Cognitive and metacognitive strategies and skills are closely related on terms of both involving cognition and skill

but they are conceptually distinct in at least one major way.

Cognitive Learning Strategy 
It is a plan for orchestrating cognitive resources, such as attention and long-term memory to help teach a learning goal. Goal-directed Intentionally invoked Effortful Not universally applicable, but situation specific.

Metacognitive Strategy 
Not so situation specific but involved generic skills essential for adult, more sophisticated forms of thinking and problem solving.

Developing Metacognition 
Metacognition ~ thinking about thinking, knowing ´what we knowµ and ´what we don·t know.

Basic metacognitive strategies: 
Connecting new information to former knowledge. Selecting thinking strategies deliberately. Planning, monitoring and evaluating thinking processes. A thinking person is in charge of her behavior. 

Learning how to learn, developing a repertoire of thinking process which can be applied to solve problems is a major goal of education. School library and media center (hub of the school) When life presents situations that cannot be solved by learned responses, metacognitive behavior is brought into play.

Metacognition Knowledge and Skills 
Being aware of one·s own learning and memory capabilities and of what learning tasks can realistically be accomplished. Knowing which learning strategies are effective and which are not. 

Planning an approach to a learning tasks that is likely to be successful. Using effective learning strategies. Monitoring one·s present knowledge state. Knowing effective strategies for retrieval of previously stored information.

Strategies for Developing Metacognitive Behaviors 
Identifying ´what you knowµ and ´what you don·t knowµ. Talking about thinking. Keeping a thinking journal. 

Planning and self-regulation. Debriefing the teaching process. Self-evaluation

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Developing Metacognition Metacognitive knowledge and skills Strategies for developing metacognitive behaviors 
Rovi Joy F. Latoja  Education 22A  January 9, 2009

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