Program Evaluation Questionnaire

ADB's Business Opportunity Fairs (16–17 November 2009)

1. Please indicate your country: __________________________ 2. Please indicate your background.
A. Consultant B. Supplier C. Contractor D. Manufacturer E. Investor/Financier F. Others ___________

3. I would rate the ADB Business Opportunity Fair (the "Fair") overall as:
Poor 1 Satisfactory 2 Good 3 Excellent 4

4. What sessions did you like the most (
1. The ADB Procurement System 3. Cofinancing Operations

) and like the least (

)? (Choose all that apply)

2. Private Sector Programs 4. Opportunities by Sector

4-1 Please tell us why:

5. My knowledge increased most in the areas of: (Check all that apply)
1) ADB's policies and procedures on the procurement of goods & works 2) ADB's policies and procedures on the recruitment of consultants 3) ADB's private sector operations 4) ADB's co-financing operations 5) How to win ADB financed contracts

6) How to locate business opportunities

6. What additional topic(s) or subject(s) would you like the Fair to include in the future?

7. How do you think we could improve the Fair?

8. Additional comments?

Thank you for your feedback. Instructions: Please submit this completed questionnaire to the Seminar Secretariat at the entrance to the Venue

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