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Duration: 2 DAYS

Learning Standards:
a. Literature: Life is a Three-Ring Circus
By: Jose A. Quirino
b. Grammar: Moods of Verbs
1. Indicative
2. Imperative
3. Subjunctive
Core Values: Self-Worth, Humility, Integrity, Simplicity
Related Values: Conscientious, Hardworking
STAGE 1- Desired Results
The students will:
A. Expressive
1. Gain insights into a concrete presentation of life as a three-ring circus.
2. Appreciate the writers use of descriptive words, and interesting dialogues.
B. Instructional
3. Arrange logically in sequence the story through a small group activity using Story Grammar
Structure (Guided Reading)
4. Identify emotional reaction of main character.
5. Infer characteristics of the main character.
6. Compare and contrast the clich and reality about a clowns characteristics and way of life in the
following events in the story.
7. Predict outcome of the main characters actions.
8. Compose a reflective essay focusing on life as a three-ring circus.
Desired Understandings:
The students will understand
1. The authors lesson in the difference between literature and life, the clich and the reality.
2. The authentic significance of the three-rings in Gorgios life and in their personal lives.
3. The moral implications of stereotyping notions about clowns and other types of people.
4. The use of the moods of verbs (indicative, imperative and subjunctive).
Essential Questions:
1. What was the reporters stereotyped notion of clowns?
2. List some stereotyped notions that people have about clowns and other types of people.
3. What was the author's first lesson in the difference between literature and life, the clich and the
4. Discuss how reality can be more interesting than the accepted clich.
5. What was Gorgio's advice to the reporter?
6. What were the three-rings in Gorgio's life?
7. Is the ending of the story plausible?

8. What is the author trying to say in this story?

Key Knowledge and Skills
Students will know:
a. The authors brief life background:
Jose A. Quirino
b. The Story of Life is a Three-ring Circus
c. The Meaning of Mood in Grammar
d. The Different Moods of Verbs
e. The Correct Usage of indicative,
imperative and subjunctive moods of verbs

Students will be able to:

1. Use context clues to get meanings of
unfamiliar words.
2. Describe the three-ring circus of Gorgios
3. List some stereotyped notions that people
have about clowns and other types of
4. Relate in their lives the implications and
values they learned from the story Life is a
Three-ring Circus.
5. Define the meaning of mood in grammar.
6. Identify moods of verbs
7. Communicate effectively with the use of the
different moods of verbs.
8. Compose their reflective essay about life.

STAGE 2- Assessment Evidence

Performance Tasks: Writing an ESSAY
G Come up with a comprehensive essay as your journal reflection.
R You are a student with lofty aspirations and big dreams in life.
A Your classmates
S Draw your life in a three-ring circus (see Enrichment Activity).
P You need to formulate sentences following the correct usage of the moods of verbs.
S Your output will be adjudged with the following standards:
Rubrics Scale: 4pts. as the highest and 1 pt. as the lowest based on the following criteria.
Name: ________________________

Date Submitted: ____________

Title of Work: ___________________



Sequence of information
is difficult to follow.


Student does not have

grasp of information;
student cannot answer
questions about subject.

Grammar and

Work has four or more

spelling errors and/or
grammatical errors.


Work is Illegible.


Work displays no


Student presents
Reader has difficulty
Information in
information in
following work
logical, interesting
logical sequence
because student jumps
sequence which
which reader can
reader can follow.
Student is
uncomfortable with Student is at ease Student demonstrates
content and is able to with content, but
full knowledge
demonstrate basic
fails to elaborate. (more than required).
Presentation has no
Presentation has three
Presentation has no
more than two
misspellings and/or
misspellings or
misspellings and/or
grammatical errors.
grammatical errors.
grammatical errors.
Work has three or four Work has one or two
Work is neatly done.
areas that are sloppy. areas that are sloppy.
Work does not have
Work displays the
Reference section
the appropriate
correct number of
was completed
number of required
references, written







Teacher Comments:
Retrieved from:
Evidence at the Level of Understanding:
Explain the essence of life based on a three-ring circus life of Gorgio.
Differentiate clich and reality about characteristics and ways of life of clowns.
What are the values that underlie Life is a Three-ring Circus?
How do your learnings of the story affect your perspective?
Developing Perspective: Is the choice of Gorgio to have a one-ring circus in the end really plausible?
Empathy: If you were Gorgio, would you have done the same things he did? Why?
Self Knowledge/ Reflection: What are my values principles in life?
What is are my aspirations and big dreams in my life?
Other Evidence:
Identifying the meaning and differentiating the moods of verbs.

Exercise on the use indicative, imperative & subjunctive moods in making meaningful sentences.

STAGE 3- Learning Activities and Instruction




Hook the students by showing a movie clip: Walmart Clown Commercial Retrieved from:
Ask the following questions:
1. Who are the characters in the movie clip?
2. What is the message of the movie commercial clip?
Introduce the lesson: Inform the students that, in this lesson, they will be exploring the story written Jose
A. Quirino Life is a Three-ring Circus.
A. Pre-reading (see )
1. Teaching vocabulary/developing concepts
Context Vocabulary Game
Introduction: Guess the meaning of the underlined word according to how they were used in the text.
1. I was young then, remember, and had the stereotyped notion of clowns as being very gloomy,
even tragic creatures, when not before the footlights.
2. It just didnt occur to me that the reality might be a hell lot more interesting than the accepted
3. In time I would learn to take it in stride and not be so scrupulous.
2. Building background
Authors brief life background:
Jose A Quirino was born in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, on April 27, 1930. He finished his law
degree at Far Eastern University. He has taught English in the PWU, PNU, and MLQU. He has won
three Stanvac awards for journalism in feature writing. He was also named Most Prolific and Most
Valuable Contributor of the Philippine Free Press for nine consecutive years. He hosts a popular weekly
television program, J.Q. Specials. He has published in all the major Philippine journals and his short
stories are: Night Song and Other Tales, Loneliness Is a Volcano and New Stories, Nocturne for Piano
and Heartstrings and More New Stories, and Modern Love Stories. NVM Gonzalez has well described
Mr. Quirino as the writingest writer of the Philippines.

Going by the title, what do you think the story is all about?

3. Motivation: So far, what is your biggest aspiration in life? Why?

Motive: Why should everyone must aspire for a three-ring circus in life according to Gorgio?
B. Reading
Guided reading (coaching through a small group reading activity)
Story Grammar Structure: Allow students to be divided into small groups and organize logically in
sequence the story Life is a Three-ring Circus.
Time Allotment for the Activity: 3 minutes only
The students are expected to identify the following in the story: 1) Introduction, a) Setting,
b) Characters, 2) Initiating Event, 3) Internal Response, 4) Conflict, 5) Attempt, 6) Climax,
7) Consequence, 8) Reaction

ContinuationDAY 1



I. Objectives
A. Recognize moods of verbs.
B. Be familiar with the correct usage of indicative, imperative and subjunctive moods.
C. Use moods of verbs in making meaningful sentences
II. Content
Moods of Verbs: indicative, imperative and subjunctive
III. Materials
Visual Powerpoint Presentation
IV. Procedure
A. Presentation
Please read the sentences and pay attention to the underlined words.
1. Gorgio was absent from the show the next day.
2. Make more specific write-ups for the stars of the shadow.
3. If I were Gorgio, Id quit my job as a clown.
B. Generalization
What do you notice about the underlined words?
o Answer: The underlined words are verbs.
The underlined verbs show attitude of the person using the verb. What do they modify then?
o The verbs modify or point out the mood of grammar.
What are the different moods of verbs?
o Indicative, Imperative and Subjunctive
1. Most verbs we use are in the indicative mood, which indicates a fact or opinion.
2. Some verbs are in the imperative mood, which expresses commands or requests. Though it is not
stated, the understood subject of imperative sentences is you.
3. When verbs show something contrary to fact, they are in the subjunctive mood. When you
express a wish or something that is not actually true, use the past tense or past perfect tense;
when using the verb 'to be' in the subjunctive, always use were rather than was:
INDICATIVE: I need some help.
SUBJUNCTIVE: If I were smart, I'd call for help.
C. Practice
Instruction: Identify the underlined verb in each statement below as: indicative, imperative and
1. It is 84 degrees in here.____________
2. I wish you were in my English class._______________


Dont call the police._________________

I think I am going to pass out.________________
Be here at seven o'clock._________________
I demand that he do the assignment._______________
Show me the money.______________
The judge suggested that we be given the first price._____________

9. She will bring her books.______________

10. Cook me a chocolate cake._____________




D. Mastery
Instruction: Write two (2) sentences for each verb mood.
Indicative Mood:
1. _______________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________
Imperative Mood:
1. _______________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________
Subjunctive Mood:
1. _______________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________
C. Post Reading
Group 1 (Thought Balloon)
Emotional Reaction: The Happy and the Gloomy

If you were the newsman/journalist, what could you be possibly thinking at the time when Gorgio said,
All I want now is a one-ring circus, however small, however cheap. But its hard to get even that
now.? Draw Gorgio (main character) and place a thought balloon.

Title: Life is a Three-ring Circus

Character: Gorgio/Peppo

Episode: When Gorgio said, All I want now is a one-ring circus, however
small, however cheap. But its hard to get even that now.


Group 2 (Semantic Feature Analysis)

Who Is Gorgio?

Is Gorgio a bad or a good person? Here is a rating scale. On one side are positive traits and on the other
side are negative traits. From a scale of 1-5 with 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest, how will you rate
Gorgio? Think about it. When you are through analyzing his character, summarize and give us a real
picture of who he really is.
Positive Traits

Negative Traits


1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5



1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5



1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5



1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5



1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5


We can say that in general Gorgio/Peppo is___________________________________

This was shown when __________________________________________________
We also believe that he is _______________________________________________
when he _____________________________________________________________


Group 3 (Comparison Table)

The Clich Vs Reality about a Clown
Using the following table, compare and contrast the clich and the reality about a clown in the following
events in the story.

What to compare



1. Characteristics of a

2. Life of a Clown



Group 4 (Sequel Writing)

To Be Or Not To Be

As a group, what do you think Gorgio should have done after he met an accident in Davao during the
show? If you were Gorgio, what would you do to your life? Write a sequel to this story, begin your story
on the part after he met an accident. Would you do the same as Gorgio did? If yes, why do you think its
plausible to choose the same decision?



2 ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY: (Life Decision-Making)

My Three-ring Circus Life

If you were to draw your life as a student in a three-ring circus, what would that be? Why? Write your
answers inside each circus ring.


Prepared by: MR. NICKY C. CARDENAS