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Internship Report Mobilink Final

Internship Report Mobilink Final


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Published by Muneeb Sohail

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Published by: Muneeb Sohail on May 19, 2010
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•Franchise of Orascom, a well Known Egyptian telecom company is

considered very strong and reliable.

•Being the oldest international telecom company, Mobilink has captured most

of the potential customers by penetrating in the early stages of market
development.(Now 28million)

•Covering over 10,000 cities, towns and villages across the Pakistan.

Mobilink GSM, An Orascom Telecom Company



•First operator to introduce IR for the people of Pakistan. Currently our

network covers more then 100 countries across the globe with over 300
roaming partners.

•Human resources are considered as the asset of the organization.

•Marketing strategies of Mobilink are more effective and more captivating than

any of its competitors present in Pakistan.

•Ventures with well-known banks like MCB, Citibank for Mobilink banking


•A very strong brand image

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