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Analisis Soalan Kertas 2 Mengikut Negeri

StateSection ASection BSection CQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8Q9Q10TRIAL MARAAtomic structure:

proton number, number of neutron, electron argmnt, isotopesAcid&base: pH and co
nc H+ ions and OH- ions, properties of acids, dilutionElectrolysis of molten lea
d (II) bromide & aqueous solution of 1.0 mol dm-3 sodium sulphateRedox: transfer
of electrons at a distance (KMnO4 & FeSO4)Rate of reaction : graph, determine R
OR, collision theory (effect of size)Series of reaction for carbon compound: oxi
dation alcohol, dehydration alcohol, hydrogenation of alkeneDescribe atomic stru
cture, position of element in PTE, formation of ionic and covalent compoundGlass
and ceramics, medicine, soap and detergentPreparation of lead (II) sulphate fro
m lead (II) oxide, confirmatory test for ions in lead (II) carbonateHeat of disp
lacement, calculation, exotehrmic, endothermic, energy level diagram, experiment
SBPManufactured Substances in Industries :alloy, glass, composite, polymerPTE :
Group 1, Elements in a period, PeriodChemical cell , potential differenceEmpiric
al formula, chemical equationRate of reaction (temperature), calculation, collis
ion theory, graphHeat of displacement, calculation, energy diagramAtomic structu
re, isotope,melting & boiling point, energy changes of particleAcids & bases: ro
le of water, calculation, concentrtaion & pH valueCarbon compound:reactions of a
lkene, exp: preparation of esterRedox reaction; determine redox reaction, Change
s of iron to iron (II) to iron (III) and vice versa, exp: transfer of electrons
at a distanceTerengganuAtomic Structure : Melting & boiling point, state of matt
er, proton number, isotopesContact process, Haber process, polymersPTE: Group 18
, position of elements, compare size, ionic bondAcid Base, realtion conc of H+ i
ons and pH, calculate concentration, compare diprotic & monoprotic acid, prepara
tion of solutionPreparation of soluble salt: lead(II) nitrate, calculation mass
of salt formed, verify nitrate ion testRedox reaction : transfer of electrons at
a distance (bromine + FeSO4), displacement (mg + FeSO4), Exp rusting of iron na
ilsElectrolysis of CuSO4 using carbon & copper electrodes, voltaic cell (Cu & Zn
)Heat of displacement (Zn + CuSO4), comparing diff heat of neutralizationRate of
reaction : Factor concentration, calculate average ROR, comparing ROR, describe
exp ROR using factor size/temp
Carbon compound: product of combustion & equation, Isomer, differentiate alkane
& alkene, Esterification: struc formula, name, describe expKedahPTE : Period 3,
Group 18, ionic compound (NaCl), amphoteric oxideEmpirical formula MgO:calculati
on, equation, experiment precaution step, set up apparatus (using hydrogen)Elect
rolysis: purification of Cu Role of water in showing acidic properties, reaction
of acids, calculationSeries of reactions for butene: combustion, hydration, oxi
dation of alcohol, esterificationHeat of displacement (Cu + AgNO3) calculation,
energy diagram, obseravtionEmpirical & molecular formula, calculation volume of
gas (given no of mol), Compare phys properties of ionic & cov compound, Formatio
n of bond (C + Cl)Negeri Sembilan
StateSection ASection BSection CQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8Q9Q10