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Dealer Lead Management eBusiness Templates
Dealer Lead Management eBusiness Templates

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Published by: FordBDC on Apr 15, 2007
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Dear {customer name}, Below is a Special Bonus from Dealership Name Internet Department.

Thank you for the recent request for information on a {vehicle requested}. I hope the information we provided was helpful to you and that you are feeling more comfortable with your potential purchase decision. If there is anything we failed to provide, or any way I can help you in making an informed decision, please let me know. As an added incentive we have enclosed a “special internet bonus coupon” to be used toward your internet purchase. This coupon does expire after five days, so please let us know how we can be of service. I can be reached by responding to this email or by calling me at FordDirect CallTracking 800 number. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

This coupon good for $100 off the purchase of any vehicle purchased on or before: {enter date}
Validated by: ____________________________________ __

Print this e-mail and bring to Dealership Name for validation. Salesperson Name Dealership Name FordDirect Call-Tracking 800 number Web Address

If you no longer wish to receive email notices from us, or did not personally register your information please reply, and in the subject line type: Please Remove

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