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Logo Rationale

This logo represents the San Antonio Rattlers Professional Soccer Team. We
chose the rattlers because the rattlesnake is a symbol of Texas. The animal
represents danger, aggressiveness and ferociousness, which are the images
we want to convey to our fans and opponents. The colors used are fitting with
the area off to the west of San Antonio which is comprised mainly of desert.

Type of organization
San Antonio Rattlers, a privately owned professional soccer team in the
Western Conference.

Organizational Profile
Rational Industry Needs

The San Antonio Rattlers chose to establish a professional soccer team in

Texas because it is a soccer friendly state containing many soccer schools and
aspiring professionals.
The market in the state of Texas, more specifically San Antonio, has not
become saturated with sports franchises. The Dallas FC, a professional soccer
team, maintains a great fan base and overwhelming support.
San Antonio would be a prime location for a soccer team to rival Dallas FC.
San Antonio also provides an abundance of tourism which can provide another
fan base opportunity.

5 Ws and Fact sheet

Who: San Antonio Rattlers
Where: San Antonio, Texas. Playing in the Blossom Stadium
What: Professional soccer team
When: Founded January 23, 2006, First season will be in 2007
Why: To bring a soccer team to San Antonio that would entice the attention and support of the
areas large Latino population as well as the other demographics.

Founded: January 23rd, 2006

Head Coach: Javier zully Ledesma
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Sponsors: Coca-cola, Corona, Cingular, Red Baron, Adidas, MasterCard, Kwik Goal
Team Colors: Gold & Brown
Stadium: Blossom Stadium
First Season: The regular season starts February 16th, 2007 against F.C Dallas.

Organizational Chart

Capital Requirements
Uniforms $20,000
Practice Equipment
Water Equipment
Team Bags


Facilities (rent for year)

Office building (8500 sq.ft)
Practice fields (rent)
Players $1,600,000
Coaching Staff


Other $8,725,000
Video Equipment
Medical Supplies
Promotional Items
Travel Expenses





Facility Layout

Strategic Plan and Focus

Mission Statement
The San Antonio Rattlers are dedicated to promoting
and enhancing the game of soccer for the fans. We
are going to be the team that every soccer fan looks
to for excitement and championships. We are going
to be the team that every player wants to play for.
We will reflect diversity and inclusiveness. We are
going to do this by having the best coaches and
support staff available to help the players continually
improve and therefore having the San Antonio
Rattlers flourish. We will set the standards for
professional soccer teams.

Organizational Objectives

To win at least half of our games in our opening season

Have an average attendance 85% of our capacity in our first season
Increase funding of youth soccer organizations by 10% while still
maintaining a profit
Have merchandise sales of $1 million for the first year
Add five new sponsors for the first year
Have players salary above the league average of $90,000.
Have the demographics of the staff reflect the community around us
within 5 percent.
Put on fundraisers to raise one million dollars for both Autism and
Down Syndrome foundations in the first year
Have one thousand participants in the off season soccer clinic hosted
by The Rattlers in the first year.

Core Competencies

The San Antonio Rattlers are going to appeal to the large Latino population and
therefore help to increase population.
The Rattlers are going to be working with the community. The Rattlers will be
working with Habitat for Humanity, helping to clean up the community.
The Rattlers will also be working with the youth by putting on soccer clinics
several times throughout the year. Along with the soccer clinics the Rattlers will
also be offering after school programs.
The Rattlers are going to be hosting fundraisers in order to raise money for kids
with Autism and Down Syndrome.

Financial Timeline

Non-Financial Timeline





Upper-level management
Facilities will be clean and hospitable
providing a safe environment
Reasonable prices
Hiring ability (Ability of the well trained
personnel to hire productive employees)
Organizing planned events for ticket
holders such as banquets and dinners for
high priority guests.
Employee satisfaction/benefits
Job placement and climbing ability for
interns and lower level management.
Employee retention
Product and merchandise/advertising
(ability to reach the product through
creative and strategic marketing)
Customer appreciation


Preliminary fan base ( possible slow start

but increasing with popularity and time)
Team ability (relative to attendance and
providing an overall excellent experience)
Staffs ability to coordinate and work well
Targeting a market
Initial funding
Achieving profit

SWOT Continued


Increase U.S. soccer popularity

Bring revenue to San Antonio.

Good way to advertise the city

Lots of good weather providing ideal

soccer conditions

Establishing and building upon a great

soccer community.


Weather (hurricanes, storms, harboring

refugees from gulf coast disasters)

No acceptance of soccer organization

Developing a fan base

No governmental support for the


Making initial profit

Fan discrepancies and

complaints/Lawsuits and legal problems

Scheduling with other sports teams while

in their facilities

San Antonio Rampage (minor league

hockey team)



Blossom Stadium, stadium usage

Adidas, uniform sponsor
Corona, Coke, Red Baron, sponsor
our concessions
Kwik-Goal, soccer equipment supplies
Fox Channel 25, ESPN 2 and
Deportes, Univision
KTKR 760AM Sports radio
KROM 92.9FM Spanish radio
KISS 99.5FM Kiss Rocks
San Antonio Soccer Association,
reduced ticket prices to members
San Antonio Observer, local
newspaper advertising and game


Houston Dynamo
F.C. Dallas.
- These two teams are in direct
competition with our organization
because we offer the same type of
entertainment in the same region.
San Antonio Spurs.
Other institutions

University of Texas at San Antonio,

Wayland Baptist University, St. Marys
University, and Trinity University.
Local high schools such as Burbank,
Alamo, and Douglas MacArthur high
present a viable threat as well.

Other forms of competition include:

local movie theaters, night clubs, bars,

and restaurants just to name a few.

Target Market

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy Cont

Single Game Ticket Prices

Product Placement

Placement of Product
Our product, both tangible and intangible products, will be distributed through a number of ways. First, our tangible products such
as merchandise will be distributed through MLSs online store. We will have a link to this online store on our team website as well.
The address is We will also have our merchandise available for purchase at all of our games in our Team
Shop at the main entrance to the stadium.
Our intangible product, the event itself, will mostly be consumed by television viewers. Fans watching the game on television will
enjoy commercials from our sponsors as well as quick fifteen second commercials promoting The Rattlers. The fans also at the
game itself will consume our product. Fans at the game will see our logo and our sponsors logos throughout the venue which will
have them associate The Rattlers with our sponsors whenever they see our sponsors logo in other places outside of the venue.

Branding Strategies

Promotional/Branding Strategies
In order to promote our product before, during, and after the game, we plan to
implement several different programs in order to entertain fans of all ages.
During the game, we will have a kids section open on the north side of the field
complete with a moonwalk and ball pit for kids to play in. Supervision will be
available to watch the kids so the parents can enjoy the game. During halftime,
we will offer contests to help entertain the crowd as well as giving fans the
opportunity to win prizes. One example of such a game is making a goal from
midfield to win a prize. Throughout the game, the mascots will be going through
the stands throwing out t-shirts and other prizes for fans. After the game we will
offer the chance for fans to get the autographs of players. In order to boost
sales of programs, there will be a few programs autographed on the inside by
the entire team. If a fan gets an autographed program, they get a prize such as
a free t-shirt or gift certificate from one of our sponsors. This will also help boost
exposure for our sponsors in the program making the value of the sponsorship

Marketing Program

The marketing program will be delivered by an array of different

media. We will be using television, radio, and newspapers to
advertise our product. More specifically, we will be using KABB
Fox 25 San Antonio, Univision, ESPN2, and ESPN Deportes for
our television coverage. WE will use KROM 92.9 FM Spanish
Radio, KISS 99.5 Rock, and KTKR 760AM Sports radio for our
radio coverage. Also, we will be using the San Antonio
Observer, the biggest newspaper in San Antonio. With all these
different stations and mediums combined, we should effectively
cover all areas of our target markets

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