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This text is for questions 1 to 3
In india, thanksgiving is primarily celebrated in the state of Goa, with a different name. Thanksgiving is
evpopularly known as Ladin or Ladianha in India. During the Thanksgiving ritual, people thank God for all
the material and spiritual benefits. The thanksgiving celebration is sponsored by a different person every year
who either seeks benefits or has been lucky enough to have Gods special grace. Christians start preparing to
thanksgiving celebrations by purchasing wheat and gram, candles, wine and colored tinsel paper.
A temporary platform or altar is constructed and decorated with flowers, vines and creepers.
Celebrations also include singing of hymns and prayers. The village local violinist or choirmaster conducts the
entire show of singing of litany.
1. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To describe a particular person
b. To tell how to do something through some steps
c. To tell something in general
d. To amuse or entertain the readers
e. To tell a past experience
2. Why is person in India willing to sponsor the thanksgiving section?
a. To make himself/herself famous
b. To share with other people
c. To raise his/her social status
d. To get others respect
e. To seek benefits
3. A temporary platform or altar is constructed and decorated with flowers, . (paragraph 2)
The opposite meaning of the underlined is .
a. Absolute
d. Dependent
b. Permanent
e. Independent
c. Particular
This text is for questions 4
4. (1) there may be nine months without rain, then three months with a tiny amount
(2) Deserts can be very hot in the daytime and very cold at night
(3) The worlds biggest desert is the Sahara in North Africa. It is 5,000 km across at its widest point and up
to 2,250 km from north to south
(4) A desert is a place where very little rain falls
(5) Do you know what a desert is?
(6) However, the continent with the largest area of desert is Asia
(7) Therefore, it is difficult for plants to thrive without the mineral-rich soil and water that they need to
Which is the best arrangement of the jumbled sentence?
a. 5-4-1-7-2-6-3
b. 5-4-1-7-2-3-6
c. 5-4-1-2-7-3-6
d. 5-1-4-2-7-3-6
e. 5-1-2-7-3-6-4
This text is for questions 5 to 7
Last Saturday, my friends and I went camping. We reached the camping ground after we walked for
about one and a half hour from the parking lot. We built the camp next to a small river. It was getting darker and
colder, so we made a campfire.
The next day, we spent our time observing plantation and insects while the girls were preparing meals.
In the afternoon we went to the river and caught some fish for supper. At night, we made a campfire. We sang,
danced, played magic tricks, and even some of us performed standing comedies. We went sleeping when it was
late at night. The next morning, we took a walk around the campsite. Going back to the campsite, we prepared
ourselves to leave the place.
5. The text is about .
a. A camping experience
b. How to do something
c. Describing a campsite

d. Explaining what to do in a camp

e. Discussing a camping activity
6. How many days did the writer go camping?
a. One day
d. four days
b. Two days
e. one week
c. Three days
7. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
a. The writer and his friends had to walk before reaching the campsite
b. There was a small river not far from their camp
c. They made fire because the climate was cold
d. The girls observed plantation and the boys observed insects on the second day
e. The writer and his friends left the campsite on Monday
This text is for question 8 to 11
Mobiles: Good or Bad?
Everywhere you go nowadays, you see people using mobiles. From school children to retired
people, you see them talking in the supermarkets, on trains, in the street, everywhere! So what are the
advantages of mobiles?
First of all, they are very convenient because you can phone from nearly anywhere. Another
advantage is that they are really useful in emergency situations. For example, if you are alone in your
car and it breaks down, you can help quickly. In addition, you can use your mobile to text your friends
or connect to the internet.
However, there are disadvantages such as the cost. Some mobile calls still cost more than
normal alls, furthermore , it can be annoying if you are on a train or bus and you have to listen to
someone elses boring conversation. Another disadvantage is that people can contact you anywhere, at
any time, unless you switch your phone off!
In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages to mobiles. Personally, I feel mobiles
are a good thing because they give us more freedom and make communication easier.
8. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to present and issue from two points of view.
b. to explain why something happens.
c. to describe the way things are
e. to criticize a literary work
9. The following are the advantages of having mobiles, except-----a. we can call someone from everywhere
b. it is important in emergency situations
c. we can connect to the internet
d. we can send messages to friends
e. people can contact us any time anywhere
10. What is the writers opinion about mobiles?
a. he/she thinks that mobiles are not good for people
b. he/she thinks that mobiles are beneficial.
c. he/she doesnt need mobiles
d. he/ she thinks that mobiles are unnecessary
e. he/she thinks that mobiles are the best gadget for communications
11. ... and it breaks down,. (paragraph 2)
What does the word it refer to?
a. The mobile
b. The situation
c. The bus
d. The car
e. The train.
This text is for questions 12 to 13.

Renewable energy source consist of solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, ocean and
biomass. The advantage of each is that they are renewable and cannot be depleted. They
are clean energy, as they dont pollute the air, and they dont contribute to global warming or greenhouse
effects. Since their sources are natural, the cost of operation is reduced and they
also require
less maintenance on their plants. Meanwhile, the disadvantage of renewable
energy sources is
that it is difficult to produce the large quantities of electricity their counter
part the fossil fuels
are able to. Since they are also new technologies, the cost of initiating
them is high.
12. What is the text about?
a. kinds of renewable energy sources.
b. the advantages of renewable energy sources
c. the disadvantages of renewable energy sources
d. the production cost of using renewable energy sources
e. the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy sources
13. Why are renewable energy sources considered as clean energy?
a. they are clean .
b. they cannot be depleted
c. they dont pollute the air
d. they are renewable
e. they are natural.
Join this free eye-check!
Date /time : February 10, 2010 at 10 a.m. until 3. p.m
: School hall
Sponsor : Eye Specialist Center
Open to all students
First come, first-served basis!

14. What is the announcement about?

a. Free eye consultation.
b. Free eye glasses
c. Free eye-check
d. Free health consultation
e. Free health service
15. How many hours will the program last?
a. four hours.
b. five hours
c. six hours
d. seven hours
e. eight hours
This text is for questions 16 to 18

First, cut green jack fruit 1 inch thick. Wash and boil until tender
Grind onions, candlenuts, bay leaves, and galangal until fragrant
Add the chicken pieces, stir fry until chicken changes color.
Next, pour 4 cups of water and coconut sugar, bring to boil
Add green jack fruit and simmer until the chicken and vegetables are tender
Finally and coconut milk 5 minutes before its done, bring back to boil. Serve hot with rice
This dish is sweet and usually served with shrimp crackers

16. When should we add the green jack fruit?

a. After we pour 4 cups of water and coconut sugar


After we boil 4 cups of water and coconut sugar

After we simmer the chicken and vegetables
After we add coconut milk
After we cut the fruit

17. What should we do with the coconut sugar?

a. We should fry it until it changes color
b. We should simmer it until it is tender
c. We should boil it with the coconut milk
d. We should grind it with onions
e. We should boil it with water
18. Add the green jack fruit and simmer until the chicken and vegetables are tender (step 5)
The synonym of the word tender is .
a. Hot
b. Fragrant
c. Delicate
d. Cold
e. Delicious
This text is for questions 19 to 20

The school drama club is going to hold the Damarwulan casts
For all of you who are interested to join the audition, please
register yourselves in our office on Friday, October 8, 2010 at 1
The following are the requirements :
The latest photographs of postcard size (2)
The registration form (get in the office)
The audition will be held on Sunday, October 18, 2010 at 9 a.m.
The list of the selected candidates will be announced in a week.
We do appreciate your participation. Thank you.
P.S : no charge for the registration form.
19. What is the announcement about?
a. School dramas casts audition
b. A school drama club
c. Sangkuriangs performance
d. The requirements to join the audition
e. The invitation to watch a drama performance
20. The following are requirements. The underlined word can be replaced by .
a. Participation
b. Conditions
c. Purposes
d. Objectives
e. Needs
This text is for questions 21 and 22
Wanadri Team reaches Carstenz Pyramid peak
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Sun, 04/25/2010 1:59 PM. National
A group of Indonesian climbers has reached Carstenz Pyramid peak in Papua as part of its expeditions to
climb the seven summits.
The climbers, under the Wanadri climbing team. Conquered the 4,884 meter-high mountain on Saturday, reported Sunday.
this is part of our acclimatization program to an extreme weather expedition coordinator Muhammad
Gunawan said.
The team departed from its final camp in Lembah Danau-Danau at 4 a.m. an arrived at the Carstensz peak at
11.30 a.m. the climbers returned to the camp at 6.30 p.m.
21.The climbers, under the Wanadri climbing team. Conquered the 4,884 meter (paragraph 2)
The word to conquer means .
a. To step on


To climb
To reach
To defeat
To struggle

22.The team needed . Hours to reach the Carstensz peak from its final camp in Lembah Danau-Danau.
a. Five
b. Six and a half
c. Seven and a half
d. Eight
e. Eight and a half
This text is for questions 23 to 25
I live in a very old town which is surrounded by beautiful woods. It is a famous and beautiful spot. On
Sundays, hundreds of people come from the city to see our town and to walk through the woods. Visitors have
been asked to keep the woods clean and tidy. Litter baskets have been placed under the trees, but people still
throw their rubbish everywhere.
Last Wednesday, I went for a walk in the woods. What I saw made me very sad. I count seven old cars
and three old refrigerators. The little baskets were empty and the ground was covered with pieces of paper,
cigarette ends, old tires, empty bottles and rusty tins. Among the rubbish, I found a sign which said, Anyone
who leaves litter in these woods will be prosecuted!
23. Which statement is NOT TRUE about the text?
a. The town where the writer lives is ugly
b. The town is surrounded by beautiful woods
c. People love to walk through the woods on Sundays
d. Dust bins are available under the trees to keep the woods clean
e. The writer was very upset knowing that the forest was very dirty.
24. The main idea of paragraph two is
a. a sign which said that Anyone will be punished for littering in these woods
b. the reason why many people visited the writers old town
c. the reason why the writer left his hometown
d. how the writer felt about the woods
e. what people can do in the woods
25. I count seven old cars and three old refrigerators . (paragraph 2). The opposite meaning of the word
old is
a. Young
b. New
c. bad
d. Beautiful
e. comfortable
This text is for questions 26 and 27
Good afternoon. Heres Six oclock hot news. A 7,6 magnitude earthquake just hit Padang, West
Sumatera at 5.16 p.m. Its reported at least 75 people killed and hundreds of buildings were damaged.
Thousands of people are trapped under rubble. Now, people stay outside their houses and buildings
because they are afraid of the next quake. No electricity in the city of Padang.

26. when did the disaster happen?

a. At 5:16 p.m.
b. At 6 p.m
c. At 6:15 p.m
d. At 6:50 p.m
e. At 7 p.m
27. How many people are killed according to the text?
a. Fifty
b. Fifty five
c. Seventy five
d. Eight five
e. Ninety five

This text is for questions 28 to 31

An elephant is the largest and strongest animals. It is a strange looking animal with its thick legs, huge
sides and backs, large hanging ears, a small tail, little eyes, long white tusks and above all it has a long nose, the
The trunk is elephants peculiar feature, and it has various uses. The elephant draws up water by its trunk
and can squirt it all over its body like a shower. It can also lift leaves and puts them into its mouth. In fact the
trunk serves the elephant as a long arm and hand. An elephant looks very clumsy and heavy and yet it can move
very quickly.
The elephant is a very intelligent animal. Its intelligence combined with its great strength make it a very
useful servant to man and it can be trained to serve in many ways such as carry heavy loads, hunt for tigers and
even fight.
28. The third paragraph is mainly about the fact that ..

elephants are strong

elephants are servant
elephants must be trained
d. elephants can lift logs
elephants are very useful

29. Which of the following is NOT part of the elephant described in the first paragraph?

It looks strange
It is wild
It has small tail
It has trunk
It is heavy

30 . The trunk is elephants peculiar feature, .. (Paragraph 2)

The underlined word is close in meaning to ..
a. Strange
c. tough
e. smooth
b. Long
d. Large
31 . The elephant draws up water by its trunk and can squirt it all over its body like a shower (paragraph 2).
What does the word in bold refer to?
a. water
d. the elephants body
b. the elephant
e. shower bath
c. the elephants trunk
This text is for questions 32 to 35
Cars should be banned in the city
Cars should be banned in the city. As we all know, cars create pollution, and cause
a lot of road deaths and other accidents.
Firstly, cars, as we all know, contribute to most of pollution in the world.
Cars emit deadly gas that causes illnesses such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and triggers of
asthma. Some of these illnesses are so bad that people can die from them.
Secondly, the city is very busy. Pedestrians wander everywhere and cars commonly
hit pedestrians in the city, which causes them to die. Cars today are our roads biggest killer.
Thirdly, cars are noisy. If you live in the city, you may find it hard to sleep at night,
or concentrate on your homework, and especially talk to someone.
In conclusion, cars should be banned in the city for the reason listed.

32. The type of the text is .

a. Discussion
b. Review

c. Recount
d. Exposition
e. Explanation
33. What does the writer think of cars?
a. They have good and bad effect
b. We can not avoid them
c. They are the roads biggest killer
d. They can make us comfortable
e. They help pedestrians
34. What is the effect of the noise from the car?
a. We can sleep well
b. We can concentrate on our homework
c. We have difficulties talking to someone
d. We can be sick
e. We may be hit
35. Pedestrians wander everywhere. (paragraph 4)
What does the underlined word mean?
a. Surprise
b. Fill the place
c. Jog slowly
d. Ramble
e. Move slowly away from a place
This text is for question 36 to 38

Picasso was one of the most outstanding and important artist of the 1990s.He is best known
for this paintings .Almost every style in modern art is represented in Picassos works.
Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain as the son of an art teacher. He studied painting
from his father and several art schools. However, he never finished his collage level course of study at
the Academy of Arts in Madrid.
From about 1895 to 1901,he painted realistic works in a traditional style. Then he entered
what was called the blue period during this time, he only used shades of blue in his paintings to show
the poverty he saw in Barcelona.
After 1908,he entered into the style of cubism. Among his well known cubist paintings are
Three Musician and Man with a Guitar.
Picasso died in Mougins, France in 1973.He was a really great artist.
36. Why did Picasso become so popular ?Because.
a. he was the most outstanding artist of the 1900s
b. he was known for his great paintings
c. he painted in traditional style
d. he was son of an art teacher
e. he studied in art schools
37. According to the text, Picasso
a. died in Spain in 1973
b. was born in Malaga, Italy
c. was famous for his painting style
d. had a father who work as an art teacher
e. finished his study at the academy of Arts in Madrid
38. What can you infer from the text?
a. Picassos father was not good at art
b. Picasso passed away at the age of 92
c. Picasso was unpopular artist of 1900s
d. Blue period shows the property in Barcelona
e. For 8 years, Picasso painted realistic works in a traditional styles

This text is for question 39 to 40

There has been a change in our delivery service policy which
we would like to bring to your attention.
We have always provided free delivery for any orders placed
with the Delicious Bakery, regardless of the size of the order. Due to the
increase in the price of fuel, we must now limit this free delivery service
to any orders over Rp. 1,000,000, not including the purchase of
cigarettes. We regret the necessity of imposing this restriction.
We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for being one of
our most valued customers.

what is the announcement about?

the service policy
the bakery
the restriction
the free delivery limitation
the cost delivery


we have always provided free delivery . The word in bold has a similar meaning to .

This text is for questions no 41 to 42

Dear Sir Madam
I read about the Surabaya book fair in my local
Newspaper yesterday. I would like to have more
Information about it. Would you be kind enough to help
me? Please let me know how much a stand coats and
how big the stand is. Could you also tell me what
facilities are provided.
I am planning to join the book fair.
I do hope I receive a reply from you.
Thank you for you kindness
41. Which statement is NOT TRUE about the text?
A MS.Charity places information about the
Surabaya book fair in a local newspaper
A. Rio hopes Ms.Charity replies to his e-mail
B. Rio wants to know the cost of stand
and it size
C. Ms.Charity wants to join the book fair
D. Ms.Charity is a customer service officer.
42.I would like to have more information about it.
The underlined word refers to ____________
A. Surabaya book fair
B. A local newspaper
C. A book fair facility

D. The cost of a stand

E. A book fair
This text is for questions 43 to 46
Two traveling angles stopped to spend the right in the home of wealthy family. The family was rude a and
refused to let the angles stay in the mansions guest room. Instead the angles were given a space in the cold
As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angle saw a hole in the wall and repaired it. When the
younger angle asked why ,the older angle replied, things arent always what they seem.
The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife. After
sharing what little food they had, the couple let the angles sleep in the repair bed where they could have a good
nights rest. When the sun came up the text morning, the angles found the famer and his wife in tears. Their only
cow, whose milk had been their sole in come sole income, lay dead in the field.
The younger angle was infuriated and asked the older angle, How could you have let this happen? The first man
had everything, yet you helped him, she accused, the second family had little but was willing to s hare
everything and you let their cow die.
Things arent always what they seem, the older angel replied. When we stayed in the basement of the
mansion, I noticed there was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his good fortune, I sealed the wall so
he wouldnt find it. Then, last night as we slept in the farmers
bed, the angel of death came for his wife. I gave him the instead. Things arent always what they seem.
Sometimes this exactly what happens when things dont turn out the way they should. If you have faith,
you just need to trust that every out come is always to your advantage. You may not know it until sometime later.
43. Why did the older angel seal the wall?
a. Because he wanted to repair the wall
b. Because he had something secret there
c. Because he wanted the wall to look good
d. Because he wanted to hide the gold from the rich man
e. Because he wanted to show the younger angel how to repair a wall.
44. I gave him the cow instead. (paragraph 5)
What does the word him refer to?
a. The older angel
b. The younger angel
c. The angel of death
d. The rich mans wife
e. The farmers wife
45...but very hospitable farmer and his wife
(paragraph 3)
What is the synonym of the word hospitable?
a. Calm
b. Patient
c. Enthusiastic
d. Welcoming
e. Diligent
46. What can you learn from the story?
a. We should do everything happily
b. We should be honest to each other
c. Angels always help poor people
d. We should not work too hard to become rich
e. All that happens is for our own good

This text is for questions 47 to 50

There used to be a general feeling that computer games were bad for you, and books were good. Now
people are not so sure. Researchers have found that computer games, television and the internet have become
key factors in boosting childrens IQs up to levels never reached by pat generations.
It has been claimed that, in moderation, computer Gaming is positively good for youngsters. It requires
positive qualities such as perseverance, fast thinking and rapid learning. However, it seems that improvements in
IQ may not last very long without continuing stimulation. The brain seem to be like a muscle and requires
repeated vigorous exercise to stay fit and healthy.
Others argue that computers have only limited value. They fear that young people who spend too much
time playing computer games alone will never learn to think independently. They claim that the dangerous with a

computer is that doing repetitive tasks can actually reduce intelligence. In the end, computer games are no
substituted for real-life experience and for imagination
47. What is the text about ?
a. Pros and cons of computers.
b. Pros and cons of book
c. Pros and cons of computer games
d. Pros and cons of IQ levels
e. Pros and cons of modern era
48. Why is computer gaming positively good for
a. It can reduce intelligence.
b. It needs wide imagination
c. It need continuing stimulation
d. It gives people more challenges than other activities
e. It needs perseverance, fast thinking and rapid learning
49. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
a. The change of people opinion about computer games
b. The arguments against computer games
c. The arguments for computer games
d. The key factors in boosting childrens IQ
e. The reason why computer games have
Positive effect
50. vigorous exercises to stay fit and healthy. (paragraph 2)
The words vigorous has closest meaning to
-----------a. hard
b. continuing
c. careful
d. fast
e. real





11. D
12. E
13. C
16. B
17. E
18. C
19. A
20. D

21. D
22. C
23. A
24. D
25. B
26. A
27. C
28. B
29. B
30. A

31. A
32. B
33. C
34. C
35. D
36. C
37. D
38. C
39. C
40. E

41. D
42. A
43. D
44. C
45. B
46. E
47. C
48. E
49. B
50. A