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Concept: Reading Comprehension/ cycle 1

The Ant and the Grasshopper
1. One summer, a grasshopper was hopping about in a
field. He was singing and enjoying the day. On his way
he met an ant. On his back, he was carrying a grain of
corn to his nest.
2. The grasshopper was lazy. He thought he had nothing
to do. So when he saw the ant, he said Why dont you
come and play with me instead of working so hard? We
will have a great time.
3. The Ant replied I am trying to collect and store food
for winter. I cant waste my time.Grasshopper said
winter is too far. There is plenty of time. But the ant
went on his way and continued to work hard.
Grasshopper enjoyed his time and the Ant collected
enough food for the winter.
4. When the rainy days came, the grasshopper had no
food. He found himself cold and hungry. Then, he
remembered how many seeds Ant had collected during
the summer. Grasshopper hurried to Ants home. He
knocked on her door.
5. Ant, he said, Give me some seeds? Ant looked at
Grasshopper and said I worked hard all summer long,
while you laughed at me, You should have worked in
the summer instead of singing and dancing.

6. Then the ant offered him some food to eat.

Grasshopper learned an important lesson. If you want
to succeed tomorrow, you have to start working today.

Mind map 1: The Ant and the Grasshopper
This activity can be used as a post reading activity or
during reading. It might be used as a group work activity
or individual work.
First, the students read the story, discuss it, and
comprehend it. Next, students will be asked to fill in the
map .It includes the story elements (main characters,
setting, plot events, problem, solution, and theme).
Teachers might provide guidelines for students for what
to include in the mind map. The mind map should be
clear and not too wordy.
Purpose of the mind map
It is an effective and powerful graphic technique.
Students can use to translate whats in their mind into a
visual picture. It allows students to organize and
understand information faster and better.
Mind mapping increases creativity and productivity
because its an excellent tool to increase students critical

Mind Map 2: Advantages and disadvantages of

using Computers
(Concept: writing)/ cycle 2
The following mind map might be used as a graphic
organizer before writing a paragraph about advantages
and disadvantages of using computers.
Benefits of Mind map in writing:
Help students brainstorm and explore ideas
Organize ideas (subtopics under topics) and find
relationship between ideas
Make an outline of the piece of writing
Allow students to recall ideas
Allow students to think creatively
Mind mapping is a helpful tool in the writing process.
It helps also to improve writing skills. Its an effective
way to evaluate students understanding.
It is a great way to start a writing activity with
brainstorming and identifying information. Mind
mapping software tools help you brainstorm and
manage ideas better.