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: 27/05/16

Target group

: five to six- year-old


: 30 minutes

Integrated Curriculum

: Language

Title of activity

: Lets find the honey

Learning standards

: BI 3.5.5 Talk about prints from different media in the environment

(e.g. storybook)
BC 1.1.5

BC 1.1.7
PFK 2.1 Berjalan dengan postur dan teknik yang betul.
PFK 2.1.13 Berlari ke arah yang ditentukan.

Learning objectives

: At the end of the lesson, students will be able:

- walk from one place to another place based on the direction given.
- give respond based on the instruction given by the teacher.

Prior Knowledge

: Students had learned some kinesthetic movements: walk, run, turn left
and turn right.


: printed map, path made by cardboard, wood and plastic bottles.

1) Teacher tells students that today they are going to listen to a story entitled Honey, Honey.
2) Teacher introduces the characters in the story: the two bears.
3) Teacher asks WH-questions:
- Children, do you know what is a bear?
- It is big and it is fierce. (teacher shows picture)
- What do you think the bear likes to eat?
- It likes to eat honey.
4) Teacher tells students that the two bears pass by some places before they had reached the bee hive.
- Lets see what places had they pass by.
Teaching point:
1) Teacher pastes printed map on the whiteboard.
2) Teacher tells the story to the students.
- Once upon a time, there was a two big bears. They were very hungry. They wanted to eat
honey. The honey was from bee hive. They needed to find the bee hive. So, they started their
journey. They started from their house. They walked and crossed the bridge. They walked
through the jungle. Finally, they saw the bee hives. When they wanted to get the honey, they
were attacked by a swarm of bees. They ran back to their house.
3) Teacher asks students to pay attention on the colour of the arrow in the map.
- The black arrows show the path TO the bee hive.
- The red arrows show the path FROM the bee hive.
- So, what were the places they had passed by when they ran to the house?

Guided activity:
1) Teacher removes the printed map from the white board.
2) Pupils observe and discuss.
3) Teacher set up by using the cardboard.
4) Teacher gives plastic bottle to every student.
- Children, what is this?
- This is a plastic bottle.
- Now, I wanted you to be the bears and fill this bottle with honey.
5) Teacher recalls on the story that they had learnt earlier.
- Do you still remember the story? It is the story of two bears looking for the honey.
- What are the places that the bears had passed by? Can you tell me?
6) Teacher carries out role play session.
- Children, now you are the bears.
- You will pass by the places that the two bears had gone through.
- When I say walk, then you have to walk.
- When I say stop, then you have to stop.
- When I ask you questions, you have to answer. (for example, I will ask the places. I will ask
where are you now. If you are on the bridge, then you have to tell me on the bridge.
- Now, lets go and find bee hive.
1) Teacher praises students for their efforts.
2) Teacher gives lollipop to the students as a token of appreciation for their efforts.
Five children participated actively in the lesson. They were excited during role play session. When the
teacher asked question, the students were able to answer in correct respond.