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Swazi bags $99

Bogolon bags $32
Cosmetic/coin purses $14
Leather pouch sling $22

Swazi Bag SWA/BA/001 Swazi Bag SWA/BA/002 Swazi Bag SWA/BA/003 Bogolon Bag - M
31x23x10cm 380g 31x23x10cm 380g 31x23x10cm 380g BOG/BAG/002
Colours 001Ripple、 Colours 002 Orange Flame Colours 003 Zebra 30x35cm 200g

Cosmetic Case Coin Purse Eyeglass case Round Coin purse Bogolon Bag – S
WAL/001 16x10cm 33g WAL/002 11x10cm 30g SUN/001 18x9cm 32g WAL/003 9x9cm 30g BOG/BAG/001
Fabric: Kuba (K), Shoowa Fabric: Bogolon (B), Fabric: Bogolon (B), Fabric: Bogolon (B), 15x20cm 90g
(Sh), Bogolon (B) Kuba(K), Shoowa (Sh) Shoowa (Sh) and Kuba Shoowa (Sh), Kuba (K)
(K) – not pictured

Cosmetic Case with Colour Credit Card Wallet with Travel Pouch MJ-POUCH Pencil Case with Modern African Cosmetic
WAL001 – BSC colours white, Keyring WALCC Shoowa/Boglon with square of Kuba (K), Pouches
red, black or brown Kuba (K), Shoowa (Sh), leather/suede Shoowa (Sh), Bogolon MJITA-MODAFR pouches
Kuba (K), Shoowa (Sh), Bogolon (B) (B) 16x10cm 33g
Bogolon (B) MJITA-Pencil