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Peter didnt ______ the

job properly.
(a) did
(b) do
(c) make
(d) made
2. _______ a drink?
(a) Do you like
(b) Are you like
(c) Would you like
(d) Do you liking
3. Wheres Todd? I ______
him for years.
(a) havent seen
(b) havent see
(c) saw
(d) did see
4. ________ Peter to come
and see me.
(a) Said
(b) Say
(c) Told
(d) Tell

7. You dont have ______

money in the bank.
(a) none
(b) some
(c) any
(d) no
8. ________ coffee?

You drink
Do you drink
Do drink you
Drink you

9. What _________ to you yesterday?

(a) happened
(b) does happen
(c) happen
(d) did happen
8. Bill is not __________ his
(a) so tall than
(b) as tall than
(c) as tall as
(d) so tall like

5. When did you _______ to

(a) gone
(b) will go
(c) go
(d) went
6. That is the _______ film I
have seen.
(a) bad
(b) worst
(c) the bad
(d) worse


9. Stop_________ ! I can
hear you perfectly.
(a) to shout
(b) shouting
(c) shouted
(d) shout
10. Jenny is _____ home
_____ the kitchen
(b) in ... at
(c) in ... in
(d) at ... in

(d) although
17. Choose the correct

11. I couldnt go to the party.

I was ______ tired.
(a) too
(b) little
(c) well
(d) much

(a) Writes and reads very well he

(b) He reads and writes very well
(c) He writes very and he reads well.
(d) Very well he reads and writes

12. Choose the correct

(a) Youd get wet if youll go outside
(b) Youll get wet if you go outside
(c) You get wet if you will go outside
(d) You get wet if you went outside
13. It was raining, _______
he closed the window.
(a) or
(b) because
(c) but
(d) so
14. Everybody ________
when the boss entered.
(a) Stood out
(b) Stood down
(c) Stood up
(d) Stood off
15. I try not to ________ the
radio in the morning.
(a) listen for
(b) listen to
(c) listen with
(d) listen
16. I had a big lunch and Im
_______ hungry.
(a) still
(b) even
(c) yet


18. Peter hasnt got

_________ to buy a car.
money enough
many money
a lot of money
enough money
19. Bill arrived at the station
late and _________ the

(a) lost
(b) missed
(c) left
(d) taken
20. I need ________ to you.
(a) to speak
(b) speak
(c) speaking
(d) to speaking
21. You arent listening,
_________ ?
(a) were you
(b) you are
(c) did you
(d) are you
22. America _________ in
the 15th century.
(a) discovered
(b) is discovered

(c) was discovered

(d) were discovered

(a) the ... the

(b) the ... ---(c) ---- ... ---(d) ---- ... the

23. If you _______ water it

_______ .
(a) heats .... boils
(b) heat .... boils
(c) heated ..... boiled
(d) do heat ..... boil
24. I _______ a lot TV when I
was young.
(a) see
(b) usually
(c) did
(d) watched
25. Peter spends _______
money on clothes.
(a) a lot of
(b) many
(c) plenty
(d) few
28. Ted ________ hungry.

27. People go to the cinema

______ a movie.
(a) watch
(b) for watch
(c) to watch
(d) for to watch
28. Im waiting _______ my
(a) for
(b) to
(c) in
(d) at

29. Bill is in the room but

John _______.
(a) arent
(b) hasnt
(c) havent
(d) isnt


29. Theres a party at my friend

__________ .
(a) Williams house
(b) Williams house
(c) William house
(d) the house of William
26. Jenny works at ______
hospital on _______
James Street


30. We usually _______ to

Italy in August.

do go
31. Peter arrived late
because he _______ the

(a) lose
(b) left
(c) lost
(d) missed

36. John liked the concert. He enjoyed

_______ very much.
(a) him
(b) himself
(c) he
(d) his
37. Politicians _______ many difficult
decisions .

is facing
are faced
is faced

38. The statue was carved _____

(a) from


(b) by
(c) about
(d) at
39. Choose the correct sentence
(a) On Fridays I eat usually meat
(b) Eat on Fridays meat I usually
(c) Meat on Fridays I usually eat
(d) I usually eat meat on Fridays
32. The film was ____ stupid
I didnt enjoy it at all.
(a) such
(b) so
(c) a lot
(d) much

1. B
2. C
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. C
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. B
12. D
13. A
14. B
15. D
16. C
17. B
18. A
19. B
20. D
21. B
22. A
23. D
24. C
25. B
26. D
27. A
28. B
29. A
30. B
31. C
32. A
33. D
34. A
35. D
36. B
37. C
38. A
39. D
40. B


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