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News Media Guidelines for House Judiciary Committee Meetings Related to
Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Governor Robert Bentley
All news media must be credentialed through the House Public Information Office. Media
credentials will be required for all impeachment-related proceedings before the House Judiciary
Committee. Media representatives must display their credentials in plain view. Regular session
credentials will not be recognized during impeachment-related proceedings before the House
Judiciary Committee.
Placement of all media representatives, including videographers, is at the discretion of the House Clerk.
Movement by the news media during proceedings will be restricted and subject to approval by the
House Clerk. Roving cameras can only move about in designated areas during the first five minutes of a
meeting unless other arrangements are approved by the House Clerk in advance. Camera and reporter
stations in Room 200 are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. Media representatives
may not reserve spots from one day to the next.
Live shots are prohibited during proceedings and 30 minutes prior to the beginning of proceedings.
Cell phone use is prohibited, with the exception of texting. All cell phones in the possession of the media
must be on silent, not vibrate.
The use of laptop computers is prohibited, but electronic tablets and iPads with touch-screen keyboards
are allowed.
The Dress Code outlined in the House Rules will apply during committee proceedings.
Any media representatives violating these rules and procedures can be removed from the proceedings
for the remainder of the day. The Committee Chair has discretion to remove any media representative
he believes is distracting the committee from its work.