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Topic : Which Is More Important: Talent or Hard Work?

1. Introduction (Paragraph 1)

A. Hook : All people in the world want to live a successful life.

B. Connecting information : People see athletes, singers, painters and many other
artists in our lives
C. Thesis statement : hard work is more important than talent.

2. Body

A. Paragraph 2 (first reason) topic sentence : Hard work is always precedes talent

1. Talent is an invisible and arbitrary thing

2. To be a basketball player(example)
3. People should develop other lacking skill the job requires by a hard work

B. Paragraph 3 (second reason) topic sentence : Talent is just a start line

1. Talented people placing ahead at first.

2. Soon will be overtaken by hard workers
3. People should not trust their talents only.

C. Paragraph 4 (counterargument and refutation) topic sentence : Some might say

there are things that cannot be accomplished by our hard work alone
1. Luck (not controllable)
2. Hard worker deals with luck better.
3. It could be an excuse of lazy people

3. Conclusion (Paragraph 5)
A. Restated thesis : For these reasons, hard work is more important than talent.
B. Opinion : Hard work maximizes talents.