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End Credits

by Chase &

Produced by Finley

London music videos have asked me to produce a music video
under there sector.

The song I will be producing is called End credits by Chase &


The genre of this song is Drum & Bass

It contains a narrative structure performance relating to the
lyrics of the song in some ways.

I will be include, action, cutting to the beat, flashback and

bright visuals to fit some of the drum and bass conventions

and make it more appealing to my target audience.

My music video contains action and harsh content.
The start of my music video contains an instrumental opening in the song. There is 2
shots of the character cars pulling into the driveway. There is a tracking shot, over the
shoulder and mid shot in slow motion of the character Liam walking through the gravel
pathway. There is also a low angle shot focusing on the characters feet. There is then a
mid-shot that contains 4 people, one of the characters is handing a weapon to each
member, the shot then changes to an over the shoulder shot of Liam looking behind as he
is paranoid about this location. I will be playing the character of Liam, this is because I
know what emotion to give off when I am singing to the camera. Explaining the story as
the drum and bass begins.

There is a chase between these people

I will be including live footage of chase and status playing to create bright visuals
for my music video.
The character singing the chorus will have a green screen behind him which
will contain bright special effects .

Market Research
Researching into the market of a drum and bass music video. I have discovered that most drum and bass songs are target
towards a certain age group. From looking at the structure and images displayed on a music video are targeted towards an
age group. The target audience for this genre is most likely to be around 18-25. This is because the connotations of this
genre are closely related to partying which means the target audience would have to be of legal drinking age. The
stereotypical target gender for drum and bass is usually male but the fan base of this genre is so varied that the target
audience is mainly very mixed between male and female. The music video also includes clip of live playing from certain
artist which attracts ravers to go and see them. Typically, the target audience usually wears vibrant coloured clothing
which are usually recognisable brands such asAdidas, Stuzzy, and Nike and supreme which is associated with the drum
and bass scene and extreme sports.
I feel that music video is will fit perfectly into the market. This is because no drum and base music videos have included a
story relating to the lyrics music video which cuts to the beat, which also include the band chase and status playing.


I conducted a focus group to find out what my target audience is . I asked a

variety of questions so I could make sure that my target audience was
specific. This included gender, age , social class, and lifestyle.
My music video will be aimed for the ages between 18-25

Both genders, mainly aimed at boys

This is because the content in my music video wont be very appealing to
the gender of females.

However the song fits under the genre of drum and bass and this type of
genre makes

I will be targeting my social group at E ( students )

Like to party, rave, dance, and have a good time


For my market research. I looked at existing Drum &

Bass music videos

This is because I wanted to make sure the music video

that I am producing will be appealing to my target

Before I look into detail about existing music videos.

Here is a clip of the original music video.

Wilkinson After Glow

There music video
doesnt Relate to
the song
They include bright
Making the music video very
attractive They include a
variety of shots to fit the
Drum & Bass conventions
Same target audience as mine


Resources &

Green screen hire.

2 day = 150

Personal requirement
Driving from A TO B = 16 Miles = less than 10 Petrol
All actors who play the role in chasing me live in Henley which is one
of the reason why I chose this location .
6 lunch for a day = 6 x 5 including myself = 30
Accommodation isnt needed as everyone has shelter.
Props = 3.96
= 33.96


Main character and director and cameraman
Finley 07720603344

Cameraman Ollie Webb 0772030499

Matty chapmen - Extra 07941117424
Jamie Morris Extra 0792983777
Aaron godfreey Extra 07981161633
Oscar gallivien Extra
Matt williams
Will sykes


Cast & Crew prices

I am the main actor
Cast 10.60 an hour
10.60 x 5 53 per actor
Need for 5 hours overall
53 x 5 = 265

Producer - myself
Location manger myself
Director myself
Editor myself
Camera operator myself and ollie Webb
Lighting operator myself

Cast = 265
personal requirements = 33.96
green screen hire (2 days ) = 150
props = 3.96


me ?

I will need to make the music video appealing to my target audience using some of the
conventions of a drum and bass video I have done previous work on music videos so I know
what is needed to achieve the video at a professional standard
I am the target audience so I know exactly what is needed to attract attention to the audience
Most narrative for this types of genre are scenes in gigs and clubs showing crowds and djs on
stage. Although the lack of narrative might be a small negative it fits really well with the feel of
music being up beat. It is also harder to create music videos with narrative around this type of
genre as theres not as many lyrics making it hard to link visuals and lyrics together.
I feel that I will be able to relate to the lyrics in my music video whilst adding small scenes
showing crowds and stages. This is because I will be shooting 40 50 shots a minute showing
different scenes . I also want my target audience to still have a positive vibe whilst watching
the music video

Media platform
my music video will be aired on the media platform called
I will also state that this song is not the original so I dont done
for copy right
I will also need state that my music video will contain flashlights
and content thats not suitable for some viewers
I feel that YouTube is the best platform to air my music video
on because my target audience view music videos on this
platform because its easy to stream

Production schedule