Conjunct Saturn-Obstinacy, endurance,
clumsiness, industriousness, suffering without yielding
and depth of thoughts are the key notes of this
The native is more to the point, logical and scientific
in his thinking. He is foresighted and careful, displays
scientific and mathematical ability. He is too critical
which can deprive him of opportunities for progress.
Other aspects on Mercury tend to change the results
due to the absorbing nature of Mercury.
The native may not be as fluent in speech; but in
writing he does not let any step omitted. The ability
to understand form and structure is good and he may
be efficient in geometry. He can be a good designer,
interior decorator, architect or engineer if the chart
promises so.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native having this aspect under afflictions tends

to be over critical, apprehensive and toughest task for
him is decision making. It is difficult for him to leave
the established lines of thought and accept the new ones.
He is too worrying and thought prone that he looks to
be gloomy and under the state of mental depression.
According to classical authors, the native contracts
debts, is fickle minded and quarrelsome. He is proudy,
deceiving and intent on moving. He may be expert and
skilful in arts and may maintain many. His speech is
auspicious and exacting.
If Mercury conjuncts Saturn in the 1st house, the
native is an expert in carrying out orders of the king;
possesses a bad wife, is indigent, dirty, short lived,
unlucky and faces obstruction from the public. It is hard
for the native to beget an issue.
If Mercury conjuncts Saturn in the 4th house, the
native is deprived of food, friends and relatives. He is
defeated by enemies, suffers from anaemia, remains sick
due to chronic complaints and tends to be miser.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
is not virtuous and helpful. He has a wicked wife and
suffers from unhealthy sex desires. He may be weak
during sex act..He is insulted by others.
The native having Mercury conjunct Saturn in the
lOth house is an expert mathematician, wins over his
enemies and becomes wealthy. He is highly intelligent
and satisfactorily employed. He is devoted to gods and
According to Hora Sara -

'4+i'<4ff ~ ~~S2fqf ril

~ '1a: H '31~ f'i~: fi'i f.q n1 s.<:nr &ltSG 4'><'1 I{! I

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Should Mercury and Saturn be in the 1st, 9th or lOth

house, one will have wealth, wife, sons and friends. In
other houses, the conjunction will yield inauspicious
Mercury Conjunct Rahu: - Exchange of ideas, joint
plans and intellectual gains characterise this
In a good horoscope this is the conjunction for
popularity and intellectual leadership. The native is able
to influence the environment, people around and brings
about his own idealogy, thoughts and theories into
acceptance. He is wise enough to wait till such time arrives.
In a low evolved horoscope, the native is not so sharp
mentally; but swims along the currents of prevalent
social trends and accepted views. He is a good
subordinate to a wise official and is ready to implement
what has been ordered.
Above all this aspect endows the native with good
communicative skills and he has ability to assess the
need of circumstances. The native tends to be cheerful
in disposition.
According Hindu mythology Rahu achieved
immortality by swallowing the nectar a product that
came out by churning of the sea. Rahu was basically a
demon, trickishly he swallowed nectar; but his
demoniac character still persists. He is no one's friend.
His friendship is only for timely gains.
According to Vedic Astrology Mercury conjunct
Rahu gives gains from maternal relatives. The native
remains afflicted from skin problems and is susceptible
to leucoderma. Though Rahu is a friend of Mercury but
his association with Mercury causes much affliction
through mental maladies.


Planetary Aspects in Mrology

Mercury conjunct Rahu in the 4th house gives gains

of money; but if Mercury is debilitated, the conjunction
promotes unscrupulousness and the native suffers
sorrows due to relations, friends and children.
The conjunction in the 7th house gives the native
diplomatic proficiency; but at the same time he suffers
from sexual aberrations and has propensity to
The conjunction in the 6th or 12th house, if heavily
afflicted gives rise to undiagnosable diseases, nervous
breakdown and insanity.
Rahu conjunct Mercury in the 5th house denotes lack
of discrimination.
Mercury Conjunct Ketu- Mental originality,
frustration, independence of thoughts and suspicion are
the key notes of this conjunction.
In a good horoscope, this conjunction bestows
originality in thoughts and independent thinking. The
native is suspicious about others and does not give an
ear to other's views unless he himself is completely
convinced. His perception about the things prove to be
correct: He has good mental capacity and intuition.
In a poor horoscope, the native is not a good advisor.
He has poor vocal ability and whatever he speaks that
does not appease the listner. Thus he feels mentally
frustrated and solitariness looms his mind. Due to poor
mental faculty he does not gain support.
In a horoscope representing boasting tendencies, the
native is overly outspoken and tyrannical. His nervous
system is very sensitive to any opposition or advice.
Mercury Conjunct Uranus-Electrifying intellect,
moodiness, self will, intuition and shrewdness are the
key notes of this conjunction.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


This conjunction confers electrifying intellect and

original thinking. The native gains insight into the "things
through flashing intuition. This is especially true if the
conjunction occurs in airy signs. He gets inspiration and
guidance from the supreme universal force and
becomes interested in occult sciences, especially
The native is an inventive genius who excels in the
fields of science and technology. He is interested in
electronic communication, computer and everything
that appeals to reason. He hates tradition, routine jobs
and constantly seeks the new and original. He has too
much nervous energy and being regardless of the
feelings and opinions of others particularly the
orthodoxy and tradition, he is termed a "crank". It is
only due to these well educated people in science with
this aspect that new inventions and discoveries are
taking place.
The native with afflictions to this aspect is proudy,
hard to get along, self willed, eccentric and abrupt.
Mercury Conjunct Neptune-Lack of clarity, self
deception, imaginative faculty and phantasy are the key
notes ofthis conjunction.
In a good horoscope where the conjunction is well
aspected, the clairvoyance faculties are enhanced and
the native shows an active imagination with grand ideas.
The telepathic and prophetic abilities are evident with
this conjunction. The native can be a poet or literary
person. He can be good artist or photographer being of
lively imagination. His subconscious mind is active to
some extent. He can be a good psychologist or an expert
in the mystic phenomena or a good writer on these


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

If the conjunction is afflicted the native can be a liar,

a deceptive and secretive person. He creeps towards his
destination without showing any opposition. If the
conjunction is afflicted by Mars it is hard to deviate him
from his goals. The native does not give an ear to a good
advice. He is drowned in his world of phantasy without
any sense of reality. With afflictions to this conjunction,
if the horoscope has many bad features, the native can
have mental aberrations like he is such and such god or
some spirit has taken hold of him etc.
Example- In the chart to be discussed under
"Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Venus", the girl
loves cinema, modelling and other unrealistic pursuits.
Any advice to bring her down to earth makes her erratic.
She is under the Dasa ofMercury/Rahu upto 5-1-2003.
For the last one year she has become deceptive, secretive
and tells lies for nothing perhaps due to afflictions from
Mars to the conjunction ofMercury-Neptune. Presently
any good advice is inimical to her but in Mercury/
Jupiter situation will tend to be better.
Mercury Conjunct Pluto- Strong will power,
aptitude to find the truth, ability to induce root level
changes and a great writing and speaking ability are
the key notes of this conjunction.
The native understands the things from the root level
through his penetrative mind. He has strong will power
that adds to his resourceful mind. He is not a materialist
but to be aware of the truth is more important for him.
He is not at appraisal of old worn out theories but seeks
fundamental changes in his environment and place of
work that are in tune with the reality. If he is an expert
in science, he understands the phenomena upto sub
atomic level. If he is in an investigation agency, he proves
himself ahead of others in solving a case or collecting

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


the secret information. He can be a good occultist for

his nearness to godhood or other forces that do not have
physical existence.
If the conjunction is afflicted the native is selfish,
deceitful and pretends to be fighting for grassroot level
changes like a trade union leader works underneath for
his personal benefits but on the face pretends to be
fighing for the cause of labourers.


Jupiter by nature is warm, moist, sanguine,
temperate, social, expansive, masculine and moderate
planet. He has dominian over the liver, veins, arteries,
thighs and fa tin the body. He rules religion, philosophic
reasoning and higher education. An unafflicted Jupiter
makes the native good, sound and exact reasoner while
badly placed or afflicted Jupiter usually exhibits, poor,
uncertain and unreliabe judgement.
If in a horoscope Jupiter is above the horizon, his
influence manifests early in life than when below. Jupiter
unafflicted ascending or one of the rulers or in a
quadrant is fortunate, generally and particularly for the
sign and house occupied by him. Jupiter has to do
particularly with the social standing and refined
domestic element.
Jupiter operates through the significations of the
houses occupied or ruled by him and through the house
of his sign of exaltation. The aspects of Jupiter indicate

Planetar Aspects in Astrology


the moral and philosophic nature of the native. The

planets who aspect Jupiter denote how the native
cooperates with his social and working structure for his

expansion and attainments in life.

Jupiter ConjunctVenus-Sociableness, popularity,
joy and happiness in love, generous and optimistic
disposition are the key notes of this conjunction.
As Venus joins Jupiter, the native is of very generous
and optimistic disposition. He is sociable and
sympathetic towards the disadvantaged persons and
works for such institutions. He is always cheerful and
friendly. His income tends to be below his expenses. He
in real sense fights for the social causes and is a talented
peace maker. Any way he brings happiness to others
and has emotional attachment with religion.
Under afflictions to this conjunction the native is of
easy going disposition and spends a lot on comfots of
life. There may be tendency for laziness. The native has
a tendency and ability to trim himself according to
According to Vedic Astrology ifJupiter and Venus
conjunct at birth, the native lives by his education and
arguments. He is learned in many branches of
knowledge. He has an aptitude to argue even with
scholars. He follows a highly virtuous path, has clear
perception and notion of the things. His wife belongs
to a noble family and she is virtuous. He has many loyal
friends and enjoys a comfortable life with his sons and
If Jupiterconjuncts Venus in the 1st house, the native
is dear to the king, has many virtues and comforts, is
learned in politics and law, is very wealthy and
proficient in scriptures.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the

native is affluent and prosperous. He has plenty of

money, jewels and conveyances. He has many good
friends and relatives. He is devoted to shrines and
has virtuous sons.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the

native has virtuous wife, is wealthy, handsome,

magnanimous and full of praise. He is a devotee of
Brahmins and gods.
If Jupiter conjuncts Venus in the lOth house, the
native is intelligent, wise and commands respect. He
leads a righteous and codified life. He visits shrines
frequently and donates a lot in charities.
Hora Sara says ~ qiftq1:!)&41tiNitiil9>



fJiltl'1'l~flqffis.<:r.r ~: 41fsl1t~:~: 11

If Jupiter and Venus join in the 1st, 5th, 8th or 9th

house, the native will enjoy wife, wealth and sons.
Should the conjunction be in other houses, one will be
troubled by diseases and be sorrowful.
Example-The girl whose chart" was discussed
under "Moon conjunct Mars" has Jupiter conjunct Venus
in the Lagna making her endowed with many virtues
and well educated. She is married to a boy settled in
U.S A. She holds B. Tech. degree in Information Sciences.
She is destined to earn well in a foreign country.
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn-Practicality in financial
matters, attainment of objectives through industry,
perseverance and patience, interest in law and matters
related to civil administration are the key notes of this

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The two planets involved in the conjunction are of

contrary characteristics. Jupiter represents expansion
and optimism while Saturn represents obstruction and
disappointment. The powerful of the two will dominate
a little.
The native often finds problems in money matters
and his progress and expansion is delayed or
obstructed on this account. The industry, patience and
endurance are a must to overcome the bad effects of
this aspect. If the horoscope is strong otherwise, the
native achieves something of lasting value using his
practicality, common sense and conservative
approach. He is serious about various aspects of life
and is responsibility bound in this respect. In factthe
progress and advancement of this native depends
largely on the general conditioning of his
environment, the political, economic and social set
up around him.
In this conjunction, Saturn ahead of Jupiter is
fav.ourable than Jupiter ahead of Saturn because in later
case any work started at a high note will soon find a
dissolution for Saturn being behind manifesting his
effects later on.
The knowledge oflaw and general awareness of this
native is far better than the normal man; but luck factor
is not as much with him.
According to classical authors, the native having
conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at birth is heroic,
has plenty of wealth, is famous, becomes mayor of
the city or the head of assembly or the headman of.
village or an association. He may excel in other
honourable professions like a physician, a lawyer etc.
If the horoscope has less potential, he can be a dealer


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

in grains, food products or may have an oil industry.

Further lower professions are like craftsman, barber,
utensil maker etc.
If Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in the 1st house, the native
is lazy, does not honour the courtesy shown towards
him, is inept in getting his work done, has knowledge
of polity, faces many difficulties and does not respect
moral values.
If Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in the 4th house, the
native has loving friends and relatives. He is of sound
health. He attains a fair amount of property and slowly
and steadily builds up the foundation ofhis family tree.
In poor horoscopes, the native may be a cook, a porter
or an artisan.
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
is unattractive in appearance, dull headed and may
depend on women's money. He is unwise, untruthful
and does sinful deeds.
If Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in the lOth house, the
native is extremely wise, follows the code and conduct,
performs deeds of public acceptance and has many
conveyances. He is valorous and equal to a king; but
has few sons.

Hora Sara says~CI'JM;qcii~S'!Qi44101CI~'! 1WUHtfl'1: I

~orr: !OI&IIM UGt<f~n1 ~II

Should Jupiter and Saturn be in houses other than

3, 6,10 or 11, the native will have no respect and wealth.
Should the conjunction occur in the 3rd, 6th, lOth
or 11th house, one will be famous and honoured by
the king.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Example- The chart here under is of a native who

had a lot of ancestral property. From the very boyhood
he got indulged in lax habits i.e., wine, women and
speculations. He did not get into any profession. He

Ura 27
at(R) 3 Ketu s


Pluto 10


ahu 5 Moon
Merts Sun23 24


gradually started disposing the ancestral property. He

is very miser in financial matters and lives like a parasite
who grows on other's resources. The position of Venus
and Mercury in watery sign Scorpio and the Moon
conjunct Neptune in the 8th house put him into vices
and speculations. The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter
gradually depleted his ancestral property.
Jupiter Conjunct Rahu -Good fellowship,
sociableness, good connections and a tendency to seek
own interests in every dealing are the key-notes of this
Rahu being the node denoting opportunism, in
conjunction with the planet of wealth Jupiter, creates an
opportunistic person. The native has ability to harmonize
with the prevalent domestic, social or business trends,
to pick up what is useful for him and thus satisfies his
material ambitions. He is so selective that he even visits
a temple only if it is something worthy for him.
There is also a tendency to misappropriate the things
or to temper the accounts for his own benefit. This may


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

cause him troubles in future if his chart has combinations

for penalisation. In domestic circle he shows a tendency to
take things easily and too much for granted.
According to classical authors Jupiter conjunct
Rahu, makes the native to deride and mock at religion
and higher values of life; but if a benefic planet aspects
or joins the conjunction he loves and respects the learned
persons. It is called Guru-Chandala Yoga.
If Jupiter conjuncts Rahu in the 1st house in a benefic
sign, the native progresses by leaps and bounds and
attains respect and honour.
If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house under
benefic aspects or conjunctions, the native becomes
religious and God fearing. He has many mansions and
wealth. He is proficient in law and attains a high
If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house, the native
has art of gaining through partnerships if Jupiter is not
debilitated. He has relations with many women.
If Jupiter conjuncts Rahu in the lOth house, the native
is a luminary in his profession and is respected by all.
Jupiter Conjunct Ketu- Disagreement with
prevailing trends, love of adventure and no happiness
from children are the key notes of this conjunction .

The native is not an opportunist rather he criticises

such tendencies. He is not in tune with the prevailing
social, domestic and political trends. He has the ability
for critical analysis of the accepted values. He is not in
the habit of doing the right thing at the proper time,
which is the cause of his failures in undertakings.
Jupiter stands for religion, religious institutions and
higher education. The native is antagonist to all these.
He is rather interested in more subtle form of religion.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


In foreign trade he is unsuccessful, particularly in

exports, however, he can have some gains from imports
if the chart shows any such propensity. The native does
not attain happiness from children.
According to classical authors, Jupiter conjunct Ketu
destroys the fruits of the house in which it occurs,
although, it is somehow conducive for native's rise and
professional and social honour if occurs in the lOth house.
As an example let us study the following chart of a
small scale industrialist. The native has four children;
but he has no happiness from either of them. He spent
a lot on his son's education. The elder son is of 36 years,
a computer engineer; but still unsettled. The younger
son a chartered accountant now in U.S.A. is working
L 17"-06'


Pluto 7


on a meagre salary. The native himself tried to start an

export business; but without any response. The native
himself is simply a non matric fellow. Jupiter-Ketu
conjunction is showing its influence in regard to children.
Jupiter Conjunct Uranus- Inclination for original
and genuine thoughts in religion, application of new
methods for financial gains, and urge for independence
are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native employs new methods and technology
for expansion and professional attainment. He may

11 0

Planetary Aspects in Astrology

receive help for the same from group associates; friends

and unexpected sources. He has frequent travels in this
regard and keeps himself well educated and trained to
grab the opportunities for his growth and progress.
The native also helps his friends and associates in
achieving their ambition. Tradition does not appeal to
him, be it religion, profession, education or politics. He
is an advocate of new philosophy and new methods of
doing things regarding all aspect of life. In religion he
would like to be attached to philosophy which is near
to the original and genuine thought. He may practise
yoga and may be a devote of Arya Samaja or Acharya
Rajnish's philosophy. In Astrology or Palmistry or other
occult sciences he is attached to what is more original
and appeals to the reason.
Jupiter Conjuct Neptune- Fertile imagination, love
of humanity idealism, mysticism and love of art are the
key notes of this conjunction.
The native possesses fertile imagination regarding
religion and philosophy. He is apt to have visions of
religious gods, astral entities and finds excessive joy
in such things. Mystic phenomena and psychic form
of religion is prominent with him. Chaitanya
Mahaprabhu and Meera Bai were the exponents of
psychic form of religion. The native is fanatic about
idealism and unable to s.ave his interests just for
idealism. He can be a helping hand to a less fortunate
person out of the way i.e., he can help the needy
cutting short his own needs. This conjunction can be
of better use only in a practical horoscope.
Under afflictions to this conjunction, the native can
have the habit of making false promises while in reality
he cannot deliver what he promises. He remains in his
own world of unrealistic fantasy.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Example-Here under is the chart of a doctor now

settled in Canada. He is a follower of Aacharya Rajnish's
philosophy to achieve satisfaction and contentment by
pondering into absolute enjoyment. The 9th house planet
Jupiter is in the 7th house, the house of enjoyments in
conjunction with Rahu, a materialistic shadowy planet

Ketu 14




and Neptune, the planet for fertile imagination regarding

religion and philosophy. Uranus in the 5th house gives a
subconscious desire to get attached to something unusual.
In medical practice he treats mostly the aged patients who
require, more psychological support. In college life he
had interest in poetry' jokes and funny outings.
Jupiter Conjunct Pluto- Penetrative insight,
religious regeneration and aptitude for religious and
spiritual leadership are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native tends to renovate and regenerate the existing
forms of business, if in business and if in some profession
he is always in disagreement with the existing trends.
The native who is in some administrative capacity
tries to reform and regenerate the social set up through
his penetrative insight by studying the thoughts and
trends of people.
The native can be a reformist in religion too. He is
able to bury the old worn out theories and imbibe his
followers with new thought. He can be a preacher in
yoga, meditation or spiritual healing.

Venus is feminine in nature. She rules the sense of touch
and disposition. She signifies the higher attributes of the
mind, music, singing, poetry, painting, drama and all
refined amusements and adornments. She is beneficial
and fruitful and expresses through the character of an
individual by generosity, good humour and love. Men and
women ruled by Venus are kind and sociable.
When well aspected in the horoscope, she endows
the native with a pleasant countenance, symmetrical
form and graceful manners. She has the ability to
convert anger into pleasures and is the natural peace
maker. Venus ruled people are excellent hosts.
When adversely aspected in the horoscope, the real
and finer attributes of Venus are submerged, only the
emotional side dominates the individual which may be
detrimental to other's interests.
When Venus is afflicted in the horoscope, she
produces unsatisfactory domestic conditions, anxiety in

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


love, difficulties with friends and through finances. She

rules the skin, throat, reins, ovaries and internal
generative organs and under afflictions to Venus these
are adversely affected by over indulgence in
amusement, eating and drinking.
The sign and house position of Venus along with
her aspects indicates how the native will express love
from person to person basis; his aesthetic and artistic
tendencies and desire for companionship. It also
indicates the areas where social, romantic and sexual
urges are expressed.
In a male horoscope, Venus and factors affecting her
indicate the kind of woman native likes to attract and
in a female horoscope what a woman will do for her
Venus Conjunct Saturn-Inhibitions in love life,
suffering through love and sense of duty, dominating
inclinations of heart are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native with this conjunction at birth is a brilliant
artist having the sense of form and structure in detail.
The musician is also an artist and with this aspect has
perfect sense of rhythm, harmony and melody. If along
with this conjunction Mercury is also harmonious,
mathematical ability is indicated. On the other side the
native can be a landscape architect or an environmental
The native enters into meaningful and lasting
partnership and makes loyal friends. He is a better
server to his master than any other. He also has desire
to be married to a financially sound partner and live
in harmony with him. Under afflictions to the
conjunction, financial soundness of the partner is


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

prime consideration than harmony in relationship

and there is tendency to gratify emotions by using
others. The negative aspect of this conjunction is
feeling of being unloved and unappreciated and
mental depression due to sensitivity.
According to classical authors, if the two planets
are strong by the sign position the native is a sculptor, a
painter or a boxer. If the two are weak by the sign
position, the native is engaged in lower professions like
a carpenter or a barber etc. He owns quadrupeds and is
intent on wandering.
If Venus conjuncts Saturn in the 1st house, the native
is devoid of health and intelligence, does not
acknowledge favour granted to him, engages with
other's wives, is discarded by his kith and kins and is
of furious disposition.
The results are likely to get amended by favourable
sign position of Venus and Saturn.
If Venus conjuncts Saturn in the 4th house, the native
has less happiness in life. He gets engaged in sinful
deeds and is not amicable to his friends. He is fond of
delicious dishes. Although he is fair in disposition; but
cannot be relied upon.
If Venus conjuncts Saturn in the 7th house, the native
observes enemity with many persons. He eats
uneatables and wishes for other's wives. He foils other's
endeavours and engages them in useless tasks. He longs
for other's money.
If the conjunction occurs in the lOth house, the native
is highly intelligent, pious at heart and is of adorable
conduct. He is gentle, always in service of others and
attains a high position.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


According to Hora Sara ~tPtfua<il~ ~ CfiToT ~~~cti~'ll ~~

flilq~in ~ ~ ~ fi(Ciwt~1'1:11

Should Venus and Saturn. be in the 1st, 4th, 5th,

7th, 9th or lOth house, one will be commanded by his
wife, be wealthy and chief in royal service. In other
houses the combination deprives one of strength and
Example- The native of the following chart is an
Electronics engineer with sound financial back ground.
L 19

Rahu 17"

Ura 16
Pluto 20

He did M.B.A. later fromani.I.T, married a Bengali girl,

who is very dominating over him. The native is in senior
management position in BRE.L. The 7th lord Mars is
exalted in the 9th house hence he is commanded by his
wife. His wife though has doctoral qualifications but
believes in psychic practices, black magic etc. Due to
conjunction of Uranus with Pluto and the Moon with
Neptune in Libra, the native did not stick to the old
concept of arranged marriage but opted for his own
Venus Conjunct Rahu- Coordiality, warm
heartedness, an agreeable and pleasant disposition, love
of humanity and love union are the key notes of this


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The conjunction IS good for favourable

relationship in respect of money, romance,
partnership, friendship and marriage. The native is
true to his commitments and always honours his
words and time. Thus good things in life come to him
quite easily.
On the negative side or under afflictions to this
conjunction, the native has tendency to involve in all
kind of pleasures. He spends too much time in useless
social activities. Marriage seems to be successful for him
on the surface of it. There is tendency of licentiousness
also on the part of native.
According to classical authors, Venus conjunct Rahu
is bad in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th or 12th house. In rest of
other houses it is good.
Venus Conjunct Ketu- Help for the needful, feeling
of isolation and unloved and inferiority complex are the
key notes of this conjunction.
If the conjunction is well aspected the native loves
seriously and readily helps and relates to the persons
. who really need love and help.
Generally with this conjunction, the native does not
appreciate the value of social and romantic contacts.
Therefore feeling of unloved and solitarity gets rooted
in him which later on creates depression. Actually
conjunction of Venus and Ketu causes perverted sex
outlook and the native is unable to express his affections
Venus Conjunct Uranus-A self willed obstinate
disposition, strange urges and inclinations, the arousing
of love, eccentricity and an uncontrollable tension in
emotional life are the key notes of this conjunction.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native has love of social activities, friendly

gatherings and stimulating experiences. He is a unique
sparkling personality that attracts both the sexes,_ the
males being envious of him and females inclined to have
emotional satisfaction in his company. The native is
usually prone to unsatisfactory married life because
marriage comes to him simply due to physical attraction
between both the parties. The other aspects of marriage
partnership which were discussed earlier tend to stress
both the partners and create inharmony and separation
The native bestows affections on large scale_ among
friends and acquaintances that also pinches the other
partner in marriage suspecting the intentions of the
native and the proverb "haste makes waste" proves
itself. An understanding between partners has to be built
up long before entering into marriage, if one of the
partner is having this conjunction in his/her horoscope.
With any afflictions to the conjunction, the native is
obstinate and self willed. He has strange urges and
inclinations especially sexual urges.
Venus Conjunct Neptune-An erotic imagination,
illusion, an inclination towards mysticism, romantic
reveries, a poorly developed sense of reality, artistic
interests and poorly developed nervous and glandular
The native has very graceful manners and etiquette.
He brings happiness to others through his presence. His
sense of perception and aesthetic ability are highly
developed. Therefore he can use these virtues in artistic
fields, photography, music etc. Mysteries of nature and
astral phenomena also attract his attention for he is
endowed with vivid imaginative faculties. He has a


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

fertile subconscious mind and can use this faculty for

spiritual healing. He has ability in hypnotism, can use
it for providing soothing touch to disturbed humanity.
On the negative side in a bad horoscope or under
afflictions to the conjunction, the native becomes
impractical having erotic imaginations and deceptive
illusions. He easily gets drowned into romantic reveries.
He tends to be deceptive in love and romance.
Example- The native of the chart here under is very
impractical having erotic imagination and illusion of


Sat 16

love and romance. He is so hypersensitive to sexual

thoughts that he masturbates regularly sometimes even
twice or thrice a day. Though he is not yet well set in
life, but wants to marry immediately. He is very poorly
educated. The cause of romantic reveries is the
conjunction of Venus and Neptune in the 8th house in
Scorpio whose lord Mars is exalted in the lOth house.
Venus Conjunct Pluto-Fanatic love, spiritual
desire for sensual pleasures and lasciviousness are the
key notes of this conjunction.
The native is strongly attracted to the members of
opposite sex. He is emotionally so much involved that
deception or separation in emotional attachment leaves
him no where and he gets enlightened spiritually. Thus

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


after the death of emotional love there is birth of spiritual

love which enables the native to work for the upliftment
of those less fortunate who come in contact with him.
The capacity for regenerating and mending to spiritual
love is far great in highly evolved natives.
If the conjunction is afflicted or in a less evolved
horoscope, the native suffers from excessive sexual
passions and forceful involvement in sexual pleasures.
A slight criminal instinct in the horoscope makes the
person a sexual debauchee. Thus we see that this
conjunction is powerful source oflove energy which can
be released either way.
Example-Here under is the chart of a person who
molested many girls and women in his prime years. He
was also abused by two young girls when he was just
Lagna 8
Rahu 7

Ketu 7" }up 26 Nep 16

14 years of age. From there he got arousal of sex instinct.

He has such a personal magnetism for sex that girls or
women who came in his contact did not resist him rather
surrendered afterinitial disagreement. This was perhaps
due to the conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Venus and
Pluto. Rahu in the Lagna makes him crafty and selfish.

Saturn is cold, dry, phlegmatic and windy,
melancholic, earthy and masculine by nature. Sexually
he is l;lermaphrodite. He rules over teeth, bones, spleen,
knees and the sense of hearing.
Saturn's influence is heavy, binding and lasting in
effect. His influence is much maligned so he is called
evil. Saturn has deterrent effect bringing denial and
necessity into some lives. Saturn does not like pride and
brings down it to his knees. He humbles the nature of
pride by imposing restrictions, limitations and
adversities and compels the native to ponder, study and
introspect the cause of woe. Saturn teaches the lesson
of prudence and introspection and is a great reformer.
Saturn well placed and aspected in a horoscope
makes the native serious, practical, economical, prudent,
conservative, executive and a good manager.
Saturn evilly placed or aspected in a chart seems to
produce a chain of adversities, delays, restrictions,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


disappointments and sorrows which lead to misery,

poverty and illness.
Aspects of well developed Saturn indicate self
discipline to the native in building his life. Placement
of Saturn and his aspects to other planets indicate where
the native is forced to fulfil himself and make-up his
deficiencies. Afflictions of Saturn manifest through
selfishness and rigid attitudes; block capacity of social
interaction and progress which ultimately result in
limitations and misfortunes in endeavours.
Saturn Conjunct Rahu- Isolation, depression
caused by non cooperation of others, inhibition in
contact with others are the key notes of this
The native is conservative and it is hard for him to
accept t}ul modern ideas, trends and cultural values. He
tends to lag behind in the race and blames this to non
cooperation of others. The feeling of isolation and nonimportance in him causes mental depression. Due to
inhibitions in endeavours, the native needs a lot of
patience to get his work done and ambitions realised.
According to classical authors, if the conjunction
occurs in the 9th house, there will be displeasure from
rulers, parents and degradation from high position.
If the' conjunction occurs in the 1st house, the native
remains ill in childhood and is accident prone.
Iftheeonjunction occurs in the 8th house, the native
suffers from digestive troubles.
If the conjunction occurs in a malefic house, the
native is predisposed to criminal instincts.
If Saturn happens to be in the constellation ofRahu
in the 8th house, the native is in danger of paralysis.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Saturn Conjunct K_etu-Rigid habits, limiting

attitude, strong concentration and meditation powers
are the key notes of this conjunction.
The.native loves solitude and deep thinking. He has
the ability to concentrate on matters untouched so far.
He loves meditation and may be a good scientist or
philosopher who provides something new, if the chart
promises so.
Negatively the native is slave of his rigid habits and
limiting attitudes. He does not want to compromise at
the cost of such habits and attitudes. Thus he misses
the train and does not reach the destination indicated
by other propensities in his horoscope. He is in great
-need of psychological support to learn methods of
success in this world of opportunism.
According to classical authors, it is hard for the
native to achieve success in respect of the sign and house
where this conjunction occurs. There is tendency for the
things to occur as late as possible.
Saturn conjunct Ketu in a malefic house also confers
suicidal tendencies.
Ketu in the constellation of Saturn in the 8th house
predisposes one to paralysis.
Saturn Conjunct Uranus-Original genious ideas,
check of eccentricity, use of old ideas and theories
blending them with modern concept are the key notes
of this conjunction.
If the conjunction is well aspected, the well evolved
native is well versed in expressing and making use of
original ideas in a practical manner. He is well
developed and learned and does not indulge himself in
useless whims, fancies and habits. He becomes a serious

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


student of science, technology, mathematics and occult

sciences. He is able to use creatively knowledge of past
masters along with his own experiences gained under
the light of present days science and technology. He is a
keen student of Astrology and is competent enough to
make researches in this divine science. He has a laudable
practical approach to all matters of his interest.
If the conjunction is afflicted, the native is obstinate,
irritable and self willed subjected to autocratic attitudes.
For such attitudes he incurs unwanted enemity which
may pose a threat to his well being. He tends to be
accident prone. Unrealistic optimism creates strong
emotional tensions in him leading to pessimism and
Saturn Conjunct Neptune- Practical use of
Neptunian insight, secret activities, morbid
imaginations and drug abuse are the key notes of this
To a well evolved native or in a good horoscope, if
the conjunction is well aspected, the native is able to
use practically his spiritual inspirations, compassion and
clairvoyant faculties. His dreamy nature tends to gain
feet. As such the native can excel in the fields of drama,
photography, music, art or some spiritual thought that
can be of utility to humanity and to the nerves of masses.
The native has tendency to move secretively and
solitarily which is a good virtue for meditation.
If the conjunciton is afflicted the native may be
engaged in some secret vice or behind the scene activity.
He may suffer of sickly imagination, drug abuse and
obsession by spirits and astral entities. He may be a
victim of mental depression.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Saturn Conjunct Pluto- Mass influence and

secretive accomplishment of plans are the key notes of
this conjunction.
The ideas, plans and projects of the native have
mesmerising effect on the masses and they tend to
transform and mould themselves as the native desires.
He can mobilize masses for social causes and thus
satisfies his ambition to gain power. He works hard in
this respect and has enough patience to achieve power.

If the conjunction is afflicted, the native is selfish and

social cause is just the means for him to achieve power
and status.

We know that Rahu or north node of the Moon is
one of the two points where the plane of the Moon's
circuit cuts the plane of the Sun's circuit or earth's circuit
or the ecliptic (these three terms represent one and the
same Jhing). It is known as Dragon's Head. The other
point of intersection is called Ketu or Dragon's Tail or
south node. Rahu is the point from where the Moon
traverses to her northern course while Ketu is the point
from where she traverses to her southern course.
According to Western Astrqlogers Rahu is a benefic
like the nature of two fortunes Jupiter and Venus. In
Vedic Astrology, Rahu is considered a materialistic and
opportunistic planet who is always eager to attain
worldly pleasures. It belongs to lower sections of the
society. It is cruel and untouchable.
Actually Rahu represents lust. The word lust should
be used here in a wider perspective according to its position
in sign and house and the evolution level of the horoscope
under scrutiny. For example Rahu in the Lagna either


Planetary Aspects in Mrology

instigates the native to lead an unscrupulous life or

nurtures him to lead a spiritual life. Here the sign position
ofRahuand evolution level of the individual are important.
The lust is there either for the evil or for the good.
Rahu Conjunct Uranus-A family quarrel, a
disquietning and upsetting when living together with
others and experiences in life shared together with
others are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native is likely to have gains from original and
genuine ideas, technology and existing social conditions,
when the conjunction is well aspected. For example if the
conjunction is found in the 7th house and is well aspected,
the native may marry a partner leaving aside all customs
and tradition and may be benefitted therefrom.
This aspect also tends to impulsive enthusiasm and
if the conjunction is afflicted, the resulting social changes
are against the interests of the native for being too far
carried away in impulses.
The native also suffers disquietening and disturbing
dreams. He has illnesses of the same character at regular
Example- Here under is the chart of a girl who fell
in love with a guy of other caste and married him inspite
of all opposition from parents and relatives. She has
Ketu 19 Sun 22o
enus 20
Jup 23o Mer2
L 16
ars 16
Sat 7

Ura. to Moon
Nep 19 ahu 19
Pluto 15

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


knack of gaining from social conditions. Because the

conjunction of Uranus and Rahu is in the 7th sign ofthe
zodiac afflicted by Mars, her brothers were opposing
mainly and she did not get anything as dowry. She has
not been to her parents, home since marriage. So the
social change went against this girl.
Rahu Conjunct Neptune- Subconscious awareness
of self interests and tendency to go astray are the key
notes of this conjunction.
The native gets subconsciously aware ofthe present
day popular trends and is adapt in getting benefitted
from these trends and opportunities.
If the conjunction is afflicted or occurs in a weak
horoscope, the native has a strong tendency to lead
astray without being aware of what is happening. He is
swept in the fury of mob activities or other such social
upheavals without giving mind to the outcome, thus
harms himself. For example, a girl at disco or a drinks
gathering may be emotionally exploited. The native is
required to apply discrimination and be positive.
Rahu Conjunct Pluto- Association brought about
by the particular circumstances of destiny and a keen
understanding of the current trends are the key notes
of this conjunction.
On the positive side, the native has an urge to seek
contacts or associations with many people and he wishes
to become a public figure or lead fair number of people.
The rest of the horoscope decides whether the native
uses such position for selfish purposes or for the cause
of masses.
On the negative side, the native feels association with
other people as a burden or he is unable to bear the
pressure of position gained for being involved in corrupt
practices and selfishness by misusing his position.

According to Western Astrologers Ketu is a malefic
like Saturn and causes inhibitions, delays and
disappointment in undertakings. It weakens the
significations of the planet it is conjunct with.
In Vedic Astrology, Ketu is Mokshakaraka, the planet
leading to emancipation. It remains in deep meditation. It
is very influential spiritual planet who takes the native
away from lust. Ketu creates miseries in such a way that
the native becomes aware why the miseries have been
inflicted upon him. He becomes aware of the cause and
does not indulge himself again in the same process.
Therefore' Ketuis also called Gnankaraka, i.e., knowledge
provider. Thus we see that Ketu is strongly Karmic in
Ketu Conjunct Uranus- Disruption due to changing
social conditions is the key note of this conjunction.
The native is the most affected person from the
changing sociological conditions .. These changing

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


sociological conditions may be wars, revolutions or

partition of a country. If the conjunction occurs in the
lOth house, the native may have frequent transfers if in
service. If it occurs in the 4th house, his house or land
may be acquired for some goverment project for a
meagre compensation, thus inflicting financial loss to
the native.
The native is well aware of importance of traditional
values and customs and sticks to them even under the
strong current of social and technological changes. This
is possible only if the conjunction is well aspected.
Ketu Conjunct Neptune- Disinclination to cash on
opportunities and danger of theft of hard earned
valuables are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native is a go slow person drowned in his own
world of unrealistic fancies. He is so absent minded that
he is usually unable to cash on opportunities. This is
his subconscious habit pattern. He is more a fate
oriented individual believing in, what is in his fate, will
come to him. Due to this attitude, he ignores even the
greatest follies of others and he is likely to be robbed of
what he has earned after strenuous efforts. If the
conjunction is well aspected, the native has spiritual
understanding of the functioning of things.

Ketu Conjunct Pluto- Destruction of endeavours

due to inconducive social events and initiations into
projects at wrong time are the key notes of this
In a good horoscope, if the conjunction is well
aspected, the native has ability to fight out social evil
by deploy111ent of his resources and will. He is self reliant
to accomplish the tasks.

Planetaly Aspects in Mrology

On the negative side, the native has tendency to
initiate into works at wrong time which only produces
humiliation on his part. He is not at ease with his
environment and prevailing social set up. His
endeavours are blocked or turn futile due to inconducive
social environment, perhaps may be due to wrong
selection of time. The major block is that the native
himself is unwilful.

Uranus is cold, dry, airy, positive, magnetic, strange,
occult and malefic. He acts without prior meditation.
He loves original and genuine ideas. He is against the
routine work and loves sensational adventures. He
governs the faculties of curiousity, invention,
investigation and all things of a curious and wonderful
nature like modern art. He has ruling over the intuitive
intellect and ankles in the human body. He has dominian
over electricity and communication technology. His
metals are aluminium, platinum, uranium and radium.
If Uranus is strong, the native is interested in occult
research, reforms and advanced lines ofthought. He is
attracted to such subjects as astrology, occultism,
phrenology, mesmerism, magnetic healing, telepathy,
electricity, wireless, inventions etc. Due to such interests
and non acceptance of traditional values as it is, he appears
odd, eccentric, a mental crank living ahead of his times.
If Uranus is strong and well aspected in a horoscope,

the native is strongly intuitive, having exploring and


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

inventive aptitude. He is quick enough to predict the

results of a business etc., with his keen intuition. He
does not depend on reasoning for such predictions. He
is endowed with strong and constructive imagination.
If Uranus is weak and adversely aspected in a
horoscope, the native is though endowed with inventive
faculty and genius; but he is at the same time over
forceful, abrupt, brusque, erratic, wilful, sarcastic and
easily offended. He is prone to accidents through
vehicles, electricity and explosions.
Aspects of Uranus, his sign and house position are
indicators of native's originality and genius drawn from
some higher source. Planets aspecting Uranus are
subject to drastic changes for the good or bad in their
affairs. Extra sensory perception is in a way more
responsible for bringing about these changes.
Uranus Conjunct Neptune - Extraordinary and
unusual inclinations and elimination of waking
consciousness are the key notes of this conjunction.
The native with Uranus conjunct Neptune at birth
is destined to make major spiritual and scientific
progress. He is to set new standards of evolution level
by propounding new political and social system and
philosophies of life.
The native is mentally and emotionally sensitive. His
imaginations are peculiar having a touch of orginality.
He has a well developed intuitive insight in regard to
affairs signified by the house of conjunction and planets
aspecting the conjunction.
The native is associated with some secret religious
organisation which has its origin in recent past and is
engaged in providing new dimension to established
spiritual values and thought.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


In profession or busines, the native is firm believer

of group endeavours; but he observes secrecy as far as
the intricacies of business or profession are concerned.
Uranus Conjunct Pluto-Daring and fool hardy
disposition, extra-ordinary power of creation and
performance, the process of transformation, setting
order of things and revolution are the key notes of this
The native is a revolutionary inclined to overthrow
and regenerate the old and dilapidated social
institutions and structure. He is firm believer of
universal law and does not endorse discrimination at
any level.
Highly developed individual with good horoscope
works and leads the regeneration movement for the
betterment of the society while the less evolved
individual with afflictions to the conjunction misuses
collective power and position for selfish purposes. Trade
Union leaders who exploit labour movement for selfish
purposes fall under the later category.

Neptune appears to be the planet of nebulous state,
more psychic than physical or material. He represents
inspiration, spirit feeling, mediumship and inner
perception. He governs the receptive faculties. He is of
neutral and spiritual nature. Spiritual here does not
mean religious. He rules things and conditions of
mysterious order and hidden nature such as seances,
secret meetings and affairs of secret order. He rules feet
in human body and more abstract understanding of the
things. He does not rule any metal but has relation with
gases, drugs, chemicals and anaesthetics. He on the one
side represents mental chaos while on the other side
spiritual insight. He has affinity for oils, liquids,
beverages, tobacco, sea and impressionistic art.
When Neptune is well placed and aspected in a
horoscope, the native is full of aspirations and
forewarnedintuitionally to do the right thing and make
full use of opportunity. He is endowed with clairvoyant

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


faculty and has great sense of touch and feeling. The

native has full potential of an artist if he has some sort
of aptitud~ for art.
When Neptune is adversely located and aspected in
a horoscope, he leads to over receptivity, inertness and
states too negative and passive, which result in various
ills or defects of character, allowing weakness to
temptations. The native seems to be emotional and if
does not resist himself, he is likely to run into extremes,
generate unnatural appetites, changefulness,
uncertainty, indolence, vague imaginations, intrigues
and confusions, incur troubles through schemes, plots,
deception and secret enemities.
Neptune Conjunct Pluto -A tendency to
concentrate strongly upon peculiar or strange aims and
ideas, wavering between fanatic and mystical
inclinations and presentiments are the key notes of this
The native with this conjunction at birth has
perception of higher forms of religion and spiritualism
and engages himself in reforming and regenerating
spiritualism from the flaws it has acquired and thus
enlightens the society and humanity by a new level of
consciousness. He can be an apostle of the thought of
universal love among all living beings. The method of
manifestation of ideas depends on the house of
conjunction and house ownership of the two planets
and aspects made to the conjunction.
The conjunction is so delicate in character that a weak
individual often oscillates between the fanatic and
mystical inclinations. This so happens when Neptune
is more prominent of the two planets.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

If the conjunction is afflicted and the native has a

strong horoscope, he is able to reap the sentiments of

masses aroused through his ideas of new religious and
universal love concept for his own selfish motives.
Planetary Conjunctions Of Pluto
Planetary conjunctions of Pluto with other planets
have been discussed under the conjunctions of various
planets. An idea about the specific nature and
characteristics of Pluto will be of benefit for our readers.
Pluto stands for fundamental and irrevocable
changes in one's life. He rules the elimination, recycling
and regeneration of old ideas, concepts and waste
products. Pluto's house position shows the area to
cleaned and recycled. This cleaning has to be done at
physical, emotional and mental level. The power of will
and faculty of attention is required for cleaning process
which are also represented by Pluto.
If Pluto is strongly placed and aspected in a
horoscope, the self awareness and determination of the
native are highly developed and indicate higher level
of spiritual enlightenment.
If Pluto is weakly placed or aspected, the native lacks
in self awareness, determination and is a dummy
Pluto is the will or energy that can alter the quality
of life for the good or evil. Impartial judgement is always
required for the manifestation of Pluto energy for the
cause of humanity.

In Vedic Astrology harmonious and inharmonious
aspects among the planets depend upon their natural
significations and their basic characters. Planets of
contrary characteristics usually display inharmony when
in aspect. However the lordships of planets have a great
say in moulding the planets considerably, when in aspect.
This change in nature and characteristics is particularly
noticeable during their Dasas and Bhuktis. Thus we see
that in Vedic Astrology the results of aspects of planets
depend upon their natural characteristics and lordships.
In Western Astrology, it is' the angle between the planets
that decides harmonious or inharmonious aspects. The
planets at fl.)o or 120 apart are supposed to be in harmony
or create a harmonious aspect, tend to enhance each other's
good significations, modify and retard the bad
significations. If the angle is 90 or 180 or placed in 6th/
8th to each other, then they are said to be in inharmonious
aspects. They tend to irritate and block each other's
significations. They give bad results for the houses they
are posited in and for the houses ruled by them.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

We propose to discuss here the harmonious and

inharmonious aspects between the sets of two planets
in a general sense. These aspects are pliable for various
horoscopes according to lordships and natural
characteristics of planets involved and other aspects to
these planets.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology



Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Moon
There is harmony between the emotions and
memory represented by the subconscious mind and the
creative will denoted by the conscious mind. The native
remains free of internal chaos and conflicts.
This aspect strengthens the constitution of both male
and female and the native is attracted to opposite sex
due to his ability to communicate and establish
friendship. He is loyal, ambitious and adaptable. He is
fond of children and their progress in life. He is amicable
to parents and harmonious to domestic atmosphere. His
marriage proves to be successful.
He is popular and enjoys public acceptance. He is
helped by persons of rank and position and succeeds in
life. He enjoys good employment and salary. The native
is enterprizing, responsible and has fascination for
speculation. If Jupiter aspects either of the two planets,
the native is able to amass enough wealth.
Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Moon
The native suffers due to internal chaos and conflict
caused by sensitivity, subconscious habit pattern and
conscious will. The habit pattern generated due to
childhood environment does not let the native to be at
ease with opposite sex and in other relationships. The
inner conflicts also affect the health of individual.
The native tends to be irresolute, egoistical,
sensitive, compelling, immoderate and susceptible to
nervousness and psychosomatic aberrations. He is
unable to dispose of his duties properly due to poor
health as such he has difficulty in finan .ial affairs,
amassmg wealth, gaining good employment and


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

obtaining assistance from persons of rank and

position. He does not keep harmonious rel_ations with
his parents and holds them responsible for his failures
and low position in life as they could not provide the
conducive childhood coditions to him. If Saturn
afflicts any of the luminary, the native has
susceptibility for chronic illness; if Mars afflicts, the
native is explosive, extremely quarrelsome, pFOne to
acute illnesses and if Uranus afflicts, the native is
severely erratic, unconventional and unpredictable.
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Mars
Under this aspect there is harmony between the
will and desires of the native. He becomes physically
sound and full of energy and virility. He is enterprizing,
determined and full of power of attainment. He is full
of confidence, desires to lead and exercise power. The
muscular and cellular activity of his body is great
which fills him with ambition and he gets engaged in
tireless efforts.
The native tends to be frank, out spoken,
venturesome and generous having the sense of justice.
His perceptibility is sound and he is fit for professions
where engineering ability is required.
The native has fascination for sporting activities,
wants his children to be strong and instigates
them towards sporting activities. If either of the planet
is in an airy sign, the native has powerful "intellect and
force of will.
The native is a hard task master, enjoys challenging
professions and expeditions.
Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Mars
The will and desires are at conflict with this aspect.
The native tends to be hasty, impulsive, obstinate,

Plarmy ~ in Mrolq!y
stubborn and inclined to quarrels and violence. He
becomes his own worst enemy. If he finds any obstacles
to his self expression either by thoughts or actions, he
becomes angry and gets frustrated soon. In absence of
patience and persistance, he is called harsh and
The native is of bilious constitution and being of
hasty and impulsive natrue, he is subject to accidents,
fires, cuts, burns and scandals. He is susceptible to
fevers, inflammatory complaints, surgical operations
and attacks of acute illnesses.
The native often wastes his energy in useless
arguments; loses the support of superiors and those in
high position. He is sensuous and too aggressive in
relationship with opposite sex. There is always extra
stress on his heart, so he may face cardiac problems in
advanced age.
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Jupiter
The native is humane, sympathetic, generous,
philanthropic, charitable, honest, social and hopeful. He
possesses good moral qualities and enjoys sound health.
He enjoys social recognition and gains success in
material and spiritual arena. He is endowed with broad
outlook, farsightedness and sound judgement.

The native has influential friends and acquaintances.

For his virtues, he is helped by the persons of higher
strata of the society. He is knowledgeable in the customs
and etiquette of the society and always conforms to
these standards within moral values.
The native enjoys good health and abundant vitality.
To a female, this aspect brings good luck through her
husband and she enjoys a happy married life. The native
is interested in culture and life of foreign countries and


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

makes friends from distant places. He tours to foreign

countries and may be engaged in foreign trade.
If the Moon is also involved in good aspect to either of
the planet, the native gains through public dealing or
trading through sea; if it is Mercury, the native gains
through communication, travel, publishing, writing or
some literary work; if it is Venus, the gains come through
arts, crafts, entertainment, cinema etc.; if it is Mars in
harmonious aspect to either of the planet, the native may
enjoy some authority; but due to impulsive spending he
rarely saves money. If Saturn forms a harmonious aspect
with the Sun or Jupiter, the native gains through sound
investment, inheritances, govt supplies or contractorship
or through the trade of minerals.
Under this aspect the sources of prosperity are the
houses where the signs of two planets fall.
Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Jupiter
With this aspect there is struggle between pride and
will. The native tends to be bombastic, haughty, irritable,
egoistical, mistrustful, fond of display, pleasure and
The native lacks discipline and forethought in his
undertakings, craves accomplishments and fulfilment
of desires too fast. He aspires too much material
comforts. He is untruthful, mistrustful and is victim of
unrealistic self image. He is also pretentious and tends
to show false side of the things. If he shows any
generosity it cannot be without ulterior motives.
This aspect also threatens business and financial
losses through injudicious investments and
miscalculations. It may be through wrong advice. It is a
trying aspect denoting legal difficulties and
disappointments. The native may be accompanying
wrong people and realises the mistake later.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native is extravagant and showy regarding the

affairs of the houses ruled and occupied by the Sun and
Jupiter. He has the tendency to promise more and deliver
nothing. He is always at war with superiors and in
conflict with laws of the land.
This native is fond of rich food and acquires illnesses
due to gluttony or malnutrition. Obesity and over
weight are the old age problems with him.
As an example let us consider the following chart of
a lady who is very ostentatious and extravagant. She is
very proudy and tends to show herself different and
Moon Ven 25 L 17
Sat 21" Sun 21 o


Jup 9


Ura 21"

superior from others. Though she is less qualified; but

from her personality does not look to be so. The Sun as
the 3rd lord in the Lagna is aspected by Maraka Jupiter.
The conjunction of Mars and Mercury in the 2nd house
also indicates an element of falsehood. The Sun and
Uranus are in square aspect to each other.
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn
The native is firm, decisive, determined,
conservative, methodical, responsible, discriminative,
confident and capable of sustained efforts.
This aspect gives success to the native slowly and
steadily through persistent endeavours and meritorious
qualities. The discipline, concentration and organisation
are his virtues towards success.


Planetaly Aspects in Mrnbgy

If the native is in politics he rises from grass root level

and becomes adapt to shoulder larger responsibilities

through his hard earned leadership qualities. He is honest
in his dealings. He does not let his goals to disappear from
his mind and uses his energy for the same in a practical
and useful manner.
The native is strong and firm in personality and does
not deviate from his goals due to criticism and opinion
of others. If the Sun and Saturn are further proped up
by other harmonious aspects, he earns a lot through
land, mines, industries or solid investments. If the Moon
supports, he succeeds in public enterprises and
municipal works.
The native is practical and methodical in his approach
towards all aspects oflife, be it success or health. He, being
careful about health, lives upto a good old age.
Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Saturn
Hindrances, delays, obstacles, limitations,
selfishness, pessimism and disinclination for social and
economic welfare characterise this aspect.
The self expression of the native is obstructed
physically as well as mentally which erupts resentment
and pessimism. He tends to be reserved and formal with
friends and acquaintances. He also experiences set backs
in his professional and romantic pursuits. If anything is
achieved it is after great and prolonged efforts. The
native can have some respite only, if other planets have
harmonious aspects to either of the two planet.
Saturn being the cosmic law enforcing agency, the
native learns a good lesson regarding the houses owned
and occupied by the Sun and Saturn. He has to shoulder
heavy responsibilities regarding these houses. He lacks
cooperation and faces negative attitudes from the
relatives and people represented by these houses. A

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


senior male member of the family needs his continuous

attention and caring. The senior member may perhaps
be father or grandfather. The native also is in
disagreement with that member.
With this aspect native's marriage gets delayed and
under heavy afflictions to this aspect there is possibility
of denial. He is also unfortunate in regard to children.
They may be crippled, sickly and noncoopertive. In a
woman's horoscope this aspect certainly delays
marriage. She may have to undergo painful periods
during pregnancy particularly during the earlier months
of pregnancy. The husband is also selfish, domineering
and unsentimental towards her emotions. He may be a
drunkard or with other loose habits, if Saturn happens
to be in a watery sign.
The native being pessimistic, worrisome and seclusive
gets his vitality to the lower side. The bone tissues and
cells particularly experience more degeneration. Cell
sedimentation and arterio-sclerosis are very common due
to poor circulation. Rheumatism and broken bones also
produce a danger. The teeth give way early and there is
great susceptibility for chronic illnesses.
Example- The lady with the following chart suffers
from several diseases. She has asthma, rheumatoidarthritis, uterus TB. in the past, blood-pressure and
Sat 24 Ura 24 Ketu 1


Planetary Aspects in Astrobgy

arterio-sclerosis. We shall discuss here only rheumatoidarthritis and arterio-sclerosis.

The Sun and the Lagna lord Mercury in conjunction

with Mars make her very desirous and fond of rich
living. Venus in the 2nd house makes her slave of taste.
The aspect of Jupiter on three planets in the Lagna
enhances the above mentioned effects. The square aspect
of Saturn over the Sun and Mercury gave her arteriosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rahu in the 6th house
adds to it. To some extent Saturn in the lOth house is
also responsible for susceptibility to windy diseases.
She also suffers of bad teeth. She broke her hipbone
in February 2001 when in transit Jupiter was conjunct
Saturn in the 12th house. Saturn was also aspecting natal
Jupiter by lOth house aspect. Jupiter lords Sagittarius
representing hips.
The fracture occured in Jupiter Maha Dasa and
Jupiter An tar Dasa. Mars in transit through the 6th house
was aspecting natal Jupiter and transit Jupiter-Saturn
conjunction in the 12th house.
An operation for hip-implant was done in March
2001. But it caught infection and discharge of pus started
at the operated place. She was again operated to clear
the infection and now she is alright.
Her husband was fond of drinks, see Saturn in a
watery sign in the lOth house aspecting the Sun in the
Lagna (Western aspect).
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
This aspect is concerned with adaptation, preference
for team work and associations and search for
intellectual and physical contacts.
The native is able to use moral and social values for
his own sake. He seeks intellectual cooperation and

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


experiences sharing with associates. He is popular and

earns public support. Physical associations with
opposite sex may be very common to him.
Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
This aspect is concerned with inharmonious
attitudes towards people in environment and inability
to function in cooperation.
The native is unable to make use of prevalent moral
and social values for his benefit. He is not at right place
af right time. He is unable to form romantic attachments.
He does not enjoy public acceptance.
The native's autonomous nervous system functions
poorly, so he is not receptive to external stimuli.
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect is concerned with original talent,
consciousness of and concentration upon objectives,
perception and foresightedness, love of independence
in action as well as in expression, mobility, striving for
reforms, association with societies and group activities,
research, exploration, adventure, transportation, aerial
and electric matters and electronic media of
The native has magnetism, is endowed with virtues
like spiritual insight, originality and forethought coming
to him from a higher source. All his endeavours succeed
in a dramatic way with smoothness. He is such a
magnetic personality that all his thoughts, inspirations
and actions are accepted and followed. The native is
humanitarian and has liberal thoughts. So he is accepted
as leader to reform and remake the society.
He is greatly interested in occult and scientific
subjects. He is benefitted by elderly people and
occultists. He himself can be a good astrologer enjoying
public acceptance.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native has friends among government

executives and extraordinary persons. He can have
success through public or government employment.
The rhythmic function of cells and body of this native
is inunison. Therefore, he preserves sound health upto
old age, as such enjoys a good old age.
Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect is concerned with caprice, obstinacy,
self will, a contradictory nature, impatience, an
excitable physical make-up, troubles, muddle
headedness, states of tension, sudden set backs,
sudden changes of conditions in life, accidents and
The native is high strung, nervous, irritable, self
willed, independent and prone to non-cooperation with
friends, partners and people in his environment. He is
egoistic and eccentric, yet thinking that he is right.
Though he is a talented person with quick, intuitive and
perceptive mind with a lot of original ideas yet his way
of implementation is unwise. Desire forfreedom and ill
gathered pride make him inimical to good advice of
others. The native always seeks change, freedom,
novelty and new opportunities.
Due to his erratic behaviour, impulsiveness and ill
gathered pride, the native is neither able to get good
education nor experience and proficiency in his
profession. Thus he stands no where educationally as
well as professionally.
The native meets unreliable friends or he himself is
unreliable, so there are intrigues and losses to him in
business. He can incur enemity and opposition for his

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


In a woman's horoscope, this aspect indicates

scandals, unlucky union and forced sexual exploitation
while in a man's it may lead him to homosexuality.
The rhythmic function of cells and the body is
disturbed. The pulse and breathing is irregular due to
neurosis of heart. The native is prone to accidents from
vehicles, explosions, electricity and atmospheric
conditions like storms and lightening. Harmonious
aspects tend to lessen the effects.
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
This aspect characterizes receptiveness to all
impressions, fertile imagination, mental enthusiasm,
inclination towards mysticism and love of travelling.
The native possesses a creative and inspirational
mind, can translate his mental images into practical
ones, if he also has strong Saturn and Mercury in his
chart. He then can be a good artist or musician. He
shows facination for philosophy, religion, science,
psychic research, sanitation, naturopathy, swimming
and water sports.
If Mercury is strong in a Kendra or in harmonious
aspect to Neptune, the native is a fluent orator and
writer. He is fond of playing at guitar or violin like
musical instruments. For his refined feelings and
emotions, the native loves and enjoys beauty of nature
and travels extensively on this account.
In love the native displays purest form of love.
He has better understanding of spiritual and psychic
phenomena, can use his experiences of such
phenomena for the spiritual healing of the needful as
he has better sympathetic understanding of the
needful. He may be benefitted through mystic and
spiritual subjects.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native has better understanding of stockmarket trends and with his spiritual insight, he can
guess the outcome of a speculative deal. If Saturn and
Mercury are strong additionally, the native has great
professional success for his ability to reap the
opportunities through his perfect insight. He meets
useful and influential people at opportune time to
gain their favour.
Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
This aspect is concerned with negative attitudes,
weakness of character, deficient will to carry out plans,
peculiar and weird ideas, self deception and a craving
for narcotics, stimulants and drugs.
The native is prone to fantasies emanating from
emotionalism and wishful thinking which result in
deception at the hands of others. In other words it is
self deception. Secret love affairs prove to scandalous
and the native is liable to be the victim of fraud. He is
susceptible to morbid sensual gratification, lax morality
and seductive alliances. Illusions are always there as
far as love and romance are concerned.
The native is the victim of distorted perception of
reality and indulges in self destructive acts frequently.
For example he can lend a sum out of his capacity if the
other person is able to play upon his emotions. There is
also tendency towards escapism and shunning
The native is usually mediumistic and subject to
weird dreams, feelings and desires. He may be exposed
to negative psychic forces and astral entities to realise
such dreams and desires which prove to be disastrous
ultimately. There can be a tendency to resort to drugs
and stimulants to gain confidence.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native is mentally unsound to have benefits from

stock market and speculative investments. He is
particularly unfortunate and incurs deception in respect
of the significations of the house occupied by Neptune.
He also faces difficulties through children in some or
the other way.
Strong Saturn and Mercury are required for being
practical and reasoning and to keep his feet on the ground.
Body cells of the native do not function well and
there is tendency to water accumulations and dropsy.
The native suffers from illnesses difficult to diagnose
and needs hospitalisation frequently.
Sun in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect is concerned with creative power, an
appreciation of innovation, striving for power physcially
or mentally, consciousness of aims and objectives and
the quality of leadership.
The native is engaged in regenerating and
renovating self and surroundings through his will
power and resourcefulness. He has unending energy
and endurances for accomplishment of his aims and
The native is a gifted person of cosmos having
insight when to use resources and energy for spiritual
evolution or other cause for the upliftment of humanity.
He has well developed intuition and clairvoyant faculty
and can excel well in yoga, meditation and other occult
He gains sudden advancement in life through his
new ideas and establishes himself as a leader.
The process of regeneration of cells in the body is
satisfactory and the native is endowed with swiftness
and enthusiasm in day to day affairs.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Sun in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto

This aspect is concerned with arrogance,fanatical
aspirations and tendencies, over estimation of self and
craving for leadership.
The native has tendency to remake others by force
and is prone to dictatorial tendencies which produce
resentment in others towards him.
The native is stubborn and tries to force his ideas on
others. He is a venomous speaker and longs to lead
violent agitations. If he is a patriot, he does not fear even
martyrdom for the sake of his country.
There is danger to the native's life through wars or
violent agitations. He is devoid of providence.
He incurs frequent swelling and inflammation in
body as regeneration of body cells is deficient. The
native is extremely aggressive in the matters of sex and
Women with this aspect may be the victim of forced
sex or rape.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology



Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Mars
This aspect characterizes honesty, sincerity,
openness, frankness, inclination to act by feelings and
will intensified by feelings.
The native is ambitious, energetic, firm, eager and
bold. He uses commonsense and works hard to inspire
confidence in others and win their trust. He believes in
practical experiences and accomplishes hard tasks on
this ground. He is a fit person to hold positions of
The native is always eager to improve his domestic
conditions. He is likely to enjoy maternal legacy.
This aspect is good for significations of the 4th house
and the house occupied by the Moon. The native is
benefitted through property, land, estates and the
business of house hold goods.

The native possesses a strong muscular and

circulatory system, so his activity, force and vitality are
enhanced. For a woman this is an excellent aspect for
health. The native is fond of out door activities.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Mars
This aspect characterizes impulsive action, strong
excitability, quarrelsomeness, vacillating energy, hasty
actions, averseness to restrictions and compulsions,
irritability of temper.
The native is egoistic, domineering, daring and
venturesome. He is inimical to any restrictions and
desires freedom in action and liberty of expression. Any
impediment, opposition or lack of opportunity irritates
him and he becomes outraged.
Being impatient, forceful and aggressive, the native
particularly has problems and misunderstandings with


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

women and parents and his domestic life does not

advance smoothly. Any use of intoxicants is further
dangerous for him as it laxes the emotional control.
This aspect to some extent indicates loss of legacy,
sorrow through mother, difficulty over property and
dwelling place and loss through theft. This is also
adverse for professional prospectus, honour and
realisation of ambition.
The native suffers excess of bile in his body system
which results as stomach ulcers, stomach upsets,
nervousness and troubles with the head, eyes, breast and
sex organs. There is danger through ruptured blood vessels
occuring due to excitement, fevers, surgery, accidents
through fire and water. The native should avoid dwelling
at low and damp areas and should stay away from water.
For women this aspect is particularly troublesome
as they tend to be emotionally more volatile than men.
It also threatens annoying periods, inflammation of
breasts, uterus and other cavities in the body etc.
Example-The chart hereunder is of a lady doctor
who died of cerebral malaria on 16th sept 2002 at the
age of 41 years.
The Dasa at the time of death was of Saturn and
Antra was of the Moon. It is evident that both are

Pluto 17
Ura 7"

Mars 9 Mer 15 Ven 13o






Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Marakas. It is a short life horoscope. The Lagna lord

Sun is debilitated. The lords of two longevity houses
i.e., Jupiter of the 8th house and Venus of the 3rd house
are debilitated. The Sun and Moon are aspected by
Saturn and Mars respectively.
Due to cereberal malaria she suffered from kidney
and liver failure and got into coma. Her BP. went
down gradually and the death occured due to cardiac
On the day of death transit Uranus was passing over
natal Moon. Transiting Sun and Mars were conjunct in
the Lagna opposing the natal Moon and in square to
natal Mars and aspected by transiting Saturn from
Gemini. Transit Moon was conjunct natal Saturn, Ketu
and debilitated Jupiter.
Malaria is accompanied by high fever and in the
chart the Moon is inharmoniously aspected by Mars.
All inflammatory complaints and acute illnesses fall
under the domain of Mars. Conjunction of transit
Uranus with the Moon and opposition of natal Uranus
pushed her into unconsciousness and damaged brain.
Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Mercury
This aspect denotes an active mind, sympathy,
kindness, adaptability, thoughtfulness, discretion, good
judgement and protective care.
Under this aspect the reasoning and feelings are in
unison. The native is endowed with a fine memory and
mental ability of practical utility. He is perceptive,
ingenious, productive, versatile, fluently expressive and
copious in vocal ability and writing. He has full control
over his emotions and is tactful enough when to release


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

His mind is receptive to new ideas and he is fond cif

change and variety. He is good at business and puts
ideas into practice efficiently. Being good at
communication and equipped with emotional control,
he balances the family conditions very well and keeps
domestic environment in harmony.
The native readily understands the thoughts and
feelings of others and is a good judge of the pulse of
masses. He is a successful communicator, good at
advertising, salesmanship, mail order business,
lecturing and writing. He is fond of travelling, literature,
pleasure pursuits, music and art forms.
The ionic equilibrium of his nerve cells is perfect
enough. He is hygiene conscious and likes to be neat
and clean. He is health conscious and consumes
nutritious diet only.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Mercury
This aspect denotes quick and sharp mind,
changeable thinking, varying ideas, sarcasm,
turbulence, speculation, disposition to tell lies and
nervous sensitivity.
Under this aspect the reasoning and feelings are at
conflict. The native is so much tied to his past
conditioning that he loses objectivity and purpose for
his narrow mindedness. He has a tendency to gossip
and talk over matters of little worth. His extreme
sentimentality and hyper sensitivity keeps him in a
biased state of mind, lacking impartial thinking and
clear headedness.
If this aspect involves Mercurian signs, the native
very much talks about past matters. Other people
involved in the chatter get bored soon as the matter of
discussion is irrelevant and unproductive. For such

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


characteristics this is an idle woman's aspect who is free

for incessant gossipping.
The native makes friends easily and displays loyalty
towards such friends who are of no avail to him in time
of need but are simply attendants to his gossipping. The
native wastes his money in entertaining such casual and
unimportant friends. He may be dirty or extremely
conscious about personal and domestic cleanliness. For
his uncertainity he is lax in eating habits and is nonconscious about diet. He suffers from bowel and
stomach irregularites and diseases.
The native is nervous and unclear in his thoughts.
Therefore he lacks continuity and purposefulness
in expression and writing. He sometimes feels his
memory is giving way. He incurs business losses,
litigation and public criticism for his unclear and biased
attitudes. If either ohhe two planets is heavily afflicted
by malefics, severe mental derangements can be
Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Jupiter
This aspect is concerned with religion, benevolence,
social conscience, kindness, an obliging and helpful
nature, generosity and popularity.
The native is generous and emotionally sympathetic
towards others. He believes in the progress of society
as a whole. He is devoted to domesticity, parents and
family as this attribute belonges to the Moon. This aspect
is related to good luck and brings wealth through
inheritances, business and expansive attitudes.
The native may be of religious bent of mind and
grace of God showers at him. He is also interested in
foreign cultures, religions and travels to foreign
countries to have close look at these.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native is creative, capable and has a keen insight

about how to make good use of opportunities and be
advantageous from them. He succeeds in business just
due to his integrity and honesty. He has instinctive
knowledge of when and what to sell or buy. The native
has gains and development through the occult, spiritual
and educational affairs and publishing. He is benefitted
through the affairs of real estate, food, housing and the
significations of the 4th and 9th houses.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Jupiter
This aspect is concerned with indifference,
negligence, injustice, unpopularity, inner conflict
regarding out look on life, religious matters and the
world in general, rebellious and opposing tendencies.
The native loses through misplaced confidence,
emotional excesses and befriending people of greedy
nature. He is generous; but lacks resolution in it. He
journeys frequently without any purpose and
accomplishment. He may face troubles in distant
countries. He is liable to laziness, idleness and
disorientation. He lacks practicality, common sense and
flatters in grandiose fantasies.
The native hardly conforms to religious and
traditional beliefs of his parents. There is likelihood of
slander and false accusations. This aspect is adverse for
the mother and the native may be having
misunderstanding with her.
The native is prone to over eating, consequently does
not keep good health. He acquires derangements of liver,
gall bladder and pancreas; blood disorders and
tumorous growths. This aspect is particularly
troublesome in the horoscopes of women because of
troubles arising out of obesity.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Venus

This aspect characterizes an affectionate nature,
artistic talent, a strong feeling of love, a desire for the
expression of tenderness, a sense of judging worth of
things, gracefulness and cheerful disposition.
The native is refined, gentle, affectionate, attractive,
sociable and sympathetic. Therefore his home life,
marriage, domestic felicity and social relationship all
are amicable. He displays a creative interest in all
domestic activities, like cooking, decoration of home etc.
He tends to be artistic, imaginative and more
sympathetic towards women folk.
The native possesses conducive communicative
expertise and is welcomed by friends, neighbours and
in professional and business circles. He is loved by his
parents and is popular with opposite sex. This is a
favourable condition for singers, actors and musicians
since the Moon is exalted in Venusian sign Taurus. The
native tends to be frugal and successful.
The native has money and possessions and his 2nd,
4th and 7th house affairs flourish along with the house
occupied by Venus. He gets employment where dealing
with people is common like hotels,restaurants, boarding
houses, bakeries, confectionaries, real estate business,
commission agency of fruits and vegetables.
The glandular secretion in his body is perfect and
the natives particularly women enjoy life of love and
affection in a positive manner. The menstruation cycle
of women is healthy, ovaries function properly as such
their propensity of conceiving is good enough during
the sex act.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Venus
This aspect characterizes irritability, moodiness, an
inharmonious nature, weakness, shyness, poor power

Planetary As~ in Astrology

of assessment, a disposition to be led by others and
conflicts in love and emotional life.

The native is emotionally hyper sensitive and is

troubled by the feeling of being unloved. He has the
tendency for over indulgence in pleasures, carelessness
in habits and manners and a concern for material
comforts and luxuries. The native becomes obese as he
has the tendency to eat more carbohydrates and sweets.
He is. amorous and indulges in sexual excesses
accompained by changeable affections and this habit puts
a question mark on his domestic, married and social life.
Sometimes this aspect delays marriage particularly
when Saturn associates or aspects either of the planet.
There is also mistrust and troubles in partnership.
The native being emotionally hypersensitive since
childhood, he acquires a permanent habit pattern and
biases towards certain individuals. He suffers from losses
and difficulties in connection with money, property and
To a female this aspect interferes with her glandular
function, menstruational cycle. The ca_use is the same
emotional stresses.

Example- The following chart is of a govt. official

who got married late at the age of 31 and the marriage


V en 30 Sun 14 Ura 1JO

Mer 25


Sat 20
Moon Ketu 12o
12o Mars 3
Ne 2r

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


could not survive. He is devoted to his mother; the

Lagna lord is in the 4th house and aspected by the 9th
lord Jupiter. Aspect between the Moon and Venus is
an opposition aspect. The Moon is aspected by Saturn
and Venus is aspected by Mars. The aspect of Saturn
on the Moon delayed marriage and that lasted only
for 6 months. He suffers from emotional disturbances
and is a miser too. He lost his father in prime of his
life; Rahu is in the 9th; the 9th lord Jupiter in the 8th
aspected by Saturn and Karaka of father the Sun
aspected by Saturn.
Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect is concerned with self control,
thoughtfulness, care and attention, duty consciousness,
the control of feelings and circumspection.

The native is conservative, prudent, not given to

much gaiety but provident, careful and attentive to
business and affairs generally. He exhibits patience,
organisation and practicality in professional and
domestic matters. He is endowed with honesty and
common sense. He accomplishes most by subtlety, tact
and method t?an by force.
The native is very practical in managing his financial
affairs. He does not aspire much; but whatever aspires
endeavours to achieve it in a shrewd and calculative
manner. He does not let down his personal dignity and
disposes his duty with a sense of responsibility. He is a
fitfellow to hold the position of trust and responsibility.
He gains by business or such things as Saturn rules:
mines, land, estate and land products. If Jupiter is
favourable to either of the planet, the native earns
enough wealth. If the Sun is in harmonious aspect to
either of them, the native displays perseverance and


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

attains prominent and distinguished position. This

aspect sometimes leads to mental depression.
Example- In the previous example under the
heading "Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Venus"
the native is an officer with an investingating agency.
He is very efficient in his work displaying tact,
perseverance. He is not given to much gaiety and is
conservative in manners and attitudes. He is God
fearing and devotes a lot of time in religious activities.
He is deadly against any kind of foul practice and
misuse of rank and position.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect characterizes self-will, anxiety,
uncommunicativeness, lack of self confidence,
inferiority complex, change of moods, melancholy,
joylessness and indiscreetness.
The native suffers of motherhood complex, always
needs some protective force behind his every action.
He is haunted by inconducive emotional experiences
of past and bad childhood conditioning. He lacks
independence in endeavours and hesitates to go all out
for a new venture. He has to struggle hard to make both
ends meet.
The native is though earnest, ambitious and a hard
worker; but generally has little gains as his plans do
not materialise as expected. He fails in business though
careful and persevering. He has to endeavour twice or
thrice more to achieve the same results which others
with good horoscopes achieve by just half the effort. It
is a Karmic aspect related to past birth's atrocities of
the native inflicted on others. So unlooked for obstacles,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


delays, disappointments, reversals and rebuffs

continually arise coupled with lack of opportunities and
unfavourable circumstances at the critical or needed
The native finds himself depressed, unlucky,
incapable and incapacitated due to delays,
disappointments and failures. He developes a negative
outlook and martyr complex. He is shy in presence of
women and finds it difficult to deal with them. He finds
himself inadequate for marriage and if the marriage
comes it comes late in life when the native has attained
some material standing. If the two planets are in
common signs he marries more than once.
It is possible that native may lose his mother early
in childhood or he may get separated from his parents
and may be brought up by some distant relative where
the environment is emotionally inharmonious and
This being a Karmic aspect, the native meets with
persecution, slander or scandal; disapproval of seniors,
parents or guardians or employers; difficulties through
domestic conditions, property and possessions. He
should not think of any type of speculative deals and
such things as Saturn rules by nature and the things
denoted by the house and sign occupied by Saturn.

Consistent stresses affect the disposition of the

native. He becomes selfish, subtle, given to his own
interests, doubtful of self, given to worry, anxiety, gloom
and despondence. Good aspects from the Sun, Mars,
Jupiter and Venus tend to relieve the severity of this
aspect and imbibe the native with some cheerfulness
and hope.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The health of the native remains unsound due to

poor assimilation of the nutrients from the food. He
suffers from chronic disturbances of water balance in
the body system, dropsy, defects of mucous membranes,
colds, diseases of bladder, psychical disturbances,
hereditiary diseases, blows, falls and accidents. He
should refrain from heavy and strenuous exercises due
to inner conditions of the body.
Example-The following chart is of a woman who
became widow in March, 1987. She fell in love affairs at
the age of 17 and did not have good education. She was
married to a widower at the age of 19. Rahu and Saturn
L 16-49' Moon Sun no
Ketu 25o 15o-26' Ven 29o

Sat (R)
Nep 6



in the 7th and 8th houses respectively were

responsible for her marriage to a widower. She did
not have any issue from the husband. The Moon in
the 2nd house aspected by Saturn was responsible for
blankness in all the areas. After the death of her
husband, she was sued by her greedy inlaws (Saturn
in the 8th) for the claim of L.I.C and house of her
husband. Thanks to Vasumati Yoga formed by three
benefics in Upachayas that she won the litigation and
now gets the pension and rental income of the house.

Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu

This aspect denotes an emotional attitude towards
others and warmth of the feeling of living together.

P1aretaty Astms in AsttrbEY

The native is emotionally calm and steady. He is
cheerful in temperament and this virtue keeps him
healthy. The native is atuned with the trends of present
day society and gets materially benefitted on that
account. He is a popular personality. He is benefitted a
great deal from his family background. He is attracted
towards women who are helpful to him.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
This aspect denotes sensitiveness, seperations,
estrangements and lack of adaptability.
The native is very sensitive to any external impetus
and such things produce peculiar emotional imbalances
in him. The individuals and significations represented
by the Moon's house position are particularly
responsible for such imbalances. Women in general are
also a teasing factor for him.
The native is in inharmony with the present day
trends of the society. He does not like family memebers
and domestic environment to subscribe to present day
cultural trends and social beliefs. He is a keen preserver
of so called orthodox values and family tradition.
The native's body immunity against infection is
weak. He frequently suffers troubles of the lymphatic
glands, spleen, tonsils and other cavities ofthe body.
The Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect is concerned with ambition, attentiveness,
inner instinct, self-will, determination, striving for goals,
clairvoyance and interest in metaphysics.
The native is firm, active and enterprising with quick
emotional responses towards others. He is intuitive and
takes advantage of opportunities coming his way in day
to day affairs. He responds to conditions in an original
w aysashehashsghtaboutthefunctioning of the things.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native is endowed with unique imaginations

which emanate from thinking on original lines coupled
with intuition and which provide him magnetism to
inspire others to follow him. He employs new methods
and inventions in his business and succeeds
professionally being endowed with new technological
The native's home is often the place of group
activities. His mother could be an inspiration for him.
Any way he gets opportunities and advancement in life
through friends particularly the female friends. He is
fond of friendship and opposite sex. He is a sparkling
personality, who hates conventionalism and seeks
unusual experiences.
The native can have success and gain through the
occult affairs and through original, inventive and
progressive people. He has an inclination for and
benefits through Astrology.
If either of the planet is in the 4th house, the native
has to change his residence frequently and if in the 3rd
or 9th house he travels a lot to nearby as well as distant
places. These changes, removals and travels prove to
be advantageous for him.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect is concerned with stubornness, extreme
self will, fanatism, independence at all costs,
restlessness, craving for sensational and unusual and
tendency to exaggerate and magnify the things.
The native tends to be abrupt, sarcastic and
impulsive, invites opposition and annoyance of others.
Though he has peculiar imaginations and exceptional
talents; but all these are scattered and wasted through
his moodiness and confusing attitudes. As
independence and change are his prime characteristics,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


he does not have lasting friendships particularly due to

his above mentioned attitudes. He is unable to earn the
faith of his family members for his undependability and
changefulness. His behaviour towards his mother is
antagonistic and teasing. It is not only the native but
sometimes friends and associates also hurt his feelings.
He has difficulties, troubles and annoyance through
feminine sex.
As the native has restless and active mind ever
desires new scences, new material and surroundings,
cannot stand limitations, so there remains instability all
through, be it profession or family. He incurs frequent
changes of employment and residence, troubles through
occult affairs and psychic involvements and gets
distorted spiritual unfoldments.
The native does not keep good health due to
emotional disturbances, suffers from upsets of stomach
and digestion, blood pressure, colic of water excreting
organs, painful and irregular menstruation in females
and upset water rhythm in the body.
Example- The native of the following chart is a
bank employee. He IS of irritable nature and
L 15


Mars 1



Ura 29
Sun 23
Pluto 13

Sat 18

Nep 14


Yen 14o

emotionally volatile in disposition. He does not have

emotional compatibility with his wife (Uranus and
the Moon in square). He is very sexy, seeks to indulge


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

in sex daily, his wife does not like it and the quarrel

Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune

This aspect signifies sens1 tl VI ty, intUI t10n,
imagination, perception, inspiration, vivid dreams and
sympathetic understanding of other's sufferings.
The native is endowed with psychic faculty,
imagination, inspiration and love for spiritual
investigation and upliftment. His domestic and
professional progress is largely due to his correct
intuition and propehtic insight.
The native is hypersensitive to environmental
factors, shows a creative interest in psychology and
psychic phenomena. He is a good judge of human nature
and intentions. His subconscious brain helps him in
decision making in the light of the facts of distant past.
The native is emotionally sensitive towards the need
of his family and silently endeavours to meet them out.
He has sympathetic understanding of other people's
sufferings and tries utmost to alleviate them.
The native may be profitted through the business of
shipping, boating, dealing in liquids, foodstuff, canned
goods and other delicate items of domestic use. If Venus
or Mercury is in good aspect to either of the planet, the
native is good at music, singing, writing, oratory and

Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune

This aspect signifies self deception, untruthfulness,
fanciful imaginations, weird intuition, lack of stability
and inclination towards lower type spiritualism and
mediumistic illusions.
The native is in confusion, lacks perception of reality
and remains immersed in fanciful imaginations. His

Plaretaty Astms in ~
domestic life is disorderly due to laziness and
impressions of past memories. He is prone to subtle
feelings and undefined and inexplainable acts.
The native is attracted to peculiar people, luxuries,
unconventionality, odd colours and exquisite tastes. He is
under the threat of fraud, deception and difficulties
through the things of the house occupied by Neptune. He
incurs misfortune through the opposite sex and there are
delays and obstacles in regard to marriage for a male
The native is prey to impulse and feelings which
predominate over his judgement and reasoning capacity.
There is a strong desire to gratify the tastes at the cost of
health if either of the planet is in a watery sign. It affects
the mental health through bodily disorders. In common
signs there are derangements of brain and nervous
system. In fixed signs disorders of glandular and
secretory process. And in cardinal signs, it affects the
circulatory system and absorption process. There is also
tendency for accumulation of water in body tissues and
deficient osmotic function of cells.
Example- The girl whose chart is given here under
is highly sensitive, emotional with a tendenc~ to weird

Sun 2 Sat 18
Jup 280 Ven 15
Ketu 22
Ura 16 Pluto 7o

ars 21

visions. She has strong facination for unconventionality

and modem pop music. But due to strong Saturn and

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


conjunction of Sun and Jupiter, she will perhaps be

spared of going astray through timely advice of elders.
Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect characterizes great courage,
determination, fanatic striving for desired objectives,
deep expression of feelings and excitibility of particular
emotional complexes.
The native uses his will and determination to guide
his imaginations constructively to bring about
regeneration of his emotional life and practical affairs.
He is determined to maintain his physical well being
and energy so that he could use it to improve his
business and regenerate his domestic life. He is also
determined to achieve material and spiritual success .
The native is endowed with intuitive insight how to
remove obstacles and impediments coming his way for
achieving desired objectives. He is able to resolve all
matters of legacies and inheritances sheerly by
instinctive approach and will power. He has a fanatic
zeal about certain selected objectives and achieves them
without any regard for the sentiments of others.
Moon in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect characterizes emotional upheavals,
violent out burst of feelings, inner shocks, conceit,
resentment and annoyance over triffles.
The native is intensely abrupt in his family ties and
resents any restrictions and advice. He is emotionally
vehement which makes others uneasy especially
women. He is aggressive in love and romance and has
a tendency to force actions and relationships with others
without any regard for their feelings. The native wants
action and swiftness in all affairs and any slowness
makes him impatient. He does not honour any formality

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


and hates any detail; but likes to indulge in selected

matters and affairs of his interests.
Usually with this aspect there occur disputes over
joint resources and family inheritances perhaps women
in the family are responsible for it and the result is
altercation in family ties as the native resents any
Healthwise some native may suffer blood disorder
while others from disturbed liquid metabolism.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Mercury
This aspect is concerned with practical disposition,
ability to judge, dexterity, quickness at repartee,
impressive oratory, love of discussion and resolution.
The native is quick, lively, witty, humorous,
constructive, practical and business like. He is magnetic
and enterprising coupled with mental abilities. He likes
to be associated with and develop through literary, well
educated and professional people related with practical
sciences. Determination and decisiveness are the virtues
that bring him success. This aspect should be
impregnated by other solid planets like strong Saturn
and Jupiter to make its full use otherwise it is simply an
efficient trader's aspect who derives his ambition just
from the competitiveness of Mars. The native can be a
trader of machinery parts for having mechanical
The native can excel in various fields of activity like
designing, carving, drawing, music, medicine,
engineering, chemistry and sciences. To have power of
concentration a good aspect to either of the planet from
Saturn and outer planets is needed. It is basically an
energising aspect while the selection of field of action
depends on other planetary aspects and combinations.
The native being of inquisitive mind can be a good
reporter, investigator and commentator for his ability
of incessant speech. He can be a good writer of
mystery stories if Neptune assists. The native being
good orator can excel in politics if the Sun assists. If
Jupiter assists, he can be a good lawyer or can excel
in professions where dominance along with mental
agility is required.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Mercury

This aspect is concerned with obstinacy, wilfulness,
rashness, nervous irritation, fault finding tendency, love
of quarrels, controversies, disputes, law-suits, tendency
to exaggerate the things and use of other's ideas for one's
own benefit.

The native, though has the above defects of

yet he is shrewd, sharp and clever, having
acute mind and good intellectual powers. He is
impatient, lacks tact, has partisan views and jumps to
conclusions without having analytical view of the
situation as such his decisions are incorrect, lack gravity
and profoundness. He is fond of vigorous debates and
heated arguments. His reasoning may by chance be to
the point but still his awareness of all the facts is deficient
because of his impulsiveness.

The native takes the remarks and statements of

others too personally and any opposition of his point of
view sparks ego identification in him. He has fault
finding tendencies in others that is also due to his
superiority complex because Mars is the lord of fiery
sign Aries ruling brain. The native may be involved in
intellectual theft using other's ideas for his own
advantage. Any way there is great mental activity, which
may result in brain derangement and may require
psychiatric attention.
The native is liable to coercion with relatives,
seniors, servants and neighbours. He is particulary
inimical to maternal relatives. He is in fear of losses
through theft, risky ventures, contracts and litigations
because he is careless with the facts and forms an
opinion impulsively.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native is in danger while travelling, from tools,

machinery, sharp instruments, electrical appliances,
drugs, surgical operations and bite of insects, reptiles
and animals.
Due to greater mental activity the native is liable to
nervous exhaustion, irritation and paralysis. If he is
unable to express his feelings, it results in
disorganisation of stomach and digestive organs.
This is a separative aspect indicating difficulties,
obstacles and disorganisation through sign and house
occupied particularly by Mars. The native is prone to
neuralgia, headache and accidents. There is great
turmoil from drinks and other ruinous habits if the
aspect is formed from watery signs.
Example-The chart here under is of a native from
rural background. He is not in good terms with his
L 13


Mars 1

Ura 29

Sat ts

Mer t
Nep 14 Ven 14o

neighbours. Mars in Gemini aspecting Mercury makes

him mentally unrestful and blocks his efforts to get
through departmental exams. His relations with his wife
usually remain tense.
Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Jupiter
An active and enterprising life, sense of honour,
pride, urge for freedom, creative powers and ability,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


joyous living and a harmoniously directed will power

are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is self reliant, ambitious, frank, straightforward, active, generous and constructive. He indulges
into any venture with confidence and determination.
He believes in practical execution than to wander in
whims and fancies. He is capable of undertaking large
and responsible tasks in whole sale, industrial and
commercial affairs.
The native honorarily works for charitable
institutions and is helping hand to less fortunate and
disadvantaged people who have zeal to uplift
themselves. He follows religion only upto the point it is
of practical utility to society. He helps and instigates
young generation to find their place in the society and
professional world and fills in them the spirit of
patriotism. The native is seldom lazy and inert because
there is double fire influence in the aspect for each of
the planet owns a fire sign.
The native is equally constructive at home as well
as in professional world, because Jupiter gets exalted in
Cancer and Mars in Capricorn. This aspect operates
basically through the 1st-9th and 8th-12th houses of the
natural zodiac i.e., it denotes prosperity coming through
the force of good luck and an endeavour to set right
and regenerate for the good the conditions created by
obstructive force of past Karmas. This will be done
through the signs and houses ruled and occupied by
Mars and Jupiter.
The native is fond of all legitimate sports,
exploration,travel, mechanical, professional and
industrial activities. He is lucky and may be benefitted
through inheritances and legacies. Even in a weak


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

horoscope this aspect enables one to achieve some

degree of success and professional standing.
Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Jupiter
Hasty dicisions, premature actions, immoderation,
exaggeration and rebelliousness against rules,
regulations and superiors are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is socially out going but not honest and
reliable in his dealings. He may be a religious fanatic
who is fond of playing upon religious sentiments of
people and thus gains social recognition. He uses the
power and status so obtained for his own purposes of
material well being and gratification of passions. The
native is a hypocrite who uses religion to further his
The native is restless, hates relaxation and loves
constant action and stimulation. He may be a person
who glorifies war and patriotism, perhaps a
manufacturer or dealer of arms and ammunition, who
does so for the sale of his material. These are the
manifestations of this aspect found in the charts of
greedy people.
The native suffers from misfortune through hasty
judgements, extravagance, over confidence,
miscalculation and dissippation of energy and finances.
He also has tendency to misuse other's money. He may
have to face difficulties during long journeys, in foreign
lands and through litigations and legal affairs.
There may be a tendency to spend impulsively and
to show excessive generosity. The native is poor and
thrift in accumulation of money. He is likely to suffer
from dishonesty of others for himself being excessively
generous. He may suffer loss in speculation and
chance games.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native may suffer from feverish complaints,

disorders of blood and liver, has danger from fire and
accidents. If Uranus, is adverse to Mars the native may
be a victim of natural catastrophe like floods, electricity,
lightening thunder bolt or explosions.
Example- Take the horoscope discussed under
"Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Mercury". The native
is a bank employee. Though from a rural back ground,
has gained some status. Here the aspect between Mars
and Jupiter is a Rajayoga producing aspect according
to Vedic Astrology which is evident from his present
status compared to his parental background. But at the
same time the native is mentally more energetic,
indulges in hasty decisions, extravagance and dissipates
his energy and finances. He spent a fair amount of
money for constructing a house in his village which is
defective according to Vaastu shastra. That was a hasty
decision, now he repents over it. If he would have
been patient and cool in taking decision, he would
have been in a better home. He frequently has
opposition with his seniors and for that reason he did
not get favour of his seniors at an interview held for
departmental promotion.
Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Venus

This aspect is concerned with a harmonious

relationship" generally, good sense of form, grace, tact,
personal attraction, warm heartedness and ability to
become popular.
The native is ambitious, aspiring, affectionate,
demonstrative, amorous and fond of pleasures and
opposite sex. The sensitivity and emotions of Venus are
energised by Mars; therefore the native is social, lively,
animated and in happy relationship with opposite sex.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Under this aspect the crudeness of Mars is refined
by gentle Venus and the energy of Mars manifests in
dancing, sports, sculpture and business enterprises
concerned with merchandise of artistic creations. The
native is a talented person, earning money is no problem
to him. He is generous in money matters, a cheerful
and impulsive spender. He is disinclined to save money.
Acquisitiveness is a Saturnian virtue and if Saturn
aspects either of the two planets, the native then can be
efficient in saving.

The native can also be well adapt in business of

advertisement, show and display, adornment, music
and entertainment.
The native may enter into marriage early, perhaps
suddenly. He is likely to be benefitted financially
through marriage because Venus is lord of the 2nd sign
of natural zodiac and Mars of the 8th, the 2nd house
from the 7th.
Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Venus
This aspect is concerned with vanity, extravagance,
fanciful ideas, excessive expression of emotions and
feelings, false conduct in love relationship, negligence
and laziness.
The native is abrupt, lacks refinement in conduct, as
such his popularity and sociableness is adversely
affected. There is tendency to annoy opposite sex by his
own coarse conduct and emotional temperament.
The native is impulsive emotionally and excessively
amorous, therefore faces difficulties through excesses
and opposite sex. If Mars is strong, he himself dominates
and if Venus is strong, he is refined and his feelings and
emotions are hurt by other's dominance.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


This aspect being highly amorous attracts opposite

sex solely on physical grounds and it is difficult to
continue relationship after sexual gratification. The
marriage performed only at physical attraction rarely
lasts because the couple is unable to share other
responsibilities of married life jointly and commonly. It
is more a humiliating aspect at emotional level than a
harmonizing one at dedication level between the
partners in marriage.
The native suffers through dishonesty and loss in
joint ventures, opposition through friends or jealousy,
seperation and enemity. If Venus or Mars be in a watery
sign, there is tendency towards lax habits for gratifying
emotions and tastes.
The native suffers from disturbances of autonomic
functioning of bowels and kidneys. Women usually
have anomalies of menstruation. If Mars or Venus is in
a watery sign, sexual fancies are so high that the native
may resort to masterbation. Vericose veins is a very
common complaint with this aspect if there is slight
tendency to sluggish blood circulation.
Example- In the horoscope discussed under
"Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Mercury", Venus
is debilitated in the 7th house indicates that the wife
of the native may not be a refined woman. The native
himself needs sex on regular basis. This annoys his
wife and her denial is the bone of contention. Aspects
of Mars on the 7th lord Mercury and Venus and sextile
between Uranus and Venus makes the native
extremely amorous.
Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect is concerned with ambition,
determination, confidence, endurance, power of


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

resistance, indefatiguableness, concentrated and

sustained action.
The native is endowed with tremendous will power
and physical discipline and employs his energy in
strenuous and purposeful action to achieve maximum
useful results. All his actions involve systematic patience
and endurance to achieve perfection and precision in
work. He possesses good mechanical abilities and can
be a skilful artisan.
The native is hard and practical in attitudes towards
life. He is cold and severe in his dealings and does not
constitute a charming personality. He is over bearing,
forceful, vigilant, self reliant, daring and capable of
concentrated and sustained efforts to achieve distinction.
The native is capable of rising to prominence and
power though attended by dangers of some kind; but
by his sheer will power attains positions of authority
and dictate. He is shrewd in his methods, can be good
in politics, military or as city or state official. He can be
a good agriculturist, manufacturer, construction
contractor, surveyor, civil, structural or mining engineer
or a lawyer of eminence.
Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect is concerned with obstinacy, self-will,
harshness, quick -temper, violence, resentment,
selfishness and revengeful feelings.
The native faces resentment and frustration in his
efforts which develop negative attitudes_in him. There
are severe restrictions in career and profession. The
native feels that he is not capable enough to meet the
challenges and in frustration becomes violent and
aggressive. Actually it is not his incapability but Karmic
effect, for that misfortunes hang over him and people

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


in authority do not respond to his cause. His father is

oppressive towards him. Therefore the native is not in
harmonious relation with his father. Generally parents
are antagonistic towards the native and adjudge him
responsible for his failures. The Karmic effect manifests
as lack of endurance and sense of sustained purpose.
The native is ridden with many psychological
defects, such as selfishness; his interest in any enterprise
or activity lasts only such time as is required for
overcoming his main difficulties. He does not intend to
help others unless his interests are served.
The native faces notoriety, criticism, opposition,
scandal, discredit in his dealings as such he is liable to
loss and failure in business. He is liable to imprisonment
through difficulties with companies, partnerships and
joint ventures. He may face harsh, dirty and dangerous
conditions in his occupation which may result even in
death or self undoing.
The native remains in acute danger of.falls, wounds
and accidents. He is likely to suffer from inflammation
of bones, bqne marrow and tendons.
Example-The native of the chart hereunder had
very humble childhood conditions. He was unable to




Pluto n


Nep 12 Mars 12

get good education; did certificate course in electric

repairs. He lost his father in early childhood. His well

Planetmy Aspects in Astrology

off maternal relatives helped him to come up life. The
native is a selfish fellow, had accidents frequently.

Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu

Native's actions are totally in harmony with the
present day trends and customs of the society. He is
opportunistic enough to get gains by being at desired
places at right time thus enjoys social acceptance.
The native possesses great vitality and physical
strength. He has feeling of independence and is full of
self confidence. He keeps amicable relations with his
brothers, helps them or is helped by them.
Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
The native is not in harmony with present day trends
and beliefs. He lags behind in reaping the opportunities.
His timing of action is faulty and does not bring him
success. His actions irritate others and bring him
frustration and disgrace.
The native lacks constructive action because of
enfeebled physical vitality caused by dissipated sexual
energy. The native is lascivious, shuns any action except
sexual fancies. In the end he finds that he -has a lot to
achieve but has no energy for that.
Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus
Urge for freedom and independence, quick
determination, courage, unusual achievements through
extraordinary efforts, hasty and premature action, non
yielding to other's will, sudden realisation of purpose
due to extraordinary and abundant energy are the key
notes of this aspect.
The native is mentally alert, inventive, positive,
confident, original, impulsive, resourceful, practical
and quick to act. He rejects old conditions, routine
work and brings about new ones that have touch of

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


originality and bring him fame and high position. He

is forceful, has abundant nervous energy for hard
work and achieve his goals in a unique way.
The native is interested in new technology, has
engineering ability particularly in electronics applied to
mechanical devices. He may have interest in aviation
technology. He is adventurous and seeks new experiences
with the things that are unusual and original.
The areas of employment and research for the native
can be travel, exploration, antiques, investigation,
psychology, psycho therapeutics, electronic and
electrical engineering and technology, transportation,
construction, industrial research, governmental position
and municipal employment.
Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
Obstinacy, self-will, argumentative dispositon, an
urge to contradict others, lack of balance, an urge for
freedom, fighting spirit, emotional tensions and violence
are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is hasty, erroneous, resentful, irritable,
radical, odd, eccentric, rebellious and excitable. He is
extremely hateful of customs, conventions and orthodoxy.
He throws off all bonds of limitations and restrictions.
The native is in disagreement with friends and group
associates. He is fond of reckless driving, dangerous
sports and other risky ventures. He is highly impulsive
and loses temper too easily. He is prone to nervousness
and excitability. Any action disliked by him tends him
to violence and revolt.
This is a very unfortunate aspect for the indications
of the signs and houses owned and occupied by the two
planets. Affairs of these houses and signs undergo
reversal of plans and change of objectives.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

This being a violent and frictional aspect poses

danger of imprisonment, liability to violence, accidents,
wounds and troubles through firearms, explosions,
lightening machinery, electrical appliances and vehicles
of transportation.
Example -Following is the chart of a girl who is
highly erruptive, irritable and angry in disposition. Her

Ketu 5 Sun 21"

Moon. Mer r
Sat 28

Nep 16 Uranus


7th house is hemmed between Mars and the Sun-Saturn.

She is apprehensive about success in marriage and
married life. Aspect between Mars and Uranus is
extremely volatile aspect.
Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
Control of feelings and passions, moderation in food
and drinks, occasional interest in artistic pursuits and
active interest in occult and metaphysical subjects are
the key notes of this aspect.
The native carries out all his tasks and actions
secretively without facing any opposition and
obstacle. This is an efficient investigator's or military
strategist's aspect who accomplishes his task in a
secret manner. This aspect gives imagination to
performing artists like dancers, actors,
photographers, choreographers, film directors, who
are good judges of bodily actions.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native can be a good spiritual healer who has

strong magnetic personality and gifted clairvoyance
faculty. He can be an expert in yoga and yogic healing.
This aspect favours travel through sea, marine
activities and aquatic sports. It is a good aspect for
dealing in liquids, oils, chemicals, drugs, beverages,
hospitals, sanitoriums, anaesthetics and for
manufacturing chemists.
Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
Moodiness, irritability, discontent, inferiority
complex, harm from narcotics, drugs and poisons,
misuse of physical energy, weakness of will, inability to
act and misdirected power and capabilities are the key
notes of this aspect.
The native has uncontrolled imaginations having
roots in the sub-conscious mind. His emotional desires
emanate from the subconscious mind which have
nothing to do with the realities of this practical world
and over which the native has no control.
If the emotional desires find an expression, the native
is a useful individual, who may work as psychic healer,
a psychologist, a psychotherapist or a good sculpturist
working with tools. If this aspect is further blemished by
Rahu etc. the expression finds out let in alcoholism, drug
abuse, sexual excesses and tendency to accomplish motives
in a secret manner. The native may be dishonest, deceitful
and treacherous if the horoscope is heavily afflicted.
If the native does not findexpression of his emotional
desires the energy of the aspect manifests in the form of
neurosis, psychosomatic disorders, sexual aberrations,
deviation of various kinds and hallucinations. The
energy of the aspect if utilized in a positive way can
manifest in art expression, music, drama, dance etc. To


Planetary AsJrus in Astrology

get the positive effects of this aspect, the native should

be rational and must exercise discrimination.
If the native has a weak horoscope, he is likely to be
trouble"d by duplicity, deception, fraud, racketeering,
bribing; imitations, false accusations etc.
This aspect makes the native susceptible to paralysis
of muscles, wasting away of muscles, epidemic infections,
chronic discharge of pus from some part of the body.
Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies extraordinary vigour, great
confidence, a very stong will-power, ambition and
ability to engage oneself in tasks continuously.
The native as matter offacthas ability to reform and
regenerate his life through his will-power,
constructiveness and ability to take prompt decisions
The native is daring, fearless and strongly defends
his interests or what he thinks right. His strong will
power is his chief instrument.
The native likes dynamic conditions in life. To him
life is energy which has to be transformed from one form
to another and any stagnancy in it will be against the
universal process of change.
The native has ability to engage himself in
constructive tasks continuously because of his muscular
strength. He brings about transformations and changes
in affairs of the house where Pluto is located. He is
interested in higher forms of science and if well
educated, can be a good scientist.
Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies dangerously strong will,
ruthlessness, brutality, cruelity and attainment of
objectives by any means.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Under this aspect the desires and actions of the

native are not in harmony. He engages in a task with a
do or die attitude, resents and over rules introspection
and planning. He is egoistic and under this force, he
desires to perform worthwhile deeds.
The native is an extremist who loses his temper and
becomes violent, if others try to mend his ways and
correct his methods of action. He is also selfish and uses
collective power for self gains, if Mars is strong. If Pluto
is strong, the native endeavours to use collective power
for other's reforms.
If the horoscope is an afflicted one, the native is brutal
and can resort to crime to meet his ends. He is promoter
of the ideas of war, violence and riots. He is liable to
physical damage through such revolutionary situations.
He believes in the idea that if you are strong everything
will be at your feet. There is a tendency to rule and
remake others forcefully.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Jupiter
This aspect is concerned with an active mind,
optimism, learning, interest in literature, wealth of ideas,
power of oratory, constructive intellect and sound
common sense.
The native has broad and philosophic outlook,
ability to think clearly, deeply and seriously and thus
he can deliver sound judgement after comparision of
different facts in view. The native is capable of higher
studies and law. His intuition is well developed and he
senses essence of the things and discussion readily.
The native is clever and confident in communication,
conveys his ideas so pleasingly that they gain
acceptance. He possesses good orato rial ability, hence
he can be successful in public life. This is the aspect to
excel in the field of writing, press reporting and
publishing. The native can be good in legal profession.
It is good aspect for religious preachers who can
influence masses by their psychic understanding.
The native is generous towards friends and
associates. He is a voracious reader and keeps a good
library. He works for social harmony and intellectual
ad van cement.
The native is fond of travel and is curious to have
knowledge of foreign cultures and religions. If Mercury
is in an airy sign it gives discrimination, understandin~
perception, knowledge, compassion and sympathy.
Mercury in Inharmonious Aspect to Jupiter
This aspect is concerned with absent mindedness,
unreliability bluff, arrogance, tactlessness,
mischieviousness, frivolity and want of foresight.




Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native lacks balance and realism in his ideas that

are too grandiose to be of any value. He is in the habit
of bluffing others, promising more than he can deliver
and engages in tasks which are beyond his capacity.
The native is unable to complete his education, goes
on useless travels, liable to deceit, has disagreement and
sometimes legal troubles. There are obstacles and
difficulties regarding matters of the houses occupied by
Jupiter and Mercury.
Though the native has active and keen mind; but
lacks throughness, attention to detail, confidence and
steadiness. The native should not stand surety to any
one because he is unable to sense the intention of others
and may fall into financial and legal troubles. He is also
unreliable for conveying any confidential information
or for trust because he may leak it to the wrong person
under the fit of bombastic and excessive talking to
impress others.
Ordinarily the native is less educated but if he gets
enough education; but it is of little practical value and
utility to him. It does not get him any professional
advantage and monetary gains.
Example- Following is the chart of Sh. Inder Kumar
Gujral Ex-Prime Minister. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in
the Lagna makes him gentleman politician. Jupiter and



Ketu t

L 28
Nep 19
u 25

Sat ta
Sun 20
Merl5 Ven2 Mars to


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Mercury in harmonious aspect make him clear in views

and judgement. He is a man of principles having
diplomatic acumen.
Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Venus
This aspect denotes cheerfulness, light
heartedness, more influence of feelings on intellect,
artistic inspirations and geniusness in that arena,
sense ofform, design, art and beauty, thoughts of love
and love union.
This configuratoin can manifest only as sextile
aspect when the two planets are in 3/11 to each other.
Probable manifestations of this aspect are literary
talent in poetry, scholarship in art, grace in thinking,
oratory and writing, pleasing manners coupled with
proficiency in communication make one good in
diplomacy and ability to appease others. The native
is fond of pleasures, recreations and refined
entertainment. He is popular particularly with
opposite sex.
The native gains property and possessions and earns
by his wits, oratory, writings, neat and artistic touch and
manual dexterity.
The native seeks marriage, friendships and
associations. Usually it indicates two marriages,
partnerships or association to a kin.
If Mercury is more prominent than Venus, the native
tends to mental harmony, pleasures and mirth and gains
from the 3rd and 6th house affairs i.e., through
designing, writing, speaking, desk work, advertising,
publishing, commission agency, short journeys, business
and through literary and professional people.
If Venus is more strong than Mercury, the native
earns through the things ruled by the 2nd and 7th houses

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


and the house occupied by Venus. He gains pleasure and

profit through refined mannerism, talent in music, singing,
poetry, painting, drama, luxury items, dealing with women
and their requirements, medicine, nursing, stationery,
confectionary, dress designing and all fancy works.
Example-Hereunder is the chart of a student of
architecture. Mercury conjunct Neptune leads him to
literary fancies. Venus sextile Mercury provides him

natural sense of art, desiging and form. Saturn conjunct

Venus and sextile Mercury gives him an aptituede for
geometrical form, structures and civil engineering.
Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect signifies good intellectual abilities,
logical thinking, thoroughness, concentration,
application of method, reasoning, judgement,
philosophical thinking, organisation, love of tidiness
and coming straight to the point in discussion.
The native is studious, contemplative, fond of
science, substantial and practical. He is endowed with
steadiness, persistence, strong will and ability for
hardwork. He is practical and does not leave his
matters to the chance. All his moves and thoughts are
not without purpose and he employs caution, tact and
diplomacy for their realisation.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native is endowed with good memory, studies

any subject in detail and does not form an opinion too
readily. This aspect thus favours for professions like
mathematician, a teacher in hygiene or deep sciences, a
physician etc. This aspect confers error free use of hands,
therefore, good for precision craftsman, architects etc.
If Mercury is in the 1st or 3rd or 9th house, it is a very
good position for those engaged in writing, publishing,
lecturing, travelling and other scientific and intellectual
As the native has inclination for prudence and
forethought ahead of any action, he can be an excellent
manager and political strategist. Other positions, the
native can hold are official positions of all kinds in large
corporations and public undertakings, brokerage;
speculative, commercial and financial affairs. He can
be good as an agent, secretary or representative of
societies, established concerns and religious institutions.
He is of value in rail, road, mining and municipal works.
The native displays good moral character and has
enough self control, if other factors are not contrary. He
does not like any false praise and flattery and proves to
be a loyal friend. Similarly he seeks loyalty from others
in friendship.
Mercury in Inharmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect signifies obstacles, delays,
disappointments, shyness, distrust, inhibited mental
development, conservative attitudes, uncommunicative
and reserved disposition, obstinacy and narrow
The native faces hard times during infancy and
adolescence perhaps due to separation from father and
coboms or estrangement from them. He may be brought

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


up by some of his paternal relative. He may face

difficulties pertaining to education, books and studies.
The negative early childhood conditions produce in him a
sense of inadequacy, inefficiency and inferiority complex.
He becomes defensive and suspicious about his abilities.
Further afflictions to the aspect may induce anxiety and
depression. He is unable to take note of opportunities
around and only sees dark sides of the things.
The native is narrow minded and lacks proper
imagination, sticks too much to law, order and discipline
and remains immersed in unimportant details and
matters. These mental inefficiencies and inadequacies
developed through childhood conditioning and rigidly
disciplined education acquired in conventional
environment inhibit his creative thinking. He is prone
to anticipatory dangers and fears. In some cases there
is dishonesty, scheming and jealousy too if there are
other indications in the chart for these.
If other factors in the chart promise, the native has
great ambition and desire for success and mastery in
the affairs of the 3rd, 6th, lOth and 11th houses; but due
to this Karmic aspect, the efforts are attended with
delays, disappointments, obstacles and limitations. If
success comes it is only after the input of twice or thrice
the effort. Often there is criticism and opposition, secret
or open, to his efforts and plans. If the native is not strong
willed, he meets failures being disheartened too early.
The native is destined for a difficult and laborious rise
in life.
To the native troubles are occasioned through
slander, false reports, forged documents, unfriendly
writings, delayed and misunderstood communications
or he himself creates difficulties through these factors.
A mentally better native tries to find the cause of these


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

undesirable manifestations and may have recourse to

study occultism and spiritual philosophy and thus, he
realises the Karmic effect of this asp~ct.
The native has an aptitude for science and occult
learnings, if either planet be in or lord of the 3rd or 9th
house. Then he is better equipped to meet the challange
of this aspect. But still he faces difficulties through lack
of employment, neighbours, servants, societies,
associations, communications, travels, theft and through
the significations of the signs and houses occupied by
the two planets.

Physically the native suffers from blocked, inefficient

and painful nervous system and its bad effects on the
organs of hearing and speech. Peristalic motion of
intestines tends to be slow and there is poor circulation
in digestive organs which manifest as obstruction in
evacuation, constipation and bowel affections.
Example- Here under is the chart of a boy who
recently cleared his chartered accountancy examination.




Jup 11
Mars 9 Nep 14

Plu to

Mercury and Venus are in adverse aspect to Saturn. The

boy comes from a poor family. He is engaged in teaching
accounts in a private college. Saturn from the 5th house
is aspecting the 5th lord Venus, Mercury and the Moon
indicating that sub-consciously, there is tendency to
shyness .and inferiority complex which inhibit him to

Planetary Aspects in Astrology
function in his professional arena. Due to this aspect he is
still unmarried at the age of 31. The aspect of Saturn on
the Moon in the 7th house also causes delay in marriage.

Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu

The native has intellectual abilities to know and
understand the trends in his environment. He is good
judge of the pulse of masses. He communicates with
them keeping the above facts in mind. He intellectually
is an opportunistic leader or politician, if his chart has
other aspects denoting befooling others by delivering
false promises and slogans which move masses by
arousing their emotions and aspirations. In a horoscope
which has potential for reforming others, the native can
be a columnist of a news paper or a person of mass media
who reforms by soothing intellectually the nerves of
masses with a tiansforming effect. He can be a sociologist
of eminence whose communication and externalisation has
a mesmerising effect. The native can be a good occultist
who is popular and gains public acceptance.

Mercury in Inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu

The native is a severe critic of present day trends and
cultural values, but his method of criticism is rough,
therefore he is unable to gain social acceptance. He is
misunderstood for his words, though his intentions are
different. He lacks tact and diplomacy in communication,
thus antagonises others on that account.
His fault finding tendencies cause him further
aloofness. Due to such attitudes he creates tensions with
neighbours and coborns.

Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus

This aspect characterises originality in thoughts,
desire for independence, shrewdness, inventive
thinking, intuitive perception, revolutionary spirit and
mind and an ability in science and technology.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native is intellectually genius, has insighted

solutions to the problems as logic emanates to him
subconsciously. He is a good character reader with
humanitarian out look towards the problems.
The native has natural aptitude for science, technology
and occult subjects. He can be a good astrologer because
his conscious mind finds solutions to the problems by easily
atuning to the subconscious mind. He has scientific
understanding of occult principles.
The native is independent and original in thinking, does
not like to be bound to tradition and forms his own opinion
independent of popularly held views. Due to such abilities
he can be a successful advertiser, publisher, writer, inventor,
researcher or explorer.
The native has profound memory, can be a public
speaker for his dramatic ability and original thinking. He
provides unique solutions to the existing problems.
The native has special aptitude for electrical, aerial and
transportation pursuits. He can excel in the fields of
electronic communication and computers for he displays
electrifying intellect in such areas.
Example- Here under is the chart of a person who
is an M.Sc (Computer. Science). He did his graduation
Sat (R)

Jup 27"

L 24 o_34



Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native consulted the author for his vanous

psychosomatic disorders arising out of emotional
Mercury in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect characterises brutal frankness,
tactlessness, eccentric actions, nervousness, upsets and
excitements, over estimation of self and scattering of
one's energies in various directions at one time.
Though the native is active mentally; but at the same
time is impulsive and eccentric with impractical ideas.
He is inconsistent and stubborn. He is also blunt,
arrogant and tactless, thinking himself to be extremely
gifted genius. Due to these problems, the native does
not form lasting friendships and experiences difficulties
through societies, groups and friends. His egotism and
obstinacy inhibit wise use of exceptional insight. He has
a tendency to annoy others through teasing remarks and
brutal frankness.
The native ever desires new fields and modes of
action; but due to scattering his energies in various
directions at one time, he faces unexpected adverse
changes and is subjected to accidents especially during
travels for lack of concentration.
The native suffers from facial neuralgia, migraine
and other neurological problems having roots in
irregular spinal function. He may be having erratic
functioning of intestines and colon.
Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
This aspect is concerned with fertile imagination, a
sympathetic and compassionate understanding of other
people, idealism, versatility of genius, receptivity of new
ideas and methods and intuitive thinking.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native has intuitive mind and presentiments of

coming events. His reasoning mind is atuned to his
intuitive subconscious mind which gives him ability to
comprehend and read others. He has developed
clairvoyant faculties and prophetic perception. Because
there is harmony between intellect and psychic qualities,
the native is far ahead in understanding than with other
aspects of Neptune. He can develop mediumistic and
psychi~ faculties, crystal gazing, automatic writing and
inspirational speaking.
The native is attracted to psychic and spiritual
resorts, may be interested in methods of unconventional
healing like magnetotherapy, naturopathy etc.; has
prophetic dreams and visions, if either planet be in the
3rd or 9th house.
The native has -psychic understanding of other's
minds, can be a successful political, military and
financial planner. He can also be a good psycho-analyst.
Mercury in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
This aspect is concerned with lack of concentration,
absent mindedness, poor memory, dreamfulness,
irresolution, nervousness, restlessness, sensitiveness
and changes.
The native has an interest in all matters discussed
under previous aspect of Mercury to Neptune but
attended with unreliability, obstacles and misfortunes.
This is caused due to inharmony between the conscious
mind and sub-conscious mind. The repressed emotions
through impact over subconscious mind make the
native to err in judgement, be untruthful or be forgetful
of the things when the conscious mind is in action. The
other manifestations of this inharmony are wool
gathering, fantastic visualisation, insincerity, confused
ideas and notions, lack of clarity, self deception and all

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


that originate from inharmonious working of

subsconscious mind with conscious mind.
The native does not seem to have control over his
suppressed emotions and desires as such he is not
reliable to carry on secret information without leaking
it. He has interest in occult and mystical subjects. There
also he does not make enough advancement for lack of
concentration and faulty judgement.
Like previous aspect of Mercury to Neptune, the
native has ability to perceive intuitionally thoughts and
intentions of others; but there may be tendency to misuse
such perception for selfish purposes than far a
constructive purpose if this aspect is supported by other
aspects of selfishness in the horoscope.
The native has tendency to mental escapism; but that
can be controlled by strong will power, feeling of
responsibility (a Satumian trait shown by square aspect)
and a sense of compliment (shown if the aspect is an
opposition one).
The native loses sympathies towards others when
he realises that he has been misused by making him to
go through their thoughts and advices. The emotional
set back he receives results in nervousness, restless
excitability and exhaustion of vitality.
As the native is sensitive and lacks self control, he
essentially pays attention to environmental influences
thus ignoring or being less attentive to important
responsiblities of life which ultimately affects his career
and progress.
The native keeps his nervous system in a state of
continuous strain, as a result he suffers later from
diminished power to feel or sense, weak nerves or
paralysis of nerves.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Example-Here under is the horoscope of a native
who is a graduate, has some diplomas in computers,
presently pursuing M.B.A. Presently he is under the
influnece ofRahu Dasa and Venus Bhukti. The native is

Mer 17o Ven 10o

Jup 19 Sun 28 Ketu 7 Sat 21 o

still unemployed even at the age of 27112 years. The Sun

is exalted in the 7th house opposing the Lagna and
Uranus which makes him ego conscious with an elated
sense of self importance. Neptune aspecting Mercury
adversely further deteriorates the perception through a
false sense of self importance. The problem with this
native is that he does not want a job of lower category,
but in fact initially he has to be in it as an amateur.
Actually he needs mental adjustment.

Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto

Quick grasp of situation, restless thinking, power of
observation, sharp criticism, intellectual supermacy
over others, cunningness, craftiness and diplomacy are
the key notes of this aspect.
The native is endowed with intellectual sharpness
and is keen in the study of phenomena of cause and
effect, birth and destruction. He is born to display his
intellectual abilities in various areas which depends
on other configurations of planets present in the
horoscope. He could be proficient in occultism,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


science (particularly Atomic Physics), insurance,

legacies, taxes.
He is a powerful and impressive orator, expresses
himself effectively and attains public recognition. He
may be a factual leader seeking radical changes in
existing power structure to bring about regeneration for
the cause of public.
The native may be an impressive writer of mystery
stories a researcher or a good investigater involved in
unveiling the facts of a crime or fraud.
Mercury in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
Irritability, impatience; hastiness in thinking,
speaking and action; tendency to oppose others and over
estimate self are the key notes of this aspect.
The native becomes impatient to get into the realm
of the things. He does not disclose his intentions till he
is ready for an action. He is keen to grab power by
uprooting the existing power structure in the name of
regeneration and reforms. He intents to ~isuse his willpower.
The native is calculatively harsh in thinking, speech
and action. He is always cunning and suspicious
towards others. He is a plagiarist engaged in literary
and intellectual theft, representing others, ideas as his
own creation. He is also prone to mis-representation in
speaking and writing.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Jupiter in Harmonious Aspect to Venus
This aspect signifies an attractive personality, ability
to be popular, harmonious relationships generally, warm
heartedness, grace, tact and sense of form.
The native tends to be cheerful, optimistic, social and
popular, enjoying esteem and respect. He is generous,
amiable, hospitable, philanthropic and sympathetic. He
possesses sense of humour, is fond of pleasures,
elegance, taste and grand surroundings. He speaks in a
very pleasingly melodious voice.
The native being too sympathetic at heart, makes
others get benefitted through this tendency. He works
for the down trodden and disadvantaged people. His
popularity is the result of such actions and social grace.
In a poor horoscope this aspect tends to laziness and
indolency. In an afflicted horoscope, the native remains
carefree even not being financially well off.
The native gains through refinement, social
intercourse, travelling, foreign connections, persons in
power and authority, companies and associations. He
is likely to be benefitted emotionally, socially and
financially through marriage and partnerships. The
native may gain through the business of religious art
forms as he is knowledgeable in religion, colour scheme
and sense of form.
Basically this aspect is associated with finances and
culture, so the native may be a custodian of religious
treasure and other assets. The native is generally
fortunate regarding the things signified by the signs and
houses owned and occupied by the two planets.
Jupiter in inharmonious Aspect to Venus
This aspect signifies self-conceit, excessive
expression of feelings, false conduct in love relationship,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


wastefulness, negligence, laziness and disadvantage

through rich living.
The native is overly expensive on luxuries and social
activity. He is curious to improve his social image. He
pretends to be the only one having sentiments for others.
The native does not express his bad sentiments too
openly. The woman with this aspect wants herself to be
the centre of attraction. If this aspect is afflicted one she
is likely to be loose in moral and religious values.
The native has tendency to take too much for granted
in the things done for him. For this tendency he invests
on the things which are of no worth to him. A sales
man sells goods to him by just playing with his emotions.
The woman with this aspect is more self-conceited
and thinks herself to be more worthy. If she is born in a
rich family she is too demanding. She does not believe
in accumulation of money, wants to spend a lot of it on
dress, ornaments and luxury.
The native being of easy going nature and fond of
pleasures does not remain attentive to his professional
liabilies as such incurs losses through carelessness,
fraud, deception, separation, prosecution and loose
investments. He is prone to difficulties in love and
marriage being unfaithful and misrepresentative. He is
amorous, overliberal and seeks desired gratification.
The native being fond of happy rich living, is liable
to blood and skin disorders.
Jupiter in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn
Sense of duty, straight forwardedness, self
confidenc~, philosophical thinking, consciousness of
objectives and plans, desire for possessions, patience
and perseverance are the key notes of this aspect.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native is serious minded, dignified and even

tempered, has capacity for deep and higher studies. He
has powers of review, appraisal, comparision,
concentration, synthesis and arbitration and hence he
can be a proficient lawyer, arbitrator or judicial officer.
The native is optimistic with caution, enthusiastic
with prudence and expansionist with ability for good
organisation. He displays honesty, integrity, common
sense and responsibility in his affairs which earn him
credit and reputation. He is farsighted enough to carry
on large scale responsibilities and proves to be a
successful businessman or a reputed professional or an
efficient manager.
The native is though orthodox as far as religion is
concerned and charitable in disposition but ensures that
the beneficiary is the right person or institution.
The native has powerful character and strength of
will to overcome obstacles. He gains favourfrom elders
and those in position and authority. He enjoys money
and possessions, gains through father and legacy, if the
9th and 8tJ:l houses are unafflicted. He gets benefitted
through religious, medical and scientific institution,
through long travels, companies, associations, politics
and political offices.
Jupiter in Inharmonious Aspect to Saturn
Lack of confidence, discontent, emotional tensions,
inhibitions, self destructive thoughts, pessimism and
learning a lesson through difficulties of life are the key
notes of this aspect.
The native is too regid and conservative in attitudes,
lacks imagination and planning for future. He remains
stick to orthodox values and standards, leads a stagnant
life and does not have access to new thought and beliefs.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Such attitudes keep him in disagreement with present

day higher education. Thus due to lack of proper
education, he is unable to meet the present days
professional and business demands. He has to struggle
hard in order to achieve meagre success.
The native lacks optimism, gets easily
disheartened, does-not get any support and
instigation from his parents as they consider him to
be incompetent. Poor planning and bad timing are
routine incompetence with him that push him into
professional and financial problems. He does not take
any interest in his work, just does it as a routine
procedure. He is incapable of shouldering larger
responsibilities, can work only in minor and less
significant positions.
The native incurs losses through litigation,
trustees, banks etc. This is an unfortunate aspect for
money, threatens penury throu&~ companies,
miscalculation, poor judgement in speculation. The
native is indecisive and mistrustful, lacks self-will,
fits into circumstances and environments too readily.
He faces difficulties on account of dishonesty and
The native suffers from poor health because of
dysfunctioning of gall and liver. He is naturally
susceptible to tubercular diasthesis and epidemics.
Jupiter in Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
The native tends to form harmonious relationships
with other persons and enters into advantageous
associations. His moral and religious values harmonise
with the present day trends and beliefs of the society.
He is adaptable to current situations and thus gets
financial and material success. He uses his wisdom and
knowledge properly and effectively--to gain recognistion


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

as modern philosopher. He is attached to the present

days social and religious institutions. He gets acquainted
with persons too easily, has tact to gain from associations
and marriage.

Jupiter in Inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu

The native tends to be in inharmony and antagonism
with present days religious and social trends and beliefs.
He displays antisocial conduct in associations. He is at
one corner or the other but never in the middle. There
is always a tendency to look out for his own gains first
which is exposed too easily for his tactlessness.
Therefore he finds it difficult to get attached socially.
Jupiter in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect signifies desire for knowledge, inner
perception, prophetic intuition, realisation of fortunate
ideas, sociableness, humanitarian qualities, acceptance
of new ideas and things, philosophical interests and
quick gauzing of situation.
The native loves freedom in his religious and other
activities and is antagonistic to any restraint. He likes
new form of religion that is not stagnant and orthodox;
but progressive. He is more likely to be inclined towards
occult form of religion.
The native has prophetic foresight and can be an
Astrologer well versed in modern and traditional type
of Astrology. He is refined, sociable and active with
humanitarian organisatins. Usually groups of unusual
character attract his attention.
The native, if in politics, works sincerely for the cause
he is committed to. He is given to reforms and
liberalisation. He is usually benefitted through foreign
travels and associations, means of communication,

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


transportation, law, philosophical know ledge,

exploration of religious facts or sculptures, speculation,
governmental positions etc.
Example-Here under is the chart of Dr. Manmohan
Singh where Uranus 1s m trine aspect to Jupiter.
Moon 19

Sat 5

Ven 25
t 1
Nep 15
Jup 17
Ketu 23

Sun 10

Dr. Singh as Finance Minister started the process of

foreign investment and financial reforms in India.

Jupiter in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect signifies inconsistancy, tactlessness,
intense love of freedom, a strong urge for independence,
obstinacy without real conviction and tendency to
magnify the things or issues at hand.
The native incurs losses through impulsive and
imprudent action, unwise judgement, risky ventures
and unpremeditated acts. He is an impractical idealist
who remains drowned in unrealistic imagination.
He is called an eccentric by his society for having
beliefs in unconventional form of religion. The native
obstinately sticks to his point of view, that is contrary to
conventional religious, educational, legal and
philosophic theories.
The native exhibits suddenness in all his activities,
does not apply common sense, faces financial troubles
and other difficulties. Adventurous pursuits bring


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

disaster to him. He suffers from troubles and losses

through speculation, litigation, annoyance and
difficulties over inheritances or property.
The native is too restless that he indulges in projects
involving heavy investment and for lack of planning
and caution these projects run into difficulties and
financial ruins. There is also danger of heavy losses by
acts of nature and governmental and legal decrees.
This aspect disturbs the organic rhythm of human
body. There is disturbance with intestinal peristalisis,
danger of convulsive fits, timely colics and recurrent
Jupiter in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
This aspect has to do with artistic and poetic
qualities; refined social, religious and philanthropic
nature; courtesy; candour; sympathy; religious
psychism and associations with mystical societies.
The native is inspirational and given to investigation
of psychism from religious point of view. He is fond of
travel and psychic experiences. He peeps into the future
through remarkable dreams and visions. To make
proper use of such faculties in a practical way strength
of Saturn and Mercury is essential otherwise there is
more inclination towards love and religious
emotionalism. He is prone to religious drama, music
and devotional chantings of religious songs.
The native displays compassion, generosity and
hospitality towards those who attend him, especially
those who subscribe to his beliefs. He is successful with
secret and mystical societies and is given to monastric
way of life.
The native donates for the cause of hospitals,
instituitons of higher learning, religious societies and

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


mental asylums. He vigorously endeavours to receive

donations for such institutions.
The tendencies of self indulgence and laziness are
evident in the natives with weak charts where there is
no thrust for advancement and creation. They just lie
idle and make airy castles. The native tends to be highly
emotional about the affairs of the houses ruled by Jupiter
and Neptune.
If the native is practical, he is likely to be benefitted
through the matters related to sea, clubs, pleasure
resorts, hospitals and by religious preachings and such
Jupiter in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
This aspect has to do with peculiar religious beliefs,
fraud, treachery, losses through speculation, danger
from dishonesty and secret sorrows.
The native seems to be absent minded, unreliable
and impractical, tends to attempt what is beyond his
capacity and promises what he cannot fulfil. Though
he is honest inherently; but may attempt dishonesty
unknowingly. The dishonesty and unrealisticness is
about matters of the houses owned and occupied by
Jupiter and Neptune.
The native is inclined towards distorted religious
beliefs and mysticism. He is though generous,
hospitable and kind hearted but these attributes seldom
benefit those really needful and underprivileged due
to lack of discrimination on the part of native. If Saturn
and Mercury are quite strong in the chart of native then
he soothes the humanity through his spiritual idealism.
The native incurs losses through unwise speculation,
fraud and treachery. He is unfit to enter into business


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

or financial investment for lack of practicality and

common sense.
The native has a fascination for religious idealism and
cultism. He sometimes supposes as if he is the
representative of his idealised deity or God, the Almighty.
The native lacks tone in body organs; suffersatrophy,
excess of water in blood and wrong diagnoses. The
native is in danger from water, gases, drugs, liquids,
oils, chemicals, beverages and chemicals. He is likely to
be in trouble at pleasure resorts and sea.
Jupiter in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
Organising ability, spiritual and intellecutal
leadership, social and religious regeneration, ability to
lead masses and striving for power in spiritual, mental
and material spheres are the key notes of this aspect.
The native possesses strong will power and displays
it through his spiritual and intellecutal qualities. He has
tremendous creative powers, uses them for social and
religious regeneration and for transformation of his own
life and those of his surroundings. The native is
instinctive and foresighted, has ability to sense the pulse
of masses and remedies that has gone wrong.
The native concentrates on the matter too heavily and,
has knack of tapping spiritual power through prayer and
meditation. Thus he is able to transform and regenerate
religious beliefs of masses through his wisdom.
Jupiter in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
Fanatical aims, wastefulness, exploitation of masses,
conflicts with authorities and executors of government
decisions and loss of social standing are the key notes
of this aspect.
The native is rebellious against the law of land, as
such remains in conflict with the law enforcing agencies

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


and loses his social standing being a law unto himself.

He is in the habit of criticising other religious beliefs
and cults. He is very much involved in religious
transformation activities.
The native has fanatical aims and resorts to
wastefulness to achieve something big that always
obstructs his path to happiness. The desire to achieve
religious and spiritual supremacy is always there but it
is with a distorted vision of the things.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect signifies self control, modesty, sense
of duty and reality, reservedness, loyalty and
faithfulness, thrift, economy and inhibition in
expression of emotions.
The native enjoys success in courtship, happiness
in marriage, steady attachment to partner and
family because he is loyal to them and serious and
constant in expression of his emotions. He is also
faithful and courteous towards his friends and group
The native is just in his day to day affairs and
possesses business ability as both the planets own earthy
and fixed signs. He is endowed with tact, method,
system, sincerity and ability to make most of
opportunities. The sense of justice, fair play and
intellectual acumen comes from the rulership of Libra
and Aquarius by Venus and Saturn respectively.
The native has genuine and practical
understanding of the needs of the disadvantaged class
of humanity and helps them to achieve their self
sufficient standing. Though the native outwardly
looks to be reserved, serious, cold and unresponsive
but he is not so, he is rather endowed with a great
sense of duty and reality.
The native enjoys much good luck and good will of
others. He is benefitted through elders, persons in
position, creative arts, associations and secured
investments. He also gains through lands, banking and
solid investments.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Example- The native of the chart here under is

endowed with above characteristics to a fair extent. He


Ura 29
Sat 24
Pluto 20

Mars 1"

Jup 2

Moon 10

Nep 16

Ketu 23

is inherently generous, dutiful and liberal. He is not a

creative artist; but has a keen sense of beauty and artistic
knowledge. Saturn and Venus are in trine aspect here.
Venus in Inharmonious Aspect to Saturn
This aspect signifies hard heartedness, sensuality,
jealousy, dissatisfaction, self torment and emotional

The native is either shy or strictly fromal towards

others, tending himself to be full of etiquette. He is of
malancholic disposition and frequently suffers
emotional frustrations and financial hardships. Some
of the natives are hard hearted and rarely release their
emotions, perhaps this is due to incessant deprivations
and heavy responsibilities.
The native faces troubles and disappointments in
love, romance, marriage and partnerships as a result he
may become antisocial and may resort to extra marital
pleasures and sensuality. The spouse tends to be harsh,
dictatorial, unresponsive and older than the native. The
native might have entered into marriage just for
financial considerations; but the money of spouse does
not bring real affection and charm in marriage.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Quite a few natives are very calculative in

acquiring wealth and to them wealth can bring all
happiness in life. The native may enter into marriage
with a spouse much younger than him but may not
be able to win her love and affection. Mostly this
aspect brings sorrows and difficulties through the
opposite sex perhaps due to age difference, social or

penury affairs or illnesses.

Quite often this aspect produces material hardships,
unpopularity, disapproval, interference, reversals,
excessive responsibilities, misfortunes through parents,
senior members of the family and relatives. With this aspect
either the native is hyper sensitive to smaller issues of life
or the conditions around are harsh and severe depriving
him of real peace and happiness in life.
The native may incur losses through business,
speculative deals, investments, lands, mines, companies
and theft.
Physically the native suffers from malfunctioning of
endocrine glandular system, glandular atrophy or
hypertrophy, pulmonary emphysema or goitre. His system

of veins also suffers atony.

Example- The woman with the following chart is
very calculative in money matters. She is too sensitive
to smaller difficulties of life. She lost her ovaries due to
Ura 28

Ketu '?

Sat 2 Nep 29

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


cystic developments. She also suffers from atony of

venous system.

Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu

Adaptability, obliging and pleasant disposition, need
for engagement and love unions are the key notes of
this aspect.
The native is endowed with grace and pleasing
manners and becomes adapt to circumstances too easily.
The native is a charming personality, who is able to
mould himself according to prevailing trends and beliefs
of the culture. He gains financially by exploiting the
current trends of the society. A man with this aspect is
attracted towards beautiful women and enjoys better
luck through them. The native with this aspect is usually
well to do financially through out life. He displays tact
and diplomacy in all his edneavours and thus gaiits
through public relations, partnerships, social activities
and love unions.

Venus in Inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu

Lack of adaptability, unobligingness
disagreableness are the key notes of this aspect.


The native is inadaptable and unobliging which

keeps him out of harmony with the current trends and
beliefs of the society. There are hindrances and break
ups in love affairs and emotional attachments. The
marriage tends to be tortured by clouds of suspicion,
jealousy and tyranny. The native is poor in timing to gain
favour from circumstances and disappointments occur.

Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus

This aspect signifies artistic talents, impulsive
sensations and feelings, sentimental and eccentric
expressions of love and romantic sensations.


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

The native is endowed with a lot of sex appeal, falls

into love suddenly, seeks emotional freedom, does not
like conventions in love and marriage and marries
suddenly. He is fortunate in friendship, love and
marriage. He seeks unusual friendships and becomes
The native has fondness, desire and ability for fine
arts, new and extra ordinary concepts and is inherently
disinclined towards conventional methods. He is fond
of new concepts of music and electronic arts.
The native is engaged in group endeavours and gains
through fraternal, social and progressive societies. He has
friends among artists, inventors, politicians and
extraordinary persons. He may be associated with radio,
television or recording companies.
Venus in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect signifies inconstancy, moodiness,
sensitiveness, nervousness from suppressed emotional
desires, peculiar inclinations and self-willed love nature.
The native is imaginative, curious, alert and hasty
but at the same time inconstant in his affections and is
subject to swift reversals. He has sudden attractions
which are only for a short period and go astry due to
inconsistancy of his character. He also faces troubles in
marriage and difficulty through opposite sex because
he is disinclined to sacrifice his personal freedom.
The native seeks exotic emotional experiences and
sexual perversions are also there, if other factors in
the horoscope confirm it. There is likelihood of
confusion in love and friendship because sexual
considerations enter into the picture very soon. Any way
he is unfortunate regarding matters related to opposite

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native falls into troubles through broken

promises and scandals; incurs losses ihrough unreliable
friends, associates, partners and risky ventures.
The fickleness of character is more prominent if both
the planets are in dual signs; if both the planets are in
fixed signs the native is antagonistic to reason and seeks
emotional gratification at all cost and if both the planets
are in cardinal signs the native is hyper active and
changeful in emotional expressions, therefore unable to
gain stability in relationships of all kinds.
Example- Hereunder is the chart of a Sikh
businessman who married a girl from Kerala at the age
L 17.35

etu 18
oon 27

Plu 3

ahu 18
ars 20

Sun 7
Nep 2o Mer 29

of 45 years. Neptune in the 7th house made him to enter

in unusual marriage. Saturn is with the 7th lord Venus
in the 7th house, though exalted still delayed marriage.
Uranus in square aspect to Venus causes the native to
be hyper active and changeful in emotional expressions.
The couple got separated after six months association.
Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
High ideals, good tastes, dreaminess; receptivity for
beauty, art and music; tendency to be influenced and
sensitivity in love are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is fond of art, music, singing, drama and
beauty in all forms. He is highly romantic in nature and


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

disinclined towards practical affairs generally. The

native most likely enters into unusual marriage and
hopes it to be an ideal relationship. He is spiritually,
emotionally and aesthetically a refined person.
The native is highly inspirational and quickly
responds to kindness, sympathy, love and appreciation.
He displays grace and gentleness in social expression.
The native attains gains and pleasures through
friends, associations and acquaintances. If either planet
be in the 5th house, he gets benefitted through acting,
cinema, speculations or mystical interests.
If the horoscope has other positive aspects
accompained by this aspect, the native makes money
through large corporate affaris, trusts or institutions,
amusement resorts, liquids, sea transport and being at
sea shores.
If the horoscope is weak one, indolency in character
is quiet evident and the native seeks push and support
from a sympathiser to gain some momentum.
Venus in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
Indecision, uncertainty, seduciveness, wrong ways
of love, mistaken sense of love, lack of good tastes and
erratic aberrations are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is very much under the influence of
subconscious forces which cause emotional problems. He
is likely to face disappointments, complications, deceit and
scandals in love and marriage. He has a tendency to
bestow affections unwisely and that may endanger his
marriage. Honesty and faithfulness, the pillars of happy
marriage, are usually absent with this aspect.
The native is victim of various kinds of emotional
complexes and sexual imagery that arouses sexual
passions. But being shy and retiring in disposition his

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


sexual passions do not get positive externalisation rather

he masturbates or indulges in other secret sexual
In a weak horoscope escapist tendencies are present
and the native shuns responsibility. He may fall into
bad habits like alcoholism, drug abuse etc. The shrewder
people play with his sympathies and misuse him. He
falls prey to dubious get rich schemes and suffers
financial losses. The native should guard against loss
and theft through misplaced confidence, secret
organisations and affairs.
The native should be careful about diet, should avoid
beverages, wrong food combinations and impure
substances. He is prone to pathological enlargement of
the glands, weakened glandular function and slackness
of sexual organs.
Example- The native of chart discussed under
"Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn" suffered from
enlargement of the right lobe of thyroid gland. This was
a pathological enlargement and thyroidoctomy of right
lobe was done. Venus is in opposition to Neptune in
that chart. Venus as the Lagna and 8th lord also occupies
the 6th house though exalted.
Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies a strong procreative
power, artistic giftedness, extra ordinary power of
attraction, intensified sex expressions and a strong
feelings of love.
The native is powerfully and positively romantic;
has strong feelings, keen perception and understands
the transforming power of love but he is deemed to be
more humane in nature. He understands harmony and
equilibrium in relationships. His perception of art and


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

music is clear, so he can work for regenerative changes

in these areas.
The native has strong sex drive and love at first sight,
it is not uncommon to him. He enters into Vlarriage that
is predestined and sexual dissatisfaction is not common
to him. His marriage has a transforming effect on his life.
The native has extra-ordinary scientific ability if
Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are also strong in his chart.
He may get engaged with a project of remarkable
scientific achievement.
Venus in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies excessive sex-urge,
lasciviousness, lewd desires and extra ordinary stresses
and strains in love life.
The native is predisposed to intense emotions and
uncontrollable sexual passions, that distort his will and
regenerative and transforming power oflove. His strong
sexual passions and indulgence in sexual involvements
of undesirable type have a debasing effect on life.
The native has strong desire for material possessions
because Venus and Pluto rule two fixed signs Taurus
and Scorpio respectively. The native usually enters into
marriage with a desire for handsome dowry. In a chart
of debased character, a woman may adopt prostitution
to achieve material prosperity.
The native may sometimes show dictatorial and
harsh attitudes towards life partner and tries to remake
herby imposing his own will. If there is a cruelty instinct
in his chart, he may indulge in forced sex act or rape for
sexual gratification.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology



Saturn in Harmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
Emotional and spiritual maturity, serious ou.t look,
association with elderly people and benefits from
experienced persons are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is of conservative out look and sticks to
his racial moral and social values and customs. He
achieves success and gains in his professional arena
through conforming to traditional social institutions and
the older members of society. The native feels more
secured with traditional institutions and tries to be
attached professionally with such institutions and
The native takes a serious view of the things and
displays emotional and spiritual maturity since early
childhood. These virtues develop hard working habits
in him and he is amply rewarded for the same.
Saturn in Inharmonious Aspect to Rahu-Ketu
Limitations, inhibitions in presence of others, living
in strict discipline, lack of adaptability and great
difficulty in cooperating with others are the key notes
of this aspect.
The native is too conservative, fearful and shy to grab
the opportunities coming his way. These tendencies
create loneliness and significant limitations in his life.
To some natives strict childhood discipline manifests
as above mentioned psychological aberrations. To the
native and his sympathisers this seems to be the game
of ill-fate and surely it is so because such configuration
of planets has appeared in the chart due to native's
previous lives, bad deeds. The native is neither himself
willing to improve his psyche nor he gives an ear to


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

good advice of older and experienced persons in his

Example- Here under is the chart of a girl having
opposition between Rahu and Saturn in Kendra houses.
Sat 9 Sun 15o Ven 27
etu 22
Mer 4




Jupiter being in the 7th is aspecting the Lagna but has

been rendered weak being aspected by Saturn from the
lOth house. She is being brought up in a very
conservative and orthodox family environment. Her
physcial build up is poor because of disturbances ofliver
and digestive system. Jupiter the significator of liver,
the 4th and 5th lords Mercury and Venus all are
disturbed by the aspect of Saturn. She will definitely
develop a sense of inadequacy alongwith poor health
when she will be fully grown up.

Saturn in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus

This aspect signifies will-power, determination,
perseverance, endurance, indefatigability, ability to
handle situations and power to come out of hardships.
The native possesses strong will power, so makes
practical use of original creative inspirations. He can be
very good in science and technology, an explorer of
ancient facts and a good excavator. He can be an expert
occultist too.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


The native is resourceful with practical foresight and

endowed with fixity of purpose. He can work in groups
and organisations; has ability to plan, control,
systematise and organise, therefore, he can be a good
executive, coordinator of big projects, a statesman or
head of a province. The native is proficient in public
relations and in control of labour disturbances and has
political ability to deal with such situations.
The native has mental ability to succeed in occult
affairs, mental healing, telepathy etc. He can gain
through investment in rail-roads or electric affairs,
dealing with aluminium, platinum, inventions and
through big public institutions. If one of the luminary
is also in good aspect to either of the planet, it adds to
his physical vitality.
Saturn in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect signifies irritability, rebelliousness, urge
for freedom, emotional conflicts, provocative acts,
emotional tensions and acts of violence.
The tendencies and desires are same as mentioned
in previous aspect; but due to irritability and extreme
urge for freedom the native lacks in capacity and ability
to be successful rather meets misfortune regarding
affairs of the houses occupied by Saturn and Uranus.
The native is inflexible, odd tempered and
impulsive. If Saturn is stronger he will be opposed to
any new ideas and renovations and if Uranus is stronger
he has a rebellious urge fornew ideas, renovations and
wants to throw away the existing order of the things.
The native has intense urge of freedom for himself
only, while to his subordinates he is unpopular for his
repressive tendencies and dictatorial attitudes. He has

Planetary As~ in Mrology
very few friends for his obstinacy, eccentricity, egotism
and hypocrisy. He is inadaptable, lacks common sense
and hence becomes socially unpopular.
If the native is born with a very weak or afflicted

chart, he resorts to indolency, idleness, improvidence,

caters only to the tastes and emotions or becomes
thoroughly bad, treacherous, violent and laW" breaker.
This aspect weakens the body parts denoted by the
signs occupied particularly by Saturn, producing a
chronic, complicated and incurable sickness. The result
may be loss of a limb or organ surgically. This aspect also
denotes liability to accidents through falls, falling objects,
collisions, riots and suppressing the rights of others.

Example-Here under is the chart of a native who

was very irritable and rebellious during his adolscent
years. His urge for freedom did not land him in proper
Jup lo Mars 16o Moon 1"
Ketu zo

Sat 5

Sun 14
L 19

Rahu 2o
Nep 15

Mer 7"
Pluto 14

line of education. Basically he was a science student,

did some computer courses; but of no avail. Did
graduation through arts, now preparing for I.A.S. He
has been advised to study law and join his father's legal
profession. He wasted four or five years of life due to
under terministic and irritable approach. Thanks to
many other forceful combinations for affluence that he
has better financial standing.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Saturn in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune

Taking care of others, methodical execution of plans,
foresight, cautiousness, self restraint and readiness for
sacrifice are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is endowed with great concentration
power and clearness of thoughts; gets disciplined and
practical with his mystical, weird and psychic feelings.
The concentration of Saturn provides solid ground to
insight of Neptune. The concentration and steadiness
of this aspect tend the native to proceed towards his
goals silently and cautiously. He gets associated with
such religious, occult and mystical societies that are
worthy for humanity. The native always investigates
matters with practical view of the things and takes notice
even of minute details.
The native is a good strategist and planner, involves
himself in any financial investment only after carefully
examining of the pros and cons. He is a keen observer
of the law of cause and effect. He is practical and
discriminating in bestowing his compassion to the really
needful and less fortunate.
The success and benefit comes to the native through
advanced studies, investigation, liquids, oils, the sea,
property, shares, stocks and legacies. He may be
interested in industrial chemistry, refining, preserving,
refrigeration, mineral water etc.
Saturn in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
Painful emotinal inhibitions, freqv.ent changes of
moods, dissatisfaction, insecurity, distrust, dual
character and struggle between lower and higher sides
of nature are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is subject to distressful psychic conditions,
phobias, neurosis, irrational fears and anxieties. His
subconscious mind (a store house of his past


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

conditioning) manifesting as habit pattern intervenes

adversely in his day to day affairs as above mentioned
psychic conditions. His reservedness makes others
suspicious and distrustful about him.
The native is a victim of sense of inadequacy and
fear complex as such he is professionally unhappily
placed and incompetent to meet out practical
responsibilities of life. He thinks that he is under the
influence of some evil astral entity, seeks the help of
some so called occultist, but of no avail.
The native suffers loss and difficulty through plots
or his own underhanded means to achieve worldly
success. His failures come through insufficient action,
ill timed activities, misinformation, confusion and lack
of coordination. Usually difficulties arise through affairs
of the houses the two planets occupy.
The native is prone to doubtful tastes, improper diet,
and inadequate health measures. Undermining
circumstances lead to neurosis, psychosis and
undiagnosable illnesses. There is a trend of chronicity
with his illnesses accompanied by continuous organic
decomposition in his body.
Saturn in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies extreme discipline in accomplishing difficult tasks, endurance, toughness and tenacity.
The native has ability and capacity for hard work in
a disciplined way and thus regenerates himself. He has
deep understanding of the working of nature. He can
be good at meditation and other occult subjects. He is
adapt in subtle understanding of scientific subjects
particularly Physics.
The native possesses tremendous will power,
endurance and organising ability, therefore he can be

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


an efficient manager or an impressive leader. By the use

of his will power, he brings about changes at
fundamental level by changing the psyche of people.
Such changes have no tendency for reversals and are of
permanent nature.
For the manifestation of this aspect the general tenor
of horoscope should be strong with at least either of the
planet angular, as the aspect finds manifestation
through surroundings.
Saturn in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies cold heartednes s, unfeeling
nature, tendency to violence, non deviation from
principles adopted and martyr's complex.
Initially the native is subject to harsh and
inharmonious conditions which imbibe in him cold and
rebellious attitudes. If the chart denotes aggressiveness,
then there is tendency towards violence.
Continuous adverse impact of negative
environmental and natural forces makes the native hard
hearted. The principles or attitudes so adopted develop
a long chain of dejections, hence the native is inflexible
with his principles. In extreme cases there developes a
martyr's complex against the existing set up of the


Planetary Aspects in Astrology


Rahu-Ketu in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect signifies search for change and variety,
sharing of new experience with others, sudden
acquaintanceship and liveliness and activity in company
of others.
The native has ability to judge and anticipate changes
that are to occur in prevailing social trends and attitudes
and get benefitted therefrom. He is better adapted to
social, moral, scientific and technological reforms. He
is intuitively aware of seizing opportunities, employs
unusual methods and surprising tactics to invite
favourable public opinion and acceptance. He is
insighted about when and how to use his unusaual
Rahu-Ketu in Inharmonious Aspect to Uranus
This aspect signifies upsetting new experiences with
others, nervous irritability in presence of others and a
restless disposition.
The native does not feel free and at ease with the
prevailing social trends and attitudes. He tends to be
moody, sensitive and reckless. He employs unsocial
ways and means to achieve success. Due to his drastic
actions and risky ventures he is considered a non
Rahu-Ketu in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
Occasional unreliability, strange conduct in
communal life and inclination to expect more from
others are the key notes of this aspect.

The native has strong sense of spirituality and

psychic understanding of present day trends and has
ability to get benefitted from these. He has knack of
metaphysical studies, if other configurations of planets

Planetary Aspects in Astrology


support. An element of unreliability is always present

in his actions and he seeks more than he deserves.
The native is endowed with a subtle insight to
get befitted from current social trends, public moods
and existing cultural values. This aspect is usually
present in the charts of modern spiritual and religious
Rahu-Ketu in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
Exploiting, cheating and deceiving tendencies, lack
of social sense and feeling and wrong ideas due to lack
of judgement are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is victim of weird psychic and spiritual
knowledge and tends to undermine traditional social
and religious concepts. He is an impractical dreamer
who seeks false satisfaction of senses. In his mind there
is conflict between undue idealism and visionary
pursuits of selfish gratification. He is not clear in his
ideas and reacts confusedly to any outside impetus.
Usually affairsofthe houses occupied by the two planets
indicate areas of confusion and indecisiveness.
Rahu-Ketu in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies a wish to become a public figure
and influence masses.
The native has an intense urge for reforms and
regeneration and he is tuned to supreme consciousness
to know how to achieve his goals. He is aware of wishes,
aspirations and apprehensions of the public and by
exploiting these virtues he becomes a public figure. The
rest of horoscope decides whether he uses his position
for selfish purposes or for bringing about radical
transformations in the society for betterment. This is the
aspect of a shrewd politician, a public figure or a social
reformer. Any way this aspect has force and depth


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

because it has to deviate masses from their exisiting

Rahu-Ketu in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
This aspect signifies a common and tragic destiny
shared with other people and feeling one's association
with others as a burden.
The native though has an intense urge for reforms
and regeneration; but his actions are against the
established order and perhaps may manifest as
dangerous revolutionary acts. His ideas are full of
impact and have a great influence over masses, if
planned and executed properly. His life is full of actions
and separative acts. The mode and manner of actions
usually depend on other configurations of planets
present in the chart.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology



Uranus in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune
Inner vision, idealism, inspiration, inner
enlightenment, mysticism, interest in spiritual subjects,
development of subconscious powers, peculiar psychic
states and religious problems are the key notes of this
The native is interested in occult affairs, attracted to
psychic centres, mystical or secret societies, mental
healing, new thought, transcendental meditation, Yoga,
magic, and experiences of unusual subjects and
occupations. He is benefitted through these interests,
leanings and experiences.
The native also has a liking for travels, explorations,
investigations, secret missions and adventures. He is
benefitted through relating to sea, large institutions and
federal affairs. This aspect also promotes an artistic
ability with new and original ideas and the native may
gain on that account.
This aspect rarely manifests unless either of the
planet is angular and heavily aspected by other planets
because it is more a mental aspect and needs support of
angular houses and other aspects.
Uranus in Inharmonious Aspect to Neptune
Instability, nervous sensitiveness, lack of emotional
balance, wrong ideas, confused psychic states, losses,
lack of stamina and vitality and lack of clarity with
consciousness are the key notes of this aspect.
The native is highly strung, wilful and nervous, has
fixed ideas and opinions and prone to emotional and
psychic confusions. These manifestations are
particularly noticiable if the two planets are in Kendra


Planetary Aspects in Astrology

houses and heavily aspected by other planets otherwise

it is not a very serious aspect.
The native is prone to confused idealism of
impractical type and may be associated with secret
societies and intrigues. He is subjected to social unrest,
political controversies and partisan religious activities
due to his wrong thinking.
If there are afflictions to either planet, the native
should be careful about the use of his psychic abilities
as there is danger of destructive astral plane experiences.
The neurotic tendencies are evident, if the chart is
afflicted. Also, there may be tendency to fanatism,
unreasonable behaviour and escapism through alcohol
or sexual involvements.
Example- Take the chart discussed under "Venus
in inharmonious aspect to Uranus". In that chart Uranus
and Neptune are in the 4th and 7th houses, both Kendra
houses. Moreover both the planets are associated with
two other planets representing most of the psychological
aberrations discussed manifesting through the family
and marriage houses. The ultimate result was separation
in marriage and loneliness to the native.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology



Neptune in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto
Marked sensitiveness, high imaginations, fantasy,
illusions, inclination towards unusual and super natural
phenomena, knowledge of self and mysticism are the
key notes of this aspect.
This aspect manifests only if either planet be angular
and aspected by or associated with other planets. The
native is endowed with clairvoyant and intuitive
abilities and has a tendency towards mysticism. He also
displays unusual occult, scientific and aesthetic abilities.
Neptune in Inharmonious Aspect to Pluto
Self torment, manias, craving for alcohol, obsession,
confusion, falsehood, fraud and delusive tricks are the
key notes of this aspect.
The native is born at a time of social turmoil and
disintegration of social structure. Because this aspect is
of a very large duration, hence affects destiny of masses
The native can be a victim or participant of corrupt
social or political system. It indicates reform of social,
religious or political structure to which the native belong's.
This aspect also manifests only if the two planets
are angular and associated with or aspected by other