Research Design Formulation

-Ashish Goyal

A research design is a blueprint or a framework for conducting the marketing research project.  The Research Process includes following phases:  Defining the phases of research  Define the information needed  Specify the instrument and scaling procedure  Construct and protest the questionnaire  Specify the sampling process and sample

Research Design Classification

Exploratory Research
 It

is used to provide insights and understandings.  Information needed is defined loosely.  Flexible and unstructured.  Primary data analysis is qualitative.  Sample is small and nonrepresentative.  Findings are tentative.  Generally followed by further exploratory and conclusive research.

 Used

to test specific hypotheses and examine relationships.  Information needed is clearly defined.  Formal and structured in nature.  Sample is large and representative in nature.  Data analysis is quantitative in nature.  Findings are conclusive.  Findings used as an input to decision making.

Conclusive Research

Descriptive Vs Causal
Descriptive Describe market characteristics of functions Causal Determine cause and effect relationship.

Marked by the prior information or Manipulation of one or more hypotheses. independent variables. Preplanned and structured design. Control of other mediating variables. Methods to conduct this research are Experiments are done to this Secondary Data research. Surveys Panels Observational and other data

Cross-sectional Research
 It

involves the collection of information from population only once. It is of two types:

  Single-Cross

Sectional  Multiple-Cross Sectional

Longitudinal Design

It involves a fixed sample of population elements that is measured repeatedly on the same variables. The sample remains the same overtime, thus providing a series of pictures which when viewed together, portrayed a vivid illustration of the situation and the changes that are placing over time.

Potential Sources of Error

 Marketing

Research/ Naresh K. Malhotra & Satyabhushan Dash/ Ch-3/ Pg-76

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