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Argumentative Essay

201321653 kyueun Choi

Professor: Vincent Gilhooley
English 202 12 June 2016

< Should middle school free learning semester be positively necessary?>

Middle school free learning semester completely takes effect in Korea from this year. Korea
government sets its sights on normalizing public education and reducing private tutoring costs through
middle school free learning semester.i( Kang 2014 ) Students can find their dreams and their future by
free learning semester and clearly phase out the effects of the exam pressure to develop their
aptitude. During a free learning semester, students can receive course education programs like
discussion, debate, practical training, cooperative activities and other activities that would help
strengthen students creative and social abilities. They do not enter for mid-term and final
examinations but schools are neglected no longer foundational education requirements such as math,
writing and science. Thus teachers and students grade pupils according to their evaluation of attitudes
formation such as projects and cooperative activities. Then should middle school free learning
semester be positively necessary? For finding out about students interests and fostering selfdevelopment and aptitudes by experience activity tasks, middle school free learning semester is
essential to students.
First of all students can have a broad variety of experience that they wanted through free learning
semester. Students can be a member of a club and participate in club activities freely. In various
regions schools provide orchestra concert, flowering plant, broadcasting and any other job related
career experience so schools help students to search for their aptitudes by self-regulated activity.
( Ministry of Education 2013 )ii It is great service for students who cannot learn art, music and physical
education properly to vitalize this program. If students want to learn something, they just make an
application to schools. Programs are made by reflect public opinions and every semester schools carry
out a survey targeting students. Therefore students can go through outside experience easily as much
as they like. Also providing various programs to students except cramming method of teaching gives
attention to students who are lost interest in studying and helps them to get a fruitful outcome in
schools. In addition they can have a broad variety of experience and present a variety of views that find
out why they have to study.
Secondly students can have times to think about their concerns over future earnestly. Middle school
free learning semester can help students get interested or have attitude in their careers getting out of
excessive memorization and competition in examinations.( Kang 2013 )iii Students who are prospective
college applicants discuss departments in depth and understand these majors detailed. This can
reduce problems from bad choices of their majors and regretting about their selections. Schools
provide opportunities to students to meet related departments mentors. And then it is possible to
know circumstantial on certain jobs that students had known in the abstract. Besides middle school
free learning semester offer chances that students can be absorbed in what they want to experience.
In a free learning semester, students intent upon their work and can seize an opportunity to put up a
good show on performances.
Middle school free learning semester has a positive meaning to education because of processbased instruction, but on the other hand there are some doubts about free learning semester. People
who do not prefer middle school free learning semester said that the free learning semester dose not
reduce private tutoring costs in reality.( KRIVET 2013 ) iv Furthermore they asserted that middle school
free learning semester could revitalize private tutoring. However during free learning semester there
are no exams at all so students do not have to rely on private tutoring. Moreover the results from free
learning semester do not reflect on entrance examination. Therefore parents burdens of private

tutoring costs can be reduced. What is more, people who desperately oppose middle school free
learning semester told that teachers do not have time to prepare classes because of getting ready for
the free learning semester programs ( Jung 2013 ). v But Korea government supports increasingly on
free learning semester programs and also will expand extra- instructors regarding as students
demand. In addition this kind of demand can solve issue of new job creation. Lastly people who flatly
deny middle school free learning semester claimed that students could not concentrate on classes
because there are no exams at free learning semester. They argued that teacher would be hard to
teach students without exams. Besides someone insist that when normal semester comes back,
students get more stress. Nevertheless students who attend middle school free learning semester
satisfaction is higher than normal semesters.
Middle school free learning semester has several positive effects. Students can have various
experiences that they wanted through free learning semester. And students can have about 6 months
to consider their concerns over future seriously. There are some doubts about free learning semester
like private tutoring costs, preparing classes, concentrating on classes but it would not be yet ripe for
judging results. It is the beginning of a semester so it could be some problems. However as time goes
by getting in a row, middle school free learning semester will strengthen the strength and make up for
the weakness at the end. Korea education of today has lots of drawbacks in growing individual
capabilities. Therefore to adapt to fast-changing times, middle school free learning semester is
positively necessary.

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