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Great buildings

The Collosseum / P. Chrisp -- The Empire State Building / G. Holland -- Great Pyramid /
H. Martell -- The Houses of Parliament / N. Smith -- The Partheon / P. Chrisp -- The Taj
Mahal / C. Moorcroft.

Mummies, pyramids, and pharaohsa book about ancient Egypt /

By : Gibbons, Gail.
Provides an overview of life in ancient Egypt, describing the people, daily activities,
beliefs and customs, and what has been learned from artifacts left behind.
Genre :Juvenile literature.,

Ancient Greece and the Olympicsa nonfiction companion to Hour of the Olympics /

By : Osborne, Mary Pope.

Annie and Jack present information about ancient Greece and the athletic events known
as the Olympic games that were held there.
Series :Magic tree house research guide
Genre :Juvenile literature,

Your travel guide to ancient Egypt

By : Day, Nancy.
Takes readers on a journey back in time in order to experience life in ancient Egypt,
describing clothing, accommodations, foods, local customs, transportation, a few notable
personalities, and more.
Series :Passport to history
Genre :Guidebooks, Juvenile literature.,
Life in ancient Greece

By : Peppas, Lynn.
Glorious Greece -- Greek way of life -- Rise of the Polis -- Super markets -- Daily life in
Greece -- Words and wisdom -- Gods of Olympus -- Cultural life -- Alpha to Omega.
Series :Peoples of the ancient world
Genre :Juvenile literature.,

Discover More: Ancient Egypt

By : Setford, Steve

Ancient Egypt

By : Arlon, Penelope
Grades 3-6.
Series :Scholastic discover more
Genre :Juvenile literature.,

Ancient Greece

By : Covert, Kim.
The Ancient Olympics -- Early Greeks -- The rise of Greece -- Fall from power -- Lasting
achievements -- Greek influence today.
Series :Early civilizations
Genre :Juvenile literature.,
Growing up in ancient Egypt

By : David, A. Rosalie
Describes daily life in ancient Egypt, discussing life in the city, life in the country, pets
and toys, meals, and other aspects.

Ancient Greecean interactive history adventure /


By : Caper, William.
"Describes the life and times of ancient Greece. The readers' choices reveal the historical
details of life from the perspectives of a resident of Athens and a resident of Sparta"-Provided by publisher.
Series :You choose books. Historical eras
Genre :Juvenile literature, Juvenile literature.,

Ancient Greece


By : Klingel, Cynthia Fitterer.

An introduction to the history, government, culture, people, and aspects of daily life of
ancient Greece and its pervasive and enduring influence on western civilization.
Series :Let's see library
Genre :Juvenile literature.,
Ancient Greece


By : Connolly, Peter,
Genre :Juvenile literature., Pictorial works,

National geographic kids everything Ancient Egypt


By : Boyer, Crispin.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Series :National geographic kids
Genre :Juvenile literature.,

The best book of ancient Greece


By : Weber, Belinda.
The early Greeks -- The Mycenaeans -- The tale of Troy -- Settlin new lands -- The rise
of Athens -- Sparta -- Great ideas -- Daily life -- Festival and games -- Armies and war -Gods and goddesses -- Myths and legends -- How we know -- Greece today.
Genre :Juvenile literature.,
Spend the day in ancient Greeceprojects and activities that bring the past to life /


By : Honan, Linda.
Series :Spend the days series
Genre :Juvenile literature, Juvenile literature.,

Pyramids were builtand other questions about ancient Egypt /


By : Steele, Philip,
Presents questions and answers about ancient Egyptian civilization, including the
pharaohs, Egyptian gods, mummies, work, food, clothing and appearance, writing, and
Series :I wonder why
Genre :Miscellanea., Miscellanea, Juvenile literature.,

Explore ancient Greece!


By : Van Vleet, Carmella.

Where in the world was Ancient Greece? -- Welcome home! -- Let's eat! -- Clothes -School, Socrates, and science -- The Olynmpics and the theater -- Democracy and war -Gods, goddesses, and myths.
Series :Explore your world
Genre :Miscellanea, Juvenile literature.,
Explore ancient Egypt!


By : Van Vleet, Carmella.

Provides 25 hands-on projects, activities, and games to teach about ancient Egyptian
homes, food, money, toys, games, makeup, clothes, kings, mummies, and more.
Genre :Juvenile literature, Juvenile literature.,

Daily life in ancient Greece


By : Simons, Lisa M. B.,

Includes bibliographical references (page 23) and index.
Series :Ancient Greece
Genre :Juvenile literature.,
The First Olympics of ancient Greece


By : Simons, Lisa M. B.,

Includes bibliographical references and index.
Series :Ancient Greece
Genre :Juvenile literature,